Transcript of RuneScape - RuneFest 2015 - Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:14] welcome back everybody last year at room
[00:18] fest we announced Chronicle it was our
[00:21] take on a runescape e card collection
[00:24] game a strategy card game that was
[00:26] something that we let players play at a
[00:28] very early stage for the past 12 months
[00:31] the team working on Chronicle have been
[00:33] trying everything they can to make sure
[00:35] that the game is really compelling is
[00:38] easy to pick up but is also something
[00:39] you can't stop playing and to bring you
[00:42] through everything that they've done in
[00:43] the past year I'm going to bring mod
[00:45] that Jim and mod Fox 30 up to the stage
[00:48] can you please give them a shout hi guys
[01:06] yep make a rude fest that's what we like
[01:10] to hear so we did this last year I want
[01:12] everyone after three to give me a
[01:14] massive room fest okay one two three
[01:19] nice the best that's the best could we
[01:22] try the chronicle name maybe yeah we
[01:24] could do chronicles photometer can you
[01:26] shout chronicle after three one two
[01:29] three that's more like that's awesome
[01:34] that's my face before we start we just
[01:37] got a little teaser we want to play for
[01:38] the kind of what you're about to see
[01:41] today so I think we've been played out
[01:42] on the screens that'll be awesome
[01:47] oh it's free cahors it so that's just a
[02:10] start so to get kicked off what we want
[02:12] to do is have a little think back to
[02:15] last year we're so proud to be here
[02:17] again but it's been a long time since
[02:19] since we're here before and what we want
[02:22] to do is take you through what we've
[02:23] been up to over the past year how the
[02:25] game's changed and also give you an
[02:27] insight into what we're going to be
[02:29] doing in the future so Pete's going to
[02:31] take us through what chronically is for
[02:32] those of you that don't know hi yeah so
[02:35] we were here last year with Chronicle
[02:36] which was fantastic and some of you
[02:38] awesome people would have already played
[02:39] it but we have been very busy and I
[02:42] wasn't just want to kind of recap a
[02:44] little bit as to where Chronicle came
[02:45] from because to some of you might be
[02:46] quite new um so in the office like a
[02:49] drug X in Cambridge and the team who met
[02:51] Chronicle we're all very big card game
[02:54] and board game fans and we wanted to
[02:55] make something more than anything really
[02:57] it's a kind of but please ourselves
[02:59] really and kind of make something fun
[03:01] that we would find read really awesome
[03:02] we wanted to think knew we wanted to the
[03:04] exciting and we thought well what what
[03:06] better universe what better world kind
[03:09] of connect that to than the world of
[03:10] runescape the magnificent massive world
[03:13] of runescape and so we decided that we
[03:16] wanted to take that amazing content that
[03:19] fantastic content and really shape our
[03:21] our new card game around it and so from
[03:25] law from characters and items from
[03:28] locations we've tried to fold it all
[03:30] into this card game which we hope that
[03:32] you guys will absolutely love playing
[03:35] fantastic so one of the things we find
[03:38] really passionate about the way we've
[03:40] built Chronicle we've had a really kind
[03:42] of strong Philip philosophy throughout
[03:44] the development project is to keep
[03:46] things fresh keep things always moving
[03:48] always iterating we've been playing test
[03:50] in the game with you guys last year at
[03:52] riverfest we've been taking it to
[03:53] different events and that's been
[03:54] fantastic and every week every day the
[03:57] game is always changing we're always
[03:59] committed to making changes
[04:00] make the game better and one the ways
[04:02] we've been doing that is through tiny
[04:04] tiny bits of iteration and one the cool
[04:06] cool ways we can kind of try and show
[04:08] that to you today is by a little video
[04:10] which shows you kind of how the game
[04:12] progresses this might be something you
[04:13] haven't seen before but we want to show
[04:15] off today that he's going to talk
[04:16] through how that how that looks so we
[04:18] roll the progression of our project okay
[04:21] so this is Chronicle but not really so
[04:25] this is a but this is like an insight is
[04:29] to US making chronicles so we have you
[04:31] can see there people flying around
[04:32] that's us that's developers moving
[04:34] around in digital space creating files
[04:36] create an asset creating content and
[04:39] putting Chronicle together and it's
[04:41] really really cool kind of Spacey
[04:42] visualization I think probably see yeah
[04:44] there's Jim kind of messing things up
[04:46] breaking things a little bit yeah pretty
[04:49] hot iron over yet Ryan's in there as
[04:51] well and this is this is basically a
[04:53] moment-by-moment view of exactly how
[04:56] Chronicle has been built over the last
[04:58] 12 months now it's a really really
[04:59] fantastic little insight luckily the
[05:02] actual game looks a lot better than this
[05:05] but this is a fantastic little montage
[05:08] speaking of montages absolutely so
[05:11] whilst this is an insight into the way
[05:13] that the game has been built behind the
