Transcript of RuneScape 2014 Highlight #1 - Inventor Skill

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] The new skill is called the Inventor skill.
[00:11] It takes the divine energies of Guthix and it wraps them up in new and exciting ways
[00:17] by combining with the technologies that already exist in the game.
[00:21] This will allow you to create weapons and new objects, new devices, all sorts of different things.
[00:28] This is man's new defence against the gods.
[00:32] What you can see here is the first of our kind of contraptions that we're thinking about.
[00:36] Think about it like one of the divine locations that you put down in the game,
[00:41] where everyone around you can sort of harvest and take things from the location that you've put down.
[00:48] But this is going to be more like, you know, a big contraption,
[00:51] where you can chuck all sorts of raw materials on top of it and stuff will come out,
[00:56] a kind of support skill for all of your production skills.
[00:59] So it can smith, it can construct, it can craft, those kinds of things.
[01:04] Now occasionally, when you're playing around with the Inventor skill, different things can happen.
[01:10] Now as you can see there, there's a really weird kind of mage item on the side there,
[01:15] and it's actually built out of all the different magical items or magical weapons that you can see in the game.
[01:20] With a lot of the Inventor skill, you'll be able to invent new items for your pocket slot
[01:25] and also create new Combat enhancements.
[01:28] Another key thing is the level up my X feature, which I've talked a long time about.
[01:35] This is the idea that items can be levelled up themselves;
[01:39] they can gain levels, they can gain traits, they can gain enhancements.
[01:43] So this is a soul eater, it has a personality, it's dark, it's mysterious.
[01:50] It's motivating you to go and kill different targets,
[01:54] almost like a Slayer assignment, but far more dark and dangerous.
[01:59] Now, the Inventor skill, one of the most important things is it's about experimentation,
[02:04] but it's also about creating unique equipment, so equipment that changes as you're using it,
[02:10] but also equipment that changes because of the way that you've made it.
[02:14] That uniqueness is yours, and you can sell those items,
[02:17] and so other people can run around and say that they've got a weapon made by you.
[02:21] More made by you, and that's exactly what we've been talking about all year.