Transcript of RuneScape 2014 Highlight #3: The Zaros Quest & POP 2

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] so the next thing I'd like to talk about
[00:09] is player owned ports too so this is and
[00:15] yeah you can move you can clap if you
[00:16] like that's fine so we've got two new
[00:24] zones that we're introducing to the game
[00:26] which are called the loop and the shield
[00:28] islands will also be introducing new
[00:31] three new adventurers to the ports each
[00:34] bringing a new skill there's a cook
[00:36] there's an architect there's a hunter
[00:38] and they'll be bringing their own
[00:39] voyages and their own rewards to the
[00:42] content we're bringing in two new trade
[00:45] goods there's two new resources there's
[00:47] a bunch of new crew members like golems
[00:50] and merchants we're also introducing a
[00:52] new random event something a lot funkier
[00:55] than Meg because he's a bit odd and it's
[00:59] going to be about a sea singer called
[01:01] Umi but I don't want to tell you too
[01:03] much about that and we've got new
[01:05] rewards with player owned ports to which
[01:07] include new weapons like things like
[01:09] thrown weapons new capes and level 85
[01:13] rings so now I come to my favorite bit
[01:16] of the presentation it's a new quest it
[01:19] explores the idea of horror and
[01:22] isolation it unlocks some of the secrets
[01:26] of runescape that you've always wanted
[01:28] to hear about it explores the name that
[01:31] nobody dared whisper for many an age
[01:35] this new quest would be called fate of
[01:39] the gods and it's a master level to
[01:41] start with it's got loads of unlocks
[01:44] loads of things that you'll be able to
[01:45] access as updates after the quest things
[01:48] like new Slayer monsters new divination
[01:50] targets new unlocks with divination and
[01:52] the cool thing about this quest is
[01:54] cerros wants you to bring him back to
[01:56] Gillan or and to do that he needs you to
[01:59] find him a body a body for him to
[02:02] inhabit and throughout the question we
[02:06] face with different choices and the
[02:07] choices that you make the choices on
[02:09] whether you want to support their oath
[02:11] or rather that you're against sorrel
[02:13] will change the kind of form that zaros
[02:16] will take can we kill the lights on the
[02:19] stage quickly it's crazy I
[02:29] so in truth this was the image that we
[02:32] started with when we started the sixth
[02:34] age we wanted a concept each and every
[02:37] one of our God's the major players the
[02:39] antagonists for the new age that we were
[02:41] about to start but these were kind of
[02:43] inspirations for us and actually the
[02:45] final form that you'll see from Zaros
[02:47] could be very different from this indeed
[02:49] this was something that said to us Jesus
[02:53] zarth is awesome we need to give him
[02:56] proper respect when we bring him back to
[02:58] the game he has to land with a bang and
[03:01] we really want to go all out with
[03:03] something like that you'll also be able
[03:05] to find out ceris's origin what the
[03:08] hell's he been doing for all this age
[03:09] what was he just been sort of wandering
[03:11] around lonely as a cloud on some kind of
[03:13] barren wastelands maybe some kind of
[03:16] crazy barren wastelands like France key
[03:19] so you'll actually be able to run around
[03:22] furnace k for the first time yourself
[03:24] you'll be learning about dragonriders
[03:27] you'll be learning a lot more about Zara
[03:30] Zara you'll be learning Eve a lot more
[03:32] about some of the other gods too
[03:33] including the elder gods themselves