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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:39] hello welcome to room fast come on
[00:44] scream and shout keep it going welcome
[00:50] to the main stage of room fest 2015 yes
[00:54] come on get it going we have to combat
[00:58] team coming up here for their first
[00:59] showing who's here to see what's
[01:01] happening in runefest I heard
[01:03] RuneScape's combat system who's
[01:06] interested in combat who wants to hear
[01:09] what we're doing next year and this year
[01:11] would come back come on alright well
[01:15] we're going to have we have mud pie we
[01:18] have more days we have dead we've got my
[01:21] dolly how we've got mod ramen here to
[01:23] talk to you about what we've done with
[01:25] combat and what we're going to be doing
[01:26] with combat in the coming year give them
[01:29] a shout yes alright thanks corner good
[01:40] morning everyone right it was there
[01:43] about some combat then and everyone in
[01:45] the stream let's get a capper 1 2 3 in
[01:47] the stream as well ok so we're going to
[01:50] talk to you a bit about combat today I'm
[01:52] not ollie this is what avatar juice this
[01:57] is more pie Monday's Adorama I'm mod I'm
[02:07] a dead
[02:08] okay so today we're going to be talking
[02:11] to you about a bit about pvp dark scape
[02:14] we've had girl recently and then we're
[02:16] going to go through some pvm bit of a
[02:18] timeline history of PBM all we've done
[02:20] before PBM this year 2015 and then while
[02:23] you're all waiting for PVM in 2016 as
[02:26] well so let's kick it off some pvp we're
[02:29] going to hand it over to mod bites talk
[02:30] us through some of that alright guys
[02:33] right I don't think you're all right I
[02:36] didn't sound like you're right to try
[02:37] again Martin are you all right guys ass
[02:43] awesome right let's talk PPP PPP 2015
[02:46] has been awesome because actually the
[02:48] PvP community has grown mainly through
[02:51] the warbands guys and we've been working
[02:53] with you guys quite a bit to improve the
[02:57] PvP system for what you want and that's
[02:58] something we're dedicated to do next
[02:59] year so we're going to keep that up but
[03:02] let's talk about something a bit more
[03:03] juicy something for PvP next year we've
[03:05] got quite a few updates for you so the
[03:08] first one on that talk about is one you
[03:09] might have heard of already but we think
[03:11] it's awesome its Jill anywhere we're
[03:13] going to get allow you to jewel anywhere
[03:15] on runescape it's going to be right
[03:17] click option to your right click jewel
[03:18] so when that guy tells you to get off
[03:21] his ring rocks you're going to be able
[03:21] to throw down the gauntlet and say fight
[03:23] me for it it's gonna be awesome the next
[03:28] one we're going to release is something
[03:30] the PvP community has been asking for me
[03:32] for ages and I haven't done it because I
[03:34] mean we're going to take our PvP worlds
[03:36] and we're going to turn them into
[03:37] high-risk wilderness worlds one item is
[03:40] have been a problem for ages it's time
[03:42] to show them what's what pyrus
[03:43] wilderness world's risked everything put
[03:45] it on the line be a man so the last one
[03:49] I'm quite excited about this one because
[03:52] asked you guys on Twitter what you
[03:55] wanted and over fifty percent of you
[03:57] said you wanted it so went today and
[03:59] when can I do it it's like yeah we're
[04:01] not so we're going to give you bounty
[04:03] hunter worlds whoo there we go we can
[04:09] leave your bounty hunter well so you're
[04:10] going to go into the wildy you're going
[04:11] to be assigned to target you can I get
[04:13] to kill that guy get some points spend
[04:15] those points on some epic loot so that
[04:17] you don't have to rely on what the other
[04:19] guys carrying to make money whilst pvp
[04:21] and you're going to be out it's going to
[04:22] be
[04:22] self-sustaining so let's pvp in the main
[04:26] game now you might have realized that we
[04:27] released another game recently who's
[04:29] heard of darts game yeah really having
[04:34] it so put your hand up if you've played
[04:36] darts game awesome keep your hand up if
[04:41] you've died in darts game that's awesome
[04:45] you guys have died an awful line dance
[04:47] kept actually there's been a total of
[04:48] six point six million kills in just the
[04:51] first three weeks and what I'm really
[04:54] proud of is 5 million of those kills are
[04:57] from PvP kills you guys have been
[05:00] wrecking places and it's brilliant to
[05:02] watch that Lumbridge day one you didn't
[05:04] even let them out of Lumbridge you are
[05:06] cruel so it's been awesome but what are
[05:11] we planning for that scape next year so
[05:14] there's there's one glaring omission
[05:16] with darts cape and it's one that we
[05:18] want to fix as quickly as possible you
[05:20] might have noticed it that Dungeoneering
[05:21] isn't in there we removed it because
[05:23] it's really easy to train in
[05:25] Dungeoneering and that's not what thats
[05:26] gets about it's not easy but we want to
[05:29] put it back so what we're going to give
[05:30] you is we're going to allow you to raid
[05:32] other people's dungeons that means that
[05:35] when you when you go in you can choose
[05:37] to start your own or rate somebody
[05:39] else's and when you PK them they'll get
[05:41] kicked out the dungeon and you can
[05:42] complete it for them you'll get all
[05:45] their XP they'll get them brilliant all
[05:48] right right next up what we're going to
[05:56] do is we want we want to you to define
[05:59] yourselves right so you've got a lot of
[06:00] guys going out there racking people
[06:02] killing lots of people you've got lots
[06:04] of guys going out there counter ragging
[06:06] and stopping them we want to know who
