Transcript of RuneScape 2014 Highlight #4: The Church of You

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] his clothes weird right
[00:10] though in the game you're kind of
[00:11] running around to these hero guilds and
[00:13] you're running around to Legends guilds
[00:15] and you hear about about what these guys
[00:16] have done but actually there's no one in
[00:19] the game which is done more than you
[00:21] you're the hero
[00:23] why aren't that guilds about you why do
[00:25] you have a bunch of NPCs that are
[00:27] following you around building statues
[00:29] about you seeing songs about you all
[00:31] sorts of stuff like that
[00:33] if watch gods die in front of you you
[00:36] can forget these heroes and legends of
[00:39] old you're the greatest hero of all time
[00:41] so what I would like to give you is the
[00:45] Church of you
[00:53] so you'd have statues you had you know
[00:56] fans you'll have followers a bit like
[00:59] throne of miscellanea these followers
[01:00] could generate things for you that could
[01:02] do things for you but the content would
[01:05] change every week you'd attract new
[01:07] people not every week every month who
[01:09] knows this is just an idea in my head
[01:12] right now
[01:13] the content could change different
[01:15] people would come to your church you can
[01:18] build a relationship with these NPCs and
[01:20] they have a relationship with each other
[01:22] and everyone's Church would be different
[01:24] as different things happened in your
[01:26] church but you're the guy in charge and
[01:28] these people worship you and don't
[01:30] forget you're the heroes you deserve to
[01:33] be worshipped and you should get the
[01:35] benefits of being a celebrity because in
[01:38] the game you are a celebrity you deserve
[01:40] to be worshipped and that's what I'd
[01:43] like to do now I'd like to worship you
[01:48] because you're awesome and without you
[01:51] guys we wouldn't get to do the cool
[01:53] things that we do I kind of think that
[01:57] you're the guys that are in charge you
[02:00] know you're the guys that deserve for
[02:02] the worship and generally genuinely I
[02:04] want to get them down 1yz
[02:14] I want to make a personal promise to you
[02:18] now I want to promise you that we can
[02:20] make the amazing relationship that we've
[02:22] cultivated over these years even better
[02:25] and we want to give you more control
[02:27] over what we do this really is a game
[02:29] for all of us absolutely everyone and we
[02:33] want everyone to be able to have a say
[02:35] on how we do things this game would be
[02:38] nothing if it wasn't for you and the
[02:40] community grows every single day because
[02:43] of your efforts thank you very much
[02:46] now just before you go I'm really
[02:51] interested to talk to you about the kind
[02:52] of things that I've been talking about
[02:54] now and I want to listen to the kind of
[02:56] feedback that you have I want to be a
[02:58] sponge I want to listen to what you've
[03:00] said and I want to be able to give those
[03:02] wise words of wisdoms
[03:03] to the rest of the team we really want
[03:06] to work with you not against you it's
[03:08] all of our games thanks very much for
[03:11] listening