Transcript of RuneScape's RuneLabs #2

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] Welcome back to RuneLabs, the place to stay up to date with all of our player-created content.
[00:15] This week we've got updates on dragons, a winner for our February poll and big updates on the RuneLabs site.
[00:21] Plus, we've got heaps of JMods sharing their favourite suggestions from this month's large content criteria.
[00:29] Whilst I take a quick breather, why don't you take a look at how things are coming along with January's RuneLabs winner.
[00:34] You're probably aware that the first RuneLabs poll finished recently.
[00:37] The winner of that was the Adamant and Rune Dragons and what came second was Slayer Belt and we're going to work on both of those.
[00:42] We've actually been chatting to the people who submitted the ideas in the first place,
[00:45] trying to get them involved in some design decisions but also how they might want to be kind of included in the content.
[00:51] We'd really like to include you in the content somehow.
[00:53] It was just, how we could do that? I have some ideas, but...
[00:58] That's a good question, really.
[01:02] We're only working on the dragons at the moment but it's really early doors.
[01:05] We're kind of talking over the design, having a few meetings but also we are doing some concept artwork.
[01:10] Our original plan for the dragons was actually to locate both of them in Brimhaven,
[01:14] but after talking to players on a recent live stream we did a poll on it, for example.
[01:18] They decided that Kethsi was their preferred location for the rune dragons so we're actually going to separate them into two different locations.
[01:23] Slayer belt will be coming out at the start of June. You can also expect dragons in June.
[01:27] And because the third place in the RuneLabs poll was this close to slayer belt, it was the farming timers, we've also decided to do work on that too.
[01:34] And you can expect that a little bit after June.
[01:37] There you have it. We might even get to see an unexpected bonus update.
[01:41] Yesterday also saw the end of February's polls where 'Lodestone Modifications' just managed to bring home the victory.
[01:46] Over to Mod Chris L to give us a little more information.
[01:50] Now the RuneLabs poll has ended, we're going to be looking at Lodestones.
[01:52] The guys are working on the design for that right now. And we're thinking we have two sort of pools of resource.
[01:56] One is going to be energy built from Divination energy and generic runes. The other's going to be law Runes because that's really teleportation-related.
[02:02] And they'll form the way you teleport instantly to the Lodestones.
[02:05] We're also looking at potentially adding a Keldagrim lodestone.
[02:08] That was quite high up in the RuneLabs threads last month and we're thinking it should be easy enough to tag that in as well.
[02:14] We're not just looking at past winners here in the lab.
[02:17] This week we're also working on a number of changes to the RuneLabs site, which should make it even easier to find the suggestions you want to support.
[02:25] One of the new features we've added to RuneLabs is the ability to search for your ideas.
[02:28] A lot of players gave us feedback that they couldn't find the ideas they were looking for,
[02:31] so we've added a nice search box on the top of the overview and ideas list page to make it easier to find the ideas that you need to read.
[02:37] Some of the other features we've added to RuneLabs included the ability to sort and filter ideas by when they were created and how popular they are.
[02:44] This makes it easier to find the idea that you're looking for and that you want to support.
[02:48] We're constantly taking on player feedback of ideas we could add to RuneLabs to make your browsing experience better.
[02:53] These include increasing the prominence of the status of ideas and possibly adding free-to-play access.
[02:59] Also, with the upcoming forum update we've added the ability for you to link from your forum thread directly to your idea.
[03:05] This makes it a lot easier for players to find your suggestion.
[03:08] I know what you're thinking.
[03:10] 'It's all well and good having this search feature but what am I supposed to be looking for?'
[03:15] Well, I'm glad you asked.
[03:17] We've dashed around the office and asked some familiar faces which of this month's ideas they've got their eye on.
[03:22] I'm going to be supporting the underwater ruins by FruitCraver because it opens a new area with potential for bosses, a quest line and slayer monsters.
[03:30] And that's why I'll be supporting the underwater ruins.
[03:33] This is an update that my team will be working on, so I'm supporting God Sagas which was suggested by LethalIntent because it's something I've wanted to do for ages.
[03:39] It would be really cool to take control of the gods and see just how they got all that power.
[03:43] I'm here to support the RuneLabs suggestion of Rite of Passage which has been suggested repeatedly by SwreeTak and many of his followers.
[03:49] Rite of Passage will be an interesting new story, we'll get to go to a place we've not been to before, a world made of broken islands and constant raging storms.
[03:57] We'll learn about the Aviansie we don't get to know much about. We'll learn about Armadyl. It'll be really cool.
[04:02] Wouldn't it be great if Agility training was a little less routine and a little bit more action?
[04:07] That's why I'm backing King Clucky's idea in RuneLabs for an agility rework.
[04:11] Let's put the agile back in Agility.
[04:15] That's about it for this week. But remember, if you've got an idea that you want to see make its way into the game,
[04:20] there's still time to submit a large update idea for this month's poll.
[04:23] Large updates are things like Arraxor or the Broken Home quest,
[04:27] so there's lots of space there to come up with something awesome.
[04:30] And maybe a little less scary?
[04:33] See you next time!