Transcript of RuneScape's RuneLabs #5

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] Hey, guys! Welcome to another episode of RuneLabs!
[00:14] This week saw the release of Addy and Rune dragons.
[00:18] You've been waiting for over 7 years to test your skills against these beasts!
[00:22] Their first 2 days in game have been bloody ones with over 1.2 million dragon kills,
[00:27] 18,000 player kills and a whopping 2 years combined spent fighting them!
[00:32] And after all that dragon slaying, what better way to relax than with a spot of fishing over at Prifddinas.
[00:40] Now a couple of months into development, we've caught up with Mod Tony
[00:43] to see how he's getting on with RuneScape's newest high-level fishing area.
[00:48] The Elf City waterfall RuneLabs suggestion was proposed by Ferenc2017.
[00:53] They wanted a high-level Fishing and Agility update,
[00:56] specifically would require level 90 Agility to get to, preferably using a grapple,
[01:00] and then it would require 93 Fishing to start with 95 and 97 expansions.
[01:05] Currently the development state is we've got a white box of the layout of how the top of the waterfall is going to look.
[01:12] It's got the fishing spots down in the placeholder form
[01:15] and we're working on random events and getting feedback on those.
[01:19] We've received a lot of feedback from the original suggester of the update.
[01:22] They've sent through suggestions as to what sort of fish they want us to use,
[01:26] how they want the layout to look and sort of photographic suggestions in all cases.
[01:31] Players will be able to catch 3 types of crystallised sea urchin.
[01:34] They live up in the rockpool at the top of the Elf City waterfall and been infected by crystal energies
[01:40] and are breeding out of control, which is why you've been sent up there to get rid of them.
[01:44] Rewards will be available from a shop located inside the waterfall itself,
[01:49] will include the ability to unlock a crystal fishing rod from the crystal tool seed,
[01:53] and you'll also be able to trade the sea urchins themselves for more Fishing XP,
[01:58] so there's a good reason to go back after you've unlocked all of the other physical rewards.
[02:02] So it's pretty gloomy here in the lab,
[02:04] but from what I hear, the sun is shining and the birds are singing outside, which can mean one thing and one thing only...
[02:10] We're getting ever closer to summer and one of this year's most exciting updates, the Seren Quest.
[02:16] As you guys probably know by now, the Seren Quest suggestion was a RuneLabs idea by GaGa Lady
[02:21] and he wants us to create a quest that's all about bringing Seren back
[02:24] and also reward you guys with new spells and prayers.
[02:27] We're currently in a development phase of the Seren quest so some of the gameplay's gone in, some of the environment has been white boxed and they are being worked on,
[02:34] some of the characters are done and we've also got things like dialogue going in
[02:37] so the quest is really starting to come together at this point.
[02:41] If you've been active on the forums, you'll see that Mod Raven and myself have been keeping a thread going
[02:45] asking players for all their ideas for spells, putting our ideas on there and getting everyone's feedback and stuff like that.
[02:51] So we think we've got a pretty good list of spells and prayers that everyone wants.
[02:55] The basic idea for them is basically to enhance teamwork and tanks and stuff like that,
[03:01] things that will be useful in raids that are coming up.
[03:03] We don't want to reveal too much about the quest yet,
[03:06] but I will say that you spend a lot of time working with the clan elders doing stuff for them
[03:10] and you will be able to learn a lot more lore about them and also people associated with them.
[03:14] Possibly some historical figures as well.
[03:16] So, that's our summer update.
[03:18] So on to this year's Halloween event, which will see Icthlarin taking on Amazcut in an otherworldly battle.
[03:24] Cinder Quill's suggestion for the Icthlarin versus Amazcut quest was what one the most recent Halloween poll.
[03:29] It's still really early days yet.
[03:32] We've had some internal discussion about it but in the coming weeks we'll be putting some forum threads up,
[03:37] some player discussion and we'll be talking with players in game.
[03:40] If you've got any suggestions, feel free to look out on the forums, post some stuff, get in contact with us on Twitter.
[03:45] We're really keen to know your ideas.
[03:48] This month we've asked you to come up with your best ideas on new high-level mobs.
[03:52] We wanted exciting new creatures for adventurers to sharpen their skills against and we haven't been disappointed.
[03:59] Over to the Dukes of Scrumbridge to find out some of their personal favourites.
[04:03] I'm supporting Helring's idea for faction gathering parties this month.
[04:06] I think it's a really nice idea that brings some nice incidental evidence of the gods' return to the world,
[04:12] and seeing these parties fight each other over the precious resources of Gielinor will be a cool thing.
[04:18] Letting the player get involved with that as well will be sweet.
[04:21] I'm supporting Lady Xian's RuneLabs idea of the great cow mothers high-level mob.
[04:27] Adventurers have been slaughtering cows left, right and centre.
[04:31] We've stabbed the big happy cows, we've stabbed the little cows. Well, now the mothers are angry.
[04:37] And they rise from their subterranean caverns beneath Lumbridge
[04:40] with hooves like Drygores, Moos that make you tremble in fear,
[04:45] and with milk that will melt through bone.
[04:48] These are a most dangerous foe.
[04:51] I'm supporting Omnis' idea for the inclusion of ripper demons as a high-level mob
[04:55] because they were very prominently featured in the One Piercing Note quest and I think players would really like to get to grips with a real one as opposed to an insane Nun.
[05:03] Remember, if you think you've got a winning idea of your own, then submit them over on the RuneLabs page.
[05:08] You've got till the 30th June to drum up support. So be quick about it if you want the chance to see your mob descending on Gielinor.
[05:15] So that's all from me this week. But don't forget that next week's game update sees a huge number of your suggested changes to the Artisans workshop,
[05:23] so make sure to check it out. See you next time!