Transcript of RuneScape 3: More of Your Questions

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
More of your questions
[00:08] Mods Pips, Mark, Conor are on the sofa read to go so lets Q&A
[00:15] So we've had nearly a thousand questions since we last put out the call for questions
[00:18] which is obviously way to many for us to do here in BTS.
[00:21] later on this evening don't despair there's a forum campfire with the Community Management team
[00:26] so if your question isn't answered here chances are they'll be answered there a bit later on.
[00:30] Brilliant we should probably crack on then question number 1.
[00:34] When is Runescape 3 coming Phil?
[00:36] It's definitely coming this summer
we're not quite close enough to launch to give a date
[00:40] but when we do there's definitely going to be a few weeks notice.
[00:43] So I need to make sure my computers kinda up to speed then and everything's working out a treat.
[00:48] What are the computer specs I should be looking at?
[00:50] So if you bought your machine in the last few years, you've got a dedicated graphics card
[00:54] or it's a desktop machine you'll be well sorted.
[00:59] If you've got a laptop and it's a couple of years old it's got an integrated chipset
[01:02] we're working hard to make sure that works.
[01:05] The Beta right now we're working to get those optimisations in and bring that up to the level.
[01:08] Can you just confirm once and for all will your account be reset when you go to Runescape 3?
[01:13] Your account will not be reset it's the same account, the same account you're using right now
[01:18] everything will be just as you left it the last time you logged out.
[01:23] HTML 5 what is the browser it works on?
[01:26] Right now it works in chrome that's what we're developing on
[01:30] that's what people are playing on we know it definitely works.
[01:33] We also know Mozilla are working to address one particular bug in firefox,
[01:38] and with that they'll be able to support everything else we need for the HTML5 client.
[01:43] But remember Java still works
[01:45] so even if you're not using chrome ad firefox hasn't addressed all the issues that we need
[01:50] you can still play the game in Java and it's the same game.
[01:53] Based on what players have already been doing and asking for
[01:57] we're working actively to try and build a downloadable client for the HTML5 version of the game.
[02:03] Ok so Phil then with all this epic content coming then does that mean that the updates are going to be less frequent?
[02:07] No no release every week we're going to stick to that
[02:10] we're just going to work out arses off to make it happen.
[02:12] Ok so talking of working our arses off then.
[02:14] How long has it actually taken to put Runescape 3 together?
[02:17] If we had one person doing every job
[02:20] they're their being our artists, our engine developers, our designers, QA.
[02:25] They're of bee working for 1500 days to get to where we are now
[02:30] and they're have a lot more to do for us to get this out the door.
[02:34] We've had a few questions about the draw distance on NPCs and characters
[02:38] is that going to change?
[02:40] We have no intention of changing it right now.
[02:42] There'd be a game play disadvantage for people using java
[02:46] because they will still be stuck with the existing draw distance.
[02:48] What we might do is investigate this in the future
[02:51] but right now we're sticking with the current draw distance for NPCs.
[02:54] Is there going to be a construction update with Runescape 3?
[02:57] No, we do intend to launch or relaunch our construction skill
[03:03] either towards the end of this year of the beginning of next year.
[03:06] We're going to be redesigning the way the player interacts with the skill,
[03:10] the kind of thing they can build, where they can build it
[03:13] and even the kind of rewards they can get from building these things.
[03:17] Ok another random question that doesn't' probably have a lot o do with Runescape 3
[03:21] what about elf content?
[03:23] We know the elf content is very important to the players.
[03:25] Don't we get asked this almost every every time we do a Q&A?
[03:27] We do yes, well it's my fault for not adding any since the last time we talked I guess.
[03:31] We know it's really important there's lots of content we're looking at for next year.
[03:37] The elf content is certainly some of the stuff we're toying round with at the moment.
[03:41] It's interesting right now because we know the kind of cool things we can do in HTML5,
[03:47] the kind of advancements that we've made in our own engine
[03:49] and also just the quality of the work that the art team are producing right now
[03:54] i'd love to chuck them at something like a crystal city.