[05:14] scenes we wanted to show you how the
[05:17] game has changed over the past 18 months
[05:18] it's been a fantastic journey for the
[05:20] development team we want to give you a
[05:22] little slice of that with this
[05:23] fantastical montage
[06:25] I was awesome it's really good oh yeah
[06:36] we should make one of those every week
[06:37] definitely yes he actually made that the
[06:39] other day it was awesome um that shows
[06:42] where we've come from and how far we've
[06:45] come but I think it's really important
[06:46] now to kind of show you a lot of you
[06:48] have played the game today but we want
[06:50] to show something really special now we
[06:51] want to show you how we want to
[06:53] represent the game today so I'm really
[06:55] proud to say and he's really proud to
[06:57] say this is Chronicle runescape legends
[06:59] and this is our new trailer
[07:14] deep within the whole legends lies a
[07:18] book a tone of great night our twin
[07:24] stories to life this is
[07:38] my
[07:55] the show
[08:06] ok
[08:36] crap runescape legends thanks folks we
[08:54] were so excited and so happy to be able
[08:56] to have to show you that trailer here
[08:57] today at runefest and just ending here
[09:00] on this little piece of artwork here
[09:01] which we feel really embodies everything
[09:03] Chronicle is absolutely and chronicle is
[09:05] very much a true love letter to the
[09:08] world of runescape and to Gillen or but
[09:10] what we really should do is have a look
[09:12] at how it works and the legends inside
[09:15] the game let's go and look at that gym
[09:17] that sound let's have a look have a look
[09:20] at legends so I think the best place to
[09:21] start is is the legends themselves so
[09:23] we've captured some of the greatest
[09:25] characters from from all over gillan or
[09:27] and put them into our game Chronicle
[09:29] what we wanted to do with these
[09:31] character is have them embody a
[09:33] different aspect of gameplay within the
[09:35] game so what we're going to do is take a
[09:36] little look through each one of the
[09:38] characters and see what they represent
[09:39] the first we have on the left there is
[09:41] oohs and ahhs ants very much focused
[09:43] around gold within the game it's a core
[09:44] mechanic and it's something that he can
[09:46] play around with to his heart's content
[09:48] next is arianne Arianne's card focus
[09:51] strong magic and ability to push her
[09:54] player to the opponents of limits is
[09:56] incredible to play with next up is a
[09:59] raptor erupted his massive hulking armor
[10:01] and powerful attacks are really
[10:03] important in taking down your rival and
[10:05] then finally Linzer whose abilities as a
[10:07] blacksmith make her weapon based attacks
[10:09] absolutely incredible to play with so we
[10:11] can taking a little bit look through
[10:13] each one of those in a little bit more
[10:14] detail first of all arion cool so airy
[10:18] on our mage she has a really unique
[10:22] power which is the fact that she can
[10:24] take the number of cards in our hand and
[10:26] really kind of turn that into some
[10:27] really awesome magical damage and as we
[10:30] can see here we've got four cards lets
[10:32] us have a look at those and step through
[10:33] them a little bit so we kick off with a
[10:35] combat academy which the price of its
[10:37] changed recently unfortunately so
[10:39] it's a little bit more expensive there's
[10:41] a little bit of a balanced injury isn't
[10:42] yeah we were tweaking things but in this
[10:45] case we're talking about a card which
[10:47] gives arianna weapon now you're thinking
[10:49] to yourself well why would she want a
[10:50] weapon she's a mage right and sure
[10:52] enough along comes alchemy and alchemy
[10:55] you'll spend it turns that weapon into
[10:57] gold so she takes a weapon she goes I
[10:58] don't want that i want gold out of this
[11:00] thing so she transforms his weapon into
[11:02] gold and then coming along to the wizard
[11:05] mind bomb she loses two health but she
[11:07] draws three cars and this is it is
[11:09] Ariana this is her gaining more cars
[11:11] which then along with our final final
[11:14] card earth wave will be able to
[11:16] transform into a massive amount of
[11:18] magical damage which you know in most
[11:21] cases can outright just win the game
[11:22] she's that powerful fantastic so all of
[11:25] this wraps into our kind of gameplay
[11:28] mechanics which is really really combo
[11:30] focused and now we're onto ozan who
[11:31] again exhibits combos in every single
[11:34] game we play so focusing on four cars in
[11:36] every single game you're going to play
[11:37] them step by step and the legends going
[11:40] to go eat through each one so we start
[11:42] off here you can see oh sounds goal
[11:44] focus picking up free gold along the way
[11:46] taking a little bit towards our
[11:48] opponents as well but again we're
[11:50] keeping that gold golden come up so we
[11:52] can paling the assassin at the end of
[11:53] the game there and that that goal we can
[11:55] then convert into damage direct to our
[11:57] rival so to keep them focused on all of
[11:59] those different mechanics that build
[12:01] into great combos which are really
[12:03] really easy to do with in the game and
[12:05] that's really important to the way
[12:06] Chronicle place so here's one legend who
