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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Christmas is so close you can practically smell it!
[00:11] So as the RuneScape team prepare to eat their own body weight in mince pies and brussel sprouts,
[00:15] there's just enough time for Behind the Scenes to quiz them on their highlights of the year so far.
[00:24] The World Wakes marked the end of the fifth age and was the first time that we've actually killed a god,
[00:30] or more importantly that the players were actually there to see a god die.
[00:36] In the World Wakes you meet Orlando Smith and he's an historian
[00:41] who's kind of found these chambers underground that he thinks are really important.
[00:44] It was really strange before we released World Wakes because we couldn't say anything at all about it.
[00:49] We had this big quest that was going to change everything and all we could say was
[00:52] Oh yeah go to see Guthix's bedroom.
[00:54] - Just watching all the players come out and just go kind of...
- Yeah...
[00:57] The World Wakes actually made some people cry when they played through the quest
[01:00] and to have that kind of emotional attachment was quite an exciting thing
[01:07] Vorago is really exciting just because he's on a scale that we've not really seen before in RuneScape.
[01:11] I love seeing players getting massacred frankly and its great to put a proper challenge into the game.
[01:17] He's done a lot of things that weren't possible before.
[01:19] He's got the phase change every week to keep it fresh for players rather than just going back and grinding it again and again.
[01:25] It's interesting to see who goes in there with Welfair gear, who goes in there with their best stuff then just watching the grave stones appear afterwards.
[01:32] It was really exciting, it was team based and the final kill looked amazing.
[01:35] So with the player actually climbing up on top of Vorago and taking a massive great big weapon and cleaving him.
[01:45] For so many years I've been desperate to bring bacon into the game.
[01:49] Eli Bacon thinks he's come up with the best invention in the world, which is pigs meat.
[01:54] He was really kind of dark and mysterious and quite disturbing
[01:57] There's a load of intimations that maybe he might have been a bit of a serial killer
[02:02] It was a really funny quest and I think it reminded a lot of people of some of the older quests we do that were a load of fun.
[02:07] You can see the influences of Mod Mark kind of in the bacon and the fun jolly tone
[02:14] and then you can see the influences of Mod Tony where it's all just horrible and evil.
[02:19] Feed me flesh.
[02:24] I also like having a battle pig, you can't beat having a battle pig.
[02:34] RuneScape 3 was so big that it justified putting a new number at the end of our name.
[02:40] The big changes that we made to the main game window were huge
[02:44] I can now make myself a lot more combat effective regardless of the situation
[02:48] It's completely changed how I play it, it really has.
[02:50] I just break up all of my various equipped and inventories and my combat abilities and have that all on screen at once.
[02:58] Audio is really important in RuneScape it's vital that when you're trying to provide an immersive experience
[03:04] that you can assault as many senses of the player as possible.
[03:07] We all got a little lump in our throats when we heard the RuneScape theme played
[03:10] by a huge orchestra for the first time it was pretty special.
[03:12] So one of the biggest things that we added with RuneScape 3 was a World Event battle
[03:18] and this actually was the first evidence of the sixth age and two great big gods Saradomin
[03:24] and Zamorak came back to the game world and decided to lock horns over Lumbridge.
[03:29] You're not thinking small scale
[03:31] No. We had to just blow the roof off it and do something really big.
[03:36] So it was the first time players could really choose an allegiance for their god
[03:39] and fight for their god and I think that was something really quite cool and exciting.
[03:43] Especially for lore players its really interesting to see these gods that they've kind of known about for so long but not met.
[03:48] You can't get more archetypical than Zamorak and Saradomin
[03:54] Lumbridge was completely destroyed there's this massive crater there which they're both fighting over,
[03:58] so we've really changed the face of one of the most familiar places in RuneScape.
[04:08] Divination was the first skill we've released in RuneScape for over 2 years.
[04:12] Everyone was really excited about Divination it's a new skill it's a really big update to the game.
[04:17] What I like is that first sense of exploration with a new skill you're kind of levelling up through it unlocking new things;
[04:22] you don't know what they are. You start researching it is this going to be viable for me. I love that about a new skill.
[04:27] So divination continues the sixth age theme as you're collecting and using energy that's there due to Guthix death.
[04:35] Divine energy was a new resource type that allowed you to make all kinds of cool new useful items.
[04:39] There were lots of cool rewards there like Deans obviously enjoying the combat ones
[04:42] they bring him back to life when the waterfalls get him in Vorago
[04:44] but I personally like it because I made the NPC Max train it with the rest of the players which seemed to go down really well.
[04:53] Birthright of the Dwarves was really exciting because it was the first time players could choose which quest they wanted completed
[04:59] so they could choose between Dwarves, Pirates or Gnomes and as we now know Dwarves came out on top.
[05:05] Birthright of the Dwarves is the end of the Dwarf storyline, which saw the players deciding who was the true king of the Dwarves.
[05:14] I think somehow I ended up with the drunken dwarf.
