Transcript of RuneScape 3: Behind the Scenes - The Bonus Edition!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Behind The Scenes
Bonus Edition
[00:07] I'm Phil, the players will know me as Mod Pips. I'm RuneScape's Executive Producer.
[00:11] This means I manage the development team, I help coordinate the other departments that work on RuneScape
[00:17] and I head up the overall operation.
[00:19] In this bonus Behind the Scenes video we've got something really special to talk about.
[00:23] We're here to announce that this summer we're going to be releasing - RuneScape 3.
[00:31] RuneScape 3's a big upgrade to the game building on 12 years of amazing content.
[00:34] It's a significant improvement on all fronts.
[00:37] No one needs to create a new account, it's the same avatar that you've always had.
[00:41] The main difference is the way that you experience the game itself.
[00:44] We've rewritten the game client using HTML5 and utilising web GL.
[00:49] The HTML5 engine really allows to push the game world to the next level.
[00:55] It makes much better use of your computer's hardware.
[00:57] This is going to run faster, it's going to look better,
[01:00] the colours are richer, the draw distance is much greater,
[01:03] it feels a lot more immersive. It's like you're really there.
[01:06] The textures, just the environments that you're in feel so much more alive -
[01:11] it really breathes life into everything that you see.
[01:15] It changes the way that you look at the game world,
[01:18] you feel so much more part of everything that's going on.
[01:22] If you've got an old computer you can continue playing the Java client if you prefer.
[01:26] We want to give a lot more control to the players.
[01:28] We've made the interfaces fully customisable, we've upgraded the cameras so it's a lot more flexible.
[01:34] We're using this really interesting tear and share system where you can pull parts from different interfaces
[01:39] so they'll be able to add the features that are most important to them at that point in the game world.
[01:45] We've also got a new audio engine to allow for higher fidelity sound
[01:48] and to make the most of it we've got a fully orchestrated musical score.
[01:52] On top of all that we're building a new community website, we're going to be expanding the high scores.
[01:59] Personally, the aspect I'm most looking forward to is the story of RuneScape moving into the 6th Age.
[02:03] All the content that's happened recently with Guthix - the world is on a precipice,
[02:08] massive change is coming to the game worlds and the players will be at the forefront of that choice,
[02:14] leading the charge into the future.
[02:17] It's not about experiencing the same storyline with everyone else.
[02:20] It's about the choices you've made in your game,
[02:23] it's about you creating that game world,
[02:26] it's about moving the whole of RuneScape into this amazing experience
[02:31] where every single player has the ability to shape the future of the world.
[02:36] We want to make RuneScape a game made by you and the 6th age is a really big part of that.
[02:41] We've got an entirely new way that we approach updates
[02:45] so that players will really feel like they're there when something monumental happens
[02:50] and that through their actions they've defined the way that the game world evolves in the future.
[02:58] Over the coming weeks we're going to be talking about RuneScape 3 in a lot more detail
[03:02] starting next week when we're going to lift the lid on what HTML5 means for you.
[03:06] It's a whole lot of stuff - it's going to be awesome.