Transcript of RuneScape 3: Beta Programme Q&A

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] BTS - Bonus Edition
[00:07] ahead of the runescape beta, there's another bonus behind the scenes for your delectation.
[00:13] Paul M took your HTML5 questions to Mods Mark and Conor and started with a question from Bakoo who asked:
[00:20] "Will veteran players be given first access to the beta along side any gold membership subscribers?"
[00:25] All our gold and silver members of the premier club will be given first access to the beta.
[00:31] We're also picking a bunch of players that have recently signed up for the beta depending on what specs they've got
[00:38] so that we can get a good understanding of how HTML5 runs on a variety of different types of machine.
[00:44] What are the minimum specs going to be for HTML5?
[00:46] So the specs for HTML5 are a little bit higher than JAVA
[00:51] and so if you are on a lower spec machine you may get a better performance out of JAVA
[00:56] but anyone on high and mid spec machines will get better performance out of HTML5.
[01:01] Now, we are still optimising and during the beta it's likely that the performance will be a little bit down
[01:08] but you can expect that to keep increasing as we get closer to launch.
[01:11] It's important to note that we're not deprecating the JAVA version
[01:15] so if you have got a really low end spec computer and you're not happy with the way HTML5 runs on your computer
[01:21] you'll still be able to use the JAVA which is running at the moment.
[01:24] You won't be segregated if you're playing on JAVA, you won't be disconnected from everyone who's using HTML5.
[01:30] So will the HTML5 version of RuneScape run on any device?
[01:34] Our work at the moment has been focusing on PC and that's our target,
[01:38] that's what we're trying to release on, that's what we're stabilising for.
[01:41] If it does work on other devices such as mobiles and tablets it's a happy coincidence,
[01:47] we're not actively stopping it from working on them but PC is our target.
[01:52] And will there be a proper client for HTML5? Will it work on all browsers?
[01:56] There won't be an HTML5 client as such, there won't be a downloadable client that you get from the website.
[02:03] Just get Chrome or Firefox, something like that and you'll be able to run it straight off through your browser.
[02:08] One question that's dear to my heart, will it run on a mac?
[02:11] Yes.
[02:13] Ok cool, that's a nice simple answer
[02:14] We've got macs in the building and we're making sure they run on those too.
[02:19] Will the player's stats that they have in the existing RuneScape be carried through to RuneScape 3,
[02:24] you're nodding already, or will they have to start again?
[02:26] They won't have to start again, it's the same account, the same stats,
[02:29] nothing will be wiped from the beginning, it's the same game.
[02:32] It is RuneScape, it's just playing it through HTML5 instead. It's exactly the same.
[02:40] Of course, we'll have a bunch of new gameplay and all sorts of new content that we've got coming out with it.
[02:46] Last week we did a Behind the Scenes video on interfaces and it seemed to go down really really well.
[02:50] A lot of really good support for it and there's been a few people asking
[02:52] if interfaces of things like the GE and the banks, player owned ports etc,
[02:57] if they're going to be updated to match the tear and share style of the customisable interface.
[03:04] We are updating a large portion of the TLI straight away and so there are certain interfaces from that list that are included in that.
[03:13] We will updated all of our interfaces as time goes on and we'll continue to improve on what we've got.
[03:18] If players customise their interface and make a really nice set up, are they going to be able to share it with their friends.
[03:24] It is something that ultimately we'll want to do, that customise and share, create and share,
[03:30] that's really motif for a lot of the things that Jim and the team are doing with the top level interface work.
[03:36] But although you'll be able build whatever you like, you won't be able to share those things straight away.
[03:41] We will be keeping an eye on what everybody's doing so if people start to make really good builds,
[03:46] we could potentially offer those as presets in an interim before everyone can just share whatever they're building.
[03:53] So if someone is lucky enough to be on the beta, how will they know?
[03:58] We will be sending out emails to those who are actually, who have been accepted into the beta.
[04:04] If you don't get the email you can try and access the beta at the time and you will be able to access the page
[04:10] but everybody who's getting in should be able to see an email in their inbox, on the day.
[04:14] Quite an interesting question we had which has come in from Heidly Ees says that
[04:18] "with the extended draw distance, is that going to make the world of RuneScape actually seem smaller because you'll be able to see more stuff?"
[04:24] The thing about being able to see all of the space around you is that you feel like you're part of a living, breathing World.
[04:30] You'll be able to see the spaces and the villages that are next door to each other
[04:35] and it just feels more organic and I actually think that will make the World feel that much bigger and also a connected place.
[04:45] You're not going to be able to see from one end of the island to another are you?
[04:48] It's real kind of draw distance and not infinite draw distance just because you can.
[04:53] One of the big things you'll notice is when you start playing with it is the richness of the content.
[04:57] when you're kept to just such a small space there are a couple of trees or NPCs
[05:03] NPCs when you push it out you realise it's not just a couple of trees it's a forest and that's not just a couple of NPC's that a city full of people.
[05:11] Will RS3 include day and night cycles or more weather effects, that kind of thing?
[05:18] We have looked at day and night cycles and we've looked at what the new technology can provide us that way
[05:24] and while we're not looking at putting in a dynamic day and night cycle and dynamic weather
[05:28] we have put in sky boxes and we're bringing that kind of effect in there so the areas will still be recognisable but they're more realistic
[05:37] so you don't have grey backdrop to everything you're doing, you'll see clouds and you'll see nice blue skies in certain areas.
[05:45] Obviously up in the wintery icy areas you'll have all the snow effects as they already exist and they look much nicer
[05:53] and like Conor says the sky boxes are great when you're running across the desert you've got nice open blue skies and a few clouds in the sky
[06:01] sky it all feels, the sky box reflects the environments and the emotions and the atmospherics that we want to create within the game.
[06:10] Cool, ok. We have one more question from our very own Mod Drebin in Community Management
[06:14] and he would like to know how risky would it be playing on my live account in the HTML5 beta, what if a bug kills me or something?
[06:20] I'm going to be personally doing a lot of my standard skill training going to lots of different mining environments
[06:27] seeing what they look like and doing a bit of mining while I'm there, you know.
[06:31] There are lots of things you can do that are very low risk pieces of content in RuneScape.
[06:36] To start with that's the kind of stuff I would recommend that everyone does.
[06:39] When things get a bit more stable and you'll be able to see that and you'll be able to see that with what's going on in the game
[06:44] and you can start doing a bit of combat and maybe start poking a few sticks at the QBD.
[06:49] The good news about HTML5 because it's a new client and a new look on an existing server
[06:55] we're able to allow you to continue to progress your character in the live world
[07:00] that does of course mean you're in the live world in a beta client.
[07:04] It may crash, you may encounter some minor glitches
[07:07] we stress, don't take bigger risks while you're there,
[07:14] we can't roll back your account you are still using your regular save.
[07:18] Personally, I'm going to go for a massive walk!
[07:21] Yeah, yeah do that. That would be a great idea.
[07:24] The further and the more areas you go in to the more data we get back and the better understand we have on how to make it better.
[07:31] So yeah, go for a walk.
[07:32] Don't forget, this whole thing is like looking at the game through a different pair of eyes,
[07:36] so go to environments that you've kind of forgotten about and go to places you've always thought was cool and see how much cooler they look now.
[07:44] We'll see you all Friday when Behind the Scenes bears witness to a dirty tricks campaign
[07:48] between an out of work Pirate, a bitter gnome and a down on his luck dwarf.