Transcript of RuneScape 3: Interface Moves Into Beta

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the scenes
Interface moves into Beta
[00:10] The new interface beta has been active for a good few weeks now
[00:12] and has produced some great feedback for the guys building and tailoring it to the community.
[00:16] Over to Mod Thatjim then to tell us what happens next.
[00:23] It's been other a month since we launched the new interface system alpha and we've had an overwhelmingly positive response.
[00:27] It's ben fantastic.
[00:28] We've had hundreds of players in the game and on the forums discussing the new features and what they can do with them.
[00:34] Since launch day we've had over 4000 responses on the forums across 800 different threads
[00:38] all of which have been really constructive and helpful in defining the new interface system in the future.
[00:43] We know how important the game is to the players and us here at Jagex as well
[00:48] that's why when we go through the forums we make sure we sift through every post and every thread
[00:52] to make sure all information is collated so we can provide all of those features to the players in the future.
[00:58] The features that have gone into the interface system over the last couple of weeks have all been influenced by the players themselves.
[01:04] So for example the players told us they wanted thinner borders around the interfaces so thats what we did.
[01:09] In additional we've allowed the players to lock the interfaces using a little lock button on the menu bar.
[01:14] We've added transparency which players can control in the interface settings.
[01:18] We've added quicker window access on the menu bar so you can quickly hover over and click
[01:23] to open your windows instead of going into the larger interfaces and there's so much more to come.
[01:29] We knew from the outset that player feedback was going to be incredibly important to development.
[01:32] That's why we set up our team to be agile enough to react to that feedback and get it into the game as quickly as possible.
[01:38] In order to get feedback into the game quickly we run in scrum a development process that happens every two weeks.
[01:44] This means we can grab stuff, feedback from the players, information on the forums and get that straight into the game as quickly as possible.
[01:50] We've been so pleased with the progress of the alpha so far
[01:53] that we wanted to open things up to the rest of the community and put the game into the Beta stage.
[01:57] So by the end of this weekend all Runescape members will get their own chance to get their hands on the new interface system.
[02:03] Since we started the project in November last year we've been recording each mile stones content.
[02:07] That gives us a really good indication of how far we've come and we want to show that off today.
[02:12] Roll the montage.
[02:44] Come the launch of RS3 everyone's going to be using the new interface system which is why we need
[02:48] the player's feedback, thoughts, ideas and additions to make it something really special.
[02:52] We're confident that the customization, the freedom and the style of the new interface system
[02:56] is going to add another feather to Runescapes cap but we need the players to add those final touches.
[03:03] What does it take for a man to become a god?
[03:06] That's what the Order of Ascension are trying to figure out.
[03:09] In Friday's Behind the Scenes we talk to Mod Jack and Mod Doctor about a new dungeon, monsters and a powerful new weapon.
[03:17] And in next week's RuneScape 3 Behind the Scenes, Mod Osborne attempts to give us RuneScape's story so far.
[03:23] in under 3 minutes. Yeah, good luck with that Osborne.