Transcript of RuneScape's Rest of the Year - (from RuneFest 2016)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] oh my golly gosh there are so many of
[00:04] you hello how you all doing everything
[00:06] good good it highs grand so we've got a
[00:12] lot to talk about we really do and it's
[00:15] really easy for us and it comes to
[00:17] reinvest to get all excited it's jay
[00:19] mods and think I can't really can't wait
[00:21] to reveal what's coming up in 2017 it's
[00:23] actually really easy to forget we got
[00:25] some good stuff but some juicy stuff
[00:28] coming up this year and that's what
[00:29] we're here to talk about it's not only
[00:31] the stuff you know the arc chatter too
[00:34] fake to the gods to slit a Zen game
[00:37] we've got it we got a few little treats
[00:39] you know we're gonna reveal some stuff
[00:41] whether or not I go directly into
[00:43] instead reveals afterwards because i
[00:44] can't help but reveal everything and all
[00:46] of it all the facts just tumble out my
[00:48] mouth we'll have to see but today is all
[00:52] about well today is about 2017 this is
[00:54] about 2016 after this talk you've got
[00:56] combat they've got some reveals to and
[00:59] at 3 30 s really reveals to expect to
[01:01] see you all in here again ok alright say
[01:05] to talk about each of the individual
[01:07] things we're going to be bringing up the
[01:08] people who are responsible for them for
[01:10] better or worse so we can start off with
[01:13] what Joe so give them a quite welcome I
[01:16] think this is your first time on main
[01:17] stage it is yeah yeah amazing to be here
[01:21] it says crazy say mojo is kind of leader
[01:25] head honcho be count of the Guardians so
[01:28] if you played kind of dimension of
[01:29] disaster a lot of amperi and things like
[01:32] that that's you guys unlike where's here
[01:33] yes but also the arc yes and aquarium
[01:36] indeed in quarian when we were both fish
[01:37] yes yes so with the arc obviously we
[01:41] were released that in that kind of that
[01:43] dirty word batches release them in two
[01:44] batches the first batch came out and now
[01:47] we've got a second batch which is coming
[01:48] in october and that's how this talk is
[01:49] going to go gonna go from october to
[01:51] november to December we start with
[01:53] october and but having batches means
[01:55] that we could learn for batch one yes
[01:57] and now we can make the ark complete so
[01:59] how is it becoming complete well
[02:01] releasing it in two batches was
[02:03] interesting we've got lots of really
[02:04] good feedback I think a couple of things
[02:06] that we're looking at focusing on for
[02:08] the next
[02:09] actually in October so one of the things
[02:10] was making traveling around the arc 2
[02:13] and charter dolls as easy as possible so
[02:15] we're going to do six things that will
[02:17] help so first of all the cost of
[02:19] supplies yeah that's going to be
[02:21] massively reduced so it won't cost as
[02:22] much chimes the supplies that you use
[02:24] you'll need fewer of them to get able to
[02:26] further islands we are going to remove
[02:28] like reduce the cap so that you don't
[02:30] you won't be capped on the number of
[02:31] surprised you've got you'll be able to
[02:33] find supplies and random islands you'll
[02:35] be able to get a rare drop to give you a
[02:36] free ticket and Rosie's gonna go crazy
[02:39] and give like 50 food supplies or Mason
[02:41] surprised how various freet freet
[02:43] applies but you won't be penalized if
[02:45] you don't go back every day basically
[02:46] you know go and collect them all and
[02:48] then whenever it you want to go
[02:49] exploring you can and you won't be
[02:51] feeling so that what we knew or what we
[02:53] realized from the ark batch one was that
[02:55] the best stuff they're really enjoyable
[02:57] things about the ark run on uncharted
[02:58] Islands it's harder to get a lot of
[03:00] people were just kind of working away on
[03:01] bamboo like in their gumbo and things
[03:03] like that and this is all to get you one
[03:05] time I charted I was rolling and getting
[03:07] better resources yeah so that's a big
[03:09] part of it and the XP rates are
[03:11] absolutely fantastic don't and with the
[03:13] arc to if I can show the screenshots for
[03:16] the slides oh but wait place to get away
[03:20] to this but yeah yeah so we can so if we
[03:22] go back one there we go I concert down
[03:24] your back I'll go back one here we go
[03:26] stalk them at Rosie and the changes
[03:28] supplies one of the other things that we
[03:30] found when we released the art one was
[03:32] we're so focused on getting the closed
[03:33] economy working and didn't really have
[03:35] anything as a reward that you could take
[03:37] out of the closed economy back into the
[03:39] game so we've had to rethink about the
[03:41] rewards we want to do three things which
[03:44] you'll be able to you know unlock in the
[03:46] arc then take back back out into the
[03:48] main game so the first of all the three
[03:50] things we're just announcing 3 i'm just
[03:51] going to tell you three and then it's
