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[00:26] does everybody know what we're here for
[00:28] right now as anybody excited about some
[00:33] sort of a new client is anybody here
[00:37] want to see what happens when we move
[00:38] away from Java has anybody here already
[00:42] tried this out inside in room fest today
[00:44] are you happy with what we have gotten
[00:48] for you oh jeez come on well I have our
[00:52] technical director here to talk to you
[00:54] about our journey from Java all the way
[00:57] to what we've shown to plenty of players
[00:59] today so can you please have a huge
[01:03] shout for mod Phillip
[01:17] hi I'm mod Phillip the technical
[01:20] director for runescape so the new
[01:23] runescape client is nearing completion
[01:24] and we brought it with us today so I
[01:27] thought I'd take you through how we got
[01:29] to this point and what we have left to
[01:30] do so firstly i'm going to talk to you
[01:33] about why we decided we needed a new
[01:35] client and why we decided to write one
[01:37] in c++ and then I'll move on to talk
[01:39] about the new client that we have for
[01:40] you and what it means for you and at the
[01:43] end we'll have a Q&A session with some
[01:45] of the team and if your question doesn't
[01:47] get answer then you can come and find us
[01:49] in the new client booth later this
[01:51] afternoon and we'll try and answer it
[01:53] for you so we couldn't really just make
[01:57] the java client any better than it was
[01:59] java support is becoming more and more
[02:03] of a problem when writing games
[02:05] particularly in the browser the browser
[02:07] manufacturers have been removing a lot
[02:09] of support recently mostly due to
[02:10] security concerns it's very difficult
[02:13] for us to interact with the graphics API
[02:16] other AP is that we need to in an
[02:18] efficient way and in general it's quite
[02:21] difficult for us to have a future-proof
[02:23] support for other platforms using Java
[02:25] as I've mentioned it real fast last year
[02:28] the graphics engine in the Java client
[02:30] is really designed as a software engine
[02:33] rather than using the GPU to take
[02:36] advantage of modern hardware and game
[02:39] engine processes so we can't really make
[02:42] the Java graphics engine any faster and
[02:45] we can't really add anything to it
[02:46] without it getting much slower which is
[02:48] really left as in a pretty stationary
[02:50] position for quite a few years so if we
[02:53] want to progress to you know much better
[02:55] graphics than we need to write again
[02:57] from scratch as well as that the java
[03:00] client built loads into memory a certain
[03:03] area of the world and when it needs to
[03:05] move somewhere else it has to dump all
[03:07] of that out and load another area renter
[03:08] memory which leads you to having loading
[03:11] lines as you walk around the world so
[03:13] that the loader loading please wait
[03:14] screens and lots of delays when that's
[03:17] happening if we want to have a
[03:18] continuous experience in the game where
[03:20] you're wandering around and it's
[03:21] building the map as you walk around then
[03:24] we would need to start again that
[03:26] another thing the client was originally
[03:30] written with 11 years ago also when
[03:32] runescape two came out and in that time
[03:35] it's got a lot more complicated and a
[03:37] lot more difficult to maintain and if we
[03:40] want a client that's going to last
[03:41] another 10 11 years then we needed to
[03:43] start again with something fresh and a
[03:45] better layout of the code that's just a
[03:49] screenshot so when we came to decide we
[03:54] wanted to write a new client a few years
[03:56] ago we looked at the technologies that
[03:58] were available and one stood out for us
[04:01] using the JavaScript we'd be able to
[04:04] remain in the browser and we would be
[04:06] embracing a technology that was cutting
[04:08] edge and still is and is embraced by
[04:11] major browser manufacturers and if we
[04:14] want to be in the browser space that
[04:15] seemed like a good idea unfortunately it
[04:19] didn't really perform how we wanted it
[04:21] to and that's I think is mostly because
[04:23] the platform's not really ready for
[04:25] commercial games development it is
[04:27] something that I think it needs some
[04:29] years to go still but what we did wasn't
[04:33] wasted we took the architects that we
[04:36] had and some of it was sound we had a
[04:38] decent graphics engine although I think
[04:40] we could have done better and we have
[04:42] since then we had the continuous world
[04:45] that we wanted we'd moved away from Java
[04:47] we'd got rid of the security problems
[04:49] and so on there and everything looked
[04:51] pretty rosy from that point of view but
