Transcript of RuneScape Ad Machinima Competition (Finished)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] hi there I'm I'll pull them on join
[00:01] hosts a buy more time wine hello hello
[00:03] we're here to announce the launch of the
[00:06] new machinima competition and this time
[00:08] we've got a theme what's the theme
[00:10] highway it's runescape adverts so we
[00:12] want you guys to send us your videos of
[00:14] adverts from anything within runescape
[00:16] so it could be items it can be chopped
[00:18] it could be monsters we just want you
[00:20] trying to tie something that's cool
[00:21] awesome yeah we just launched a machine
[00:24] restores early this week so hopefully
[00:25] that'll be nice test run for some of
[00:28] those absolutely work it okay um when
[00:31] it's competition launched its the 29th
[00:34] which is today I think yep that's the
[00:37] playoffs today it's not what's drawn on
[00:39] here is what's new anyway I guess we
[00:42] said look at some rules rule number one
[00:44] entries must be uploaded to youtube and
[00:46] send to us as a loop to the competitions
[00:48] at jagex com email address with the
[00:50] runescape add competition as your
[00:52] subject line please don't attach any
[00:55] videos to email as we won't get them
[00:57] rule number two all entries must include
[00:59] your runescape account name so we know
[01:02] who you are rule number three entries
[01:04] must be no longer than 30 seconds and
[01:06] must advertise something found in
[01:07] runescape so if it's 31 seconds I'm
[01:09] sorry to be harsh but I'm afraid we'll
[01:12] have to discount your entry when I'm
[01:13] fought entries must include the words
[01:15] runescape machinima competition 2010 and
[01:18] your username either verbally or in
[01:20] writing in your video rule number five
[01:22] we can only accept one entry per person
[01:24] rule number six entries must be
[01:26] submitted before 12 midnight GMT UK time
[01:29] on the 92 februari 2010 any entries made
[01:33] after this time won't be considered rule
[01:35] number said all videos must comply fully
[01:37] with the YouTube terms of service and a
[01:39] runescape rules of conduct ok so then to
[01:41] the rules then hopefully pretty
[01:43] straightforward nothing tells rules like
[01:46] an example though so let's have an
[01:48] example who do we have an example from
[01:49] Excel yeah he's the winner of last
[01:52] year's competition did a great job and
[01:54] he's turned out pretty decent example
[01:55] work let's have a look
[01:57] are you bored in life do you like a
[02:00] sense of camaraderie do you wish you
[02:02] could meet other people that like to
[02:03] wear purple fine join ham have us feel
[02:06] good organization designed to bring
[02:07] people like yourself closer together ham
[02:10] organizes plenty of group activities
[02:12] that can give you that missing sense of
[02:13] adventure just check out this player
[02:15] testimonial why did you join him aren't
[02:19] on him I just watch my wife's at the red
[02:21] sock on accident there you have it join
[02:23] him today because you can't spell happy
[02:25] moments without ham
[02:29] well no way man I never thought that big
[02:31] a new skill it's gonna be awesome anyway
[02:33] nice one XL thanks mate thanks very much
[02:35] for loving your work I guess that makes
[02:37] everything pretty clear but if you still
[02:38] got any questions and you're welcome to
[02:40] get in touch with us on the dedicated
[02:41] forum thread or you can get in touch
[02:44] with us by our YouTube channel which is
[02:46] forward slash runescape
[02:48] we've got a really good video making
[02:50] community on there so if you want to
[02:51] support them please come along and
[02:53] subscribe okay that's about it really oh
[02:55] I think it is nice well okay well I
[02:57] guess sir best of luck thanks very much
[02:59] for watching and we'll see you soon good
[03:02] luck bye