[06:07] those guys are so what we're going to do
[06:09] is going to put a long term sculling
[06:10] system in the game if you go around
[06:12] killing lots of people you're going to
[06:14] get a permanent red skull above your
[06:16] head the guards are going to know who
[06:18] you are but what's also better it's the
[06:20] highest kills red red scold people are
[06:24] going to go on a bounty board and the
[06:26] guards will pay you money to find them
[06:27] kill them ruin their day like they've
[06:30] ruined everybody else's day now being a
[06:34] murderer it sounds pretty bad but
[06:35] you've got that red skull you're going
[06:37] to get a faster rate of experience but
[06:39] on the counter side if you go around
[06:41] killing the murderers you're going to
[06:43] get a blue skull and you're going to get
[06:44] the same bonuses we were talking about
[06:48] this and there's another little thing
[06:49] that we wanted to put in and that's when
[06:51] someone pk's you you're going to be able
[06:53] to use your cash to put their name on
[06:56] the bounty board and get other people to
[06:58] kill them for you great dream the final
[07:05] one is something that's in progress if
[07:07] you look on the dark scape ready at the
[07:10] moment it's at the top you guys have
[07:12] told us that you're not happy with the
[07:14] legacy system and we kind of want to
[07:16] prove a point about darts cape we're not
[07:18] scared to make massive changes with
[07:20] darts caper so it's again that's been
[07:22] out not very long so if you guys want to
[07:24] change things we're all for it so I'm
[07:27] just going to talk quickly I me about
[07:29] these because there's an awful lot to go
[07:31] over finally afterwards give me your
[07:33] opinions so the four things you guys
[07:36] raised the first one was weapon
[07:38] diversities rubbish right Atia 30 weapon
[07:41] is a tier 30 weapon on board so what
[07:44] we're going to do is we're going to
[07:45] imbalance inside the tier so a
[07:48] two-hander is going to be your
[07:49] hard-hitting weapon it's not going to
[07:52] have as good dps your dad is going to be
[07:54] more accurate but not as good dps these
[07:56] skis are just gonna well they're not
[07:58] going to change their you do your
[07:59] reliable you love them you told us
[08:02] strength you feel it could do more so
[08:06] what we're going to do is we're going to
[08:07] take strength and we're going to make it
[08:09] a global skill so all three combat
[08:12] styles will use strength and we're going
[08:14] to change our weapons so that you get a
[08:16] base damage value plus an X amount per
[08:20] strength so you can really see how much
[08:23] your strength is how helping you and
[08:24] strength is it going to be this useless
[08:26] skill that's in there because mel a long
[08:28] you know it it's going to really really
[08:30] help you yeah you will be able to so
[08:38] what else did you say oh yeah you guys
[08:40] you keep on saying this little the
[08:43] triangles to enforce so we're down with
[08:46] that so we're happy to reduce the effect
[08:49] of
[08:49] us of the combat triangle and the
[08:50] accuracy calculation and perhaps even
[08:52] remove it it's out what if that's what
[08:55] you guys want that's cool what we want
[08:56] to do is redefine styles as ways to play
[08:59] so your melee guys are going to be your
[09:02] hard-hitting bruises big defensive get
[09:04] in there kill them with burst damage
[09:06] your Rangers are going to be these nippy
[09:08] glass cannons that are going to go in do
[09:10] a lots of DPS and the mage guys are
[09:12] going to control you and make you cry
[09:14] basically until you die but we won we
[09:18] won the combat triangle not to be
[09:20] something this enforced but defines what
[09:23] you are and we want to help support the
[09:25] hybrids out there because I think we can
[09:27] all agree watching a hybrid do is thing
[09:28] is absolutely beautiful the fact that
[09:31] the final thing I want to talk about is
[09:34] armor who here thinks armor is useless
[09:37] be honest so is so
[10:18] okay so let's go you're going to go on
[10:21] medium and we're going to talk about
[10:24] basically the history of EDM where we
[10:26] did what as developers we've learned
[10:29] about in video and how that's going to
[10:31] affect us going forward so I'm getting
[10:33] handed over to mod Robin and more days
[10:36] to go through a bit about that so I'm
[10:38] going to be kicking this off obviously
[10:39] we're going to be kicking this off with
[10:41] God Wars we can't forget King black
[10:43] dragon and kalphite Queen so wait back
[10:46] in two thousand seven we release God was
[10:48] for not just one boss but four bosses
[10:51] this is really where we started to see
[10:54] pvn become a big thing God was is really
[10:56] one of our most timeless pieces of
[10:58] content seeing many players still go
[11:00] through this day whether it's to get the
[11:02] boss pets make a bit of money or just to
[11:04] have a bit of fun I forgot what it's
[11:08] going to say this is basically so we
[11:12] said the Rotman was the most likely to
[11:15] mess up on stage and I think we've all
[11:17] quiz him about that okay yeah a little
[11:19] loud applause all right ok so we'll be
[11:25] swiftly on cool next door the following
[11:27] year we released the corporeal beast
[11:29] previous year with God walls we released
[11:31] four bosses but this year we wanted to
[11:33] just focus on one and make it the
[11:34] hardest yet fun fact on release a common
[11:39] tactic to it with Club is you poison the
[11:42] dark core and that reduces the attack
[11:44] rate this was actually a book on release
[11:46] and we liked it so much that we kept it
[11:48] in as a tactic what do we learn though
[11:50] given a large health pool to a boss
[11:53] isn't enough to make it difficult you
[11:55] guys got together and you did your court
