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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] we want more it needs to be louder
[00:09] rs3 reveals on the main stage of room
[00:12] fest shout out shout if you're excited
[00:17] to hear what we have coming I have two
[00:22] big names about to come out here and
[00:24] scare every single one of the
[00:26] development team by telling you what we
[00:28] are planning for the future I hope they
[00:30] won't be scared we've actually told them
[00:32] about most of this already i have mod
[00:35] osborne and mod mark they're going to
[00:37] come up to this stage but they're not
[00:38] coming out until you shout out for them
[00:40] and make them death go
[00:47] go keep it going
[01:09] oh my golly gosh oh my goodness nothing
[01:13] here we're back again how's everyone
[01:15] doing welcome to the big reveals for
[01:21] 2016 I hope you've got plenty of energy
[01:25] left because we've got a great finale
[01:27] for you coming up starting with the epic
[01:30] reveals for 2016 then on to the golden
[01:33] domes and culminating in an awesome
[01:36] party well where we all get to chill out
[01:38] and have a bit of fun is everyone
[01:40] looking forward to that let's pop some
[01:43] balloons maybe that was lame I I thought
[01:47] you told me these were all high level
[01:48] players they told me that they would
[01:49] give us some voiced by I have already
[01:51] heard it like there's just something
[01:52] like a bunch of noobs to me all right I
[01:54] I said was are you all looking forward
[01:57] to a massive Republic time
[02:02] nice nice that's better now before we
[02:06] get on with these epic reveals I just
[02:08] want to spend some time saying thank you
[02:11] thank you to all you guys and everybody
[02:14] watching at home on behalf of everybody
[02:17] at jagex thank you so much for being
[02:19] part of the wonderful world of runescape
[02:22] we've said before how much that your pot
[02:25] as much of a part of the team as any of
[02:28] us and we genuinely mean that whilst we
[02:30] get to breathe life into the world of
[02:32] Gillen all its and its many guises maybe
[02:36] games it's your energy your feedback
[02:39] your rune labs ideas your costumes your
[02:42] shouts of thanks and even your rants in
[02:45] fally that breathe life into us and
[02:48] running events like this help help to
[02:51] remind us exactly why runescape is such
[02:53] an amazing place to be so from the
[02:56] bottom of our hearts and on behalf of
[02:58] all of the real workers who slave
[03:00] tirelessly away doing all the things
[03:03] that make runescape possible thank you
[03:05] give yourself a max of round of applause
[03:13] so I suppose you want to know about 2016
[03:17] yeah it is going to be massive it's
[03:22] going to be a big big year there'll be
[03:26] no overriding theme this time the
[03:28] gimmicks strange enough it's not like
[03:29] the year of clans of the year of pea
[03:31] power particularly what we want to do
[03:33] our objective is just simple we want
[03:36] every update in 2016 to feel essential
[03:39] we want you to be wowed by every
[03:41] possible thing that we put out so we're
[03:45] going to achieve this into one in two
[03:47] different ways the first it's in 2016 we
[03:50] will launch one large or huge update per
[03:53] month this will be bigger than what
[03:55] you're used to this is all come from the
[03:57] poll that we did in 2015 when you told
[03:59] us you want it updates to be bigger you
[04:01] won't get care so much about how
[04:03] frequent they were we are going to not
[04:05] launch something huge each month and for
[04:07] the rest of the month we'll use our
[04:09] resources more wisely the theme of that
[04:12] big update will filter down into the
[04:13] other content that comes out that month
[04:15] maybe there's a quest through it or a
[04:17] minigame that borrows a lot of the
[04:19] resources from that big piece of content
[04:22] and working in the background you'll
[04:25] have the ninjas constantly putting out
[04:26] quality of life updates to make the year
[04:30] ground we really want to add some
[04:32] bombass thickness to the year nice words
[04:34] good we're under use my words and it's
[04:37] more bombastic nurse Indies let's be
[04:39] honest so there's another changes that's
[04:44] just the first I um whilst some of these
[04:47] things can move around in the schedule
[04:48] we've molded the year around these
[04:52] amazing ideas to give you a fantastic
[04:53] 2016 and should we bring up the list
[04:57] okay so yeah they remember that we did a
[05:00] survey so we put this survey out these
[05:03] are the major updates that you saw in
[05:05] that serving yeah and the first update
[05:09] we breed let's talk about cuz we're
[05:10] let's get to the meat of a it's what
[05:11] you're really interested in it's a
[05:12] pretty magical list and this list this
[05:14] is a list that came from you all of your
[05:17] big ideas and a lot of the things that
[05:18] we've been talking about in the office
[05:19] as well you may have one in particular
[05:22] that you like but I want to get from you
[05:24] the crowd like one of you be bold put up
[05:26] your
[05:27] what do you think was the most voted for
[05:29] update in that survey what do you think
[05:31] the people of runescape want the most
[05:35] somebody threw up her drug AFK it was a
[05:40] FK hunting I missed that from the list
[05:49] it's got scoped out with a FK
[05:50] dungeoneering my don't know Mara when
[05:53] treadmills you're not playing this game
[05:57] something you made it very clear we're
[05:59] looking for things that are written
[06:00] there on this screen right so underwater
[06:04] city rite of passage Slayer roll 61 I
[06:12] haven't heard the most voted update okay
[06:18] the update you guys wanted you told us
[06:20] can't get back on this now is this the
[06:31] results were clear you wanted a god wars