[04:54] super plus is really the key way to
[04:57] write commercial games still even many
[05:00] years into the sensitive itchin alee was
[05:03] the case and it gives you a lot of
[05:06] control over how your game works how
[05:09] your game performs and this is really
[05:11] what we need to get a performance
[05:14] critical system working we need to be
[05:15] able to make the changes that we need
[05:17] that we need to get into the heart of
[05:19] the system for and it also allows us to
[05:22] have full control over how things behave
[05:24] on different platforms like windows and
[05:26] OSX in very custom ways rather than
[05:28] going through ap is that you don't give
[05:31] you full control
[05:36] a bit of a question here well one reason
[05:38] that it's taken as a long time to get to
[05:41] this point is that we want to give you
[05:43] something but stable and is not going to
[05:47] have lots of crash problems and problems
[05:49] for you that a graphical based and
[05:51] gameplay based and it as I'm going to
[05:54] talk about in a bit really legacy
[05:57] content causes a lot of that problem we
[06:00] have 11 years of content that's been
[06:03] written in this engine that was aimed
[06:05] for a java engine that was written in a
[06:08] certain way and the content expects
[06:11] things to behave in a certain way so
[06:13] there were exact timings that are
[06:14] expected there are exact ways of
[06:17] ordering things there are things that
[06:20] were originally bugs but have been used
[06:22] as features all in all it's quite
[06:25] difficult to fit an engine to existing
[06:27] content whereas if you were writing a
[06:29] new game we'd have been done by now
[06:31] because you can fits the content to the
[06:34] engine instead I do now have a little
[06:37] video of a few of the problems that we
[06:39] had as we were going through which I
[06:45] can't see okay so here we go guy gets in
[06:49] a little mine cart and goes to the
[06:51] shortcut and are we still in this mine
[06:55] carts
[06:58] and oh and he's floating around is mine
[07:01] cart that's probably not supposed to
[07:03] happen yeah I think he's going to be
[07:06] stuck like that yeah no you're not going
[07:11] to get out of it like that ok and here
[07:12] we go falling down the waterfall three
[07:14] times and oh you didn't want that dwarf
[07:17] multi cannon did you okay oh he's
[07:19] basically facing the other way that's
[07:22] just completely wrong he's probably
[07:26] space be on the scaffolding rather than
[07:28] in front of it and and on the right
[07:30] floor rather than bouncing up and down
[07:32] Oh what was weird oh you can only have
[07:38] female characters that's a bit odd Oh
[07:44] was he going oh he's back into that okay
[07:46] oh oh oh he's under the floor right
[07:52] there we go he's over there that's odd
[07:59] and the snake jiggling around there oh
[08:02] and here I think the Queen black dragon
[08:04] I think should be a lot happier if she
[08:06] actually had any fire right there you go
[08:18] so the new client itself you're not
[08:22] going to change your the same players
[08:24] that we're aiming this new client for
[08:26] and similarly we don't expect you to
[08:29] have to go out and buy a new computer to
[08:30] be able to use this new client so we've
[08:32] been working to try and make it work on
[08:35] as larger range of your hardware as
[08:36] possible although some of you do seem to
[08:40] have pretty terrible computers it
[08:41] wouldn't be a bad idea for you to ask
[08:42] for a new one for Christmas anyway we
[08:46] want to give you as good or a better
[08:48] experience than you get in Java in the
[08:50] new client that's in terms of
[08:52] performance and in terms of quality and
[08:54] really I think that we have done a fair
[08:57] job of that already but there's still a
[08:59] way to go and I say there's still a way
[09:01] to go on the mid and high range machines
[09:03] i think we're giving you as good or
[09:05] better and experience we have some
[09:07] performance things to solve on the lower
[09:10] machines but as i mentioned with c++ we
[09:12] have full control we're with html5 we
[09:15] didn't we were stuck with you know what
[09:18] the browser can do well some of you do
[09:24] have really good computers but we have
[09:27] been concentrating on the more standard
[09:30] pretty pcs that you have if you look at
[09:32] the pcs that green skate players have
[09:35] got most of you are playing on laptops
[09:37] from a few years ago rather than epic
[09:39] gaming rigs but we have done some things
[09:42] that work across the board particularly
[09:44] on high-end machines day one is
[09:46] obviously the bigger draw distance in
[09:47] the in the java client you'd never get a
[09:49] screen shot like this one you'd only be
