Transcript of RuneScape - RuneFest 2015 - Alan's Challenges

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] so basically what you're going to be
[00:03] doing is all the skills of challenges
[00:05] yep my last year in this ended out all
[00:09] the stewardship challenges by apparently
[00:11] like this so let's go and find the first
[00:13] guilty of challenge as I run off like a
[00:15] hunchback we entered our
[00:18] I instantly broke them at this the first
[00:22] challenge where I've got two apparently
[00:24] sick my hand for a hole in the wall of
[00:26] course I'm not allowed to use my hands
[00:27] even I broke at the handcuffs so instead
[00:29] we're using my foot so here we go there
[00:35] we go what the hell is that there's
[00:40] nothing in this one
[00:42] oh if I could it's a lack of what
[00:44] massage come on that's it come on keep
[00:48] going I think I've got the skill trip in
[00:50] my toes yes I mean I'm not specials my
[00:55] hands but I'm using it to hold it there
[00:56] we go it's so weirdly greasy one down
[00:59] let's find the next four men to be on
[01:01] the train
[01:03] that guy just said let's find the [ __ ]
[01:04] behind the tree what I'll be doing here
[01:07] we're doing a spot the difference here
[01:09] and it's quite difficult especially when
[01:11] I don't have the original picture so
[01:12] these guys here this upstanding
[01:13] gentleman I let me look at the heirs
[01:15] with them got shoes what banners we've
[01:17] got rugs with all the differences so
[01:20] many other do invention but with feet
[01:22] oh god is that I've got to try this with
[01:24] my feet yeah there are scissors involved
[01:34] just to push your truck yeah oh yeah how
[01:38] does it can you want you're gonna wash
[01:47] that new mom ok so i guess go chip
[01:55] that's like three easy hook a mega
[01:58] duckling let's go hooks and ducks ok no
[02:06] rest in either where is he what do you
[02:15] do swim here in common oh there we go so
[02:20] I don't know what else I'm supposed to
[02:21] be doing I'm a little bit lost right now
[02:23] look Andrews here and this pool as well
[02:26] how's it going closed-door up turn it up
[02:30] an old maid
[02:31] we're going to go and find the assassin
[02:34] or the stone of jazz or I also need to
[02:36] get an autograph book which I stole
[02:37] earlier on so we're going to find that
[02:40] young so what mice must be getting done
[02:43] here Oh does that count Ronald here we
[02:45] go as you earn it easy to you guys have
[02:48] got the biggest Jost job you just stand
[02:49] on what for your own workers taking
[02:50] pretty much about [ __ ] her right now
[03:04] let's find that autograph book so I find
[03:06] me Emily hands would you like an
[03:08] alternative good boy all right let's do
[03:10] this all right there we go you furnish I
[03:13] will sign that you stop I need you come
[03:16] here hello take a selfie with my uncle
[03:18] just gonna go upward facing their come
[03:20] on don't you don't talk about selfies I
[03:22] really
[03:25] the brilliant some I think there's a pen
[03:28] down here right now that you are a new
[03:31] my friend thank you very much why are
[03:34] you because I've got a google to quote
[03:36] the challenges are not actually to hand
[03:38] that's awkward well you got to do is we
[03:40] can do a rollie pollie yeah you ready oh
[03:44] god yes hey where's the assassin I
[03:53] believe the assassin is downstairs
[03:59] you assassin in that one yes he is dead
[04:04] revving it I want to recommend always
[04:07] bulge oh why thank you could you play it
[04:09] my pocket for men want to use my hands
[04:10] you see it's quite quite the predicament
[04:13] I think that might be almost all of them
[04:14] almost I probably should try and check
[04:17] my list place where I just got my face
[04:19] that not nice there's a place that
[04:22] digital face nice oh no I'm not out of
[04:25] my hands could you put it down there for
[04:26] me well thank you did it that's it
[04:28] that's just the Joe that's just my
[04:30] cheeky chap line wherever i'm not out of
[04:31] my hands thank you we had this
[04:33] conversation last night perfect nothing
[04:37] ladies I have got them all that is
[04:40] another year of getting all the tricks
[04:42] this was almost as easy as last year not
[04:46] at all