[06:35] dungeon 22 being food and we didn't want
[06:37] to disappoint but instead of having a
[06:40] dungeon that has thought from a previous
[06:42] age this is about this god wars but the
[06:45] God was going on now and we want to
[06:47] include some characters some gods some
[06:50] generals you might want use thing I
[06:52] think you'll like this concept are here
[06:55] we go so these might not be the gods
[06:58] they're included but we're pretty we're
[06:59] pretty confident that they will feature
[07:01] it works oh yes so here you have a sarin
[07:04] general facing off against the tusker
[07:07] general we want this to be a solo
[07:10] dungeon experience very much in the vein
[07:12] of the first god wars dungeon so like
[07:14] God Wars dungeon this is a combat up
[07:16] combat update for everyone this isn't
[07:19] necessarily like railings where you
[07:21] drilling down into intricate combat
[07:22] mechanics it's about spending time in
[07:24] there defeating mods the game kill count
[07:26] using that killed Count to get through
[07:28] doors to the generals fighting those
[07:30] generals releasing them over and over
[07:31] again for the best drops and by at my
[07:33] word we're going to have some great new
[07:35] drops you definitely said two feet mobs
[07:37] there because it sounded like you just
[07:39] said too thick mods the Medusa just a
[07:42] bunch of 2016 I'm over here a snowgirl
[07:46] form big boss ok so just we let our
[07:50] concept artist go to town what would a
[07:52] God Wars dungeon be without God weapons
[07:54] so in this in this particular instance
[07:57] we've gone for God's sorts doesn't have
[07:58] to be that way we talked about your
[08:00] bones got stains
[08:02] but this for example sarin god saw tusca
[08:05] godson and you can be sure that we
[08:09] spicing up with a surprise or T we are
[08:11] giving this to the team that produced
[08:12] for our game a producer racks or the
[08:15] produce rate they know their stuff and I
[08:18] don't think I've seen the team more
[08:19] excited about working on a project that
[08:22] God was dungeon to pick charge the
[08:26] combat team of the back
[08:34] uh so the next update was the top answer
[08:38] from people who are long turd long time
[08:41] but currently sleeping players now when
[08:43] I say sleeping players I mean those
[08:45] players who have quit or on a break or
[08:48] or they well they think they've quit but
[08:51] they get to see the error of their ways
[08:53] you know because it happens to all of us
[08:55] sometimes and it was the third most
[08:58] popular update from you guys the current
[09:01] players can you guess what that is boss
[09:05] one so what are older players players
[09:07] who've gone away for a bit what do you
[09:09] think they're most interested in saving
[09:12] it's not so surprisingly it was the
[09:19] mining and smithing rework
[09:26] now who knew who know exactly this is
[09:31] the real joy of asking you what you want
[09:34] we've talked about it for years we've
[09:35] talked about it a previous room first
[09:37] but nobody really seem that excited
[09:39] about it but how long will we we work in
[09:43] their thousands over a joy of asking you
[09:45] guys the price exceeds airless things
[09:47] that we didn't already know we didn't
[09:48] know it was important to you as money
[09:50] smitten with it's just as exciting as
[09:52] the big shiny stuff and like us since
[09:55] the introduction of dragon weapons
[09:57] you've always wanted a you've always
[09:59] wondered well how come all the big stuff
[10:01] all comes from drops or shops or you
[10:04] know I want to be able to make the big
[10:05] chunky stuff myself so we want to make
[10:08] mining and smithing as all as awesome as
[10:10] it can be whether that's new training
[10:12] methods and I heard some interesting
[10:14] ideas for some sort of mining minigames
[10:16] earlier and we don't know yet but we do
[10:19] know that will make the damn gear more
[10:22] relevant to the levels that you wear it
[10:23] I mean who makes rune play bunnies level
[10:26] 99 and then expects to be wearing them
[10:28] as like that's some craziness let me
[10:30] know anyway oh once we once we move
[10:35] things about will then look at the
[10:37] higher levels of smithing ensuring that
[10:39] it's a skill that's worth training with
[10:41] valuable reasons to be a top class Smith
[10:44] and of course a top-level minor to get
[10:47] all the materials that you need so this
[10:49] is just some of the examples that we've
[10:50] been looking at you skip posture slide
[10:53] earlier what were you doing there we go
[10:54] yeah so taught you know we want some
[10:56] really fine looking gear you know
[10:58] there's all sorts of things in history
[11:00] which talk about you know like whether
[11:04] it's like the Albrecht swords from the
[11:05] Vikings or various different like groups
[11:08] which do really cool amazing things with
[11:11] weaponry
[11:12] I feel like I bought into a plan I we're
[11:17] not talking about invention yet go away
[11:19] with your extendable tripods so you can
[11:24] get funky looking stuff like this and
[11:26] then the next slide Oh typical day
[11:38] typical day they're always skipping far
[11:40] too early there they've just so did we
[11:48] know there's that stuff written on the
[11:50] toilet wall anyway um so and then we've
[11:53] got some pretty funky things here that
[11:55] are based on sort of Dragon Kings stuff
[11:57] and what it might look like if you were
[11:59] a bit of a nastya Smith and you wanted
[12:01] to just make big hard horrific violin
[12:05] weapons I'm getting a job wherever where
[12:08] we're going with that we will skip on ah
[12:10] this means this means top end gear and
[12:14] it means gear that can complement or
[12:16] give cheaper alternatives to big-hitting
[12:18] gear from jobs although not replace them
[12:21] all right so hi ho looks let's get Scout
