Transcript of RuneScape's RuneLabs update #6 - Halloween, Seren Quest and Question Quests!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] Hey, Scapers! Welcome to another episode of RuneLabs!
[00:13] This week we've got updates on new content and our Jmods are pondering some of the world's biggest questions.
[00:19] So let's get right to it and see how 'The Watch' are gettting on with this year's Halloween event.
[00:23] The initial suggestion from Cinder Quill on RuneLabs is actually a sort of a mini world event style.
[00:29] One of the core things about this event is going to be sort of protecting souls and shepherding them through the underworld and stuff like that.
[00:36] So a lot of the things we've been thinking
about are how you interact with those souls.
[00:40] And some of the ideas we've had are picking what you do with good souls and bad souls,
[00:46] and potentially how that affects your morality and which side you're on during the event.
[00:50] Other than Icthlarin and Amascut, who you've got as the main two characters of the event,
[00:54] we're also thinking you'll probably see Death. He's always involved in Halloween. He'll be able to take you down to the underworld.
[01:00] And then, as far as other characters go, we are thinking we might have some secrets up our sleeve of some old characters we might be able to include.
[01:08] Another one of the summer's biggest
releases is our new Seren quest.
[01:11] And as the project moves closer and closer to release, Mod Raven thought it was about time to share the requirement with you,
[01:17] so you can make sure you're ready to go on that first day. He also has some news about the lady herself.
[01:23] Currently, at least to the majority of players who access the Elf City,
[01:27] Seren is a floating little sphere in the heart of the Tower of Voices.
[01:32] She's fractured, she's broken, she's a little bit crazy.
[01:35] And the rest of Seren is spread all across the Elven lands. It's what the city is grown out of, there are bits everywhere.
[01:42] And what we're doing now is bringing those pieces together.
[01:46] So we'll be reforging Seren. We're showing the new Seren who is after this reformation.
[01:53] And we've got a bit of a new look for her as well, which I'm not going to spoiler but I think people will appreciate.
[01:58] In order to access the quest, players will need to have access to the Elf City, that's pretty much given.
[02:05] You need to have eighty-ish in skills.
[02:08] But you'll also need to have completed 'Fate of the Gods',
[02:12] 'The World Wakes' and both 'Meeting' and 'Making History'.
[02:18] We wanted it to be a crux of various lore points coming together.
[02:21] I don't teaser too much about the quest because a lot of it is about discovery and about getting those moments of "whoaah".
[02:28] But what I can reveal is the name of the quest, which is 'The Light Within',
[02:33] which is a bit of a play on 'Within the Light', which is a previous elf quest.
[02:37] This month's RuneLabs criteria is all about answering the world's greatest questions, like...
[02:42] Why is it that fish continue to swim round those tiny spots when they know they're going to get caught?
[02:47] Anyway. We asked some of the mods to get reflective and come up with a question they really want to see answered.
[02:53] What I want to know is: where do monsters go in between respawns?
[02:56] Do they go to some bar somewhere and have a drink with other monsters?
[02:59] Why is it that we can bury bones in the stone ground with our bare hands yet we need a spade to dig a hole in the soil?
[03:05] What I'd like to know is: are we ever going to be able to go to the Polar Bears for Justice headquarters and help them quash the penguin menace?
[03:11] The question I want answering is if Dhamaroc is going to make an appearance in RuneScape again.
[03:16] I want to know what the delicious secret is that Ernie finds in the urns we send him.
[03:21] Where does the rest of the cow go?
[03:23] I want to know: where did Explorer Jack's vast fortune actually come from?
[03:28] We just don't know.
[03:30] Don't forget guys there's still time for you to submit your own ideas for this month's RuneLabs criteria.
[03:35] Get your entries in by the 28th July and start finding yourselves some supporters.
[03:40] That's all we've got time for this week, so I'll see you next time.