[11:57] masses in the hundreds and it's carried
[11:59] on for years and years so going forward
[12:01] we need to have crowd control motor
[12:03] mechanics or ad group size limits like
[12:06] we didn't raise 10 man cool moving into
[12:09] 2011 where we had the release of next
[12:11] here's something you don't know about
[12:12] next next was actually originally a
[12:15] prototype for nomad in the nomads
[12:16] directly on boss fight it really goes to
[12:18] show how if a piece of content doesn't
[12:20] quite work for one thing we can put it
[12:22] aside and use it at a later date next
[12:25] was a massive game changer in a PBM seen
[12:27] not just a tank and spank boss fight but
[12:29] a boss of raw mechanics
[12:31] and different different things we can't
[12:34] obviously forget the introduction of
[12:36] torva virtus and pernix armors which
[12:39] continue to sell for billions after
[12:40] release next even had a massive impact
[12:43] on clans seeing clans come together and
[12:45] war each other just like they did of
[12:46] corporal beast these are clans like PSO
[12:49] next specialists pride in domination and
[12:51] even 0 moving on to Queen black dragon
[12:58] which was released soon after and
[13:00] actually announced at runefest 2011 I
[13:03] believe yeah correct so this was
[13:07] released first for solo boss and what
[13:09] are we learn from it we really learned
[13:11] that players do like solo bosses they
[13:13] don't always wanna have to find a team
[13:15] so moving on from here we're learning we
[13:19] we know you want solar bosses so
[13:20] hopefully you'll see a bit on that later
[13:24] at the end of 2012 we released the
[13:27] evolution of combat and with that we
[13:29] promised you that we'd be able to
[13:30] deliver bosses unlike anything that
[13:31] you've ever seen before and the kalphite
[13:34] king kalphite king was the first chance
[13:36] for us to flex our muscles and show us
[13:37] what show you what we could do this is a
[13:40] brand new combat system and this meant
[13:43] we have the massive learning curve to
[13:44] like go over so we overestimated the
[13:50] difficulty on release we didn't realize
[13:52] how good you guys are big you're getting
[13:54] kills faster which meant items were
[13:55] coming into the game quicker than we
[13:57] expected this meant over time the items
[13:59] lost value we had to learn quickly and
[14:01] hopefully we've bosses like virago
[14:02] you've seen that items have kept their
[14:04] value much better speaking of virago
[14:07] next up we did indeed have the release
[14:09] of virago am any stage phosphate some of
[14:12] the inspiration for virago came from
[14:14] things like shadow of the colossus
[14:15] massive massive bosses it also came an
[14:18] inspiration was also the barrel from
[14:20] Lord of the Rings we're falling through
[14:21] varieties many stages was Gandalf
[14:24] fighting the barrel after the initial
[14:27] release of virago we released three more
[14:29] phases this like this was really
[14:32] something we enjoyed those Abbas we
[14:34] loved so over time in lunch times we
[14:37] developed more phases and then this even
[14:39] led to virag aha boat one of PBMs
[14:41] greatest challenges
[14:43] which introduced new titles new armors
[14:45] and of course the bomb be bet it really
[14:48] goes to show how if we love a boss and
[14:50] you guys love a boss we can update it
[14:51] keep it fresh make it awesome Barro's is
[14:57] one of our oldest bits of pvm content
[14:59] but as the years have gone on new boss
[15:01] has been released you guys have moved on
[15:03] like you don't go there anymore but with
[15:06] the city age and cisco being of key
[15:07] player we wanted like berries to be a
[15:10] main part of the game again to enter
[15:12] rise of the six or as it was known in
[15:14] development Super Mario Brothers we
[15:19] experimented with quite a lot of
[15:21] different themes in development and like
[15:23] one of the ones that nearly made the cut
[15:24] but didn't quite make it was the idea of
[15:26] traveling back in time to when the
[15:28] Barrett brothers were still human what
[15:31] did we learn from it though we thought
[15:33] that making a full-sized pi ii would
[15:36] make the boss more accessible compared
[15:38] to bosses like virago distant proved to
[15:40] be the case so in the future we'd have
[15:43] to look a solo order experiences to
[15:45] increase accessibility so moving onto a
[15:49] rack saw and of course a rack see as I
[15:51] said earlier another solo boss this was
[15:53] obviously a had the option to be droid
[15:56] but it was mainly imported a solo boss
[15:58] we really try something different River
[16:00] AXI we wanted more bruh the old your own
[16:02] boss fight or deal with what mechanic
[16:04] you wanted to deal with and leave out
[16:06] what you didn't this then affected the
[16:08] drops a real different drop system
[16:11] rather than just getting you know the
[16:13] tour the plate body or a band or tacit
[16:14] drop a wraxal was even one of the first
[16:18] bosses to introduce achievements and
[16:19] what have we learned from that we learnt
[16:21] that you really do like achievements so
[16:23] then we then applied it to raids and
[16:25] hopefully will apply to more bosses in
[16:27] the future ok so that is a little
[16:31] history of the pvm we've had so far in
[16:33] game and I'm going to struggle to see
[16:35] this next slide oh I've gone too far ok
[16:38] so now we go reminds me vm in 2015 what
[16:42] have we done this year and how we carry
[16:44] the lessons we've learned that we just
[16:45] gone over into this year and helped
[16:48] create new content for the game so i'm
[16:50] going to hand that one over to what pie
[16:53] all right guys wade out me here
[16:57] the wildy worm is back oh yes it is
[17:05] right so the will deworm is something
[17:08] you guys have been asking us for for
[17:09] ages so we might you might know we have