[12:24] down oh my god the surprise the surprise
[12:28] okay stories in runescape come out
[12:31] almost monthly they would be almost
[12:33] there but we have never really taken
[12:36] advantage of the fact that we can
[12:37] serialize storyline well we could build
[12:39] momentum on our story time we can tell
[12:41] stories quickly we did a little bit with
[12:43] the void stories we did a little bit
[12:45] with the summer stories we really
[12:46] haven't capitalized on that well next
[12:50] year we're planning to reach the
[12:51] conclusion of solistes storyline this is
[12:55] solistes game this is what he's pitched
[12:58] to the gods to gain the stone of jazz
[13:00] whomever kills the most gods gets a
[13:03] place in this game to win the stone of
[13:05] jazz we've got it it's over though oh
[13:07] yeah I'm sure there are many stone
[13:10] touches out there um we're calling this
[13:13] silly skies countdown you'll see on our
[13:16] kind of banners in our artwork that
[13:18] we're taking down four three two one
[13:20] we're going to release for quest next
[13:22] year that bring an end to that story
[13:24] line
[13:25] okay so the first one centers around a
[13:30] well-loved character and that character
[13:33] is no you told us impose that you like
[13:37] nomads you're a bit of a fan and nomads
[13:41] really is on the brink of godhood you've
[13:43] seen him after dis honor among thieves
[13:45] for many of you he's even got a chunk of
[13:47] the stone of jazz madness I say matters
[13:51] now what is his plan he wants the siphon
[13:55] every soul every spirit every garst
[13:58] every ghost through his soul obelisk
[14:01] everybody who has ever died he's going
[14:04] to Hoover up and take to form his own
[14:07] power base this includes the underworld
[14:10] and the beauty of this means that
[14:12] everybody who has ever died in the game
[14:13] inquest content will suddenly be your
[14:16] ally here we go alongside loads of dead
[14:22] characters you probably noticed some in
[14:24] that picture let me recognize some as
[14:26] there's a few in there so kind of you
[14:28] law hounds out there so I started trying
[14:30] to spot some of the dead characters from
[14:31] runescape in there these are your allies
[14:33] you are going to be laying siege to
[14:35] nomad while allied with the spirits of
[14:39] the underworld that's really cool that's
[14:40] something we really excited for I'm sure
[14:43] that sillas k def anak florin will all
[14:47] have something to say about this as they
[14:48] all deal with the undead it's time to
[14:50] see the whole character all the
[14:52] characters coming into this one quest
[14:53] okay the next part of cisco's countdown
[14:56] is the thing that really excites me
[14:58] because of all the sleepless nights they
[15:01] caused me back in 2005 no it's not McFly
[15:04] it's the Barrows the Barrows brothers
[15:07] with their mocking purple faces and
[15:10] capacity to beat the living hell out of
[15:12] me now can I get a big cheer from anyone
[15:15] who's for the Barrows
[15:19] and then they're probably Cisco's
[15:21] greatest achievement apart from stabbing
[15:24] gothics in the face of course a team of
[15:26] whites a team of whites made up of some
[15:32] of the finest X humans ever to grace
[15:34] killin or strong enough to hold back an
[15:37] army of Japan's finest in there Sara
[15:39] Dominus Tumen forms powerful guardians
[15:42] of ancient relics in their early white
[15:44] forms and vicious level 650 killers
[15:48] after Cisco's experiments with them in
[15:50] the Shadow Realm in this quest will find
[15:53] more at will find out more about them
[15:55] and slice guys hold over them but more
[15:57] importantly we're revealing a new member
[16:00] a barrow sister
[16:04] and how she fits in to cisco's grand
[16:08] plan plan a strong powerful woman I
[16:12] wonder if you can release her and our
[16:14] brothers from Celeste's grasp or maybe
[16:16] she doesn't want to be rescued can you
[16:19] remove the curse of the Barrows brothers
[16:22] ultimately this quest will be your
[16:24] chance to get close to cisco and
[16:26] understand the mystery behind the mask
[16:29] okay so you've heard two of the four
[16:32] quests in this kind of Celeste's
[16:34] countdown arc if you will the third one
[16:37] we're gonna be a bit cheeky we're going
[16:39] to skip for the moment though we're not
[16:41] gonna reveal until later on in this
[16:42] talks we didn't hold back for long not
[16:44] long no no but that's cuz it's got you
[16:47] know we want to have the biggest impact
[16:48] with this one it's a juicy one it is
[16:50] good we're going to skip right to the
[16:51] fourth and this is salistes endgame this
[16:57] is it this is the culmination of
[16:59] evidence start the world waits moved on
[17:01] to missing presumed death through to the
[17:03] battle of Lumbridge and so many more dis
[17:05] honor among thieves solis gate is
[17:08] calling time on his game he is bored he
[17:10] wants it to end now he would total up
[17:13] the scores of god kills and invite those
[17:15] with scores to an event now who has a
[17:18] God killed currently sorry that's not
[17:20] opened up to you yeah there we go Cheers
[17:22] well done currently we have armadyl we
[17:26] have the raga we have two major players
[17:28] taking parts this later endgame but
[17:30] solistes a fan of games he's going to
[17:33] bend the rules so he's going to start
[17:36] thinking about some people to include
[17:37] who kind of got quads they may not even
[17:40] be gods themselves start thinking about
[17:42] characters gods we may start including
[17:45] in his endgame the core aim for this
[17:48] quest is to react to as many of your
[17:51] previous choices as possible and to
[17:55] allow you to make fundamental choices in
[17:57] the quest that will change so much our
[17:59] ultimate aim is for your quest over here
[18:01] to be fundamentally different from your