[09:51] able to probably wouldnt even see the
[09:52] tower nearest to you from this point
[09:54] with the camera so i think that has made
[09:56] the biggest difference of the game it's
[09:58] also probably the most expensive thing
[10:00] we've done in terms of the power of the
[10:02] machines so we might need to bring it in
[10:03] a little bit on lower machines but I'm
[10:05] hopeful that it will still be much
[10:07] higher than it is on Java even on the
[10:10] worst computers we do know how a funny
[10:13] gamma corrected lighting pipeline
[10:15] including global illumination via
[10:18] ambient occlusion and radiance and I
[10:21] think it gives a much more vibrant look
[10:22] and feel to the game we've got much
[10:25] nicer shadows than we had even in html5
[10:27] we have a big shadow draw distance that
[10:31] gives you fully dynamic shadows as you
[10:33] walk around there's no more spot shadows
[10:35] and players and NPCs no little circles
[10:38] that show you where your shadow is
[10:39] supposed to be you actually get a proper
[10:41] shadow and similarly we've got water
[10:43] that has proper reflections and
[10:46] refractions and distortions and flow in
[10:49] the rivers and it all looks much better
[10:51] than it did even in html5 one thing we
[10:56] did find when we increase the draw
[10:58] distance is that in the Java client it's
[11:00] perfectly okay for us to have a really
[11:03] hard fog because immediately behind that
[11:06] the world ends so we're only drawing a
[11:09] tiny bit further than the fog so it can
[11:11] end quite abruptly what we found in the
[11:13] newer client with the increased draw
[11:15] distance is that we needed a new effect
[11:17] to be able to work that out so we've
[11:18] added light scattering which is kind of
[11:21] a more realistic effect is what you get
[11:23] if you look into the horizon in the real
[11:25] world you get a sort of blurry I thing a
[11:29] slight hazing effect and usually bluish
[11:32] if you've got blue sky or depending on
[11:34] what sky car you got so I think you can
[11:36] see it in this screenshot here on the
[11:37] right hand side around the Dominion
[11:40] tower where it's getting a bit more hazy
[11:41] than you would find normally where are
[11:47] we up to well we're nearly there there's
[11:50] still a few things to do we've got the
[11:52] world map isn't in there at all there's
[11:54] no installers there's no launches around
[11:57] that so there's a lot of infrastructure
[11:59] will work to do so get that done we also
[12:02] have quite a few bugs graphical and
[12:05] gameplay to resolve but I think from the
[12:08] fact that we brought it with us today
[12:09] and you can play it you can make a
[12:11] judgement yourself as to how close we
[12:13] are on that I think you'll be pleased
[12:15] with what you find if you do go and play
[12:17] it we've already got better performance
[12:20] than Java on high and mid NPCs
[12:22] particularly we're getting much higher
[12:25] frame rates than we get in Java the
[12:27] frame rate isn't capped like it is in
[12:28] Java and I think that you'll agree if
[12:31] you had on those machines which aren't
[12:33] epic gaming rigs there they're lower end
[12:36] gaming PC's I'd say with decent graphics
[12:39] cards and those are getting a good
[12:41] performance out of them so I think that
[12:43] gives you some idea of where we are
[12:45] we do have more optimization work to do
[12:48] on the lower end and we're fairly
[12:50] confident on that compared to how we
[12:52] were with html5 say we have control so I
[12:56] think that's probably the key thing that
[12:58] we need to concentrate on next we have
[13:02] much better cross-platform support in
[13:04] this new client that we had before so
[13:06] not just in Windows but in OS X for
[13:08] example in OS X was where we actually
[13:11] did most of the early development was on
[13:13] macbooks under RSX so I think you'll
[13:15] find that we have much better native
[13:18] support for OS X than we had in the Java
[13:21] client we do also have Linux support
[13:23] which will be coming out at presumably
[13:26] at the same time as the rest and now
[13:30] what you've been waiting for whilst I've
[13:31] been Wittering at you we have a video
[13:33] for you of where we are so far
[16:06] you
[16:36] so that's all the in-game footage
[16:38] captured with a camera a bit like the
[16:41] orb of oculus so that when I was all
[16:43] captured last week so that's pretty up
[16:44] to date as to where we are at the moment
[16:50] to wait for my presentation to come back
[17:00] right the big question not yet we still
[17:08] got some stuff to do and really we don't
[17:10] really want to give you something that
[17:12] isn't finished a lot of games would give
[17:14] you an early beta so that they can get a