[17:12] this thing called tap we get one day
[17:14] every two every two weeks and we get to
[17:16] make what we want so it's like I'm
[17:17] bringing him back so I made them and I
[17:20] went more danger loves mod Dean come on
[17:22] see some more Dean love I when de Medina
[17:25] said can I release this he's like well
[17:28] if you really think they love it this
[17:29] much prove it to me so I went on Twitter
[17:31] and I said hey guys you know if you give
[17:33] me a thousand retweets i'll bring the
[17:35] wildy one back within an hour i had one
[17:38] and a half thousand retweets it was
[17:40] amazing so we brought him back with some
[17:43] pretty cool weapons but I think the
[17:45] thing I really like about the will
[17:47] deworm is that it's one of the most
[17:50] rewarding slayer task you can have and a
[17:52] lot of people don't realize this the
[17:54] best drop is worth seventy seven mil
[17:56] still eight months down the line and
[17:58] it's got a 20k one hundred percent drop
[18:01] hundreds of people still they do this
[18:03] today but I think we can get thousands
[18:06] and you guys can make bank so the next
[18:13] thing that we released was our first
[18:16] ring labs update so as I was saying a
[18:18] relapse really cool like it lets us
[18:21] unless you guys page content to us and
[18:24] like we we get chance to make stuff that
[18:26] you guys really want and it also gives
[18:29] us the opportunity to work really close
[18:30] for you guys and it's really really fun
[18:32] like a few of us have worked on some
[18:33] real ABS content with with a few of you
[18:36] quite closely and it is great but the
[18:40] rune and addy dragons won our first rune
[18:42] labs and who can be surprising we look
[18:45] at them they're pretty awesome but not
[18:47] only do they look awesome this Slayer
[18:48] and Slayer is such a popular part of the
[18:51] game and it's great for us because it
[18:54] allows us to get that core middle ground
[18:56] between sort of like normal mobs and
[18:59] kind of a boss fight so let's introduce
[19:01] interesting mechanics to what would
[19:03] otherwise just be a normal encounter my
[19:05] mechanics such as the rune dragons in
[19:07] rage which didn't quite go to plan
[19:10] launched and there was a bit of a
[19:12] problem with the enraging which he
[19:15] wasn't resetting between kills and they
[19:17] kind of spawned Barry the dragon who i'm
[19:20] pretty sure killed dozens and dozens of
[19:22] players before we ended his reign of
[19:24] terror and fix the bug slightly after
[19:26] launch but britain a dragon's just one
[19:31] of our pieces of slayer content this
[19:33] year i'm going to hand you over two more
[19:35] days he's going to tell you about some
[19:37] of our upcoming slate content cool so
[19:39] this is where i get to feel a bit like
[19:40] mod marking out she announced a future
[19:42] update so high level say mobs is our
[19:45] last pvm update of the year and it's
[19:47] another relapse suggestion so we said to
[19:49] you guys what's all monsters do you like
[19:51] what monsters what miss monsters would
[19:54] you like added what mechanics would you
[19:55] like to see implemented with them so we
[19:58] got hundreds of hundreds of suggestions
[19:59] from you and we narrowed it down to a
[20:01] top hey and from that we put in a player
[20:04] power pole and we chose the top four and
[20:06] these four are the Ripper demons just
[20:10] look at them like dark mysterious
[20:12] massive claws ready to rip you to pieces
[20:14] in the instance they've got a bloodless
[20:18] mechanic which will agro based on your
[20:19] current life points next up we've got
[20:21] the living wyverns this is this wasn't
[20:24] just a case of just adding a layer flesh
[20:26] to the skeletal version they're going to
[20:28] have a poisonous breath attack which is
[20:30] going to deal damage but if you can call
[20:32] yourself down you can take less damage
[20:34] but then you can take cold damage so you
[20:36] can stand extra fight to warm yourself
[20:37] up you can take more poison damage so
[20:40] you can have to find that balance
[20:40] constantly while you're in the area so
[20:42] it's going to a really unique experience
[20:44] next we have the mammoth these are large
[20:47] dignified race I mean look at the elite
[20:49] version with the monocle on so these are
[20:54] gonna have a charge attack so challenged
[20:56] them to drill them they're going to run
[20:57] you down and they're also going to throw
[20:58] rocks at your face pretty impressive and
[21:01] the last but not least is the camel
[21:04] warrior this is very very runescape it's
[21:06] half camel learned I don't even know
[21:09] I've never asked they're going to attack
[21:12] you with ancient magic and they're going
[21:14] to summon mirages to confusion and throw
[21:16] you off your game so you really not
[21:18] going to know what's going on so I hear
[21:21] you say right there pretty cool right
[21:24] but you want to know what the sweet new
[21:25] leu is yeah yeah yeah so there's going
[21:30] to be three new level 85 weapons ripa
[21:33] demons are going to drop you know I'm
[21:35] not going to tell you if you can't get
[21:37] on the picture then just get out okay
[21:39] but they're going to have an ability
[21:41] where they're going to double the damage
[21:44] of all your damage over time abilities
[21:46] we've got the wyverns which is going to
[21:48] drop a 200 crossroads that is going to
[21:50] build up in power over time the longer
[21:52] you in battle so can be really useful
[21:54] for bosses camel warriors are going to
[21:56] drop a new staff this is going to be up
[21:59] some in a sandstorm and it's like we're
[22:02] going to be dealing damage and throw
[22:05] like they won't be see-through the sound
[22:06] so they're going to have an accuracy d
[22:08] both applied as well and from the