[03:56] Ok so it took like 5 Q&A sessions
[03:58] but we finally got him to say something positive about Elf quests.
[04:01] So Runescape music is something we've been hearing quite a lot about lately
[04:04] is that going to be waiting for Runescape 3 or coming out before Runescape 3,
[04:09] what's the deal with the music?
[04:10] The shiny music that everyones been hearing kind of in the background of the behind the scenes videos that we've been doing
[04:16] and a lot of the audio special stuff that you've seen Steve in
[04:21] None of that will be hitting the Beta we're expect all of that to come out with the launch of RS3.
[04:27] One of the things we heard about recently is you're gonig to be able to have your music delivered to you on a separate server
[04:32] so does that mean whether you're playing in HTML5 or Java you're going to be able to still get that music steamed to you.
[04:40] The music that you get in either client will be exactly the same,
[04:44] we're not supplying different music to each client.
[04:46] Ok question for you now Mark why haven't there been any quests for 6 months?
[04:50] This has been quite sad.
[04:52] Elven or otherwise.
[04:54] Yes, I mean the honest answer is that we have a huge amount of our team
[04:58] working on other updates right now not just RS3.
[05:02] We've had lots of combat updates recently.
[05:05] Many more combat updates than we have done in the past
[05:07] and they take a lot of development time and effort.
[05:10] We are in no way attempting to reduce the amount of quests we release in a year
[05:16] it's just the majority of the quests ha we've got planned for this year
[05:20] and now getting shuffled to later on in the year.
[05:23] I think because we wanted to tie more quests into the 6th age storyline
[05:26] and really that couldn't start properly till the start of RS3
[05:29] and to be honest that is being released a bit later than we anticipated
[05:33] then it means there has been a slight shuffle down the year for the quests,
[05:37] but yeah that means there's a lot more in the second half of the year.
[05:40] So another thing that we've heard a lot of people very excitedly talking about
[05:43] since you announced it recently was divination the new skill, tell us about that.
[05:47] No.
[05:48] Sorry.
[05:49] Ok well will it at least be coming with Runescape 3?
[05:52] No that's not our intention we're intending to release divination later on in the summer,
[05:58] there wont be a big period of time between the launch of RS3 and the divination skill
[06:05] mainly because it's also involved in the narrative of things we have planned.
[06:11] It's not just a skill that's separated from the rest of the game
[06:14] it's part of the fabric of the game world.
[06:16] Ok Phil so customisation of controls i've had a couple of questions from people
[06:21] asking whether there's going to be more options to customise your controls.
[06:24] Yeah with he new interface system I think for the first time we're going to allow plaers to have full control over their key binds
[06:30] so they can connect everything up to the keyboard in whatever way they want
[06:33] so yeah a big step forward for us.
[06:35] Any sort of work happening with ports that's going to see us travelling to the eastern lands?
[06:38] Obviously the eastern lands is something we're all quite passionate about.
[06:42] Personally I want to make sure we're finishing our existing continents first.
[06:46] We've got a lot of land mass and a lot of weird little edges on the game world.
[06:51] I'd like to complete all of those before we open up something massive like the Eastern lands.
[06:56] And it may well be that we create a new archipelago of islands for plays to explore
[07:03] and certainly we;'ve got some ideas of new rewards we want to put in with player owned ports.
[07:08] Ok and one last final question.
[07:09] When will we get to see the gods influencing the world?
[07:13] Sooner than you think
[07:16] Ok that sounds quite exciting.
[07:19] It is
[07:20] So I guess that's all the time we've got at the moment
[07:22] but yeah don't worry your questions will be answered later on this evening
[07:25] all being well in the forum campfire session that Community management are running
[07:29] Anyway thanks for watching, see you next time. cheers, bye
[07:32] Bye
[07:33] Bye
[07:35] And the Community Management Campfire starts tonight at 7.30pm.
[07:39] Friday's BTS is all about tools and belts.
[07:42] And if that wasn't exciting enough, thanks to the quest based challenge we set Mod Osborne,
[07:47] we'll find out who's identified the most quests.