[17:17] nice early feedback on the gameplay and
[17:19] so on but this is not a new game this is
[17:22] a game that's been out for ten years we
[17:24] know what you like to some degree on
[17:26] this stuff so what we want to do is give
[17:29] you something that you'll want to play
[17:30] every day by the time we give you a beta
[17:32] so when we have come to give you a beta
[17:35] which we will do there will be a beta
[17:37] using the live game then you'll be able
[17:40] to log in with your live accounts as you
[17:42] can today in the new client room and
[17:44] play as you would normally and that's
[17:47] what we want to be able to achieve at
[17:50] the moment we have some things left to
[17:51] do there as I say the performance the
[17:54] features that we're missing so it's not
[17:57] quite ready yet when we finished her and
[18:01] actually have come to launch the new
[18:04] client which we're not going to do until
[18:05] we've come to an agreement with you the
[18:08] players that we're ready to do so we
[18:11] will want to deprecated and eventually
[18:13] remove the Java client if we look at the
[18:17] game at the moment the problem is if we
[18:20] want to add new things to the new client
[18:23] it means that we are going to be held
[18:25] back by the old one this is why we're
[18:27] writing the new client in the first
[18:29] place there was no point in as writing a
[18:31] new client if it's we're still going to
[18:33] be held back by the same things that the
[18:34] Java client is holding us back with so
[18:36] really at some point we do want to
[18:39] remove it the html5 client our new
[18:43] client does have a browser form of
[18:47] output we don't think it's ready yet we
[18:50] have using a technology called
[18:52] Emscripten we've exported the game to
[18:55] JavaScript but in a form that is more
[18:57] performant and avoids the problems with
[19:01] JavaScript which is that if you write it
[19:03] by hand it tends to be about four or
[19:05] five times slower than native code so
[19:08] we're happy with that except that still
[19:11] the technology is not there
[19:13] there's some work that the browser
[19:14] manufacturers need to do which they are
[19:16] hopefully going to do soon which will
[19:18] allow as I think to look back at this
[19:21] again but it's not quite ready yet we
[19:25] will probably though replace the html5
[19:27] client with it in short order because
[19:30] it's already better than that anyway so
[19:36] post launch when we finished all of that
[19:39] stuff we have a number of things you
[19:40] want to do one of them is something that
[19:42] you guys tend not to think about i think
[19:45] which is that we have a lot of staff in
[19:48] the office making content for you and if
[19:51] we can make it easier faster to make
[19:54] better quality content that's good for
[19:57] everybody that gives you a better
[19:59] experience in runescape and it gives us
[20:01] the ability to do better things for you
[20:04] so we want to work on that as i said
[20:08] before we do have some things that we've
[20:12] done which are for better computers but
[20:14] really we haven't done very much along
[20:16] that lines however it would think a nice
[20:19] straight change for us will be to be
[20:21] working on higher-end pcs when we talk
[20:24] to runescape players about what they
[20:25] find is the worst bit about runescape or
[20:28] the little bit they leased line like
[20:30] it's that the graphics are slightly
[20:31] dated I mean we don't want to ruin the
[20:34] aesthetic of the game we don't want to
[20:35] make it a different game by making it
[20:37] completely different graphics but we
[20:39] think there's things we can do to
[20:41] improve what the game looks like bring
[20:43] it forward a bit in terms of its look
[20:46] and feel without ruining that and we
[20:49] want to do that next year another thing
[20:52] that we've talked about that comes hand
[20:54] in hand with better computers is things
[20:58] like 4k monitors and other large
[21:00] displays and displays with high DPI and
[21:04] if you log into the game at the moment
[21:06] you'll find that it's quite hard to use
[21:08] the game because those are all very tiny
[21:10] interfaces because those interfaces are
[21:12] all designed to work on a certain pixel
[21:14] size so we think that we can manage to
[21:18] scale those appropriately so that they
[21:20] have a fixed real size rather than a
[21:22] fixed
[21:24] per inch so that's something we want to
[21:27] look at and then we have something that
[21:29] is a bit more difficult for us a bit
[21:31] more of a challenge which is to try and
[21:34] make the game a bit more responsive I
[21:36] think you'll find at the moment that
[21:38] when you play runescape you can often
[21:40] feel like you your click has not been
