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Transcript of RuneScape 3: New Website, New Hi Scores

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Automatic transcriptionEdit

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
New Website, New Hi Scores
[00:08] Mod Lee M is the Lead Creative Designer for RuneScape and has the job of making the website for RuneScape 3.
[00:15] Behind the Scenes interrupted this man on a mission to find out more.
[00:19] I think it's really important with the new game and the 6th age,
[00:24] it's a change of an era and we really wanted to represent that in the website.
[00:28] The game looks absolutely amazing and we wanted the website to reflect that.
[00:33] The brief really was to make a more contemporary website and visually more appealing,
[00:38] more in line with the game.
[00:39] I want people to come there and go "Wow! this looks amazing"
[00:42] So one of the biggest changes that the players will see is the six buttons on the homepage,
[00:47] three of those buttons they can customise to their own needs,
[00:50] we really want to make it so that the players can customise it to what they want
[00:54] and they can go to where they want as quick as possible.
[00:57] We've also built a big expansion which ties into the website as well.
[01:00] Seasonal High Scores are a brand new game feature,
[01:03] they're a natural extension and addition to the current high scores system
[01:06] but they give the RuneScape development team the flexibility to tailor content to the players.
[01:11] Currently the RuneScape high scores are ruled by veteran players
[01:15] and it doesn't really give the chance for less experienced players to compete.
[01:18] Rather than being permanently on and running forever, they'll run for an allotted period of time.
[01:23] At the end of the alloted time the high scores are reset and everybody can start from fresh again.
[01:27] We've tried to tailor each seasonal high score around different types of play styles,
[01:31] so if you're a PVM player we may do a high score based around the Dominion Tower,
[01:36] if you're a bosser we may do high scores around boss kills,
[01:39] if you're a skiller we'll be able to tailor high scores that tailor to that too.
[01:42] Because seasonal high scores can run either weekly, fortnightly, monthly,
[01:47] it allows players to dip in and out of the system as and when they please.
[01:51] Community Management is going to have their ears to the ground listening to what the players want.
[01:54] If they want to be whacking each other with rubber chickens
[01:57] or if they want a large scale clan battle of Wildy event, Seasonal High Scores can deliver that.
[02:02] There really is no limit to the kind of content that we can add Seasonal High scores to
[02:05] and we'll be definitely be looking to go to the players for suggestions in future.
[02:09] Because we've upped the competitiveness we felt it was only right that players who win receive some kind of reward
[02:13] so they can show of their awesomenes to other players in the RuneScape community.
[02:17] So what we've done is players who finish on top for a particular run of high score will receive a unique Crown head override, a title and a unique emote.
[02:27] Obviously we're still toying with ideas at the moment
[02:29] so those definitely aren't final but that's kind of the direction we're heading in.
[02:32] While the emotes and title rewards are for Seasonal High scores,
[02:35] we are currently investigating how we can apply those to the high scores as they stand right now as well.
[02:40] Updating the website as big as RuneScape's is a huge project.
[02:43] What we really wanted to do was release it along a longer period of time
[02:47] and incorporate in that player feedback as we go along.
[02:51] We care what the players think
[02:52] and that's one of the reasons why we're not releasing it all in one go,
[02:56] we want to do it module by module and get player feedback as we go along
[03:00] and I think that'll help us shape the website in the future.
[03:03] The pages which will be included in that first update will be the home page,
[03:06] the news section and one which I'm most looking forward to, the new high scores.
[03:12] Mod ThatJim will be back next week
[03:14] showing us all how RuneScape 3's interface is shaping up thanks to community feedback...
[03:19] what a guy.