[12:09] does really like weaponry and it's Linda
[12:12] so Lindsay are one of the greatest
[12:15] blacksmiths and Smith's around she is
[12:18] unmatched when it comes to upgrading the
[12:20] weapons that she can get within
[12:21] Chronicle to our first car the Ice
[12:23] Warrior she takes it down with Reds of
[12:25] the ease she gets a weapon out of it she
[12:27] can use that weapon to then completely
[12:29] destroy this troll trucker which will
[12:31] throw some damage over to the opponent
[12:33] but then really now starting to play
[12:35] into lyndz's special skills we have the
[12:38] artisans workshop so she takes her
[12:39] weapon and she goes I'm going to make
[12:41] that even stronger so she increases the
[12:43] durability on it and then she decides
[12:45] but actually what would happen if I just
[12:46] threw that weapon at somebody and so she
[12:49] hurls a weapon and she does massive
[12:51] amount of damage based on
[12:53] the amount of durability she has so
[12:54] there's Linda she can upgrade weapons
[12:56] and she can do unmatched things with
[12:58] them fantastic so you can see there the
[13:01] way that you have to keep thinking
[13:03] mathematically about the ways your
[13:04] attacks are going to play out and that
[13:05] plays into the raptor as well so we
[13:07] mentioned obviously before that his
[13:09] armor focus and focus on building that
[13:12] armor up and using it to his advantage
[13:13] it doesn't always need to soak up damage
[13:16] with it you can actually use it as a
[13:17] weapon itself because so we can see here
[13:19] then using the fog cauldron we can get
[13:21] some golden a little bit of armor
[13:22] sacrifice a bit of health but we can use
[13:24] that to then destroy our next card so we
[13:26] see the cork beast there we can take
[13:28] that down in one here something you can
[13:30] do probably doing rescale but it's
[13:32] something you can do in Chronicles so
[13:33] taking that down means that we will also
[13:36] pick up a bunch of armor related to our
[13:38] health which is then someone we can
[13:39] smash our opponent with with the cannon
[13:41] which is awesome cool so that is just a
[13:45] real short look into only a few cards
[13:48] that exists within Chronicle but there
[13:50] are hundreds there are hundreds of cards
[13:52] which are already in Chronicle with
[13:54] unique effects unique stats all waiting
[13:57] to go and ready to be put into decks
[13:59] from you know Jubilee birds to virago
[14:02] we've got cabbages to party hats we've
[14:05] tried to also pick out some of the most
[14:07] iconic bits of content and khanak
[14:09] characters which we hope you guys would
[14:11] appreciate and recognize and really love
[14:14] to play with we want to know more so if
[14:16] you do if you have any ideas if you see
[14:18] anything in the game today that you want
[14:20] to have things you want to play with
[14:22] make sure you come and tell us tell us
[14:24] on the forum to tell us here and we'll
[14:26] have we make sure we get those into the
[14:27] game so one of the biggest aspects that
[14:29] we've done as well as the cards and the
[14:32] legends is exploring a new type of
[14:34] Gillen or we're bringing all the iconic
[14:36] places from gilmore to life in new and
[14:38] interesting ways all of the game is
[14:41] presented through this amazing book The
[14:43] Chronicle and each each time you turn
[14:45] the page it brings to life a new part of
[14:47] the world of runescape and Gillen or so
[14:50] we're going to take a little step
[14:51] through a couple of those one of them
[14:53] first of all is the karidian desert
[14:59] I think this is your part again it's my
[15:03] site ok so the first one is the Dominion
[15:06] tower what we want to show up here is
[15:07] also the way that the game cards
[15:09] interact with the worlds that we're
[15:10] delivering so the first one we're seeing
[15:12] here is Dominion tower what we wanted to
[15:14] do is also on top of the iconic location
[15:17] there we want to make sure that we'd
[15:18] providing gameplay with each location
[15:20] you come across and with doing this
[15:22] through the idea of page cards so once
[15:24] you come to a new page you're going to
[15:26] get a special card that goes along with
[15:27] it which we hope ties into the law and
[15:29] the kind of gameplay mechanics of the
[15:31] actual area within rinse cape so here
[15:33] we're like leaning on the kind of
[15:34] enemies of runescape and the the
[15:36] struggles that you're faced with in the
[15:37] Dominion tower itself and we can buff we
[15:40] can buff the enemies that you're coming
[15:42] up against and make sure that you're
[15:43] going to be losing health against those
[15:44] so we've got really interesting cars
[15:46] there next on the path is how much get
[15:49] ruined 60 definitely my pyramid you
[15:50] gotta pronounce that there no um so yeah
[15:55] we're carrying on through the comedian
[15:56] desert and we come to the pyramid and
[15:58] the pyramid bestows on us a fantastic
[15:59] card which is rivals next enemy loses
[16:03] two health which doesn't sound so good
[16:05] but it Awards us for four gold so the
[16:07] idea is that we can be very generous if
[16:10] we want to be to arrival but we can get
[16:13] something out of it as well and I think
[16:15] it's time we may be left the desert why
[16:17] don't we go some a bit more it's been