[21:41] registered what you've asked it to do is
[21:43] not being done and that's all based
[21:45] around how our tix system in the server
[21:48] works we think that we can look at that
[21:51] and see what we can achieve at least
[21:54] make some prototypes on that I'm not
[21:56] sure quite what will achieve because we
[21:59] need to do the prototypes first but it's
[22:01] certainly something that I think we're
[22:02] going to spend some time on and now i am
[22:10] going to welcome back mod Connor to the
[22:12] stage along with mod Lord get the lead
[22:16] graphics developer for runescape and mod
[22:20] Titus who has been working on much of
[22:22] the QA for the game and mod Sammy he's
[22:27] been working on a lot of audio stuff and
[22:29] mod dark who's another graphics
[22:32] developer on runescape to have a bit of
[22:34] a Q&A session so we've got a lot of
[22:37] questions that we've collected from the
[22:38] forms to go through first but then we'll
[22:41] be taking some questions from the
[22:42] audience as I said earlier if you have
[22:44] questions and you they don't get
[22:45] answered here you can come and find it a
[22:47] bit later on and ask them then
[22:57] so is everybody excited come on ok so
[23:03] we've answered a lot of questions with
[23:05] the presentation we're just going to run
[23:07] through some that we had from forums
[23:08] like feel the same and i'm just going to
[23:10] kick this off with something that gets
[23:12] asked a lot and we have it here from
[23:13] atlas velux what is the recommended
[23:16] amount of ram for this so i mean when we
[23:20] talk about recommended specs we're not
[23:22] showing a lot of things one thing we are
[23:24] happy with though is ram i don't think
[23:27] it's going to be a problem really when
[23:30] we look at the ram usage and the rather
[23:32] walk with ram is available on people's
[23:33] systems most runescape players have got
[23:36] several gigabytes of ram and we have
[23:40] instead taken the look that we want to
[23:42] run on 32-bit windows 32-bit systems and
[23:45] that means that we're going to end up
[23:47] with a ram cap of 1.71 put eight gigs on
[23:51] that and it's running into that at the
[23:53] moment I think that's the important
[23:55] thing so the fact that we've been kind
[23:56] of targeting generally what people are
[23:58] using already means though yes exactly
[24:00] what it exactly excellent I have a
[24:03] question from there's about seven or
[24:05] eight items I'm sorry i'm not going to
[24:07] read all of these people out but you'll
[24:09] know who you are if you recognize the
[24:10] question will there be a standalone
[24:12] version of the client you're asking me
[24:16] that one as well I'm going to get you
[24:18] answer that one okay and well as I said
[24:21] before I think really when you look at
[24:23] what our players are using now 70 odd
[24:26] percent of you are already using the
[24:28] downloadable client rather than the
[24:29] applet in the browser and I mean a lot
[24:32] of that is because of the support being
[24:34] removed for that but we're going to take
[24:36] advantage of that and initially at least
[24:38] there will only be a standalone version
[24:40] as I said we're going to have the
[24:42] inscription version at some point in the
[24:44] future but not to start off with and
[24:46] that would be our browser roots when we
[24:48] do excellent actually this is very
[24:51] appropriate for my titis here on my
[24:53] right because he got this working for me
[24:55] the tech den has asked will the new
[24:59] client work for dark scape everyone hear
[25:02] me okay yeah it will it's I was playing
[25:05] it the other week it's great currently
[25:07] you can see players at a further
[25:09] so I was able to spot people before the
[25:11] key man that killed me so I was running
[25:13] around but yeah it works perfectly and
[25:15] it's a fabulous experience it's really
[25:17] adds to the atmosphere of the game and
[25:20] improves it already I think the big
[25:22] thing we were looking at was because we
[25:23] changed the atmospherics in the game and
[25:25] some of the lighting we need to do a
[25:27] little bit of work content side but in
[25:28] theory the client is ready for us
[25:30] excellent hey I think this this should
[25:34] really go to everybody at j chaplain to
[25:37] has asked what feature was the hardest
[25:39] to implement in NXT Sammy let's let's
[25:44] start started I i'm going to know i'm
[25:45] going to swing all the way around and
[25:47] back to you for just just to put you at
[25:49] the end this time okay that's really yes
[25:52] so I'd say the static in the game which
[25:55] is for the audio which something you
[25:57] probably won't notice but it used to be
[25:59] a quite a big problem in NXT and it
[26:02] subtly is still and the reason why
