Transcript of RuneScape - Land Out of Time - The Story of Anachronia

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] oh hello there you've caught me doing a
[00:14] bit of research for this year's big
[00:15] summer update Al and out of time while
[00:18] you're here why don't I tell you a bit
[00:19] about the law oh I must warn you though
[00:22] this video does contain spoilers for the
[00:23] recent quest desperate times if you
[00:25] haven't played it you should because
[00:27] it's great
[00:29] [Music]
[00:46] the years now
[00:48] the varrock museum has been trying
[00:50] unsuccessfully to reach an unassuming
[00:51] island off the northeast coast of the
[00:53] mainland no sensible sailor will go near
[00:55] the island so the museum's
[00:57] archaeologists have been building their
[00:58] own boat with limited success very
[01:01] recently the dragonkin scientist kara
[01:03] pag deceived a Council of the world's
[01:05] nations and stole a powerful magical
[01:08] artifact taking it to that very same
[01:10] island suddenly what was an academic
[01:13] curiosity is now a vital strategic
[01:15] interest and the museum's expedition is
[01:17] being taken very seriously indeed with
[01:19] all the new money they were granted by
[01:21] King rold of mr. Lyne the museum were
[01:22] able to hire the only task force capable
[01:24] of carrying out such an important work
[01:26] in such a short space of time
[01:28] adventurers and so a host of thousands
[01:31] of heroes descended on the dig site
[01:32] chopping wood assembling the boat and
[01:34] warding it until finally it stood ready
[01:37] to launch the next step is to travel to
[01:39] the island itself the museum are on a
[01:41] voyage of academic discovery but the
[01:43] world guardian who accompanies them has
[01:45] a more serious objective to follow kara
[01:47] back to the island and put a halt to his
[01:49] plan to destroy all life on Gillen or as
[01:52] well as a host of workers and scientists
[01:54] several unique individuals are
[01:56] accompanying the expedition professor of
[01:58] unnatural history and famous
[02:00] bespectacled dragon mr. Mordo is a
[02:02] failed experiment hailing from parts
[02:04] unknown as something of an expert on the
[02:06] dragon kin that created him at least as
[02:08] much as anyone in the human kingdoms can
[02:10] be said to be he was an obvious choice
[02:12] to lead the museum's expedition to the
[02:13] island Laniakea is a mysterious warrior
[02:17] from the east raised in a violent world
[02:19] where she had to struggle just to
[02:21] survive she left and traveled west
[02:22] eventually reaching the human kingdoms
[02:25] there she studied under the Slayer
[02:26] masters for many years but has recently
[02:28] felt the need to find her own path in
[02:30] combat she prefers to fight with poisons
[02:33] and lets the vile liquids do the work
[02:34] for her she joined the expedition out of
[02:36] a sense of adventure the mainland is
[02:38] full and she has always sought someone
[02:40] new to carve out a territory and
[02:42] identity uniquely her own her Winson is
[02:45] not part of the expedition AfriNIC
[02:47] hunter he knew the tales of a legendary
[02:49] island and was determined to reach it to
[02:51] prove himself he arrived soon after Kara
[02:53] back just in time to witness what
[02:55] happened next
[02:56] the experience has left him damaged but
[02:59] there's the closest thing the island has
[03:00] to a native perhaps he can be of some
[03:02] use to the expedition and what of
[03:05] keropok himself thanks to the world
[03:07] Guardian the enigmatic dragon kins
[03:09] intentions have been revealed but no one
[03:10] knows what it is he actually plans to do
[03:12] why this island he referred to a place
[03:15] called earthen the Dragon King word for
[03:17] first place and he put a great deal of
[03:19] effort into stealing an elder artifact
[03:21] known as the needle which has the
[03:22] limited ability to control time he plans
[03:25] to stop the Elder Gods seemingly at any
[03:27] cost but how what awaits on the island
[03:30] for the expedition and the world
[03:31] guardian of course no one can know the
[03:34] storm wall surrounding the island blocks
[03:36] any attempt to tell what is happening
[03:38] the island is so far north north of
[03:41] demon high that it can be nothing but a
[03:42] blasted icy wasteland the expedition
[03:45] will have to pack plenty of warm
[03:46] blankets surely nothing can live in such
[03:49] a place any native life must be long
[03:52] dead reduced to fossils no threat to
[03:56] civilization on the island it must have
[03:59] been long since ground into dust by the
[04:00] passage of time you'll have to board the
[04:03] storm breaker and find out for
[04:05] yourselves of course the island won't
[04:07] give up all its secrets easily two
[04:09] adventurers fresh-off-the-boat explore
[04:11] get yourself well established and you'll
[04:13] be ready when the story continues
[04:15] throughout the year