[16:19] hot especially in these lights it'll be
[16:20] the time so next we're going to go to
[16:22] miss Lin so these are the first two
[16:24] regions that we'll be exploring within
[16:25] Chronicle is more to come we'll talk
[16:27] about those a little bit later on so the
[16:29] first one will come across as leverage
[16:30] fields so the beautiful pastures and
[16:32] verdant lands outside of saw the lovely
[16:34] town of lumbridge we're exploring here
[16:36] so bringing you the your whim well in
[16:39] all its glory again showing you a little
[16:41] bit of gameplay associated with that but
[16:43] many thing here is trying to recreate
[16:45] some of the wonderful places that we see
[16:46] a memory scaping in kind of fascinating
[16:48] new ways and it looks fantastic in game
[16:50] as well where'd you get have a little
[16:52] try as well so next up we've got the
[16:54] wizards tower the wizards tower this is
[16:56] our last stop on our quick will win tour
[16:58] gyllenhaal and and the business how
[17:01] bestow is on us a very very powerful
[17:03] card now the way Chronicle works is that
[17:05] each of our legends has her own cards
[17:07] which no one else can use part from when
[17:09] this card is played at a random spell
[17:11] into your hand
[17:12] means that a character like wrapped or
[17:14] Linzer can all of a sudden get access to
[17:17] cars which may be arion only has access
[17:19] to normally and all of a sudden Raptors
[17:22] the one who becomes a spellcaster all of
[17:23] a sudden this is an amazing card and it
[17:26] can easily turn the tide of a game Opie
[17:29] Opie well yeah well balance it when we
[17:32] get back res awesome so whilst we've
[17:35] seen kind of a little snapshot there
[17:36] some of you might have played the game
[17:38] and some of you at home it definitely
[17:39] haven't played the game what we want to
[17:41] do is give you a proper insight into how
[17:43] chronicles playing right now today at
[17:45] runefest and also what you'll get a
[17:47] chance to play at home when we talk
[17:49] about it a little bit later on so what I
[17:51] want to do today is introduced a couple
[17:53] of our developers we've got our QA team
[17:56] down the corner here they can't see them
[17:58] at the moment but they're ready for a
[18:00] quick game of chronicle we're going to
[18:01] play live on stage at moonfest i think
[18:03] it's one of the first time to play game
[18:04] live on stage exciting as well so gonna
[18:08] happen so prepared for everything to go
[18:09] wrong now so the guys are ready and what
[18:12] I'm also going to do is introduce one of
[18:14] our someone who's very special to our
[18:18] hearts he's going to be talking through
[18:20] the game and seem talking through what
[18:22] you're going to be seeing on screen as
[18:23] well so like to introduce mod merchant
[18:25] Randall Claus is his first moon fest hi
[18:30] hello how's it going it's not so bad
[18:33] it's fantastic it's lovely how you guys
[18:35] doing brilliant brilliant I always want
[18:39] to do that as awesome knows what we get
[18:41] to shout Chronicle again I quite like a
[18:42] short chronicle could we can we do that
[18:44] again this year it's a special moment my
[18:46] name is Rico three two one amazing you
[18:52] guys are the best right so are we are we
[18:55] ready to go first our first live ever
[18:59] staged game of chronicle well these guys
[19:02] have met before actually having they
[19:05] have AA and now who won who won last
[19:08] time I think it was Tyrone Barry okay
[19:12] but we're hoping that doesn't happen
[19:14] again well oh and the support lines have
[19:19] been drawn yeah are they ready yep
[19:26] okay so we can yes yes I can see on
[19:31] these magical monitors we got them
[19:33] unscrew the side we have we have the
[19:35] game in progress in the same feed it's
[19:37] the same food okay so we have more
[19:39] deadly vs yep yeah unfortunately don't
[19:48] have it down here is gonna be like here
[19:52] strangely around the corner and try and
[19:54] comment 8 exactly what you guys have
[19:56] seen we might have to jump off the
[19:58] soldiers resort oh maybe maybe slightly
[20:00] slightly much all safe like reporter
[20:02] wouldn't you know actually break our
[20:04] necks and do so there we go let's go
[20:06] matter okay cool so we're in we're in
[20:09] lumbridge fields how nice this is a nice
[20:12] place to start right it's been a wetsuit
[20:13] we're seeing deadlies hand at the moment
[20:15] daddy's gonna be playing the raptor yeah
[20:17] and we have yet raptor versus arion yeah
[20:20] we have to run though on Ariana's
[20:22] raptors very popular character or up
[20:25] today i think people are really going
[20:26] for the tanky wraps or approach okay so
[20:29] at the start the game you get drawn
[20:31] handle card and we have a moment there
[20:33] just to kind of replace them if you wish
[20:34] um and finish now waiting for one of
[20:42] them to accept their hand of cards there
[20:44] we go we're in the brilliant fantastic
[20:46] and so this is numbered fields and we
[20:49] have a four slots which we which the
[20:52] guys can actually choose to play the
[20:54] card we have geeker we've got wind
[20:55] strike which is a fantastic card zero
[20:57] cost does actually cost anything
[20:58] whatsoever brant it's just totally free
[21:00] and it does damage over to the arrival I