[26:05] that's so difficult is because finding
[26:07] where resampling is going wrong is kind
[26:09] of such a vague and big problem where it
[26:11] could be introduced at any point and so
[26:14] getting out the way was quite difficult
[26:16] but it is actually most gone there's
[26:20] only a few bits where you can hear
[26:22] little blips and stuff and I'm still
[26:23] working on that yeah i think the audio
[26:25] in general we've fixed a lot of things
[26:28] yeah there's been quite a lot of things
[26:31] that i've been fixed so it's in a quite
[26:32] good state alone yeah I better than Java
[26:34] rosay but yeah I think there's a few
[26:37] fundamental things about where the way
[26:38] the audio is being done in the game that
[26:39] make it difficult exactly anyway so we
[26:43] might not solve everything yeah my Derek
[26:47] whoa what not to a yes who recently I've
[26:50] been working on a model level of detail
[26:53] system which basically it takes the
[26:56] content and automatically it reduces the
[26:58] quality of the models and then it can
[27:00] use those in distance scenes to improve
[27:03] the frame rate whenever the draw
[27:05] distance is absolutely huge sadly is not
[27:07] in our demo at the moment that we've got
[27:08] because it's still work in progress but
[27:10] it's getting there it's just hard to
[27:13] avoid cutting holes and things it's a
[27:14] very sort of unintelligent algorithm
[27:17] it's very difficult thing to do to
[27:18] reduce the quality normally
[27:21] you'd have the artists actually create
[27:23] lower quality versions of models but
[27:25] with the amount of content runescape has
[27:27] that just isn't feasible unfortunately
[27:29] so we're trying to automate things I
[27:31] think it's interesting that that's never
[27:32] really been a consideration for us
[27:34] before because of the tiger draw
[27:35] distance suddenly we knocked it out like
[27:37] all that looks amazing but also nothing
[27:39] is running very well yeah although the
[27:42] core definitely the experience is pretty
[27:44] high it's really for the lower end
[27:45] machines I think that we'd want to do
[27:46] that for well for me solving the many
[27:51] lights problem is probably one of the
[27:53] biggest challenges runescape has a lot
[27:56] of lights and we couldn't solve that the
[28:00] way most games do with normal forward
[28:02] rendering so we had to be a bit creative
[28:04] and try something called a light index
[28:06] deferred shading system so that's
[28:10] basically solved the problem for us we
[28:12] still need to make some optimizations
[28:14] with our system and also because
[28:16] deferred shading wasn't really an option
[28:18] for us given the broad spectrum of
[28:20] hardware we have to target so we're
[28:22] about as close to deferred Ching's you
[28:24] can get without being fully deferred
[28:26] using multiple render targets and
[28:28] probably the other problem of just
[28:30] getting 10 to 12 year old content
[28:33] looking like next gen or something close
[28:36] to next-gen with a brand new rendering
[28:38] system is very challenging and you know
[28:42] doing fully dynamic lighting and
[28:43] shadowing as well and having that work
[28:46] performant Leon on a very broad spectrum
[28:49] of hardware was was a really big
[28:51] challenge for me personally I think he
[28:53] said the one thing didn't he the one the
[28:55] one thing well yeah lighting ok just
[28:58] broad lightning I mean it was there's
[29:00] many things a hitter Hermes what one
[29:02] thing what many challenges well I'm
[29:07] obviously going to say the thing I
[29:08] worked on was the most difficult but it
[29:11] was just some debug stuff in terms of
[29:13] testing it was always a good day when
[29:15] somebody came along and said hey I've
[29:17] made a small change to the animation
[29:18] system and I looked very scared at them
[29:21] and that was always a big thing there
[29:24] was always lots of bosses to go check
[29:25] combat to do there was crazy like any
[29:28] skill under the Sun there's a lot of
[29:29] stuff that I covered and lighting and
[29:32] things I was always a big one
[29:33] because it's so variant across the game
[29:35] like you have dungeons where it's you
[29:37] know dark and scary and you have proof
[29:39] and dice which is really bright and airy
[29:41] and you have to make sure those areas
[29:43] keep the same feel and that's always a
[29:45] big challenge that came up I think
[29:47] always a thing when you come to testing
[29:49] something like this is any change we
[29:52] make in the engine affects the whole
[29:54] world of course you know the whole game
[29:56] 10 years of content and testing that is
[29:59] a massive challenge you can't just go
[30:01] and have a look at every single piece of
[30:03] content to the game every time we change