[18:03] quest over here now that might sound
[18:05] like you're missing out on something so
[18:07] we're going to implement a deleted scene
[18:08] system anything you miss you'll be able
[18:11] to talk to a character go to an
[18:12] interface we haven't determined how it
[18:14] works yet but you will be able to unlock
[18:16] a deleted scene and watch what
[18:17] you miss your first place we will be
[18:19] cannon be able to see what would happen
[18:21] for those other people who made
[18:22] different choices I imagine it'll be
[18:24] like Wayne's World or something like boo
[18:26] boo boo boo it's all a dream wanna cut
[18:28] exactly I love this artwork it really
[18:31] shows kind of many of the players who
[18:34] might be taking part some of not all
[18:36] those might be included maybe the player
[18:38] sees arrows on there you know florin
[18:41] these all may may play big parts this
[18:44] will be a quest that rocks runescape so
[18:47] make your choices wisely and to keep
[18:49] track of your god kills over the year we
[18:52] were really releasing a God scoreboard
[18:53] on the surface this will get let you
[18:56] keep track of what's going on and we'll
[18:58] be giving a home and purpose the various
[18:59] gods of the sixth age by bringing them
[19:01] onto the surface you'll be able to
[19:03] wander up and chat to armadyl does ours
[19:06] too many of the globe players to find
[19:08] out what they think about everything
[19:09] that's going on now for those of you who
[19:13] missed it earlier I want to give you a
[19:15] quick rundown of the new runescape game
[19:17] client it's a great new way of playing
[19:20] runescape offering you a more reliable
[19:22] experience with less loading time and
[19:25] graphics even better than the html5
[19:26] engine that we introduce you a few years
[19:29] ago this one will be accessible by
[19:31] anyone who can use the current java
[19:33] client and our extensive testing will
[19:36] mean that it's at least as fast but
[19:37] probably far better than your current
[19:40] gaming experience that this is the
[19:41] falador graphical we were oh yeah a bit
[19:43] of a spoiler here of the falador
[19:44] graphical rework which you're going to
[19:46] see in a few weeks time with bigger draw
[19:49] distances and you can see that
[19:50] everything far away there in a distance
[19:54] funnily enough and better lighting
[19:56] better shadows better water and our
[19:59] engine team love water they go on and on
[20:02] about how shiny the water is although
[20:04] that's no water in that image but let's
[20:05] get one let's go let's get go there's a
[20:07] great technically water um this all
[20:09] culminates in a deeper more immersive
[20:11] experience than ever before and we got a
[20:14] bunch of screenshots here these are the
[20:15] kind of shots that you'll be expecting
[20:17] this isn't things that we've judged up
[20:18] to make it look even better for the
[20:20] presentation this is genuine in game
[20:22] shots and a lot of you will have
[20:23] experienced that I'm I just look at that
[20:26] in the rest gorgeous it's lovely okay so
[20:29] I'm pissing not happy
[20:30] as designers this gives us the ability
[20:31] to give you an even more immersive
[20:33] experience something you can really
[20:35] throw yourself that it's quite something
[20:37] absolutely so I'm just I realized I've
[20:40] still got some photos to go through some
[20:41] screen perhaps I'm gonna rattle through
[20:42] oh there's a lovely one of ports
[20:45] absolutely and of course the old city
[20:47] will look gorgeous you can seem down
[20:50] into that base seeing the whole scope of
[20:52] the city that there's a nice water one
[20:54] that is dem there's some water oh oh are
[20:58] they all the ones I open what about all
[21:01] those ones we took of you dying two
[21:02] chickens you always come back we've
[21:07] already had people take the mickey out
[21:08] of my bank in the invention oh yeah I
[21:10] don't hurt so bad okay oh look a solo
[21:14] balls ok so in 2014 Iraq saw terrorizing
[21:20] 2013 for I'm ask you up in 2016 we want
[21:24] to introduce you to the next big bad and
[21:26] it will be difficult this will test the
[21:31] best combat players in the same way as
[21:32] our other solar bosses have in the past
[21:35] now what you see next is just an example
[21:38] of what a solo boss encounter might be
[21:40] are we actually asked our concept
[21:42] artists / mod yang to go to town just
[21:45] come up with anything they want and he
[21:47] said well I'd really like the players to
[21:48] be king up making new armies new weapons
[21:51] before they go into this environment
[21:52] really like them to be then going on to
[21:55] fight this encounter now this may not be
[21:57] what it gets launched but I'm sure
[21:58] you'll be excited by the prospect of an
[22:01] underwater boss that's just one idea one
[22:05] idea but gives buying 4,000 yeah exactly
[22:10] so making my own armored diving suit
[22:13] taking on a giant sea creature yeah
[22:15] sounds pretty cool i like that good yeah
[22:17] i love three of those please we want to
[22:22] let the combat team really kind of tell
[22:23] that's the team obviously behind iraq
[22:24] saw a Virago really come up with
[22:26] something that tries new things pushes
[22:28] place their limit and of course its
[22:30] importance remember this is solo this is
[22:32] reacting to all of those of you who
[22:34] really wanted something more single
[22:36] player than rates this is giving you
[22:39] something okay next
[22:42] yeah I'm the other thing of course about
[22:44] this maybe I have a bit of invention in
[22:46] there as well you know ya know right
[22:48] yeah because that's one of the joys of
[22:49] invention ah one quest that topped all
[22:53] the story related survey results that's
[22:56] the third in Cisco's countdown that we
[22:58] alluded to earlier and that one which
