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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Top 10 Skilling pet dry streaks
[00:11] Welcome to this brand-new video series where we’ll be sharing some RuneScape related stats with you guys,
[00:15] and thanks to our awesome analytics team, giving you some insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the game!
[00:22] For this first episode, we’ll be talking about Skilling pets.
[00:24] But More specifically, the longest dry streaks in experience gains before gaining a pet.
[00:29] In at number 10 we have Crabbe, the Slayer pet!
[00:31] And it took a player 160.1 million XP to get his hands on this pet.
[00:36] To give you an idea, this is about the same as killing 830,861 dust devils!
[00:41] At number 9 it’s Construction, with Baba Yaga’s house!
[00:45] One player built the equivalent of over 143 thousand Floatsam Prawnbrokers
[00:49] and earned 160.7 million XP before picking up this chicken legged pet!
[00:54] At number 8 we’ve got Dojo Mojo for Agility.
[00:57] The highest anyone has ever skilled before getting this pet is 161.5 million XP.
[01:02] It's rather the same as completing the Agility Wildy course about 282 tousand times!
[01:07] The Number 7 spot is snatched up by Ace, the Hunter pet.
[01:10] To catch this one, one player skilled for a total of 165.1 million XP. Think of it as catching 104,174 Ornate Tortles!
[01:19] At Number 6 it’s Smithy, the Smithing pet.
[01:22] 171.6 million is the highest anyone has smithed before getting this drop!
[01:25] Which is about the same as smithing 13,7 million Bronze daggers.
[01:30] Number 5 is Ralph the thieving pet for which one player gained 180.4 million before snatching up this cute little racoon.
[01:36] Which is about the same as successfully pickpocketing 324,291 Dwarven traders.
[01:42] And just missing out on a top 3 spot is Herbert the turtle from herblore!
[01:46] and It took the equivalent of cleaning almost 11 million grimy Fellstalks,
[01:49] so 182 million XP for one player to get a chance to get this pet!
[01:54] And on to the top 3 spots, see something that a lot of you have said we expected to be there witch is Bernie the Firemaking pet,
[02:00] so 185.4 million XP for one player, just to get Bernie.
[02:05] In Second place is Gordie, our Dungeoneering pet with a massive 189.4 million XP before obtaining him!
[02:11] And for first place, we have something more than a simple number.
[02:14] To get the invention pet, Malcom, not one BUT TWO players skilled for 200m XP OR MORE!
[02:20] As of the 8th of August 2017, there are 428,747 skilling pets in the game,
[02:26] BUT 10,980 of these have not yet been claimed, and are sitting in player’s banks!
[02:31] This means that for almost 3% of all skilling pets won, their owners might not be aware they even have them!
[02:37] That’s it for this episode! What was your hardest pet to earn? Or which one do you want but still don’t have?
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[02:48] Thank you so much for watching. Take care and have a good one!