[22:10] mammoth a new level 99 familiar beast of
[22:14] burden with fate to inventory slots this
[22:29] is all going to be released in November
[22:30] to expect seeing game very very soon
[22:33] awesome so apparently you guys really
[22:35] like inventory slots and we should
[22:37] announce more of that so you might have
[22:40] noticed we missed one of the bigger
[22:41] updates 2015 and that was raised of
[22:44] course a huge update 10-man content and
[22:46] we're gonna pass it over to avatar and
[22:49] deck to talk a little about that oh I go
[22:51] go that's nice which if you have tried
[22:54] raids hands up who you tried raids hands
[22:57] down if you died just give me 20 we got
[23:01] one liar in the audience there we go
[23:04] don't trust a single what that guy says
[23:06] all day there's no shame in dying rates
[23:10] I developed does AG so I have a
[23:13] two-month head start on dying repeatedly
[23:15] no one has died more to him than I have
[23:18] except maybe more drama
[23:21] one in ten people have tried to fight
[23:23] does AG one in ten people give or take
[23:27] have died two days ag° 220,000 people to
[23:33] date that is is about seven or eight
[23:38] times on average people take in order to
[23:42] finally get a kill when they do so sweet
[23:49] from raids we really wanted to push the
[23:53] amount of coordination they were only
[23:55] from people the amount of teamwork how
[23:57] much you had to think about your
[23:59] positioning of both yourself and the
[24:02] enemies of fighting when to keep you
[24:05] sort of aware of the arena things like
[24:07] the cages and gongs fados AG and we also
[24:13] wanted to solve up our game on like
[24:14] environmental storytelling in boss
[24:16] fights we wanted you to you know look
[24:19] around maz cab and see that you know
[24:22] there's a bit more here than just like
[24:24] one giant arrow because you know this
[24:27] stuff going on and there's kind of a
[24:29] story that's going through that we're
[24:32] going to expand on in the future there's
[24:34] a good request going out in two weeks
[24:36] actually I think called the ancestors
[24:38] which guys should enjoy that yeah we
[24:42] wanted to create a connected experience
[24:44] between this first boss and a second one
[24:48] which is something that we haven't
[24:49] really done before and that second boss
[24:52] was Q next slide so our second boss was
[24:56] yak mari is Jack Mara on there no that's
[24:59] des egg there we go yeah sorry it's
[25:01] difficult to see these slides so this is
[25:04] our second boss I'm raised we really
[25:07] really wanted to like ramp up the
[25:08] difficulty do do something really you
[25:12] know something quite hard that we've not
[25:13] done before I think the the rule of
[25:15] thumb that we had was if we manage to
[25:19] get a legit kill across the team he
[25:21] wasn't hard enough so but I don't think
[25:23] we actually managed to get legit kill
[25:25] Anya kumara across the combat team
[25:26] without actually cheating in some way
[25:28] but you guys did so you're better than
[25:30] us so
[25:34] the interesting thing where ya kumaru is
[25:36] that he's a stationary months stationary
[25:39] bosses are quite quite different from
[25:41] normal bosses that can walk around
[25:43] because they bosses that a mobile they
[25:46] they can control the battlefield a lot
[25:47] easier like his dad was saying with ders
[25:50] egg was a lot about control and sort of
[25:51] kind him around but we had to make sure
[25:54] that we yeah kimaru when he dives into
[25:56] his different pools that he was able to
[25:57] still control the battle even though he
[25:59] wasn't actually moving himself so one in
[26:03] examples if the kind of trying to break
[26:06] up the group dynamics of you guys in
[26:10] raids was his strangle ability so when
[26:13] he actually strangles players he'll
[26:16] actually tog at the top dps before he
[26:18] goes into the burn phase which means
[26:20] that you're actually relying on the guys
[26:22] in your group they're doing less damage
[26:24] to actually do damage to him so that was
[26:27] quite interesting so we were watching
[26:31] the streams on release and that was it
[26:35] was good fun I remember me and Dave
[26:36] sitting there had several twitch windows
[26:39] open or watching you guys like just
[26:43] throw yourselves at these bosses again
[26:44] again again but with ya kimaru it was
[26:49] really cool seeing you all kind of go
[26:51] through the different pools and slowly
[26:52] learn all the mechanics and stuff and
[26:54] then I remember that great moment where
[26:57] first guys have got through to the last
[27:00] pool fourth Pole killed the fourth pool
[27:02] and then we introduced Mirage face and
[27:05] that was our proper oh snap moment where
[27:08] we just wanted to make everything just
[27:10] go completely wrong for you and well I
[27:14] think it worked quite well it was was
[27:16] quite good so yeah that's that's kind of
[27:20] raids at the moment and what we've done
[27:22] with raids so far but do you guys want
[27:26] more raids more raids should we give
[27:29] them some more ease I sell then yeah I
[27:32] was on the fence before both they won't
[27:33] yeah okay go for so do you want to hear
[27:36] about what we might do with some more
[27:38] raiding cool well we got egg first
[27:43] you're gonna have to wait because we're
[27:45] going to talk a little bit more about
[27:46] well we have already gotten rates get a
[27:49] bit ahead of ourselves also one of the
[27:51] things that was really interesting about
[27:53] the twitch stream when we were watching
[27:54] on release was that some guys are taking
[27:56] inventories full of sand to try and fill
[27:58] the pools a acabar is pretty funny okay
[28:02] so that was a little bit of what you
[28:05] have seen about the Rays release there's
[28:07] actually some stuff that we some work we
[28:08] did during the Rays release that you