[23:01] were one with any ideas anyway fate
[23:08] indeed it is indeed well done to you
[23:11] over there fate of the gods too when's
[23:14] Aras finally returns and believe me we
[23:17] were just as excited about it as you
[23:19] guys were it was it was a we were quite
[23:22] pleased finally yeah maybe years was
[23:25] worth 10 years indeed um there was one
[23:28] scene that didn't quite pan out it
[23:31] didn't quite make it in fate of the gods
[23:33] and I'm kind of pleased that it didn't
[23:36] because he deserves something special
[23:37] and this quest is the perfect setting
[23:40] for the perfect showdown however this
[23:42] masterpiece will be more than that
[23:44] equally this isn't just about adding a
[23:47] number to the end of a quest name this
[23:50] is a story that deserved to be told
[23:51] capable of building world's the Elder
[23:54] Gods are supremely powerful beings
[23:57] however ma wasn't involved in building
[24:01] the universe that we know now so she's
[24:04] planning to build her own mar the Elder
[24:06] God on furnace k was furious after the
[24:09] events of fate of the gods and she's
[24:11] letting that fury out in the most
[24:13] dramatic of manners something ingrained
[24:16] in her very being is making her scrap
[24:19] our universe and start again and she
[24:22] wants to start with frena skate now as
[24:25] you know Francesca is where the measure
[24:26] out from and they will react no doubts
[24:29] to her ripping apart their home
[24:31] returning for a final goodbye perhaps to
[24:34] confront mar or gain something that they
[24:37] left behind but they aren't the only
[24:39] ones to call it home the big scene I
[24:43] mentioned well it's time for zar arson
[24:46] zamorak to square up and deal with
[24:49] unfinished business
[24:57] that gives me goosebumps every time I
[25:00] see it from way back at the end of the
[25:02] Second Age the traitor who costs eros is
[25:05] thrown ending the largest kingdom of all
[25:08] time plunging the world into a war that
[25:11] almost ended everything I wonder is ours
[25:14] really beyond petty revenge who knows
[25:17] make sure you let us know what you think
[25:20] awesome now you've probably noticed
[25:22] there's a lot of Darkness death God's
[25:25] sixth age in the quest that we have
[25:28] shown you now we want to make you aware
[25:30] that we know this and as a counterpoint
[25:33] we are not forgetting our quirkier
[25:36] updates this is what makes this
[25:38] runescape what makes this vibrant like a
[25:41] kind of humor a British comedy that
[25:44] quest can often bring and so for the
[25:46] other quests in the year which we are
[25:48] not mentioning right now I'm going to
[25:49] leave something to surprise we will tell
[25:53] perkiest and those stories I've got this
[25:54] lovely image I want to show you just to
[25:56] really convey what this means I'm sure
[25:59] there's some kind of favorite characters
[26:00] there are no there are all favorites as
[26:02] far as I'm yeah I think my favorite
[26:03] there is in the back row on the right
[26:05] which is the pillar from sorting the
[26:07] wound why don't they love the pillar I'm
[26:12] thinking a standalone quest let's do it
[26:14] but there's some great stair they star
[26:16] he could be a pillar of the community oh
[26:19] hi rights or something don't don't give
[26:22] him a response it's thought this the
[26:25] thorough doing this Bob the cat the wise
[26:27] monkeys Larry that all there we don't
[26:30] want to forget about these guys we want
[26:32] to tip bring more character-driven
[26:33] storage more personal story telling what
[26:34] humor into runescape and we also want to
[26:39] up the number of quests in the given
[26:41] year we're going to do this by creating
[26:43] something called bottle quests and
[26:45] letting you know if a quest has been but
[26:47] what does this mean we'll be honest with
[26:49] you and that I'm sorry will be honest
[26:53] with you what does this mean we'll try
[26:55] to top stories without creating too many
[26:56] new assets sorry a brain fart a brave
[27:01] brain fart I get them occasioning
[27:04] so these bottle quests will not use new
[27:07] too many new assets but that will give
[27:09] the developer the remit to tell personal
[27:11] character driven stories with what they
[27:13] already have it's not necessarily an
[27:16] onus to be long to be the most epic in
[27:18] scope we wanted to get telling more
[27:21] stories but letting you know when a
[27:22] bottle quest is upcoming and tell
[27:23] something more character-driven okay I
[27:26] imagine a bottle questioning in MPC
[27:28] traps inside the bowl who's going to be
[27:30] honest I see Kobe I don't know what I go
[27:32] be in a bottle here that's probably a
[27:34] good idea that don't even watch um I
[27:36] hope everyone here has given chronicle
[27:39] ago or manage to watch the session about
[27:41] it earlier it really is a fantastic game
[27:43] and we're really really proud of the
[27:45] fact that it's set for launch in twenty
[27:47] sixteen Chronicle is an epic card battle
[27:51] game where you get to create a quest a
[27:53] quest like experience for your hero
[27:55] playing cards to earn loot buy equipment
[27:59] and then battle iconic monsters from the
[28:02] world given or you'll find all your
[28:04] favorites in this unique RPG experience
[28:06] bowing other players for ultimate glory
[28:09] it's very different from anything else
[28:11] out there so there really is plenty to
[28:13] play for and we're giving you the chance
[28:15] to try out the beta of the game first
[28:17] you guys so do make sure that you sign
[28:20] up using your in scope details okay in
[28:25] 2016 you might have played an update
[28:27] hang oh I should also say that it's
[28:30] going to be available on the tablet as
[28:31] well as the pc and it's a perfect game
[28:34] for playing while you're training your
[28:36] you know your laid-back skills in