[03:53] maybe maybe one of us will blurt them
[03:55] out at some point during this talk it
[03:57] must be later on but and the three
[03:58] things i was going to cover today was
[03:59] some tier 85 boots and gloves further
[04:03] ports armor so that's the existing port
[04:05] system for sunday's complete the set and
[04:07] that gives a set effect as well and
[04:08] maybe maybe maybe oh alright we're took
[04:11] summer and so the armor is one thing
[04:13] also we're talking about adding a like
[04:16] something like the equipment siphoned
[04:18] for invention but a crystal tool
[04:20] yeah that will basically if you've got
[04:22] the crystal crystal tools you'll be able
[04:23] to even better invention XP from sight
[04:25] and treats them as a higher tier for the
[04:27] XP exactly yeah and last one we want to
[04:30] do a hunter outfit yeah and actually on
[04:32] my phone I was able to get the latest
[04:34] hot off the press concept art from Yan
[04:37] and I was going to think oh maybe I
[04:38] could show you guys this is here but
[04:40] obviously you can't see it that's too
[04:42] small so I'll put it on something called
[04:45] the internet later i'll talk about it
[04:46] and then we everybody but video it looks
[04:48] it looks pretty sweet so the concept
[04:50] there would be it's a five piece set you
[04:52] get like a one-percent boost for every
[04:54] for everyone if you get the all five you
[04:56] get a six percent boost the interesting
[04:58] things that it'll work with the Yankee
[05:00] stick so that would I think they'll take
[05:02] it up to eleven percent way up all the
[05:04] way up to 11 so they are so old so right
[05:09] so that's how it's making the arc feel
[05:12] complete rewards show your notion of
[05:14] more island so we're make completing the
[05:16] arc island chain exactly so obviously
[05:18] everyone knows the arc we want we
[05:20] basically made a commitment when we took
[05:22] on this project let you play go to like
[05:24] all of the other thing like when we did
[05:26] player owned ports we were just I
[05:27] everything's just in an interface you
[05:29] know we could put spending islands as we
[05:30] want in the arc yeah little did we know
[05:32] that you guys would vote for it in a
[05:33] poll we'd have to create every single
[05:35] island including things like the islands
[05:37] that once were turtles I mean what is
[05:38] that yeah it's crazy relatively that's
[05:40] been really kind of interesting it's
[05:42] very strange having that as our brief in
[05:44] terms of socrates these are all of the
[05:45] islands yes so these are all the islands
[05:48] are going to do so we're talking about
[05:49] and adding four new islands fully up
[05:51] named islands that you'll be able to go
[05:52] to so sigh closest the island ones with
[05:55] turtles which is really three islands
[05:57] twilight and gossamer as well so
[05:59] basically once this update comes out
[06:01] you'll be able to travel all across the
[06:02] region and do some things we just talked
[06:04] about it i shall we shout well yes I've
[06:07] got some concept art firm for psychosis
[06:09] that I wanted to show because we've had
[06:11] a bit of fun with that we've never been
[06:13] able to go to like a proper cyclops
[06:15] island before so the concept of this
[06:18] kind of land of the giants feeling
[06:20] everything is super large the Cyclops is
[06:22] a really big sign hopes the Cyclones
[06:24] there you know the collective name the
[06:26] collective noun play it is a doubting of
[06:28] Cyclops they go can take that home to
[06:30] your parents i'm not sure that
[06:31] let's try be true you go so yeah Cyclops
[06:33] sigh closest island you'll be able to
[06:35] explore talk to some NPCs there was one
[06:39] of the mini quests which would take
[06:40] place there and then there's something
[06:41] called priests that we've got I have a
[06:43] strange affinity for the big face
[06:44] Cyclops on the left yeah the there's a
[06:46] lot of cool stuff here and also I don't
[06:48] have anyone seen but there is a slight
[06:49] clop suit the a car he Cyclops suit that
[06:52] is yeah its massive I've seen people
[06:53] walk around it it's huge you can get a
[06:55] get a chance have a look at it but it is
[06:57] really really hot I did prototype yeah
[06:59] it was it was not pleasant on the day
[07:01] the air conditioning didn't work so
[07:02] that's I closest weird skilling as well
[07:05] so we should talk about schooling so
[07:06] it's two of the things that we're
[07:08] definitely going to be adding to the
[07:09] whole system will be divination there'll
[07:11] be some brand new and divination energy
[07:13] for you to collect you can get chimes
[07:14] you'll be able to use that to buy other
[07:16] things but also the divination on the
[07:18] Uncharted Isles themselves very very
[07:20] very lucrative XP rates that stuff so
[07:22] it's the same as the other skinning
[07:23] elements which is on their kind of the
[07:24] normal scripted Islands not cracking XP
[07:27] rates but this is to get your only way
[07:28] i'm just getting enough times and then
[07:30] getting some of the best XP rights in
[07:31] the best resources like the gay exactly
