Transcript of RuneScape - Premier Club 2016

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Welcome to the Premier Club.
[00:02] 2016 is going to be RuneScape's grandest year yet.
[00:05] We'll bring you Invention, God Wars Dungeon 2, shed loads of quests and a whole lot more!
[00:09] Gold membership gives you access to everything we'll release in 2016 plus tons of exclusive in-game extras.
[00:16] So where to start? Not only we'll be handing you a powerful Combat and Divination aura, you'll also get the brandish nostalgic sword overrides,
[00:23] make the Postie Pete pet your favourite sidekick and so much more.
[00:27] If you're not sure, try a Bronze membership for 3 months or a Silver membership for 6. You can always upgrade it to Gold later.
[00:34] Use your Bonds to join in-game or head to the RuneScape website.
[00:38] It really is time to treat yourself to the ultimate RuneScape experience with the Premier Club.