Transcript of RuneScape's Summer Special

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] this year there are more reasons than
[00:05] ever before to spend your summer with
[00:07] runescape gods clashing beach parties
[00:11] old friends new bosses and a whole new
[00:14] world for you to explore you'd be crazy
[00:17] to miss out the bore goddess tusker has
[00:24] brought death and destruction to
[00:25] countless civilizations now the world
[00:28] eater herself is heading this way band
[00:31] together with other adventurers and
[00:33] health event Gillan or for meeting the
[00:35] same the thousands of years Saren has
[00:41] been broken into crystal shards now the
[00:43] proof dennis is being regrown the Elven
[00:45] clans focus has moved to restoring their
[00:47] goddess to a former glory delve deeper
[00:49] into the history of one of Roose gates
[00:50] most important figures and I'm not
[00:52] ancient prayers and spells as your
[00:54] reward
[00:58] finally new metallic dragons are making
[01:00] their way into runescape are you brave
[01:02] enough to test your skills against Adam
[01:03] and Dragons and for those of you looking
[01:05] for the even greater challenge travel to
[01:06] Quetta see a rune drag is awake guarding
[01:09] their valuable rewards
[01:13] learn more about one of the world's most
[01:15] mysterious races was competing against
[01:17] ferocious bosses are lining with a new
[01:18] guard and uncovering a powerful new
[01:20] weapon ventures report one discover a
[01:25] land in desperate need of Heroes explore
[01:27] dangerous new world and work as a team
[01:29] to liberate the gobies from some of her
[01:30] in escapes toughest bosses with all this
[01:36] adventuring going on when I take a bit
[01:37] of time to kick back and relax at the
[01:39] lumbridge beach party catch up with
[01:40] friends gain it to be at various beach
[01:42] activities buy yourself some beach toys
[01:43] and test your skill against a new boss
[01:45] because even a relaxing day at the beach
[01:46] needs a bit peril
[01:51] the gobies need your help to rebuild
[01:53] their monster ravished homeworld
[01:54] continue even deeper into the world of
[01:57] mass cab as you learn more about its
[01:58] inhabitants and maybe even introduce
[02:00] some of them to Gillan or and then all
[02:05] scored the summer just got bigger with
[02:07] resizable mode two new Slayer bosses the
[02:09] first competitive runescape tournament
[02:10] on a 2015 old-school crank up those are
[02:15] just some of the amazing updates coming
[02:17] this summer if you join now you'll get
[02:19] three months of membership for the price
[02:21] of two you will unlock the enlightenment
[02:23] aura which doubles your XP for one hour
[02:26] every week throughout the summer and
[02:28] you'll gain cosmic foresight allowing
[02:31] you to gain a head start when earning
[02:33] reputation for the gobies there are lots
[02:35] of ways to pay for these exclusive
[02:37] extras including credit cards PayPal
[02:39] game cards and even bonds it's a massive
[02:43] summer filled with fantastic updates
[02:45] make sure you don't miss out this summer
[02:48] is going to be huge
[02:53] you