Transcript of RuneScape - The Magister Slayer Boss: All you need to know

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] Hey, everyone. Welcome to this short introduction of RuneScape's new Slayer boss, the Magister.
[00:07] To enter the boss fight, you'll need level 115 Slayer and a key to the crossing,
[00:11] a tradeable drop you can get from creatures in the Sophanem Slayer dungeon.
[00:18] As the battle progresses, the boss will become more and more challenging,
[00:22] with all-new fight mechanics designed to test your speed, strategy and decision-making.
[00:28] By defeating the Magister, you'll be able to get your hands on two brand new tier 92 stab weapons.
[00:34] Their drop mechanic works a bit differently though and you'll need to follow these three steps.
[00:38] One.
[00:39] Get phylacteries by fighting the Magister and break them open to find scraps of scripture.
[00:44] Two.
[00:44] Convert scraps into three blessings, each one costing 100 scraps.
[00:48] Three.
[00:49] Once you have all three blessings, apply to a regular tier 82 khopesh
[00:53] to make either of the tier 92 weapons.
[00:55] There are two other notable drops in this boss fight.
[00:57] The gloves of passing, which give you a temporary damage boost after triggering havoc,
[01:01] and the Minister, a creepy little version of the Magister to add to your menagerie.
[01:06] And before you enter here are a few tips to get you started.
[01:09] Firstly, corruption isn't always a bad thing and can give you a nice damage boost.
[01:13] Secondly, you may enter the fight with several keys in your inventory for consecutive kills.
[01:18] Lastly, you don't need feathers of Ma'at to kill the Magister or any other creatures in the encounter
[01:23] but they can come in handy.
[01:25] With that said, good luck and happy scaping!
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