Transcript of RuneScape 3: Dawn of the 6th age

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] BTS - 6th Age Part One
[00:08] Although it's been mentioned a number times by Behind the Scenes in recent weeks,
[00:12] we're still no closer to knowing what the 6th age actually is. Until now!
[00:18] So when we decided that we wanted to do RuneScape 3,
[00:22] we knew it was going to be a big technological shift.
[00:24] It was going to be a big change for RuneScape.
[00:25] We kind of decided early that we also wanted to do that for story,
[00:29] we wanted to match that technological shift in game,
[00:31] we wanted to have big changes and a momentous shift in our narrative.
[00:35] A lot of the storylines of the 5th Age had got to a natural conclusion,
[00:39] and in the past in RuneScape the ages had always evolved,
[00:43] we can read in history about the ages changed and we thought to ourselves,
[00:47] why not have one of these ages actually change while the players can influence the world,
[00:52] get the real, the true story back into RuneScape.
[00:55] The story of the gods.
[00:56] For me there is nothing bigger nothing better than seeing the gods stomping around in the world.
[01:03] They have the power to do monumental things to the game world,
[01:07] and it's kind of like the gods and the heroes, the players, that have had the biggest influence in the way that the game has changed.
[01:14] Everybody kind of affiliates themselves with gods,
[01:16] that's how they decide who they are in the game.
[01:18] So why not bring those two forces together and see what happens.
[01:22] Fundamentally you will be able to choose whether or not you will ally with a god or not.
[01:27] So by choosing to ally with a god you'll be able to fight for them,
[01:31] you be able to play in content, quest content, in which you side with those gods,
[01:35] we'll give you that choice and by making that choice, that choice will have a ramification.
[01:39] This gives the opportunity for the players to decide how much they want those gods to influence the world
[01:44] and some of them are very vicious, some of them are malevolent, some of them have revenge on their minds.
[01:51] Who knows what they're going to do, if you just let them get up to it...
[01:55] All hell could break loose.
[01:57] You'll see in quest content that gods will respond to you in different ways,
[02:01] different choices will be opened up to you, you'll be able to take different paths,
[02:03] on a fork that are based on those choices you made in previous content.
[02:07] They'll be able to directly speak to some of these gods,
[02:10] but also interfere with the plans of the gods.
[02:13] The world for one player, we hope by the end of all this,
[02:17] will be fundamentally different from another players world.
[02:21] We've got three core storylines that we want to talk about in the future of the 6th age,
[02:25] and one of those which we are going to exclusively reveal is that we are going to be talking about the Elder gods.
[02:31] So far the Elder gods have been this mysterious force that created the world,
[02:35] but then they disappeared, nobody knows where they went,
[02:37] and we're going to be revealing where they went and why they went,
[02:40] and that will feed into a huge storyline that impacts on the gods, that impacts on the dragonkin.
[02:45] They Elder gods are the creatures that created Gielinor.
[02:50] They also created the Elder Artifacts that we've talked about in a lot of our storylines.
[02:55] Players know that the Stone of Jas is one of those artifacts,
[02:58] but there are several others that they'll be learning about shortly.
[03:02] Those Elder gods have even more power than the gods that the players know about so far,
[03:08] and they created Gielinor to be the perfect world.
[03:12] And the fact that it's no longer as perfect as they once left it,
[03:15] how the Elder gods would react is basically what that story is about.
[03:18] The real aim is for the players to have the choice about how the 6th Age ends,
[03:23] or at least the story of the 6th Age.
[03:25] We've talked about the Elder Gods, the Dragonkin and the Gods, how that ends.
[03:29] I don't want to make that something that we determine,
[03:31] I really want that to be something that you determine, the players determine.
[03:34] The 6th Age quite frankly is the most exciting thing I have ever worked on in the 10 years that I've been here.
[03:41] There's another big reveal in next week's RuneScape 3 Behind the Scenes but before that,
[03:46] Chris L will be here to talk about the hardest boss ever to hit RuneScape: Vorago!