Transcript of RuneScape 2014 Highlight #2: The Next God Battle & Content Polls

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] reason why armadyl and bangles are
[00:10] important to us right now is because
[00:12] they're the gods that are going to
[00:14] feature in world event too armadyl is a
[00:17] God he's always believed in peace he
[00:20] always thought that he could get his way
[00:21] by negotiating with the gods by
[00:24] bargaining with them but he's been
[00:26] tricked far too many times bandos is all
[00:30] about war he's fueled by war he's a
[00:33] simple rule join him or die now at the
[00:37] end of this world event there won't be
[00:40] any teleports to get people out of the
[00:42] way when the final blow comes in so the
[00:45] choice that you take that God will die
[00:47] there won't be any getting out of it it
[00:50] will end for that God now quite a big
[00:53] thing that we're experimenting with
[00:55] right now is to make PvP optional within
[00:58] the battles it'll be an optional thing
[01:01] but if you want you can pick up your
[01:03] sword and run someone through and we'll
[01:06] be motivating people to do that if they
[01:08] want it's a lot more aggressive it's a
[01:10] lot more confrontational and it's going
[01:13] to end with the death of one of these
[01:14] God's loads of you have come up to me
[01:17] today talking about reworks to old
[01:20] content you love the fact that we're
[01:22] doing new stuff all the time but it's
[01:24] sad that some of that old content gets a
[01:26] bit old and a bit tired you've really
[01:28] come up to me to talk about minigames
[01:30] and a couple of you we spent a long time
[01:32] talking about minigame two different
[01:33] things that mini games could do so we
[01:37] want at the beginning of the next year
[01:39] perhaps sooner to run more guaranteed
[01:41] content polls we want to put the
[01:43] minigames in front of you and ask you
[01:45] which ones you want to rewrite and we'll
[01:48] do it via a bunch of different
[01:50] guaranteed content polls or different
[01:52] mechanics that were still working on so
[01:54] you can vote on what we do and when we
[01:56] do it the thing at the bottom there is
[01:58] particularly interesting to me and
[02:00] that's the idea of matchmaking systems
[02:02] so I imagine an interface that you could
[02:04] access from anywhere in the game world
[02:05] where you could choose the minigames
[02:07] that you want to play who you want to
[02:09] play them with maybe you want to play
[02:11] with your clans maybe you want to have
[02:12] kind of unique
[02:13] fights just for you and certain mates
[02:15] and you'll be able to define exactly
[02:17] what you wanted and then just click a
[02:19] button and wait get on with what you're
[02:21] doing and then when that game comes up
[02:24] the game that you've defined a little
[02:26] window will open it just says do you
[02:28] want to go and play that game and you'll
[02:30] press the button and you'll get and
[02:31] you'll be there I know it sounds kind of
[02:33] simple right but it's something that
[02:35] will really revolutionize the mini-game
[02:38] content that we've got in the game