[21:02] mean this is a no-brainer I've got sort
[21:04] of a signature Avari on this sort of
[21:06] like quick and fast cheap damage yeah
[21:08] yeah and then the geek the geek Oh as
[21:10] well I moved over we've gone over to
[21:12] deadly yep what's more deadly plane
[21:16] we've got skeleton warriors we've got oh
[21:18] the KGB agent my favorite my personal
[21:21] favorite is the KGB agent I mean that's
[21:23] a classic Raptor card it trades some of
[21:25] your hand which is so important to
[21:26] Raptor for some base damage yeah i mean
[21:29] i just love the penguin with a tie on
[21:31] personally I think it's amazing i'm just
[21:33] gonna go over here as well I thought
[21:34] maybe
[21:35] yeah it's fantastic okay so the guys
[21:39] have chosen the cards here we go let's
[21:41] do is going on so every on strikes first
[21:43] she throws some damage over to Raptor
[21:46] who then plows into that skeletal
[21:48] warrior get some gold out of it yeah
[21:50] this bruton's gonna be a problem for
[21:51] Ariane here because she's not gonna be
[21:53] able to afford that geeker that's true
[21:56] here comes at birth so Raptors now just
[22:00] increased the cost of aryans next card
[22:02] so that car which was free all of a
[22:04] sudden Arianna's completely stopped in a
[22:07] path and she can't actually afford that
[22:09] anymore which means the weapon that she
[22:11] was hoping to get is no longer there
[22:12] yeah we see Raptor building his stats
[22:14] quite nicely here I mean iphone Raptors
[22:16] a lot about building up your starts
[22:18] early on to get that early damage so
[22:20] it's looking good for rapture at the
[22:22] moment you think so he's on 20 health
[22:24] he's got five over those three damage
[22:26] I'm not so sure moving on we're moving
[22:30] into the second chapter so we've got
[22:31] five chapters in the game this is number
[22:33] two and we're in the grand exchange are
[22:38] we see really up so we've got a diamond
[22:39] card oh well yeah I'll be the first to
[22:41] see if that comes into play
[22:45] good luck on button yep that's the play
[22:48] I would do that's that's a classic yeah
[22:54] yeah so we're gonna feel as a was
[22:57] touched on earlier rounds all about hand
[22:58] size and so that wizard mind bomb you
[23:00] trained off some of your gold in your
[23:01] health but it's a huge benefit to your
[23:03] hand size I mean three cards for two
[23:05] health is a very good trade yep we can
[23:08] see the earth blast is their lingering
[23:10] in the hand waiting to be played it
[23:12] can't be played just yet because the
[23:14] area doesn't have enough gold at this
[23:16] point in time yeah I mean yobs dog was
[23:18] your goal but with two gold you could
[23:20] argue it's not really worth yeah it's
[23:25] going yes I'm seeing some more classic
[23:27] start building from raptor in the
[23:29] background there you cease trading off
[23:30] some of this health on that boys brawler
[23:32] for even more armored attack so the
[23:35] Raptors really now playing into his
[23:37] strength and that is gaining armor he's
[23:39] becoming tougher and tougher so any and
[23:40] he damaged that arion wants to send his
[23:43] way it's just gonna be absorbed by this
[23:45] massive amount of armor before even
[23:47] touches his health yeah and that this
[23:50] preserves him all the way to the end of
[23:52] the of the fifth chapter however Ariane
[23:54] can deal direct health damage so he's
[23:56] got a low health where it's only nine
[24:02] the cards been drawn there in two wraps
[24:05] his hand now not every slot need to be
[24:09] filled of cards and that's an
[24:10] interesting as an interesting tactic you
[24:12] itself sometimes actually not playing
[24:13] cards is absolutely fine yes I really
[24:16] need size is so key sometimes leaving an
[24:18] open road can actually be greatly
[24:19] beneficial okay so we look at the
[24:22] Raptors hand now what we got we've got a
[24:23] bit of a lemoore asain who's in fact
[24:26] actually says lose weapon I mean you
[24:27] think they'll be a bad thing but
[24:28] actually if you don't have a weapon then
[24:30] it's totally fine
[24:33] indeed they don't see the modelers
[24:37] chamber there as well further offering
[24:39] the ability to trade off some
[24:40] survivability for damage as an ultimate
[24:47] essentially Vinicius and also an
[24:51] interesting card is to the left of the
[24:52] mornith chamber actually preparation yes
[24:55] that's a huge Raptor god this is a huge
[24:57] map to Kylie could we maybe have a look
[24:58] at that if he can go again there's a
[25:00] huge amount of gold to get in there he
[25:02] could use the nostrils the strength
[25:03] potion so so Raptor he's like I don't I
[25:06] don't really want to waste time gaining
[25:07] gold how about I just to turn a monster
[25:10] into gold yeah but again you gotta look
[25:11] it's the trade-off of survivability
[25:13] there's three health you're losing there
[25:14] and when he's drinking online isn't
[25:16] worth it without provide brawler he'd be
[25:18] on one HP if you use that feels like
[25:22] I've apt to need some health more than
[25:23] anything right now yeah I think he's
[25:25] trading off too much for starts I mean
[25:27] with our hands direct health damage he's
[25:29] putting himself in a dangerous position
[25:30] always easy ball is a ball play with