[28:10] guys haven't seen yet and the first of
[28:13] those things is battle for Argo so along
[28:17] with tusk Owen raids we actually made a
[28:19] concept for virago armored him up
[28:21] because he was going to be killing tuska
[28:23] and basically we didn't have time to do
[28:26] this but now it's something we've got in
[28:27] our back pocket for the future and we
[28:30] sort of coming up with good ideas of how
[28:31] we might be able to use him we actually
[28:33] had a debate about whether he should
[28:34] have a giant drill on his hand or a ray
[28:37] cannon so now he's got some sort of mash
[28:39] up of both of them and then we also saw
[28:42] moved on from this concept and we came
[28:44] up with obsidian virago and then another
[28:47] really cool one volcanic virago so there
[28:50] we've got some really cool concepts that
[28:51] came out the Rays release that we
[28:53] weren't actually able to work on but you
[28:54] might see them in the future and then
[28:57] another thing that was in the Rays
[28:58] release this one I think you guys are
[29:01] going to enjoy is a goby volleyball so
[29:04] we can just Q the Q the video I'll talk
[29:07] you guys through this so this has been a
[29:08] live in game since the Rays release and
[29:12] you have the video going here we go so
[29:15] basically there's something you can do
[29:17] after you've killed Beastmaster does
[29:18] like we're not going to tell you guys
[29:19] what it is we're looking forward to
[29:21] seeing people trying to figure this out
[29:22] but you hit the last Gong and it spawns
[29:25] in going volleyball and nobody's
[29:27] actually found this in game yet but I'm
[29:29] sure after this a lot of you will be
[29:31] going and trying to figure it out but as
[29:33] you can see we had a mod bonds where
[29:36] wasn't mud which more name always one
[29:39] bus what bus mod campbell and the other
[29:41] video guys playing here as you can see
[29:43] they're having quite an intense game mod
[29:47] campbell with a little drop shot there
[29:49] they're playing so basically that you
[29:52] can see the gobies on the other side
[29:53] you'll see when they end this point they
[29:55] actually keep score and everything so
[29:56] once we will figure this out and
[29:58] out there exactly how you do this I'm
[30:00] looking forward to seeing some teams
[30:01] maybe 5v5 raid teams playing a bit of
[30:04] volleyball against each other so this
[30:07] point is going on a little bit long the
[30:09] ball actually gets faster the longer the
[30:11] point goes on and there you go you see
[30:13] they lost their so that should be the
[30:15] end of the video so yeah something quite
[30:17] cool they're spinning race it's released
[30:19] that one's found it and you have to
[30:21] tweet us if any of you do manage to find
[30:23] it okay so that's all the stuff that
[30:26] we've done for raised so far now we're
[30:28] going to move on a little bit what what
[30:31] avatar was talking about a minute ago
[30:32] which is raised in the future cue the
[30:36] slides okay there we go good yeah oh
[30:45] yeah here we go so with the future of
[30:49] raids we haven't entirely figured out
[30:52] how much we're going to do next year but
[30:55] there's definitely going to be another
[30:57] release next year for roads we've
[30:59] listened to your feedback we know there
[31:01] some people were a little concerned
[31:03] about the difficulty how it's sort of
[31:05] difficult to get in because of the group
[31:08] requirement and we're definitely going
[31:10] to take that into account for future
[31:13] bosses so one of the concepts that we've
[31:17] got if we can there we go so does egg
[31:22] isn't the only super powered air route
[31:24] on madcap he's just so one of the
[31:27] generals thereof tuska and we going to
[31:29] show you like a very sort of different
[31:31] side of that where does egg is very
[31:33] physical we've got this Eric Shannon
[31:35] sort of commander guy who uses very
[31:38] mystical powers who uses Tusker based
[31:42] magics and uses like things like
[31:45] illusion and misdirection rather than
[31:49] just hitting you in the face obviously
[31:51] he's got a giant club so you might also
[31:53] hit you in the face but it's going to
[31:55] shoot lightning at you as he does it so
[31:59] so yeah I mean we are definite going to
[32:02] carry on with those sort of tuska theme
[32:03] but as you can see here we've got the
[32:06] this is another one of our elemental
[32:08] Tiny's so you've seen ya kimaru the
[32:10] water Titan
[32:11] is our air Titan so the idea is for the
[32:15] air time we had you probably seen the
[32:18] big north side of ma's cab there's all
[32:20] of that kind of empty space we've got
[32:23] plans for what we want to use that space
[32:24] for and this is one of the guys that we
[32:26] want to put in so the kind of ideas we
[32:28] got for this fight is you might be
[32:30] fighting him on top of a mountain and we
[32:33] we want to try and get something in
[32:35] where you be fighting him saw on top of
[32:37] the mountain and then on the clouds and
[32:39] it'll be crashing through clouds and
[32:41] causing like the the field at the top
[32:44] and the clouds the sort of gets smaller
[32:45] and we get some really interesting stuff
[32:48] that we've not really done before but
[32:50] raids is really where we want to start
[32:52] pushing pushing our pvm and doing some
[32:55] really cool new stuff so yeah here's
[32:58] another one of our elemental Titans
[33:00] spoiler yeah we've also want to come up
[33:03] with sort of for this fight we're
[33:05] thinking having to keep track of the
[33:07] arena that might be in a volcano that's
[33:09] erupting as the fight goes on you have
[33:11] to be very aware of where you are and
[33:14] how long you're taking and just keeping
[33:16] an eye on what's going on as you're
[33:18] fighting this you know giant fire mr.
