Transcript of RuneScape - An Important Message from Mod MMG

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] An important message from Mod MMG
Mark Gerhard, Jagex CEO
[00:08] Hi guys, my name's Mark Gerhard, many of you already know me as Mod MMG, I'm the CEO of Jagex, the makers of RuneScape
[00:13] and today I'd like to ask you for just a few minutes of your time to talk to you about a very important update
[00:18] that affects the future of your game.
[00:20] Since launch more than a decade ago, RuneScape has been struggling with gold farming.
[00:24] We've made some significant improvements to this in the last couple of years and I'm very proud to say,
[00:29] in the past couple of months, the game has largely been bot free,
[00:31] which has significantly impacted their ability to run their illegal businesses effectively.
[00:37] This year alone, we have removed over 3.7 trillion gp from their bank.
[00:43] And also banned over 1.1 million gold farming member accounts.
[00:48] However, despite these significant blows, gold farming continues to survive and undermine the economy and harm the community.
[00:59] We still see 150 - 170 billion gp injected into the game, each and every day.
[01:05] The inconvenient truth is, that our research has highlighted that 40 - 50%
[01:12] of our current active player base on any given month are buying gold from gold farmers.
[01:17] It's no wonder with demand so high and widespread that despite our very best efforts,
[01:24] we've been unable to be 100% successful at eradicating this problem.
[01:27] We've been thinking long and hard about how to permanently resolve this issue and the answer is actually relatively simple.
[01:35] The solution not only tackles gold farming at its very source, stabilizes the economy
[01:41] and crucially allows players to benefit most by unlocking the value in their account and be direct beneficiaries of their own hard work.
[01:49] Today, I'm very proud to announce, the launch of the RuneScape Bonds.
[01:53] Bonds are the equivalent of a tradable membership item that can be freely gifted or traded for any other tradable in game item.
[02:01] They can also be redeemed for spins, RuneCoins, RuneFest tickets and in November, even donated to charity.
[02:09] This system allows existing players to freely trade their in game wealth with any other player that wants it
[02:16] effectively cutting out gold farmers and destroying their business at the same time.
[02:19] Therefore on the flip side, any player can now pay for their membership using their in game wealth.
[02:25] Bonds also include a gold sink which will really help the economy to recover.
[02:30] This update follows months of careful consideration, analysis and discussion and I know this is a great solution that will benefit all our players.
[02:39] Alongside our other initiatives and with your help, we're going to wipe out gold farming for good.
[02:45] If you'd like to find out how bonds will work for you, please take a look at our website.
[02:50] Guys, this is absolutely the right thing to do for the long term health of this game.
[02:54] Thank you for taking the time to listen to me today and thank you for your support.
[02:58] God bless you.