Transcript of RuneScape 3: The Story So Far

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
The Story So Far
[00:08] A lot's happened to Gielinor and its inhabitants since the year 1-6-9 and with the 6th age dawning,
[00:13] now's the perfect time for a recap on the story so far.
[00:17] This week, Behind the Scenes takes a look at what's happened.
[00:20] Previously on RuneScape, ahem, excuse me...
[00:25] Now, this is a story all about how RuneScape got turned flipped upside down.
[00:30] And I'd just like to take a minute, just sit right there.
[00:33] I'll tell you how it became a mortal's nightmare.
[00:38] We begin our tale hundreds of years ago,
[00:40] when the only god on Gielinor was named Guthix.
[00:43] He was popular,
[00:44] one who encouraged peace and harmony from his people.
[00:47] In return he built a wall around the world.
[00:50] This barrier stopped other gods from messing in mortal affairs.
[00:53] And to show how confident he was in the wall, Guthix had a snooze.
[00:58] Other gods desired Gielinor but couldn't find a way round the barrier.
[01:02] The magic of Guthix was too strong.
[01:05] They each responded in different ways.
[01:07] Seren shattered herself into crystal,
[01:09] Tomakin copied Guthix and also went to sleep,
[01:12] Marimbo had a party.
[01:16] But it was from Gielinor itself that danger came.
[01:18] A race called the Mahjarrat ignored the need for peace and harmony.
[01:22] One of these Mahjarrat Lucien had heard rumors of a weapon
[01:26] something that was more powerful than even Guthix.
[01:29] It was called the Stone of Jas, and it contained the power of ancient Elder Gods.
[01:34] Lucien managed to find the Stone of Jas.
[01:38] With it, he believed he could ascend to godhood.
[01:41] Nobody would stop him.
[01:43] The gods would watch helplessly as he became increasingly powerful.
[01:47] But there was one thing he had not anticipated.
[01:50] The Stone of Jas had a failsafe, a defence system of its own, the Dragonkin.
[01:56] A Race with one task to protect the stone.
[02:00] And the more it was used, the stronger the Dragonkin became.
[02:04] On the day that Lucien used the Stone to become a god,
[02:08] he was skewered by the Dragonkin like a cocktail sausage.
[02:12] The Stone of Jas was teleported away by a great hero, and the Mahjarrat dispersed.
[02:16] The world returned to peace.
[02:20] But Gielinor was not safe not quite.
[02:23] Something had become clear to one of the remaining Mahjarrat.
[02:26] With Guthix continuing to sleep on the job,
[02:29] the world was ripe for the taking.
[02:31] This Mahjarrat's name was Sliske, and he was a master of trickery and shadow.
[02:36] He knew that changes were coming so he waited,
[02:40] and he was rewarded for his patience.
[02:43] Not long after the death of Lucien Githix's sleep body was found.
[02:48] Alhough others moved to protect Guthix,
[02:50] Sliske used the shadow realm to bypass them all.
[02:54] Like a real hero, he woke Guthix and killed him.
[03:00] Sliske skulked back into the shadows,
[03:02] eager to see what would happen next.
[03:05] First, Guthix's barrier came raining down,
[03:08] it dissolved into pure energy spreading magic far and wide.
[03:11] With the barrier gone the gods were no longer barer from Gielinor.
[03:15] They gathered their forces and made the journey back.
[03:21] They sought to gather Guthix's energy.
[03:23] Equally, they sought the Stone of Jas.
[03:26] With that much combined power, they would be foremost among gods.
[03:31] They would cast the other gods out and claim the world for themselves.
[03:35] And the Dragonkin waited for the Stone of Jas to be used,
[03:38] so they could unleash their fury.
[03:40] I...wish I could read more, but the rest of the book is empty.
[03:44] The final chapters will be written by you.
[03:46] You will be the hero.
[03:47] You will decide the fate of gods.
[03:49] Just look after Gielinor, I've grown rather fond of it.
[03:57] Next week, Paul M's getting your questions answered in a RuneScape 3 question-a-thon,
[04:01] so click on the link below and get your questions in before Monday 10th June.
[04:05] And see you on Friday as Behind the Scenes finds out about the Triskelion Treasures.