[33:20] Rahman good monstrosity July my trailer
[33:24] yeah Joe probably yeah so I sort of
[33:34] raids raised as a whole as deck
[33:37] mentioned earlier we have been listening
[33:38] to all the stuff you've been saying the
[33:40] group quirements the accessibility we
[33:43] definitely want to address that so
[33:45] alongside the new bosses and stuff we
[33:47] will be bringing in quality of life
[33:49] improvements to raids we do want to make
[33:52] them more accessible but we do want to
[33:53] keep them as our as our group group
[33:55] Boston content there won't be the only
[33:57] group boss in content that we do but we
[33:59] for the time being we do want to keep
[34:01] them as groups but that's not to say
[34:05] that we won't bring along some
[34:06] improvements the grouping system make
[34:07] that easier to get to maybe some sort of
[34:09] queuing and just generally make raids an
[34:12] easier and better thing to it to play
[34:15] but the systems that we put in place for
[34:18] the original Ray's release they we
[34:20] planned for raids to be getting all
[34:23] these extra updates as we went on so
[34:25] haven't got to do all of that kind of
[34:27] groundwork for raids again it's we can
[34:29] just keep building on this system that
[34:31] we've already got in place cool so who's
[34:34] excited to get their teeth stuck into
[34:35] those new bosses then all right we'll
[34:40] get we'll get your feedback and we'll
[34:41] make them as awesome as you guys want to
[34:43] be so what more are we doing for PVM in
[34:46] 2016 well you might have heard my pie
[34:50] talked about earlier this thing we have
[34:52] called Thursday afternoon personal
[34:54] projects tap talk something we talked
[34:56] about it on Twitter sometimes basically
[34:58] that's become more than just in
[34:59] afternoon it's a full day where we get
[35:00] to work on the things that we're most
[35:02] passionate about all sorts of our little
[35:04] ideas that we have at the weekends or
[35:06] when we're in the shower you get to work
[35:08] on them on these Thursday Thursday's
[35:10] every other week so we have a lot of
[35:13] ideas us as the combat council we're
[35:15] constantly thinking about new things to
[35:16] excite you guys with combat and pretty
[35:19] much every one of us is working on some
[35:21] sort of boss or combat encounter in our
[35:23] in our personal time so I for instance
[35:25] i'm working on a council fight where you
[35:28] might have to fight a set of demons and
[35:29] you have to choose which of them you
[35:31] want to crowd control at one time and
[35:32] the remaining ones will work together to
[35:35] try and take you down and it'll affect
[35:36] the fight and then mod ramen is working
[35:39] on so i've worked on i'm working on two
[35:41] things i really wanted to finalize next
[35:43] hard mode see if i can do something with
[35:45] it and then i would also like just to
[35:48] make a fun boss we call it tanner bus
[35:50] tap to birth these guys call it tap
[35:53] tibus just think i've been working on
[35:54] over the years as I've learned to code
[35:56] hopefully one day you'll see it we'll
[35:58] see cool are you going to talk about
[36:02] them you can yo see important so I'm
[36:04] working on basically hard mode Corp
[36:07] who'd like to see that so Corp is really
[36:11] easily solo nowadays and i want i wanna
[36:13] i want to cut that out and hard both
[36:16] corp is basically going to be a fight
[36:17] where we're going to pull your team into
[36:19] half of you are going to get shoved into
[36:20] the spirit world to fight the real corp
[36:23] and half of you are going to be fighting
[36:24] the spiritual corp you can have to work
[36:26] together both sides even though you
[36:28] can't interact you're going to have to
[36:29] work together in order to cook to kill
[36:32] it and the Andy's friend the dark or
[36:34] cool so yeah there's just ideas we we
[36:37] have and we want to work on
[36:39] it's important to make the distinction
[36:40] of that stuff that isn't in the release
[36:42] schedule will probably take it to
[36:43] someone like what Osborne and be like
[36:45] look how cool this is let us get it in
[36:47] game but let's talk a bit about the
[36:49] stuff that is in the release schedule
[36:51] and we're definitely bringing to you in
[36:52] 2016 so over the past two years we've
[36:59] really released a lot of group content
[37:02] so we really need to do start filling
[37:05] the gaps so in 2016 I'm saying so an
[37:07] awful lot as well in 2016 we're going to
[37:10] be releasing a solo vos we're going to
[37:11] start to fill them gaps we're not too
[37:14] sure what it is yet but if you tune in
[37:15] to mod mark and morals bonds
[37:18] presentation presentation later you
[37:21] might learn a bit more about it cool and
[37:25] then finally one of the other things are
[37:28] going 2016 is a secret project which
[37:30] unfortunately mod mark and models will
[37:32] want to keep their talk later so we
[37:34] can't actually tell you what it is but
[37:36] we're all super excited about working on
[37:38] it you might know that a few of us are
[37:41] in the same team within jagex we're on
[37:43] the watch we can be working on this
[37:45] project and we've got so many ideas for
[37:47] it we just can't wait to get out there
[37:49] but you're going to have to go along to
[37:50] mod mark and what else want to talk
[37:51] later to find out exactly what it is and
[37:53] make sure you do because it's exciting
[37:54] so we've been the combat council that's
[37:59] it for combat and basically just tweet
[38:02] us your questions if you've got them
[38:03] we're going to pass the mic around now
[38:04] and if you've got any burning questions
[38:06] you're going to be able to ask us right
[38:08] now so do we have anyone who can run a
[38:11] bike around what a lot i managed to get
[38:14] two questions right now will also be
[38:15] down in the crypt for the next little
[38:17] while you come and grab us individually
[38:20] and ask questions there okay so put your
[38:23] hand up here we've got a question we're
[38:24] trying to get microphone to you do you
[38:25] own or another also try not to report
[38:29] bugs just give them to PI by loves
[38:33] available have you got any bugs leave
[38:34] them out now tell john Leia I'll ninja
[38:37] that fixing for you okay hi guys thank
[38:40] you so much for the talk um I noticed
[38:43] that there are two very separate
[38:44] communities in pvp and PVE
[38:46] em and I'm wondering if there are any
[38:48] plans on the horizon to maybe encourage
[38:50] more cross-disciplinary play to
