Transcript of RuneScape - The Land Out of Time - Slayer Skilling & Agility Course

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[01:14] Of course!
[01:15] When we wanted to film outdoors, it started to rain.
[01:17] In June? Who would have thought?
[01:19] Last time we took you through Big Game Hunter on the Land Out of Time,
[01:23] an innovative and new way to train your Hunter skill.
[01:26] This week we'll be going though Slayer, Agility,
[01:29] and other little features you can get up to on the island.
[01:34] To help you on your road to 120 Slayer,
[01:36] with this update we are adding eight brand new Slayer creatures,
[01:39] ranging from level 90 to 114.
[01:41] And while Big Game Hunter creatures are very much dinosaur-themed,
[01:44] for some of the new Slayer creatures we chose to go down a more natural root.
[01:48] Pun intended.
[01:50] With these new creatures we are also introducing a new Slayer task type called "clusters".
[01:54] Basically, instead of, say, killing Red Dragon for your task,
[01:57] you'll be asked to kill dragons.
[01:58] And then you'll have the choice of which type of dragon you want to fight.
[02:01] These new tasks will be assigned to you by Laniakea,
[02:04] a brand new high-level Slayer master
[02:06] for which you'll need level 90 Slayer and 120 combat to access.
[02:09] In addition to the new cluster tasks,
[02:11] she'll assign you similar tasks to the ones you get from Morvran,
[02:14] but with a few of the lower tier creatures removed.
[02:19] Agility is the third main skill you can train in the Land Out of Time
[02:23] and will also help you get about on the island.
[02:26] The new Agility course goes all the way around the island,
[02:29] and will be the quickest way for you to get from one point to another on the map.
[02:34] You can hop on or off at most points throughout the course
[02:38] and you can go round it both ways.
[02:41] By using the new Agility course you'll also have the chance of receiving some loot,
[02:47] and among these drops you'll find some new Ability codex pages.
[02:51] With these pages you'll be able to craft two codices
[02:54] which will upgrade your Surge and Escape abilities by giving them a second charge.
[03:00] These codices can be crafted to be tradeable,
[03:03] but these money-making variants will cost you more pages to make.
[03:08] The island has plenty of other content for you to discover and explore.
[03:12] And, in addition to the brand new Hunter, Agility and Slayer content,
[03:15] there'll be a new overgrown idol for Woodcutting,
[03:18] some Mining sites, some more traditional Hunter spots,
[03:21] and some Fishing locations dotted around this island.
[03:24] There is also plenty to explore and interact with
[03:27] in the three different biomes that make up the island,
[03:30] including a brand new Herblore DnD.
[03:34] The Land Out of Time is a completely new area,
[03:37] so you might want to find a safe haven from which to lead your expeditions.
[03:40] Somewhere in the ruins scattered around the island you'll find a base camp
[03:44] which you'll need to build up and interact with in a similar way to Ports.
[03:47] And as you progress you'll unlock various benefits aimed at helping you on the island.
[03:51] Speaking of benefits, as you explore the island and take part in its various activities,
[03:56] you'll find fragments which you'll be able to use to build totems.
[03:59] These neat little statues have game-wide benefits and effects themed around saving you time.
[04:03] One of them, for example, will reduce all aura cooldowns by 15%.
[04:08] There are 8 different totems and you'll be able to have up to three active at once
[04:11] but they will require some regular upkeep to stay active.
[04:14] So there you have it, some tasty tidbits
[04:16] about what there is to look forward to in the Land Out of Time.
[04:19] If you want to learn more about Big Game Hunter,
[04:21] the all-new Hunter content you'll find on the island,
[04:23] check out the first video in this BTS series,
[04:25] which you can find a link for in the description.
[04:27] That just about wraps up this video.
[04:29] In the next episode Mod Jack will be talking about the lore, story and narrative
[04:33] in the Land out of Time.
[04:34] Thanks for watching and see you next time.
[04:51] RELEASED JULY 2019