Transcript of RuneScape - The Land Out of Time - Big Game Hunter

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:27] Dammit, Ramen! I've been hunting him for days!
[00:29] I think you spent too long on this update, mate.
[00:31] We're gonna be Mods Out of Time if we don't get this video done for the content drops.
[01:01] Perhaps you've seen a mysterious cloud that has appeared on the world map recently.
[01:04] Perhaps you're wondering what it is.
[01:06] In these next two videos, we're planning to take you for the some of the core content
[01:10] that you can expect to find in the Land Out of Time,
[01:12] a brand new island coming to RuneScape this summer.
[01:15] If you're a fan of the storyline and lore of the digsite
[01:18] and you're wondering what the bargemen have been working on all this time,
[01:21] we're going to take you on that journey in this update.
[01:24] So, what are these key features then?
[01:25] Well, we've got brand new Hunter, Agility and Slayer content,
[01:29] along with a huge landmass for you to explore.
[01:31] In this video we're going to be talking about Hunter.
[01:43] Let's get stuck straight into the big stuff.
[01:45] With this update, we're going to be bringing something that we've called "big game hunting",
[01:49] which is a brand new innovative training method for the Hunter skill.
[01:52] It starts at level 75 and goes all the way up until level 96.
[01:55] Along the way, you'll be introduced to nine brand new creatures.
[01:59] This isn't quite the normal Hunter that you're used to, though.
[02:01] In this you'll need to be able to collect resources
[02:04] so that you can build and arm traps in order to kill the creature,
[02:07] all whilst remaining undetected.
[02:16] With the new Hunter training method,
[02:18] rewards and loot will work exactly how you'd expect a boss droptable to work.
[02:22] Once you kill the creature, you go over to it, you loot it, you skin it
[02:27] and you roll on a droptable.
[02:29] On this droptable we'll be introducing new items,
[02:32] a new range armour set that can be made from the skin,
[02:35] and a new Hexhunter-style melee weapon that will do extra damage against ranged creatures.
[02:43] Finally, don't forget that the Hunter modernisation is also coming out as part of this update.
[02:48] If you want to read more about that, head over to and check out the newspost.
[02:52] That's all we have for Big Game Hunter this week.
[02:54] Join us next week, when we will be discussing Slayer and Agility.
[02:58] See you then.