[05:17] Nice, good king
[05:18] We knew from the start of Birthright of the Dwarves that we really wanted to get player involvement
[05:21] The first time we kind of opened our doors to the players to make them part of the development team
[05:25] And we even got people to come into the office and submit things through the forums
[05:29] so they could actually design some of the elements of the quest.
[05:32] We got some really good stuff you can't beat the chaos giant with its three revolving arms on the side we loved that when that came in.
[05:40] As soon as that came in we were just laughing at it.
[05:43] We had some great suggestions and we saw that one and thought that's excellent.
[05:51] Missing Presumed Death is another fantastic quest we added to the game.
[05:54] It saw Sliske come to life for the first time, the master of shadows
[06:00] and the way he's manipulating the gods to dictate the future of the world.
[06:04] And he has called all the gods to this summit
[06:07] It was the first time everyone got to see the gods in one place
[06:09] We even got to see Brassica Prime sat in the corner watching it all going on
[06:13] It's so amazing to have all of these gods in one place and see the continuation of the sixth age storyline.
[06:20] It was a difficult storyline to try and wrangle with and try and hide what was really going on.
[06:25] I liked this one because it introduced the elves for those that maybe haven't seen them before.
[06:29] It's a low entry barrier quest, obviously the little nod to the Barrows and the Shadow realm in there
[06:35] that little Easter egg if people found that and a good mix of across the board for skills and stuff and we got to see the gods.
[06:39] Really really good quest.
[06:41] I thought it was massively overrated
[06:47] The developers did a cracking job on the new Barrows content that we added this year which was called Rise of the Six.
[06:54] Rise of the Six is Sliske because he's got his kind of godly powers now returning to his faithful bodyguards the Barrows brothers.
[07:01] He resurrected them in the shadow realm playing around with extra powers.
[07:04] It saw players teaming up together trying to take down the Barrows Brothers as a group
[07:10] and was without doubt some of the most vicious content we released in the year.
[07:14] We got to see more evolving combat which was awesome,
[07:16] I was filming at Runefest and just got to watch every player that had a go at it get their ass absolutely kicked.
[07:21] I was happy that no one managed to get a kill but also that they were learning the mechanics;
[07:25] It was a good way to scope out how the release would go.
[07:27] They should be the badasses they are Chris made them that, they are hardcore I think they represent their lore very well now.
[07:34] I'm now trying to crowbar bobble heads into every update.
[07:37] They just work so well I can't believe we hadn't thought of that before.
[07:46] World Event 2 basically sees Bandos and Armadyl go against each other
[07:51] and they're trying to collect divine energies to power their siege weapons to take each other out.
[07:54] Bandos and Armadyl both have caravans that are travelling around the world
[07:57] and the players can choose to protect them or destroy them depending on which god they're supporting.
[08:02] and also whether or not they want to get involved with surface world PvP
[08:07] It's about properly fighting on a battlefield for each god I think that really formed the sort of core.
[08:11] I'm probably a Bandos follower slightly disheartened at the moment but I'll still go on warring.
[08:17] The voting within world event 2 informed not only the overall outcome but also the strategy that takes place each week.
[08:22] With players working together to decide which things to build at different nodes
[08:26] We learnt a lot from World Event 1 and we made World Event 2 even better.
[08:31] I just like that you get to kill a god because Power to the Player.
[08:37] At the start of the year we actually brought back an Oldschool version of the game back from 2007.
[08:42] I've really liked Oldschool because it's done a cracking job of being a pioneer in terms of getting player feedback
[08:47] and polling things to players, things like the white dragons that sort of thing.
[08:51] I think that Oldschool was a prime example of showing how Jagex are willing to listen to what the players want.
[08:55] Oldschool wasn't just a game brought into life by the players it's one that they drive week in week out by discussions on the forums,
[09:02] polls they really decide a huge amount about how that service evolves and I think that's really brilliant.
[09:12] One of my highlights has got to be the improvements we've made to the games overall health,
[09:19] the daily experience that players have in RuneScape.
[09:22] Through the Middle of the year we got much more aggessive and sufisticated with our use of an upgraded bo watch system.
[09:27] When there's no bots in the game it means to you that everyone around you is really there they're actually playing the game.
[09:34] It makes everything so much more social.
[09:36] And for me probably the most profound change is the introduction of bonds.
[09:40] These have dealt a massive blow against goldfarmers and real world traders
[09:44] whose activities have been really diminished and at their lowest point in many years
[09:49] Bonds have also had the side effect of allowing Runescapes paid services to be earned through in game effort rather than real world money.
[10:00] To buy things like tickets to Runefest and joining the premier membership club.
[10:05] Did you know you can buy Top Trumps for three bonds?
[10:07] - Wicked, I'm getting a set.
- I was going to get some.
[10:10] - I'm gonna get a set yeah.
- Cool!
[10:11] 2013 was another awesome year for Jagex but really it just encourages to do even more in the future
[10:20] Next week, find out what the RuneScape team are doing in 2014 to make it the best year for the RuneScape community yet.
[10:26] In the meantime, from all of us here at Behind the Scenes, have a very merry Christmas.