Transcript of RuneScape's RuneLabs #7 - The Future of RuneLabs, the Halloween event, & how to write a killer pitch

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] Hello and welcome once more to RuneLabs.
[00:12] This month we've got some very important information about the future of RuneLabs
[00:16] and Mod Osborne is here to help you write the perfect pitch.
[00:19] But first up Mod Avatar is here to take us to the depths of the afterlife.
[00:23] This year's Halloween event was suggested by Cinder Quill.
[00:26] It was the Icthlarin vs Amascut event.
[00:29] There's a lot of cool characters and cool lore surrounding it.
[00:32] We're well underway with the prototyping of the event now. We've got some good ideas and decent designs.
[00:36] We've been talking to Cinder Quill quite a lot over the last few weeks and the events really come together.
[00:42] This year's Halloween event is in the underworld.
[00:45] We've not been there before but there have been some books in game that describe the area itself.
[00:49] So we use those when we sent it over to our concept guys and they've done a really awesome job.
[00:55] It's got some really cool-looking statues and gargoyles
[00:58] which are modelled after Icthlarin and Amascut, the jackal and the lion.
[01:04] The place itself has got one island at the bottom
[01:08] and it's going to have the holding area for the event.
[01:11] Then we've got the bridge over the river Noumenon.
[01:13] The river Noumenon is where the souls of the undead need to cross to be taken into the afterlife.
[01:21] During the event you're going to be fighting Amascut's Devourers.
[01:24] They're their devouring souls in the underworld and you're there to stop them.
[01:28] As well as the Devourers, you're going to be facing off against Amascuts avatar.
[01:33] That's going to be at the gates of the underworld and Icthlarin is holding the gates shut
[01:37] until the time when he's ready to take all the souls through
[01:40] and then everyone's going to have to face off against the avatar.
[01:44] The next main stages of development are going into the lore and a lot of the characters we want to get involved in it.
[01:51] We've been doing a lot of mechanical and structural stuff to the event so far.
[01:55] We wanted to get that down and make sure that the core of the event was good fun.
[01:59] But now we're really happy with that.
[02:01] We're now going to start going around it and tying it altogether with some really cool lore and story.
[02:06] Since February RuneLabs has seen large updates, medium updates, events, new mobs, new quests and a whole lot more.
[02:12] But this month we're making some changes to the system.
[02:14] We managed to track down Mod Kelpie to find out how the changes will affect you guys.
[02:19] Not too long ago Mod Osborne sent out some feedback surveys around to the players to gauge their interest in RuneLabs.
[02:25] The responses we got across the board were very indifferent.
[02:28] Therefore we're going to change things up for next year.
[02:30] So for the time being RuneLabs is in an open period.
[02:33] You can suggest and support whatever you like and you can be assured we're keeping an eye on all your cool and crazy ideas.
[02:38] Smaller suggestions that we like may be included in relevant projects or be done as ninja fixes.
[02:44] Larger projects may influence our planned releases in the future.
[02:48] A good example is the current highest supported suggestion on RuneLabs
[02:52] and that is adding blood dyes to treasure trails.
[02:55] We've a small graphical requirement and just a bit of plugging in to do.
[02:58] I'm sure you can expect to see it in the near future.
[03:01] So it's now going to be more important than ever that you write the most kick-ass pitch possible.
[03:06] And luckily for you, the one and only Mod Osborne is here with tips on writing a pitch that will help you stand out from the crowd.
[03:12] Although if you all follow these tips, then you'll be from a different crowd, in the same crowd, together.
[03:18] Anyway, here he is!
[03:19] I'm here to give you the top 5 tips about how to get your RuneLabs idea noticed and in game.
[03:24] Five.
[03:25] Find a way to summarise your idea with a hook.
[03:27] Focus on what everybody can get behind.
[03:30] If you feel this removes some detail or complexity from your idea, add them as stretch goals at the end of your post.
[03:35] Four.
[03:36] Get the community behind it.
[03:37] Take to Reddit, your clan, forums, or even tweet a JMod.
[03:40] Get them all to champion your idea.
[03:42] If your idea is good, people will flock to it.
[03:44] Images in particular will get your idea seen.
[03:47] Three.
[03:48] If you have a cool reward, make it a separate RuneLabs suggestion.
[03:52] We're always on the lookout for cool rewards, and they get lost in another suggestion.
[03:56] Two.
[03:57] Don't use tricks.
[03:58] If you manage to get your idea to the top of RuneLabs with a title like "Support my idea and get a P-hat", we'll remove it.
[04:04] And you'll run out of bank pretty quickly.
[04:06] One.
[04:07] Think about the original, the imaginative and the left field.
[04:10] We're loving your ninja fixes and quest sequels, but we'd like to see more outlandish ideas.
[04:14] If you have a wild idea that changes the way people play, put it on RuneLabs and see what happens.
[04:19] Well, that's about it for another episode of RuneLabs.
[04:22] Remember, we're not looking for any set criteria, so now is the time to submit all your weird and wonderful ideas.
[04:29] And if you follow those suggestions from Mod Osborne, hopefully it won't be long till we see them in the game.
[04:35] See you next time!