Transcript of RuneScape's RuneLabs #1

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:14] Our new monthly series where we'll be taking a look at everything RuneLabsy.
[00:19] Whether it's following the updates through production,
[00:21] crashing meetings, or revealing the next month's criteria,
[00:24] this is the place where you'll find all of the latest info.
[00:27] It's been an amazing first month with over 16,000 ideas submitted
[00:32] and an amazing 105,000 votes cast.
[00:36] You've pulled out all the stops delivering some great ideas
[00:39] and some not so great.
[00:41] Some of our biggest brains, or whoever was free at the time,
[00:44] have been meeting daily and spending hours reading through your suggestions
[00:47] and came to a very important decision.
[00:49] So, here's Mod Kelpie to give you all the details.
[00:53] For January we asked for a medium sized project.
[00:55] Once we enabled supporting, a lot of smaller ideas dominated the support list.
[01:00] As these where all doable projects, we feel like we should leave them open.
[01:04] This is player power and, particularly for the first month,
[01:06] if players are asking for smaller projects,
[01:08] then we feel like we should listen to them.
[01:10] We set aside the time to do a medium project.
[01:12] As the top ideas are all smaller in nature,
[01:14] we feel like we will definitely be able to do two of these.
[01:16] Taking several smaller ideas instead of one larger one
[01:19] is something we might see more of in the future.
[01:21] However, as we have said in the past, we want a good mix
[01:24] of different projects coming out of RuneLabs.
[01:26] So, in the future we might see criteria that state
[01:29] that we will only select a medium size project or medium to large.
[01:33] The two winning options will be decided by a player power poll.
[01:36] This is live right now in game and will be until Thursday 12th February.
[01:40] So, there you have it!
[01:42] You won't be seeing just one update from this month's criteria
[01:45] but two, you lucky lucky people!
[01:47] But what are your choices going to be?
[01:49] As the self-proclaimed "guardians" will be working on this update,
[01:53] we thought who better to talk us through the shortlist
[01:55] and maybe even tell us which ones he's most excited about than RuneScape's biggest mouth.
[02:00] Over to you, Osborne!
[02:03] We've got five updates that have made their way to Player Power Poll this month
[02:06] and that includes a Farming Timer submitted by Hel Bola.
[02:09] This will allow you to view the statues of your farming patches at a distance.
[02:13] Next we have the Slayer Belt, which was submitted by Dragonseed.
[02:16] This is kind of a toolbelt for slaying, so you'll never forget items when you're in combat.
[02:20] Feels like we've been waiting ages for the next one,
[02:22] which is Adamant and Runite Dragons. That was submitted by Dragonforcae.
[02:25] And that's going to bring in new combat dragons but also new dungeons.
[02:28] For story players looking for more achievements to hunt,
[02:30] we have the trimmed Quest Point Cape that's come from Aishokuareno
[02:33] and that will ask you to complete sagas, miniquests,
[02:37] and post quest activities to get this new cape.
[02:40] Last but not least is a frustration that a lot of people have with their Grand Exchange offers.
[02:43] This is an idea that's come from xLuiden
[02:45] and involves editing those offers without aborting them.
[02:48] I'm a big fan of all of the options
[02:49] but if I had to pick one that I liked the most
[02:51] I'd probably say the Adamant and Runite dragons.
[02:54] That gives us the opportunity to explore that kind of spiral staircase
[02:57] in Brimhaven dungeon, get down there, offer new combat targets,
[03:00] and maybe reveal something about the Dragonkin.
[03:03] So, that's our beloved Osborne's favorite, but which is yours?
[03:06] The polls are live now, so get in game and make your choice
[03:09] and help to decide on RuneScape's next update.
[03:12] And remember, it's not just the game that is seeing your ideas come to life.
[03:15] The RuneLabs site is constantly evolving to make it easier for you to find suggestions
[03:19] and that's starting with our random ordering making its way onto the overview page.
[03:23] This gives everyone an equal chance of being seen
[03:26] and soon after that we'll be including the much requested search feature.
[03:30] Well, that's almost it for the first episode of RuneLabs
[03:33] but, before they send me back to my desk, I get to reveal next month's criteria.
[03:38] Drum roll, please.
[03:41] Next month we'll be looking for a...
[03:44] ...small update.
[03:46] So that means things like Let Them Eat Pie and Skillchompas.
[03:49] If you think you've got a winning idea, pop it on the site
[03:52] and start building your support.
[03:53] See you next time!