Transcript of RuneScape - Happy birthday, Ironman Mode!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] This month we're celebrating two years of Ironman mode.
[00:04] If you don't know what Ironman mode is, it's all about being self-sufficient,
[00:07] meaning you can't trade with other players
[00:09] and you're relying on all your own abilities.
[00:11] The great thing about Ironman mode is every achievement you get
[00:14] feels really good because you've done that all yourself,
[00:16] you haven't had to rely on other players.
[00:18] On top of regular Ironman mode, we also offer the hardcore Ironman mode,
[00:21] which is a little bit more risky.
[00:23] If you die, it's pretty much game over,
[00:25] unless you've bought extra lives
[00:27] or the jar that reverts you down to regular Ironman.
[00:30] Some of the cool features about Ironman are
[00:32] you have your own chat badge in game.
[00:34] So, if you are hardcore, you have a red skull,
[00:36] and if you are a normal one, you have an iron dumbbell.
[00:39] You also have a title relative to the mode you've picked,
[00:42] so people around the world will be able to see you're an Ironman
[00:44] and you've done really well on that account.
[00:46] Players are able to access Ironman mode by creating a new account.
[00:50] You'll be able to select it out of the character creation screen.
[00:53] The idea of Ironman mode came from the players.
[00:55] We saw on streams players limiting themselves, giving themselves a new challenge,
[01:01] and we decided to make that an official game mode to lock people into those rules
[01:05] and really test players.
[01:07] Ironman mode has now been out for two years,
[01:10] so we're going to be running a limited time offer.
[01:12] Any Ironman account that's played some time from Monday the 19th September
[01:16] through to Sunday the 16th of October including brand new accounts,
[01:19] will be given two free weeks of membership to celebrate two years of Ironman.
[01:23] These accounts will receive the membership on Monday the 17th of October.
[01:27] On Monday the 17th of October, we'll also be offering an override to all Ironman accounts.
[01:32] This will be a trimmed Iron Armour set,
[01:35] which you can only use whilst you have Ironman mode activated.
[01:38] Ironman mode really is one of RuneScape's greatest challenges,
[01:42] you have to get everything yourself.
[01:44] You can't buy Frost dragon bones from the GE to level up prayer,
[01:47] you actually have to go out and kill them.
[01:49] You've also got to source the anti-fires to protect from their dragon breath.
[01:52] You have to source your own weapons,
[01:54] get your own armour. It's really something special.
[02:02] IRONMAN
[02:11] What on Earth are you wearing?
[02:12] This is my Ironman suit.
[02:14] You can't wear that, take it off!
[02:17] Mate, I can't get it off.
[02:19] Can you give me a hand?
[02:20] How can you not get it off?
[02:21] No, it's like...
[02:27] Don't pull it up!
[02:30] I don't know how to take it off.
[02:32] I'm presuming the things at the side...
[02:34] Mark?