[25:32] white wolf but I suppose he's got a
[25:33] little bit of armor to just use the
[25:35] cards units the hills he knew so sorry
[25:37] Tommy do some ago ah the the double Alan
[25:41] Morison opener the double front of old
[25:44] carrot then we have the art mage now
[25:48] this is arion really again showing off
[25:50] the magical prowess by affecting
[25:52] creatures on the Raptors quest line so
[25:54] that wolf is now almost certain a lot
[25:55] stronger and a lot meaner than it was
[25:57] when they're about to put it down yeah I
[25:59] mean we're wraps is mostly concerned
[26:01] with the zone monster studies fighting
[26:02] arianne will really trip you up at any
[26:04] opportunity so like bored manipulation
[26:06] cars like that are absolutely future
[26:12] this really shows kind of a little bit
[26:15] of them the risk you have when you play
[26:17] creatures and chronicle that if you're
[26:19] up against the magical character you
[26:20] have to really kind of think about and
[26:22] bear in mind as to what abilities and
[26:24] what kind of cards are we playing
[26:25] against you and I'm trying to kind of
[26:27] pull that into your you into your
[26:29] decision-making really yeah i mean i
[26:31] think that what deadly is doing here is
[26:33] he's just gone too greedy he's saying i
[26:35] want those starts I want that damage but
[26:37] he's not realizing that his health is
[26:38] just sitting solo like yeah nine hells
[26:42] and for armor it's not looking that good
[26:44] for the Raptor and he's got that we've
[26:45] got hmm oh this is Ariane he's got my
[26:48] earth West I wonder I wonder in the
[26:50] audience at the crowd here I mean who's
[26:52] who's banking for Raptor right now he
[26:55] was adapted to win that God doesn't wrap
[26:56] to travel to enjoy very good what about
[26:58] arion okay yeah love to go I think
[27:03] you're you're in trouble well we
[27:06] shouldn't we shouldn't underestimate the
[27:07] Raptors ability to just turn the game
[27:09] around in one rateb salud no I mean he
[27:11] can convert that are burnt to hell that
[27:12] he's got all sorts of options saying
[27:14] alive in this absolutely i'll be really
[27:15] interested to see what's in his hand men
[27:21] ah there it is so be at the the Romney
[27:25] weekly yeah we got term health officer
[27:27] Romilly and job liebert and he can take
[27:29] those down with no problem it's
[27:32] fantastic and again Ali Mora sainthood
[27:34] appears yeah definitely definitely
[27:36] definitely helping us now he's quickly
[27:38] becoming his own legend in chronicles
[27:40] okay so now all of a sudden in the space
[27:45] of one card raptors now back over half
[27:48] health on to sixteen that's the problem
[27:50] he's back on high health and he's got
[27:52] that big damage she got a look inside my
[27:53] favorite car the Jimmy bird even higher
[27:57] 19 health he's actually regaining ground
[28:00] and you got to say you know what's at
[28:03] the party cap and another penguin takes
[28:10] Raptors attack damage up to six yeah I
[28:13] mean you gotta look at these attacks and
[28:14] so if Ariane can't kill him before the
[28:16] final fight this is only gonna go one
[28:18] more this is this is the final chapter
[28:20] now this is the fifth chapter now at the
[28:22] end of this captive neither one of those
[28:23] legends is dead then they will fight it
[28:26] out at the end and I just know II that's
[28:28] really an end goal for out too I mean he
[28:30] really wants use that big damage just
[28:32] batterers opponent it won't end well
[28:33] ferry on if it goes strike rival toys
[28:36] that's a huge amount of damage right but
[28:37] she has 12 gold maybe they're like an
[28:39] earth blaster baby there could be
[28:41] something big coming and you know Raptor
[28:43] just has to hope that isn't the case
[28:44] well actually what what what the
[28:46] single-car been played yeah I mean so
[28:48] this is amazing maximum hand size and
[28:50] order steals much down which is possible
[28:52] it's a blast so this is going to be
[28:53] devastating this is arion basically
[28:55] holding cards back all is rosy Rose is
[28:59] over a ghost Oh is the second car going
[29:00] down but she's gonna count the number of
[29:04] cards in how how many cards is that
[29:05] that's like eight I that's it so that's
[29:07] a $16 16 damage card which is gonna put
[29:10] router on 7 HP so it's gonna be very
[29:13] close
[29:16] so the earth blast is powered up hey
[29:19] girl goes down and a lot of damage going
[29:24] across Raptors now on seven yo what
[29:27] health last round they go there's a
[29:30] restore potion coming in that's a bit of
[29:32] survivability are those faces good about
[29:42] to kill him he's got no Oliver he's got
[29:44] no mother actually took his office that
[29:46] earth blast took all of his arm and he
[29:48] didn't gain any more but that was a good
[29:50] now is the Raptor guy is gonna
[29:51] work Oh damage Oh is kind of a foregone
[30:01] conclusion now it's the base damage you
[30:03] can't over call him Raptor wins and
[30:05] rasmus branch armies one fun would maybe
[30:12] your chest gets tough fantastic guys
[30:16] what did everyone think of that also
[30:20] this is emergent have another run balls
[30:23] over mud merchan more deadly and mondo
[30:33] awesome thanks guys I was great
[30:35] absolutely brilliant so what you've seen
