Transcript of RuneScape 3's Global Reveal

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] BTS - RuneScape 3 Unveiled!
[00:07] As the excitement for RuneScape 3 builds, Behind the Scenes now comes to you twice a week,
[00:13] adding an extra helping of RuneScape news to your video diet.
[00:16] Where better to start then than with a look at how the world's press were introduced to RuneScape 3,
[00:21] and the naming of one of RuneScape's new skills.
[00:28] Hello, today is an amazing day. We're here at Peckforton Castle,
[00:35] and we're showing the amazing game that is RuneScape 3 is to the world's press.
[00:52] It feels really important to be showing the press the game today.
[00:55] It's the first time we've done this in all my history at Jagex, probably Jagex's history,
[00:58] so it's a monumental event for the game, and the company.
[01:01] The day started with me giving a presentation to a load of journalists telling them just how awesome RuneScape is.
[01:08] We've been talking about all the amazing things we've got up for launch of RuneScape 3,
[01:12] and then we gave the chance for the journalists to get a first hand experience of the awesome game.
[01:17] They've been testing the HTML5 client, they've been looking at the new interfaces,
[01:21] but to be honest, they've just been playing the game.
[01:23] We had some awesome organised Castle Wars sessions,
[01:25] packed servers with lots of people enjoying really competitive gameplay!
[01:30] We gave them the opportunity to play around with the new interface,
[01:33] and play through some of the content that we think is the most special content in RuneScape.
[01:38] And then we had a bunch of other interviews. It's been a really cool day.
[01:54] The reactions we've had when we started saying how RuneScape is genre defining,
[01:58] the biggest point that people need to take from this
[02:01] is that we're redefining the relationship between the game and the player.
[02:05] It's taking it to the next level, no one is doing this at the moment.
[02:07] We told the press roughly what we're doing with the 6th age,
[02:10] how we're going to in broad terms allow players to decide the future of RuneScape,
[02:15] but we're keeping the secrets for the players.
[02:16] They'll have the first reveal, we don't want no spoilers for them,
[02:19] we want the impact and the emotion to be high on the first day of playing.
[02:29] Most excitingly for me, we revealed the name of the new skill today.
[02:33] And the name of that skill is Divination.
[02:36] So it's going to involve the power of the Gods but just how that works?
[02:40] Well, you'll have to wait and see.
[02:43] We're really proud of what we've done today. The press are really loving it and really enjoying the game,
[02:49] and they can see the vision for the future that we've got.
[02:53] We've been quite quiet in terms of global press;
[02:56] now we feel we've got something really big to shout about so it's amazing having everyone here,
[03:01] having them test this early version of RuneScape 3 and having it go down so well.
[03:05] My day's been amazing, I'm the biggest fanboy here,
[03:07] I'm as excited about this one as the players are.
[03:09] You won't find anyone more proud than I am right now.
[03:13] Something we've been crafting for 12 years, something I've been involved for 10 of those years
[03:17] and getting the world's press in to see something like RuneScape, and their faces!
[03:22] It's been... Ah! It's been glorious.
[03:32] There'll be more RuneScape 3 goodness next Wednesday and in the meantime,
[03:36] join us on friday as Behind the Scenes celebrates its first birthday!