Transcript of RuneScape 15th Birthday Documentary Teaser

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] NEXT YEAR
[00:05] 15 YEARS
[00:09] When I made this game, I thought it was like any other MMO.
[00:12] Go online and maybe a few people would play it and then that would be it.
[00:16] Certainly didn't expect it to still be running 15 years later and still being developed 15 years later.
[00:21] We launched with other games that were bigger than us. Then we outgrew them and outlasted them.
[00:25] It grew so fast that the first few months of running it was pretty just me playing catch-up.
[00:30] I was trying to do this against the clock because there was more players coming in every day
[00:33] and I was frantically trying to re-engineer it to keep up with the number of players because I didn't want to turn anybody away.
[00:38] It's incredible how long it's still been popular.
[00:43] RuneScape's still around after 15 years because of the people.
[00:48] It's the community of RuneScape that make it what it is.
[00:52] And they keep that atmosphere alive.
[00:55] What has made RuneScape so successful?
[00:57] Just those addiction levels!
[00:58] Close to 2100 days playing it now.
[01:02] If you spend so much time on the game, then it kinda becomes a part of you.
[01:06] So, how should I say it? RuneScape is like a part of me. Yeah.
[01:12] I've spent probably about 150 days alone in the Wilderness
[01:16] and killed about maybe 10,000 people over my time.
[01:21] When they brought back Old School it was like "Oh my gosh, this is the best thing ever". It was like true nostalgic form that it was.
[01:26] If there was one thing I could change going back now, it would be that decision.
[01:30] There is no game out there that is similar to RuneScape.
[01:32] I don't even know if I could explain what RuneScape means to me.
[01:35] It means that I have a fantastic wife and two beautiful children.
[01:40] It means I have a family.
[01:42] RuneScape means so much more than just Java on a screen.
[01:47] It's a game but I'm proud of every single second of it.
[01:51] It feels like if the Gower brothers had been born perhaps in the twenties,
[01:57] they would have been decoding Bletchley Park during the Second World War.
[02:01] No doubt about it.
[02:03] I never expected to be responsible for so many people
[02:07] and responsible for such a big project and so much money.
[02:11] It's actually quite daunting to have managed to achieve something so big
[02:13] because it means that anything I do now less than absolutely colossal will seem small.
[02:20] It's quite daunting to live up to that legacy.
[02:22] Jagex is one of our last remaining big independent studios in the UK
[02:27] and I think that should be celebrated.
[02:29] It's quite unbelievable just how big the game became like that. I still can't quite believe it.