[30:05] some global thing we have to just you
[30:07] know pick and choose what we're doing
[30:08] really actually just just to add to that
[30:11] so we've got a brand new post processing
[30:13] pipeline in the new client and with
[30:17] using something called because we've got
[30:18] a gamma correct rendering pipeline that
[30:21] actually although it made everything
[30:23] look kind of better it was a lot
[30:24] brighter than what kind of people were
[30:27] used to so we had to look at lots of
[30:30] different tone mapping and be quite
[30:33] creative with how we're using that to
[30:35] basically get the right tones get the
[30:36] dark scenes dark enough vice versa and
[30:39] get the colors correct that that was a
[30:41] real big challenge I've personally
[30:43] worked with the art team for many hours
[30:45] and that's been really quite painful but
[30:48] we think we've got there now everyone
[30:49] seems to be pretty happy with the colors
[30:51] and the lighting so well seeing it all
[30:53] of the assets have been created with a
[30:55] clamped upper value and the artists
[30:57] would just keep pushing things all the
[30:58] way up to 11 to try and get it right
[31:00] enough and now we saw what that actually
[31:02] made the world look like and it was just
[31:04] whiteout it was scary I think we saw
[31:06] some things that were sort of you know
[31:08] one hundred and twenty percent of the
[31:09] maximum brightness threshold and things
[31:11] you know just bits where people that are
[31:14] artists had made it look really good in
[31:16] the really bright and the Java client
[31:18] and then it just is ridiculous when you
[31:20] come to it elsewhere I did also notice
[31:23] spotting loads of extra point lights
[31:25] everywhere that was hilarious like you'd
[31:27] start walking around the world and
[31:28] suddenly there were point lights in the
[31:30] most random but there was one outside a
[31:31] cave and in the daylight I don't know
[31:34] why I was there oh yeah so we we fixed
[31:41] point lights and in terms of fixing them
[31:43] we find out there is a lot of places
[31:44] where they've just been mapped dying for
[31:46] no apparent reason
[31:47] and just outside fold or get above
[31:50] virgos key of all these random places
[31:52] and yeah that was an interesting find
[31:54] when Rose I use this broken no it's
[31:56] actually working as intense it's it's
[31:58] just it never works in the Java client
[32:01] so I I'll move on and will we be limited
[32:06] to the 50 frames per second maximum that
[32:08] players are seeing in the Java client at
[32:10] the moment so currently the logic is
[32:14] still captor 50 FPS so things like you
[32:17] know playlogic gameplay and animation
[32:19] but we've totally taken the cap off the
[32:21] rendering so now depending on your
[32:26] machine it will just run as fast as it
[32:27] can run a bit essentially so yeah if
[32:31] you've got a really fast machine you
[32:32] will see frame rates into the hundreds
[32:34] hopefully and it will be really silky
[32:36] smooth and any idea on what the
[32:41] specifications to play the new client
[32:43] will be anybody want to grab that one I
[32:46] think I kind of covered that before
[32:47] which is that we want the game to run on
[32:50] the hardware that you have because we
[32:52] don't really expect you to all go out
[32:54] and buy new computers so we want it to
[32:57] be you know the at least 98 99 you know
[33:01] some some highest percentage of your
[33:03] machines are all going to continue to
[33:04] work with the new client and we're
[33:06] getting better performance on a lot of
[33:07] them already then we get in the java
[33:09] client i'm going to turn this one over
[33:12] to sammy a will NXT handled sound and
[33:16] music better you touch a little bit
[33:17] before but i think there's more to go
[33:19] into yeah so when we rewrote the audio
[33:22] engine now we kept it quite open and
[33:25] what we wanted to like what we could
[33:27] expand on it with for example
[33:30] multi-channel audio is something which
[33:32] would be quite cool in the game and it's
[33:34] been thought about in the Java climb but
[33:37] it would be kind of to dickel to do that
[33:38] and not that we're going to do it in NXT
[33:41] confirmed but the framework is there and
[33:45] to do it would be a lot easier and it's
[33:48] also like I'm sure we've experienced
[33:50] some bugs in Java the audio especially I
[33:53] think infinitely repeating sounds it's
[33:56] quite a big one today no one but yeah 30
[33:59] a few nodding heads you
[34:01] that's that doesn't exist in the next II
[34:03] so there's stuff like that which is
[34:04] we're getting rid of those kind of bugs
[34:06] and so those kind of issues in the
[34:08] little things so your audio experience