[28:38] runescape so you can multitask and I
[28:40] know you guys can do that all the time
[28:42] okay all right something quite big came
[28:45] out this year that we want to do a
[28:47] little bit more off and that is right we
[28:51] will be extending raids with more
[28:53] content now go show you some concept art
[28:57] these may change as we near release
[28:59] however they show the same kind of
[29:01] spirit elemental things that you've got
[29:03] from Yakima so this is obviously our
[29:07] fire elemental we're talking about kind
[29:09] of ground falling away as you battle
[29:11] this giant monster
[29:13] or maybe there's this air guy the kind
[29:16] of felt kind of swooped over a mountain
[29:18] top as opposed to play on two different
[29:21] tours one up in the clouds and one up on
[29:22] the mountain look at the size of that
[29:24] bad boy the bottom mount alone oh yeah
[29:32] right so we've taken on feedback from
[29:35] the first note and we're approaching a
[29:38] slightly different white children
[29:39] awesome it's a little complex intricate
[29:42] that's why are the real depth of what
[29:43] you have done to combat and also maybe
[29:46] invented here yeah but we want to make
[29:49] them more accessible it's not doesn't
[29:51] necessarily mean easier just fewer
[29:54] obstacles to fighting them we're talking
[29:56] about how solo players could get
[29:59] involved we're talking about house
[30:00] killers could get more involved we're
[30:02] talking about how smaller teams could
[30:04] get more involved and as we talk about
[30:06] these things we still want to be
[30:08] stacking up these bosses on the end of
[30:10] ya tomorrow we think that we can do all
[30:12] of these things and of course they'll be
[30:16] fantastic combat roids they'll give you
[30:18] a real target for your invented weapons
[30:19] and I think we really like the idea of
[30:21] tradable a bit billiton's sure you will
[30:24] see more of those in the future I'm
[30:25] really excited that the idea of a raid
[30:27] where you've gots killers that are
[30:29] almost or more important than the guys
[30:31] on the front line in front of the
[30:32] monster right where you're where you're
[30:34] super minor is even as important as your
[30:36] tank taking all the damage awesome okay
[30:40] another fantastic update for next year
[30:42] is invention it's something very dear to
[30:45] my heart after being back backed
[30:47] horrific Lee destroyed by the power of
[30:50] the elves thank you very much Mr
[30:52] Elfborne it's coming in January 2016 it's a
[30:57] little e skill requiring 80 divination
[31:00] smithing and crafting that can be
[31:02] leveled all the way to 120 and now due
[31:05] to these requirements we can ensure that
[31:08] is entirely suited for high-level
[31:10] players making everything substantial
[31:12] and rewarding it's a skill of two halves
[31:16] it's one's about inventing and making
[31:18] items to help you train your skills the
[31:21] other is about enhancing and all
[31:23] menting your existing weapons and your
[31:25] tools adding perks that do all sorts of
[31:28] crazy wacky magical mad yet useful
[31:31] things in a crazy mashup of magic and
[31:34] medieval science you'll train your
[31:37] inventor by using your invented items
[31:39] and discovering new ones allowing you to
[31:42] experiment and actually use the things
[31:44] that you're making to progress rather
[31:46] than just filling up your bank with
[31:48] stuff there are crazy ideas like a
[31:52] duplicator which you get a 50-50 chance
[31:55] of doubling the item or it gets
[31:58] destroyed and disappears or something
[32:00] like the calling perk where you get to
[32:03] summon a creature like the Raptor and I
[32:05] know that they're in here somewhere to
[32:08] fight alongside beside you and the stuff
[32:11] for the invention skill looks pretty
[32:12] awesome too so we have a little video to
[32:16] show of what they're all vintage items
[32:18] will look like or see here you can see
[32:26] the animated component this is just one
[32:28] motif by the way we're going to add
[32:29] things like Pistons maybe fiber optics
[32:31] on here this is just the first one we
[32:32] kind of prototype and you can see that
[32:34] there are animated elements on your
[32:36] favorite item this being a saradomin
[32:38] Godsword you can see that is what makes
[32:40] invention invention this also gives you
[32:44] a better way of customizing your gear to
[32:46] make me stand out a little bit more from
[32:48] the crowd yeah absolutely and that's not
[32:51] the end of invention although not might
[32:54] not be the end of the video either know
[32:56] there is a lovely music thank you very
[32:58] much so with the launch of invention you
[33:03] will have three different tech trees
[33:06] you're talking human you're talking cave
[33:08] goblin you're talking dwarven we don't
[33:12] want invention batch one as recording it
[33:14] that's coming out in January to be the
[33:17] only time we deal with invention in 2016
[33:19] later on in the year comes back to these
[33:23] will bring two new tech trees to
[33:26] invention first crystal is obviously
[33:29] bringing a elves bringing elves to
[33:32] invention we're talking things like
[33:33] crystal singing perhaps there
[33:36] reflective contraptions for your weapons
[33:38] and then with the clock work is very
[33:41] gnomic I'm in imagining devices like
[33:44] automatons oh yeah making your own
[33:46] robots everybody and also maybe illusion
[33:49] magic and attaching these to your weapon
[33:51] ring so this update will bring that and
[33:54] also it will come with a guild oh and
[33:58] here we go actually this is quite good
[33:59] this is some of the concepts have been
[34:00] put together by our team for what might
[34:02] be some no mcgeer so there we got to
[34:05] this kind of Clockwork trap a weapons
[34:07] tinker yeah a lot of these images are
