Transcript of RuneScape - RuneFest 2015 - Highlights

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] Welcome to RuneFest 2015!
[00:10] Come on, boy!
[00:11] It's bigger and badder than RuneFest 2014 in every possible way.
[00:15] In every possible way! So much going on! So much!
[00:26] Almost 700 of them were at the Namco party last night.
[00:30] It went off, didn't it? It was a big party.
[00:41] We've got over a thousand players here to celebrate everything to do with RuneScape.
[00:46] Hey, everybody! Welcome back to the main stage of RuneFest again!
[00:49] There's been a total of 6.6 million kills in just the first three weeks.
[00:54] And we hope that you all enjoy it.
[01:00] RuneFest!
[01:01] This is Chronicle RuneScape Legends.
[01:07] Swing that thing around. Go on.
[01:11] As mentioned earlier, we got people from Amsterdam, New York...
[01:14] Panama City.
[01:15] Two flights to London, a week's accommodation, their tickets and all of their spending money here...
[01:21] -In RuneScape gold.
-Just from RunesScape gold coins.
[01:33] The Golden Gnomes is like hosting the Oscars.
[01:36] The reason we are all here is to celebrate the best of the RuneScape community.
[01:40] And the winner is...
[01:41] WillMissIt!
[01:56] Cake!
[02:15] We'll promise to do it again bigger and better next year.
[02:18] Yes. Big up the viewers as well. Thanks for watching.
[02:22] That's it! It's over! Go nuts!
[02:24] Yeah! Go crazy, guys!
[02:31] You've used it!