Transcript of RuneScape 3: Release Date Reveal

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] BTS - RS3 Launch Date
[00:08] You've been very patient but the wait is nearly over, this week in Behind the Scenes
[00:12] we look ahead to the next exciting chapter in Runescape
[00:15] and for the first time anywhere hear the launch date for Runescape 3.
[00:22] Today we've got a big announcement to make.
[00:24] I'm very excited to say that Runescape 3 has now got an official launch date
[00:29] and that date is Monday the 22nd of July.
[00:33] We want to give you a rundown of what's going into Runescape 3
[00:36] including the big new features of the HTML5 game client, the new interface system,
[00:41] the 6th age and the battle for Lumbridge.
[00:46] Part of what's made Runescape special is although it's a very content rich game
[00:50] you've been able to play it through a web browser on almost any computer
[00:54] starting instantly with no upfront download.
[00:56] HTML5 allows us to maintain those essential qualities but get the benefits of next generation browser technology.
[01:04] The difference when you're playing Runescape using HTML5 is amazing and it's really quick to see.
[01:10] We've got better draw distances, our textures are better, we've got real dynamic shadows.
[01:16] It's an incredibly rich immersive experience.
[01:21] Players don't need to worry about backwards compatibility because Runescape 3 is a progression of the current game.
[01:27] You use your existing account and continue the journey of your current character.
[01:31] You can continue to use Java and get all of the benefits of Runescape 3 without HTML5's graphical upgrades.
[01:41] We've also got a brand new audio engine and we're taking full advantage of that
[01:46] by working with the BAFTA award winner James Hannigan and the Slovak Symphony Orchestra.
[01:53] We've really gone for audio in a big way
[01:56] and now will be able to stream it straight to the play using an audio only dedicated server.
[02:04] Runescape is a very open and freeform game but traditionally its interfaces have been quite rigid.
[02:09] We think the game can be even more enjoyable if players have the power and control to chose how they interact with the game,
[02:15] and that's what the new interface system brings. Also every aspect of the game UI is completely customizable.
[02:21] Huge amounts of this new system has come directly from players feedback.
[02:25] We've been working with them on the Beta servers that we've had live for a while
[02:29] and added lots of new features including the ability to use key binds for each of your individual interfaces.
[02:38] Runescape 3 is about moving into the 6th age and we're starting as we mean to go on with a massive world event
[02:45] which we're calling The Battle of Lumbridge.
[02:49] It will have profound implications for the story and the world of Gielinor will never be the same again.
[02:54] Everything that follows will depend on the result of this world event.
[02:59] It's your content you decide how it unfolds.
[03:03] Runescape 3 comes with other improvements too we've upgraded the camera so it's much freer than before.
[03:09] We've expanded high scores by adding seasonal high scores features
[03:12] and we've built a new community website which looks much nicer, is easier to use and more customizable as well.
[03:18] And of course there's our new skill divination.
[03:21] Set for launch about a month of the release of Runescape 3 divination will see you the players interacting directly
[03:29] with he raw energy of the gods which has been spilling all over the game world since the death of Guthix.
[03:36] We've never done anything this ambitious before, we've tried to find ways to really improve
[03:40] and add to Runescape without changing what makes the game really great.
[03:44] Who knows what's going to happen. We're waiting poised keyboards ready to see what you do next.
[03:50] It's going to be a history time for the game so be there when Runescape 3 launches on the 22nd of July.
[04:01] The countdown begins. July the 22nd may just be around the corner
[04:07] but that still gives us enough time for 2 more Runescape 3 behind the scenes.
[04:10] Next week it's time for pat 2 of Osborne and Marks 6th age special.