[34:10] our team going absolutely going to town
[34:12] you know there does the crazy kind of
[34:14] ideas that we might experiment around
[34:16] with I really like the idea of a little
[34:18] tease made I don't know why I think very
[34:20] British I'm imagining the note battering
[34:22] ram using dungeoneering yeah you just
[34:24] kind of make it up I want to get through
[34:25] a skilled or yeah let's hop on that
[34:27] battering ram we just made let's do it
[34:30] this is the kind of some of the elf
[34:31] stuff I waveform collapse and has sounds
[34:35] pretty side by to me but you've got some
[34:37] ideas of what the concept artists are
[34:39] really kind of generating all right well
[34:41] so with the guild that comes with
[34:43] invention this is yours you're the
[34:46] pioneer you are the entrepreneur you're
[34:47] the one who are inventing things and
[34:49] this is your Gil to own there will be a
[34:51] number of kind of PR wait style hot
[34:52] spots in there for you to determine what
[34:54] goes in there they'll be machines coming
[34:57] to flavors factory machines that
[34:59] generate new client generate
[35:00] manufactured goods like pocket managing
[35:03] miscellanea and also there will be
[35:05] invention machines that generate you
[35:06] windfalls invention XP and you'll be
[35:08] able to risk getting more XP in a
[35:11] similar way to supports XP voyages in
[35:16] 2016 we're taking a different approach
[35:18] to play a power we asked you in the
[35:21] polls what you wanted to see out of rune
[35:23] labs and it was quite different from the
[35:26] current approach that we have now as we
[35:28] said at the beginning we want to make
[35:30] sure that this year is really full of
[35:32] meaningful and substantial updates and
[35:35] sadly with a lot of room labs they just
[35:38] didn't really mean that did they I mean
[35:40] it was obviously there was this Aaron
[35:42] quite so yeah like within but nothing
[35:44] really kind of girl that momentum yeah
[35:45] what you know we so we want to make sure
[35:48] that
[35:49] they're chunkier bigger meteor pieces of
[35:52] content so with Viron labs and you we
[35:57] want to give you the opportunity to
[35:59] create an entirely new land mass a new
[36:03] continent or a city your city generated
[36:07] by you and polled by you in the game
[36:10] we're expecting some of the big names of
[36:13] course but we really want to see some
[36:15] new ones a lot you know we've spoken to
[36:17] a lot of you were about your crazy ideas
[36:19] and for those of you that came along to
[36:21] the workshop earlier you know I've heard
[36:24] a lot of interesting thoughts and we
[36:25] want more of that but of course there
[36:28] are some big players and their some
[36:30] ideas that we've been talking about for
[36:32] years can I do yeah go on I love these
[36:34] okay right hello so some of you call it
[36:39] kudos island I like to call it fossil
[36:41] islands this is just an idea but the
[36:45] idea of really running around fighting
[36:46] massive t-rex's i think is quite a cool
[36:49] thing i like that some of us set match
[36:51] in this island would be doing lots of
[36:52] archaeology yeah others are imagining
[36:54] rampaging round on T Rexes take what you
[36:57] want from it yeah okay next one and you
[37:00] know it depends on what you suggest the
[37:02] next one is menopause so what could that
[37:06] contain again it's going to be entirely
[37:08] up to you guys your ideas Byron labs
[37:12] that can make this possible or what
[37:15] about an underwater city and a lot of
[37:18] you were sharing that our earlier you
[37:21] know there's a lot more yet and we
[37:24] really want to be blown away by your
[37:25] ideas also we want you to determine how
[37:29] this landmass is going to evolve later
[37:32] rune labs criteria will ask for a quest
[37:34] or a minigame or anything you like that
[37:38] can go into that area we want you to
[37:40] have an area that you can call your own
[37:42] and something where we open the map and
[37:45] you can point it and say I made that and
[37:47] together we'll give it a place in
[37:49] runescape okay with back to quests again
[37:52] we want to tell stories while they're
[37:55] still fresh in people's minds and this
[37:57] means telling stories that you know and
[38:00] love okay here we go
[38:02] we're going to tell the finale to the
[38:05] vampire story line next year
[38:07] provisionally titled rivers of blood so
[38:11] inevitably this means a few spoilers for
[38:14] real or tube amp areum sokoto raised for
[38:16] next few moments I do apologize in this
[38:19] final quest Vanna schooler will bring
[38:22] the vampires to the river sound now this
[38:25] might be my favorite piece of concept
[38:27] art we have ever produced awready there
[38:31] we go she has a plan for crossing the
[38:36] south which will force King Royals hand
[38:38] he will have to commit forces and the
[38:42] remnants of the maraki will have to
[38:43] decide what role if any they want to
[38:46] play this will be an entirely fifth age
[38:48] grass no got allowed but it will be epic
[38:51] and the team behind Lord of vampyre IAM
[38:53] are behind this one they want to make
[38:56] the confrontation with vanish school a
[38:57] suitably poignant they plan to take you
[39:00] into Castle jacquard properly this time
[39:01] not the chishti way we did know what a
[39:04] vampyre am i actually giving us go in it
[39:05] you're gonna get to go in yes that's it
[39:07] mess around with that ask you to start
[39:08] I've looked over their plans and I
[39:11] honestly cannot wait this so many twists
[39:14] turns and blood characters that will be
[39:16] included and it's also worth noting just
[39:19] as a side note the while we are telling
[39:21] you so many of the updates they're
[39:23] coming in 2016 we have a number of
[39:25] updates we are keeping in our back
[39:26] pocket there are a few things
