Transcript of RuneScape: Behind the Scenes April fools ; )

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] RuneScape has so many great stories but one story we haven't told in full yet
[00:11] is the story of RuneScape itself
[00:13] in the motion comic "The Origins of Gielinor"
[00:16] We've told the fantastic story of runescape and the runescape gods
[00:20] but we want to do something new, something exciting, something fresh
[00:23] and we want to tell the story of perhaps the most iconic quest of all time.
[00:27] so the Cook's Assistant is a really straight forward tale but it's also quite iconic and is close to our hearts.
[00:32] It's also one of the first quests that players take on so we really feel that the time is right for what we have planned.
[00:37] we've done a trailer, we've done a motion comic, we've even done a sea shanty
[00:41] but now its time to turn the dial up to 11
[00:44] and do a full live action, full musical score extravaganza.
[00:49] We proudly present "Cook's Assistant, The Musical"
[00:56] Now perhaps it's not the first quest you'd think of dramatising
[01:00] but Piers looked at all of our content and he convinced us it was the one that had to be done
[01:06] I've been a long term fan of RuneScape. Like millions of people, when I got off Tutorial Island,
[01:11] the first quest I really got stuck into was the Cook's Assistant.
[01:14] For a musical it's actually quite a deep story.
[01:17] The mixing bowl is like a metaphor for the world, and we're the mixture inside it
[01:24] The whole RuneScape team is working with Piers on all aspects of building the show including set building, acting…
[01:30] "Go back to the flames you unbaked bread!"
[01:33] And even showing off their musical skills
[01:35] In the last few weeks I've been working with Piers to cast for the show which has been great
[01:39] because we've had loads of volunteers up for the big roles that we've got in mind.
[01:43] "you need to imagine that you're taking a cake out of an oven"
[01:56] "very good"
[01:57] The audio team have been working on musical numbers and it's been great to see them trying out different approaches to music
[02:02] "It's the duke's birthday today, I should be baking him a lovely cake"
[02:08] There's some wonderful characters to write for in the Cook's Assistant.
[02:11] Duke Horacio and his relationship with the castle's cook is a joy.
[02:17] They give us lots of options for musical variety
[02:24] I've always thought of the cook as a bit of a jazz man. So I've been trying to write a delicate piece that combines his love of jazz
[02:29] with a need a lot of people feel, a need to make a cake.
[02:37] Not all songs will be as high brow as the cook's. One of the big songs I've written focus on the turmoil and drama that the cake's ingredients might feel…
[02:44] should they thrown together in a big pot.
[02:48] Stir it, mix it, look out for the shell. Or the Duke will give you hell
[02:56] For this one, we want to get a real cooking feel into it by throwing everything including the kitchen sink
[03:06] I'm Mark, I was chosen to play the role of an egg, which for me was a very important role.
[03:12] The interplay between my role and that of the chicken… if you have any sense of emotion, will bring a tear to your eye
[03:26] Yeah, rehearsals are going pretty well at the moment
[03:31] "Cake is rising out the tiiiiin!"
[03:38] Of course, we'd love to share Cook's Assistant the Musical with the world.
[03:42] Our first show is going to be a local performance and we wanted to just do a bit of a test bed to see the kind of reaction we'd get from our audience.
[03:49] So while tickets will be literally impossible to get hold of, we're looking to bring some RuneScape players to see it this spring.
[03:55] We've got 100 tickets to give away so if you want to be in for a chance of getting one, then use the information that's on the bottom of the screen now.
[04:04] The set's ready, the rehearsals are going well and I think we're on track for a totally unreal show.
[04:15] Moo moo moo move out of my way
[04:25] I’m butter butter butter but a shadow of myself
[04:36] Beef beef beef before you go
[04:47] Cud cud cud could you help me it’s Friesian out here
[04:57] But so I’ve herd, that life is offal
[05:03] Steaks are high, it’s udder madness
[05:09] But at least I’m not bacon...
[05:15] bakin' the cake.