[34:09] will be good better anyway alright I
[34:12] think that there are some things that
[34:15] are relates to how the audio just
[34:18] triggered that mean there's always going
[34:19] to be some delays and things that you
[34:21] wouldn't want so some things very
[34:23] difficult for us to sync up because the
[34:25] content tends to trigger the audio right
[34:28] at the point when it's expecting it to
[34:29] start playing the problem with that is
[34:31] that you need to know enough to load the
[34:34] samples you know off disc or into memory
[34:36] to be able to play them which takes you
[34:39] know half a second or something so
[34:41] there's it's the problem is that again
[34:44] the legacy content the contents been
[34:46] written in a way that just doesn't lend
[34:48] itself to having synchronized law do
[34:50] properly really it's been a continuous
[34:52] problem but i think it's we're getting
[34:54] better so yeah it is sounding much
[34:56] better and we can a week I mean it's the
[34:57] sort of thing where you'd have to go
[34:58] over all the content to be able to fix
[35:00] the audio in those ways and it's a big
[35:02] task so I'm going to call Lord get out
[35:05] on this one at the start of the year and
[35:09] this is from paradox n you apparently
[35:12] posted your first dev blog and 11 of the
[35:16] J mods said that there would be more
[35:18] over the summer if the summer is over
[35:20] and there's been no dead blogs yeah so
[35:23] people probably recognize my my mod name
[35:26] now from that first dev blog I did I did
[35:29] really really have intentions to do a
[35:31] few more and go into more technical
[35:34] details about the rendering in the new
[35:36] client but unfortunately you know we're
[35:38] quite a small team with a really mammoth
[35:40] task so it's not been possible such as
[35:43] priorities are however this is a good
[35:45] reminder that we do need to do more so
[35:48] I'm going to try and do one more before
[35:50] we launch and hopefully do a few more
[35:52] after we launched as well so yeah
[35:54] apologies for that but I'll try and get
[35:57] to another one thanks I think I could
[35:58] probably put I mean the presentation
[36:00] that I did today we can probably put
[36:02] some form of that out there as well the
[36:06] the amount of people and the no time to
[36:08] do the dev blog because I'm too busy
[36:09] doing the thing leads nicely onto a
[36:12] question from kiasu
[36:14] totally jumping around here but the
[36:16] segways are amazing how long has this
[36:19] been in progress and how big is the team
[36:21] on it well I think that it depends how
[36:25] you look at it really we started the
[36:27] html5 client back in twenty twelve or so
[36:30] I think and that was just one person
[36:32] start off with until we had an idea of
[36:35] that he could make things better and we
[36:38] expand the team when that Sun is looking
[36:40] good there were four or five people and
[36:43] then a few more and then it ramped down
[36:46] a bit when we decided it wasn't great we
[36:49] started on the c++ version so the new
[36:51] the actual new client itself maybe two
[36:53] years ago and the team has been
[36:56] fluctuating between maybe five and eight
[36:59] since then so so not not very big but I
[37:03] think we've managed to do a lot with the
[37:05] resource we have it's been it's been
[37:06] fairly impressive I'm gonna throw this
[37:08] one a mod dark over there sure are you
[37:12] ready um dedicated full screen it's
[37:15] always been troublesome with RS yeah I'm
[37:18] alt tabbing and tabbing back that would
[37:22] revert to window rather than leaving it
[37:23] full screen are there any chances we can
[37:26] fix that or do something better yeah no
[37:29] that's definitely all working well no so
[37:31] it is yeah oh it's already fixed
[37:32] essentially and we're also gonna try and
[37:36] target window new border which some of
[37:38] you may use in other games it's very
[37:40] convenient for multi-monitor setups
[37:42] stuff like that we'll try and get that
[37:44] working I'm getting on getting a couple
[37:46] of warnings that I need to start
[37:47] finishing up so unfortunately everyone
[37:49] we won't be able to have QA inside in
[37:52] the presentation but all of these are
[37:55] going to be available for you guys to
[37:56] jump and ask questions I think you guys
[37:58] would be going down to the Crypt oh no
[38:00] you guys are in the room just over there
[38:02] if you haven't tried out NXT go for it
[38:05] we're there in fact ah so if you see the
[38:09] you're currently on the main stage that
[38:11] giant arrow will point you the direction
[38:12] you need to walk to go try out this
[38:14] client for yourselves and hopefully pick
[38:16] these guys brains to answer questions
[38:18] thank you very much