[39:28] particularly you know kind of like what
[39:30] we did with dark scape where we're
[39:32] trying something new something a little
[39:35] bit special and we want to keep that
[39:36] back as a surprise and also because we
[39:38] want to try out and see if we can do it
[39:39] first we will to reassure you that
[39:41] everything we shut not everything we're
[39:42] showing here is necessarily coming up
[39:46] next year is a huge milestone for us as
[39:49] we hit our 15-year anniversary and we've
[39:53] got some amazing things planned for you
[39:54] in the game we're currently filming a
[39:57] documentary all about runescape which is
[39:59] a really honest bit of journalism all
[40:01] about the epic highs and unfortunate
[40:03] lows are all about our humble beginnings
[40:06] and the fun that we've had along the way
[40:08] and when i say we i really mean all of
[40:11] us with famous and infamous players
[40:15] staff and influential people who've
[40:18] helped shape the world there'll be some
[40:21] special celebrations in Game two with
[40:23] parties items animations oh oh oh that's
[40:28] how there's a nice piece of concept art
[40:30] oh that's a big ambition to this one
[40:32] we'll see how close we can get to it but
[40:34] the notion of having some a motor
[40:36] animation that represents each of the 15
[40:39] years of runescape obviously this is 20
[40:42] 2014 I believe a surprise what an elf in
[40:45] there so I I pitched all the concept art
[40:48] and I gave them a year and I said yeah
[40:49] let's have our city cheese thanks yeah I
[40:52] and we're even planning on opening up
[40:55] classic again for all I know ha
[41:02] when I but sure surely there's something
[41:05] you know even more awesome that we can
[41:07] do right oh boy oh boy I get the real
[41:10] pleasure of announcing the final update
[41:12] of this session we wanted to mark the
[41:15] 15-year anniversary with something
[41:17] substantial and new but also to look
[41:20] back at our history about with fondness
[41:22] and nostalgia for everything we've done
[41:24] in the past 15 years so to do so we are
[41:27] putting together a quest about two
[41:29] wizards in runescape they've seen it all
[41:33] and there's a new big bad memory escape
[41:36] there's looking to bring potentially
[41:38] some of the updates that never made it
[41:40] into the game updates that were removed
[41:42] from the game and bring them back into
[41:45] runescape and they are not happy so to
[41:48] design this quest we brought in two new
[41:50] designers and I'd like to invite them to
[41:53] the stage now would you like to please
[41:55] come up it's andrew
[42:28] so I know this might be unlikely but
[42:31] there might be some people who don't
[42:33] know who you are so would you please
[42:35] please tell us who you are I'm Dawa and
[42:38] I mandragora we're the co-founders of
[42:42] runescape yeah they made the damn game
[42:57] so efficiently falling a gala quest I
[43:00] don't think they'll be the fun I don't
[43:01] think they'll be the final name so no
[43:03] but could you are could you tell us how
[43:04] you've been involved in it um yeah I
[43:06] mean so basically we got an email saying
[43:08] we want to do something to celebrate 15
[43:11] years of inscape would you be interested
[43:13] in helping make a question oh I'm so
[43:15] glad I said oh yeah actually we would
[43:18] that sounds really fun I mean have you
[43:20] lovely to come back and do something and
[43:23] we you know it's early days at the
[43:24] moment you know we've had it be known
[43:26] into the office had a brainstorm is yeah
[43:29] it's having meetings we had some nice
[43:30] pie we did which is we talked over and
[43:33] brainstorm some of you based on some
[43:34] ideas my personal mission is just to get
[43:37] as many cabbages into the questors party
[43:39] there will we have okay so it's the big
[43:45] details what can you tell us about the
[43:47] quest what if what is set in stone at
[43:48] the moment I mean a lot of game of the
[43:50] quest is to have a nostalgia theme to
[43:53] the quest so a lot of the quest is about
[43:55] I'm trying to have little light cool
[43:57] Baxter things happened over the years
[44:00] little hints of things which have been
[44:02] taken out of the game or never been put
[44:03] into the game but we said might and then
[44:05] we said that we wouldn't so we've got
[44:07] all sorts of little references people
[44:09] who've been playing over the years to
[44:11] say I remember that so yes we're talking
[44:16] kind of life rune lizardmen all of these
[44:19] things that are kind of big and promise
[44:20] all the books are amazing things which
[44:22] removed all the tangle vine which was in
[44:25] the game for day which is a random event
[44:27] but I'm expecting the epic revenge of
[44:29] Romeo and Juliet not putting random
[44:30] events back into the game for this quest
[44:32] don't worry we're just the might just
[44:34] might some of them might appear in the
[44:35] middle of the quest and also we're going
[44:37] to have it there's also going to have a
[44:39] certain sort of theme a little bit of
[44:42] very visiting lots of what some of the
[44:44] older quests so like when we did a
[44:46] recipe for disaster for the 100-year
[44:48] quest 100-year question under jaqua
[44:52] hundredth quest over here question
[44:56] yeah we're aiming to get 200 years
[45:00] you'll still be alive then um might have
[45:06] had some medical advances so that some
[45:07] of the star me alive is guaranteed okay
[45:12] so what we see you at the party he's
[45:13] sticking around absolutely stick around
[45:15] for the part there we go the guys
[45:16] sticking around so share a drink with
[45:18] them later so thank you very very much
[45:20] for joining us on the stage
[45:32] thank you very much for listening enjoy
[45:35] the golden domes and enjoy the future
[45:37] because it's going to be awesome thanks
[48:47] you