Transcript of RuneScape's RuneLabs #3

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] welcome backs capers it's been full
[00:12] steam ahead in the lab this month our
[00:14] first large update Hollander yesterday
[00:16] are proceeding winners are moving
[00:18] steadily towards completion and the
[00:20] criteria for the next update has been
[00:22] revealed when we asked you guys to come
[00:24] up with RuneScape's next large update we
[00:26] knew there'd be some brilliant
[00:28] suggestions however we really weren't
[00:30] prepared for the number of amazing quest
[00:32] skills and completely new location to
[00:35] you throughout their we saw hundreds of
[00:37] ideas bring up on the rune outside with
[00:39] four clear favorites making their way to
[00:41] the top over the last week the polls
[00:43] have been live and now the dust has
[00:45] settled maje ollie is here to talk about
[00:47] some of the early plans he's got in
[00:48] store for the sarin and the elves quest
[00:50] the sarin in the elves choir suggested
[00:52] by gaga lady just won the rune labs poll
[00:54] and i'm super excited to get working on
[00:56] it it's going to be a quest where you
[00:57] investigate bringing ser and back and
[00:59] there's going to be tons of things we
[01:00] can do with it places we can go and one
[01:02] of the cool things about is the rewards
[01:04] so you're going to be able to get some
[01:05] new sarin spells and prayers the poll
[01:08] just ended so we're starting to build up
[01:10] early plans but at the moment most
[01:11] important thing is looking through the
[01:13] forums all the suggestions gaga lady and
[01:16] all the other players are suggesting
[01:17] loads of great things and linking me
[01:19] stuff like google docs for the spells
[01:20] and stuff like that so i'm just trying
[01:22] to kill eight all that get on the same
[01:24] page as everyone and also I've got my
[01:26] own ideas developers here of guy Diaz so
[01:28] basically just taking all that and
[01:30] started to build up an initial picture
[01:31] of what we want the quest to be and all
[01:33] the spells and prayers and stuff as well
[01:35] last month you voted for an update to
[01:38] lodestones and now mod avatar has had
[01:40] some time to place thinking cap on I
[01:42] thought we should go and get an update
[01:43] so the quick low Suns update was a
[01:46] player suggestion by FTC after the polls
[01:48] ran and it won myself and Chris I went
[01:51] in game we had a quick chat with FTC
[01:52] about some of the things that you
[01:54] thought might want to be involved in the
[01:56] update after we had a chat with him we
[01:58] start the thread on the forums and over
[02:01] the last few weeks we've been practicing
[02:02] forged with the players about some of
[02:03] the different design aspects of it and
[02:06] what they might want to see and sort of
[02:07] refining the ideas and we've got a
[02:09] pretty good place to go for now
[02:11] so a key aspect to the update is use of
[02:13] rooms in teleportation again since the
[02:16] lodestone update came in teleports
[02:17] haven't really used rims very much it's
[02:19] quite a popular theme running throughout
[02:20] their forum thread we floated through a
[02:23] few ideas like global systems individual
[02:27] ocean systems things like that but the
[02:28] room Goldberg machines central quite a
[02:30] popular choice so the idea we're
[02:32] probably going to go with is your rings
[02:34] into ring Goldberg machine you'll use
[02:35] the VIS works that you get out of that
[02:37] and that will give you multiple charges
[02:38] for the lodestone system it's important
[02:40] to note that this isn't going to be the
[02:42] only way of teleporting the old
[02:43] lodestone home teleport system is still
[02:46] going to be in place after this so if
[02:47] you don't want to use the files
[02:48] teleports you don't have to since the
[02:50] first rune labs poll the Guardians have
[02:52] been extra busy with their three
[02:54] projects Adam Adam rune dragons farming
[02:56] timers and the Slayer belt what's Joe
[02:58] and Alex are currently working on the
[02:59] environments for the Dragons so let's
[03:01] swing by their desks and see how it's
[03:03] going so I'm currently working on the
[03:05] rim Haven dungeon which is where the
[03:07] atom and dragons are going to be this is
[03:09] going to be an area that extends on from
[03:11] the existing brim Haven area and you'll
[03:14] be able to see a few new bits of scenery
[03:15] here and there's going to be some new
[03:18] mural which will tell you more about the
[03:20] backstory how these dragons were created
[03:22] and that's also going to be there'll be
[03:24] a similar mural on the ket see dungeon
[03:27] which mod alex is working on we've
[03:29] chosen map fire Wake is the location for
[03:31] the room dragons it's one of the only
[03:33] places in Quetzal other players know
[03:35] about so now the players will be
[03:37] fighting the room dragons amongst the
[03:38] ruins of the Keti civilization on top of
[03:40] a volcanic crater so they'll get a
[03:42] chance to explore it learn a bit more
[03:44] history see where the stone of gas was
[03:46] before it was stolen Dragons themselves
[03:48] have some exciting new mechanics that
[03:49] players won't be expecting they should
[03:51] offer a decent challenge it's going to
[03:53] be really cool if you haven't taken the
[03:55] time to add your ideas to rune labs and
[03:58] why not get them in this month until
[04:00] choose to the 28th of April will be
[04:01] looking for a medium sized skilling
[04:03] update
[04:03] to think aquarium or elder divination
[04:05] we've already had some great suggestions
[04:07] and the Guardians thought they'd share
[04:09] some of their favorites with you this
[04:11] month in rune labs are be supporting be
[04:13] hanging gardens DMD by upgrade kb it's a
[04:15] piece of content that has the
[04:16] opportunity to have some excellent
[04:18] environment made for it some group
[04:20] content that you can play together with
[04:21] friends and some really excellent
[04:23] rewards I'm backing desert farming by an
[04:26] Eastern Iraq I worked on the original
[04:29] farming update back in 2005 you'll be
[04:31] fantastic to do more things with the
[04:32] desert I think this could be really
[04:33] exciting update I thought about going
[04:35] for the maple syrup or to work remote
[04:37] ideas but i'm going to plump for
[04:38] transcendence thieving from sleeping
[04:40] dragons i really like the idea of going
[04:42] full baggins and standing gems you know
[04:44] gold kidneys from a dragon that doesn't
[04:47] know you're there so those are their
[04:48] favorites anything you like the sound of
[04:50] think you can do better either way get
[04:53] yourself over to the rune website to
[04:55] help make runescape even better well
[04:57] that's all we've got time for this month
[04:59] but never fear i'll be back next month
[05:01] with even more of the latest news from
[05:03] rue nerves
[05:12] Oh