[38:52] encourage ppm is to start PvP and vice
[38:55] versa certainly we've tried this in the
[38:58] past like things are simple as sticking
[39:01] a boss in the wilderness and it worked
[39:05] provided we don't have a new awesome
[39:07] boss to come out because when the new
[39:09] boss comes out there were like yeah yeah
[39:10] we won this and we don't want the pvm us
[39:13] to feel forced into pvp because they
[39:15] love pvm and if you just Chuck's some
[39:18] resistance but in there you know we get
[39:20] a great update go a bit sour we do we
[39:24] would like you guys to PvP and it would
[39:26] be great if in between killing the
[39:28] bosses you know you killed time as PvP
[39:30] but we're not going to force pvm as to
[39:32] do pvp we want you two guys to play the
[39:35] way you like to play okay so I've got a
[39:39] two part question in in dark scape
[39:44] wilderness is a bit different you've got
[39:46] the mini-map fading out you've sort of
[39:48] haven't got far ahead that you can see
[39:50] will that ever be coming in to RS free
[39:52] at all or if I a dark scope on with
[39:55] feature at the moment is definitely add
[39:58] artscape only feature we're when we made
[40:00] that skate we really wanted we look like
[40:02] the wilderness encompasses PvP in
[40:05] runescape you know it's a really iconic
[40:07] place and in darts gate we didn't want
[40:08] to lose that so we took the wilderness
[40:11] and we kind of dialed it up a little bit
[40:12] we hid your mini-map you can't see the
[40:14] white dots anymore and we pulled in the
[40:16] fog and made it like darker to make it a
[40:18] lot more tense and a lot more scary with
[40:20] regards to seeing it in the main game I
[40:22] don't think we would because it's
[40:24] already got that feeling the main game
[40:25] because it's so different to the rest of
[40:27] the game and also it kind of gives darts
[40:29] cape it's it's feel one of the things
[40:32] about dark scape is that because it's so
[40:35] separate from the main game it means we
[40:36] can do like really drastic crazy things
[40:38] in it like all the things you were
[40:39] talking about earlier so the things that
[40:42] happen in dark scape won't necessarily
[40:43] transfer over to RS 3 and yeah that just
[40:46] allows us to do lots more things with a
[40:48] dice game and react quicker to your
[40:49] feedback and then the second
[40:50] up to the questionnaires me and his
[40:54] lordship were talking about this last
[40:56] year at runefest and we were sort of
[40:58] saying that back in the day room rocks
[41:01] and wilderness all quite commonly
[41:02] visited but now you can pretty much find
[41:05] it anywhere and we're just checking an
[41:08] idea around about a dynamic skill in
[41:10] location so I'm like a skill and plot
[41:13] that changes locations throughout the
[41:14] wilderness so the PK is it makes the PKS
[41:18] work harder but it also provides a bit
[41:21] of safeguarding for the skillet but you
[41:23] can tighten them into wilderness surfing
[41:25] we've actually talked about things like
[41:26] this before we've got we've got a ton of
[41:28] ideas that we want to implement into the
[41:31] wilderness it might be a little while
[41:32] before we get round to implementing
[41:34] things like that but that's like
[41:35] definitely a great idea something that
[41:37] we want to do as well and yet implement
[41:39] tons of other cool things as well okay
[41:42] we got any more hands any more questions
[41:44] yeah I've got one here at the moment
[41:46] tally blocks and entangles have got a
[41:48] shorter attack range than ability
[41:49] casting spells in the wilderness so you
[41:51] can be casting a stun but you can't tell
[41:54] you block them so it's out of range and
[41:55] it just says you can't reach that the
[41:57] only plan to like change that so pvp
[41:59] will be a lot more fluid one second do
[42:02] you like that you guys like the new pipe
[42:04] out by the way it's pretty sweet so what
[42:07] you're witnessing right here is a fix by
[42:11] a ninja going into the pipe ad so yes we
[42:14] will fix it two more questions guys okay
[42:21] would you ever be graphically updating
[42:24] corpore decays because I know a lot of
[42:26] people think it's not the Black Knight
[42:27] tight end them they don't need to be
[42:29] updated decays decays are awesome I know
[42:32] they look really bad hopefully one day
[42:35] we'll graphically update them maybe make
[42:38] the fight a bit better rather than them
[42:41] just hitting you with one combat style
[42:43] at a time and maybe even update the job
[42:45] tables but there's no plans for it
[42:47] really at the moment the thing is about
[42:49] about things like that is like the black
[42:51] knights iron if we're going to
[42:53] graphically update anything we'll make
[42:54] sure we asked you guys first if you
[42:56] really disagree with it you don't want
[42:58] us to gruffly update it we can leave it
[42:59] so we'll only do that if you guys
[43:01] alright with it my favorite thing about
[43:03] dad Kings is when we did the Christmas
[43:05] update where he put Santa hats on them
[43:06] we like quadrupled the number of Polly's
[43:10] on them that's how old those are like
[43:14] final question as I'm saw like lots of
[43:18] people would agree with me and the
[43:21] threshold for bombing and of it is that
[43:23] we're going to become a thing or not no
[43:25] really stop got it fair enough shut down
[43:31] okay that's a pretty quick question and
[43:33] we got any others maybe one more near
[43:36] the middle of the front right at the
[43:37] back right the back then okay last
[43:41] question yeah will we ever be able to
[43:45] fight gods ooh that's more of a long
[43:50] question really I don't see players ever
[43:55] getting as powerful as the gods are in
[43:57] order to fight them but I mean we've
[43:59] kind of for God's in the way that you
[44:01] fought against tuska kind of and we'll
[44:04] have more things like that probably but
[44:06] I would never see the player going
[44:09] toe-to-toe with the gods of one-on-one
[44:10] maybe it's some sort of shadow with a
[44:12] colossus style fight but yeah we got
[44:14] nothing plan for getting powerful enough
[44:16] to take down God's yet okay so let's go
[44:19] do it for all the questions if you've
[44:20] got any more definitely come and see us
[44:21] we're going to be equipped we're gonna
[44:23] be walking around you can tweet us I
[44:25] think our Twitter's are still up there
[44:26] yep so definitely do that we've been the
[44:29] combat cancel and enjoy the rest of your
[44:31] room first thank you very much