[30:38] today is what Chronicle is today what
[30:40] you can play out in the in the room over
[30:42] there is exactly the same as what you've
[30:44] seen today which is absolutely fantastic
[30:46] but that's where we've come from that's
[30:48] how far we've gone and what we want to
[30:50] do now is start to talk about what you
[30:52] can hope to see in the future and also a
[30:55] little hint up to when you get to play
[30:57] the game next as well cool so as you can
[31:02] see we've got a pretty solid gameplay at
[31:03] the moment we've got a pvp style affair
[31:05] we can plan against AI we can play
[31:07] against other players but we built
[31:10] Chronicle in over the course of time as
[31:14] we've been building Chronicle we've
[31:14] always had new ideas about what kind of
[31:16] game modes but I put in here and even
[31:18] though we think that what we have is
[31:20] really exciting and can i gets the
[31:22] adrenaline really going at times and
[31:23] that maybe people and players alike and
[31:26] looking for other experiences and those
[31:29] are things that we can offer in
[31:30] Chronicle so it maybe it's trying to
[31:33] avoid a certain trap maybe it's a
[31:35] certain enemy that need to be defeated
[31:36] like bill Iraq here you can see in the M
[31:39] in the artwork or maybe it's like
[31:41] challenges where you have targets of
[31:43] gold to reach before you can claim
[31:44] success on your quest these are modes
[31:48] and challenges that we know can work and
[31:50] we are going to explore about adding
[31:52] those into Chronicle to create a really
[31:53] diverse opportunity to experience and
[31:56] get excited in many different ways one
[31:59] of those additional ways we want to
[32:00] deliver different types of content into
[32:02] the game is also through our unique
[32:04] campaign being chronicled being a
[32:06] runescape game we didn't want to just do
[32:08] things like the norm we want to deliver
[32:10] you things that you've never seen before
[32:11] so this piece of concept art gives you a
[32:14] little bit of an insight into some of
[32:16] the stuff we're doing with the campaign
[32:17] for the game it's not a simple set of
[32:19] challenges or AI opponents you need to
[32:22] face what we're going to be doing is
[32:23] merging the merging of blurring the
[32:25] lines between single player and
[32:26] multiplayer experiences are delivering
[32:28] you offline progression and different
[32:30] ways of interacting with a game and it's
[32:32] something we're really really excited
[32:33] about as all I can talk about right now
[32:35] because there's some really cool stuff
[32:37] in there we haven't really seen before
[32:38] from games like this and some other
[32:40] games in the genre and it's something
[32:42] we'll we'll be talking about a lot more
[32:43] in the future so next up we're talking
[32:47] about some new legends yes absolutely so
[32:49] if you as you can always see and some of
[32:51] you already played the game here at
[32:52] runefest we have four legends at the
[32:54] moment in our game we have Raptor
[32:56] Lindsey Ariana knows an but we're not
[32:59] going to stop there we're going to keep
[33:00] adding more more exciting new legends
[33:02] who will come with their own unique
[33:03] mechanics a unique ways of interacting
[33:05] with each other and their own unique
[33:07] cards now they'll be coming into pairs
[33:09] and bringing like I say exciting new
[33:13] ways of playing colorful with them and
[33:15] so let's have a look at the first yeah
[33:17] absolutely yeah it shows each one is
[33:20] gonna come in a pair so both of all
[33:22] items are coming here in the ninth ball
[33:25] at the violent so don't want to see more
[33:27] of a novelette cooler they're gonna
[33:29] darkness The Chronicle permanently
[33:31] aggressive
[33:33] stop those attacks Sutton the white one
[33:37] of their opponents I don't especially
[33:38] devastating Dennis Felton and also using
[33:42] monsters and ways you haven't been seen
[33:44] before so literally turning together
[33:46] mobs using solar based activities with
[33:48] more van and also using vampiric powers
[33:51] of the nests cuter to take down your
[33:53] opponent all of these will inject new
[33:54] and exciting cards into the game look
[33:56] both these characters will wield but
[33:58] also our existing legends will be able
[34:00] to use as well packaged with these will
[34:02] be also new environments which will take
[34:04] a little bit look at later on as well so
[34:06] next up is to that we don't really want
[34:08] to talk too much about yeah so we're
[34:11] going to keep this little bit secret for
[34:12] a while longer but we have planned to
[34:15] more legends and a mechanic which well
[34:19] the word rebirth really kind of sums it
[34:21] up a little bit about where as we had
[34:22] death and destruction before we're
[34:24] talking about the giving of life and the
[34:26] bringing back of things which will exist
[34:30] not only in the cards which can package
[34:32] these legends but you know might also
[34:33] represent the legends themselves that's
[34:35] something for you guys to think about
[34:37] for a little while longer some people
[34:40] get it some people are gonna guess who
[34:41] they are so as I mentioned before each
[34:44] one of the new packs that we release
[34:46] with new legends will also come with new
