Transcript of RuneScape's RuneLabs #4

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] Welcome once again to Runelabs the place to stay up to date with all of the biggest news coming straight from the lab itself.
[00:17] Yesterday saw the latest poll reach its end with the elf city waterfall fishing narrowly taking first place.
[00:24] So I thought why not go straight to the guy in charge to find out exactly what ideas heís got brewing.
[00:29] Weíre going to be looking into the Elf City Fishing suggestion from Ferenc2017.
[00:32] Weíre still at very early stages, still thinking about it, but a lot of potential there.
[00:36] In terms of rewards, xp rates, things like that we like some of the ideas in there,
[00:41] we donít want to devalue rock tails, thatís something weíre going to be bearing in mind for the future as well.
[00:46] In the next couple of weeks weíll think about this in more detail and come back to you with more ideas and updates.
[00:52] Thereís no denying Seren is an important character in the world of Runescape
[00:56] and with a new quest focused on her return what better time
[00:59] for a speedy recap on everything we know about the goddess of the elves I bring you ëGone in 60 Serens!!'.
[01:05] Be warned. Potential spoilers for previous quests lie ahead so donít say I didnít warn you!
[01:10] A long time ago, in a galaxy quite far away, Seren was created by Mah - an elder god.
[01:14] Mah didnít want Seren to be alone. She created Zaros, a being of shadow and purpleness.
[01:18] And, to force a connection between them,
[01:19] Mah used her magic to make sure that Seren and Zaros would forever be attracted.
[01:22] But, being set up by your mum is never romantic, so Seren and Zaros parted ways.
[01:25] Seren went wandering and discovered Tarddiad, where she first met the elves.
[01:28] The bond she once shared with Zaros was now shared with the elves, who loved and worshiped her as their god.
[01:31] Guthix came to Tarddiad through a Stargate, and invited Seren and her elves to Gielinor.
[01:35] Here they lived in peace, Guthix fell asleep, and a bunch of gods ruined the neighborhood.
[01:38] Their squabbling caused Guthix to wake up, and he had no choice but too banish all of themÖincluding Seren.
[01:42] But Seren wouldnít leave her elves.
[01:44] She feared that theyíd die without her, so she shattered herself into thousands of crystal pieces.
[01:47] And the elves did what anyone in mourning would do ñ they built a city out of her body parts.
[01:51] Without her leadership, the elf clans descended into war.
[01:54] The good-natured elves reverted Prifddinas to crystal seed, so that the dark elves couldnít have it for what felt like 10 whole years.
[01:59] Now, an adventurer has regrown the city and stopped the war.
[02:02] The elves are united again, and are looking to revive Seren. But what will she be like after hundreds of years split into pieces?
[02:06] And how will she react to the gods in the world, the awakening of Mah and the return of Zaros?
[02:10] DUN, DUN, DUN!!!
[02:13] Aaannnnnnddddddd thatís it for spoilers so you can uncover your eyes and unblock those ears,
[02:17] though if you was doing that in the first place you probably canít hear me now.
[02:21] Anyway, now that we know a bit more about the lady in question Mod Ollie is here to update us on the development of the quest itself.
[02:29] Weíre currently up to the point where weíve finished the design.
[02:32] Itís gone through feedback and weíve got all the changes in.
[02:34] Iíve kind of got used to working on quests with important characters because Missing Presumed Death obviously had all the gods in,
[02:40] I just love getting these opportunities to work with those characters and do something really special with them.
[02:44] Obviously weíve got loads of ideas and itís quite early days so we donít want to give them all away
[02:48] but some of the ideas for the actual quest ñ youíll be doing some tasks for the different clan elders
[02:53] and youíll also be using the World Gate so you can probably figure out a few of the places you might be going.
[02:58] So we have got some ideas for the spells and prayers as well,
[03:01] we wanna fill sort of a niche for support and tank roles, at the moment weíve been thinking of making a shield dome spell,
[03:07] where you can sort of slam on the floor and cast a shield around you to protect your team mates from damage.
[03:11] Obviously as this is a RuneLabs suggestion weíve been incorporating loads of the players ideas and stuff,
[03:16] especially those from Gaga Lady who suggested it and quite a few of them made it into the final design
[03:21] so Iím really looking forward to next time where I can hopefully reveal a few of those ideas.
[03:25] BOO!
[03:27] Only kidding, itís just me!
[03:29] I know we havenít even reached summer but itís time to start thinking about my favourite holiday, Halloween!
[03:35] Thatís right our latest submission criteria is for something spooky we want your scariest and creepiest suggestions
[03:41] to help make this years Halloween event the best weíve ever seen.
[03:44] Weíve had some great ideas so far and some of the guys couldnít wait to share their favourites with us.
[03:49] Iíll be supporting Amascutís suggestion of a miniquest sequel to Broken Home, ëBroken Mindsí.
[03:54] In Broken Minds weíd see the player returning to the asylum
[03:57] to discover the strange research of the long dead Mahjarrat, Nabor.
[04:01] And all of the ghastly secrets that that comes with.
[04:04] Iíll be supporting Tommyleiniís idea the ëCats Plagueí in which you have to travel around Gielinor collecting Cat vomit in a way that isnít specified.
[04:12] Who knows how you collect this Cat vomit?
[04:14] Maybe itís with your hands, maybe itís with a scoop! Maybe thereís some sort of system with vials.
[04:20] Who knowsÖ But youíll collect it and youíll love it. Halloween 2015! RuneScape!
[04:25] Iíll be supporting Lebareslepís idea to put Halloween in the Dimension of Disaster
[04:29] which has been released earlier this year with all the old Halloween events with a Zemouregal twist.
[04:32] It should make for quite a cool bit of content!
[04:34] Donít forget thereís still plenty of time to enter your own submissions by visiting the Runelabs page
[04:39] and maybe youíll get to see your idea make it into the live game like Addy and Rune Dragons which will be emerging next month!
[04:45] Well thatís all we have time for this week but Iíll be back in June for even more updates from the lab,
[04:51] and just to keep you in the know next week RuneScape will be seeing improved looting mechanics which will make it easier than ever to collect all that tasty loot.
[05:00] See ya next time!