[34:47] regions now these will be completely
[34:49] free with the game as well and what we
[34:51] wanted to do is explore more much more
[34:52] of Gillen or and as part of that we
[34:55] wanted to do two more regions so the
[34:57] first one is mauritania indeed so the
[35:00] dark gloomy swamps and mists of
[35:03] Mauritania we will be portrayed upon a
[35:06] magical Chronicle book and as you work
[35:08] your way through the Barrows ended up
[35:10] eventually into the Slayers tower I
[35:12] believe will be our final destination
[35:14] absolutely next on our tour will be the
[35:16] wilderness so the darkness really comes
[35:19] to life here with hot magma flowing
[35:21] through the rocky rocky creaks and
[35:23] cracks also we're going to be bringing
[35:25] the snow of Gillen or as well all of the
[35:28] different mountain ranges that we have
[35:29] within the game these are going to be
[35:30] represented here in Chronicle as well so
[35:33] one of the things we wanted to talk
[35:35] about as well that some of you have also
[35:37] tried out is chronicling VR how amazing
[35:39] is this so we actually have Chronicle
[35:41] working already on oculus rift let's hit
[35:43] runefest right down you should come into
[35:45] our room and try it out if you
[35:46] we played it not actually not only do we
[35:49] have one version we've got two versions
[35:51] of Chronicle on it we can't get enough
[35:53] just more PR all of the video all of the
[35:56] VR is fantastic definitely come and
[35:58] check it out fantastic we're really
[36:00] excited about what Chronicle can be
[36:01] inside VR we're really excited about
[36:04] what it means for the world of
[36:05] Gyllenhaal to be able to see it from a
[36:07] fundamentally different viewpoint it's
[36:09] going to be amazing so we've seen the
[36:11] trailer which seems from gameplay we've
[36:13] seen some really cool artwork and things
[36:15] but what we really want to know is when
[36:18] we're actually going to get to play it
[36:19] imean pizzas on this stage or stage over
[36:22] there last year and we said that the
[36:23] game was to be out in 2015 and you know
[36:27] we don't want to break our promise we
[36:28] don't break promises didn't break
[36:30] promises it's just rude so what we are
[36:32] really really proud to say here today on
[36:34] behalf of the entire Chronicle team is
[36:35] that on PC in November you're gonna get
[36:39] your hands on the closed beta 0
[36:41] Chronicle risky legend yes
[36:46] so from now you can go to RS chronicle
[36:49] com sign up for the beta and in November
[36:53] you'll be able to log in and play we're
[36:55] so so excited to be sharing the game
[36:57] with you you'll be able to use your
[36:58] runescape account we just need you to
[36:59] sign up on there and we'll give you a
[37:01] key and it's going to be really really
[37:03] exciting everything you've seen here
[37:04] today you're going to get to play at
[37:06] home on PC in November as well as all of
[37:09] the new features were going to be
[37:10] putting in over the next couple of weeks
[37:12] so we're really really excited about
[37:14] that I'm not so excited to see my rank
[37:16] slowly dropping absolutely absolutely in
[37:18] my beaten so many times these guys are
[37:20] gonna be better than us and so that kind
[37:23] of brings us to the end of our
[37:25] presentation and we really really hope
[37:27] you've had a good time seeing Chronicle
[37:29] we've had a pleasure being up here
[37:30] showing it although the guys have really
[37:32] enjoyed it we having a fantastic time in
[37:34] our room please come and check it out as
[37:36] we've already said we've got Chronicle
[37:37] in VR we've got massive touch screen
[37:39] versions of the games that you can play
[37:40] giving a little hint as to what's to
[37:42] come for the future of Chronicle and
[37:44] also the game on PC which we'll get to
[37:45] play in November and the world's
[37:48] comfiest chairs they're fantastically
[37:49] comfy amazing so do you remember go to
[37:53] RS chronicle com sign up for the
[37:54] photometer and also follow us on twitter
[37:57] as well one of the best things I think
[37:59] we find is well with Chronicle is that
[38:01] it's such a great second screen game as
[38:02] well for all you guys playing runescape
[38:04] know XP waste at all they Chronicle at
[38:07] the same time so it's fantastic as well
[38:09] so we hope to see you all playing in
[38:10] November having a great time with us
[38:12] before we go we're going to say goodbye
[38:15] but what we're going to do is leave you
[38:16] with our turn again because we like it
[38:18] so we're going to we're going to show
[38:19] you again and to everyone at home as
[38:20] well we'll be on YouTube on Monday as
[38:22] well so thank you very very much I thank
[38:25] you from P as well thank you fine thank
[38:28] you have a fantastic reinvest everyone
[38:30] and here's our trailer again
[38:35] you
[39:29] great knowledge with the power to bring
[39:32] stories to life this is going to be fun
[39:37] quiet sorceress I don't you whoreson
[39:44] left just when you your cars my cards
[39:48] against yours do not trust me calm down
[39:52] metal man let's play
[40:01] where's mine let's test that armor shall
[40:05] we just what I needed feel the Raptors
[40:11] true strength I've had it with your
[40:15] games your quest ends here
[40:45] Chronicle runescape legends