[07:33] yeah i mean they're still viable if you
[07:34] don't have the super duper high level
[07:35] and but you know you be a good way of
[07:38] getting choked when farming would be the
[07:40] other thing so there's some very lazy
[07:42] noms on a twilight who basically want to
[07:46] run the play to harvest the various for
[07:48] them so you'll be able to go around
[07:48] exploring collects and berries and get
[07:50] some good farming SP yes i'm making a
[07:52] complete our call something's completing
[07:53] a story oh yeah that's fine charge oh so
[07:56] yeah obviously everything we talked
[07:57] about we're going to feed back into the
[07:59] uncharted Islands on Trenton system yeah
[08:01] you can you know go back and do
[08:03] exploring one of the things I wanted to
[08:05] quickly illustrate here was the the
[08:06] concept of refinements to the contract
[08:08] system so although divination and
[08:11] farming of the two main editions we've
[08:13] added we've also added a few other just
[08:14] base level 90 skills so for instance
[08:16] herb lore construction thieving you'll
[08:19] be able to get tiny little contracts a
[08:21] bit of extra XP go to islands do it do
[08:23] things like light a few braziers and
[08:24] things like that so just going to feel
[08:25] more richer yeah very few on charge I
[08:27] mean one of the feedback point that we
[08:28] got from from players was going to yko
[08:31] like I couldn't pick pocket so we've
[08:32] added little things like thieving here
[08:34] and little things like pick bookings and
[08:35] NPCs I think help kind of just bring up
[08:37] the drug since the islands i suppressed
[08:39] along with story of course oh that's all
[08:42] I went too far wow that's a really there
[08:44] we go
[08:44] there we go we got it we got a greasy
[08:46] clicker which is by now a new stage name
[08:48] I decided I think it'll stick I mean so
[08:52] this is the main antagonist exactly i
[08:55] bugged we've talked it's not a boat it's
[08:57] totally a so we talked about
[09:00] the Harbinger before that you've never
[09:02] actually seen it up until the point
[09:03] we're talking about adding five more at
[09:06] least five more mini quests and the
[09:08] difference between r1 and r2 all of the
[09:10] mini quests will flow on from each other
[09:11] so it's more like playing playing a part
[09:13] of like a wrestling through request one
[09:15] continuing arcing storyline are very
[09:17] good for it yet but this is this is
[09:19] quite a cool model for Alex to create
[09:21] and we wanted to carry a like a threat
[09:24] to the wire boat so the concept of the
[09:26] player going up against this with like I
[09:29] think they've got 46 guns 46 cannons you
[09:32] can't quite see them player ships got
[09:33] zero cans so that's going to be in this
[09:36] problem okay and one of the things that
[09:39] we really want to do in terms of making
[09:40] the ark feel complete is also that
[09:43] notion of just breaking up the training
[09:44] it can feel if you're you know on that
[09:47] same hard but thats a no the wrong
[09:49] period of time it you want something to
[09:50] break it up and that's where we've gone
[09:51] to town so without it a few things yeah
[09:54] so this for example here of some of the
[09:56] cast away so you can find so explore all
[09:59] of the islands find some law drops you
[10:00] can get some castaways that you can talk
[10:02] to ya the we wanted to add like sort of
[10:06] NPCs that would maybe show up so we're
[10:08] talking about a concept of like implants
[10:10] that are indigenous to the ark and we
[10:12] wanted to reimagine and then we came up
[10:14] with these guys tub economy purse very
[10:16] much like the IMP Ling Sui yeah the the
[10:18] jelly bean II characters down there and
[10:20] bottom left I really really like and it
[10:22] makes me want to eat jelly beans every
[10:23] time I see this concept these are kind
[10:25] of floating jelly bean boys exactly kind
[10:27] of everything's and these moths are just
[10:28] amazing i love them we've actually tried
[10:30] to Commission some for the office yeah
[10:32] that's how much we like them yeah there
[10:33] was in the background of kind of live
[10:35] streams in the future I mean when demo
[10:37] is modeling these we kind of felt
[10:39] actually it's not that much extra effort
[10:41] to make some you know player of over as
[10:43] well so the concept would be if you find
[10:45] them and some of them are rarer than
[10:47] others find them you get the XP for
[10:49] finding you get a cool drop table just
[10:50] like in please yeah you can't catch
[10:52] and then take them to an inkling
[10:54] collector and you'll be able to like
[10:55] extract the market on where and
[10:56] obviously we want to be up with a kid to
[10:58] be cool so we've put in bird-watching
[10:59] everyone likes but everybody likes
[11:01] bird-watching is cool so the the concept
[11:05] of that camera is that really the
[11:07] biggest roar of the night is
[11:08] bird-watching amazing i love it so yeah
[11:12] we've got a new a fiancée npc on Psychlo
[11:15] really odd Billy yes yes who isn't a VNC
[11:18] buddy does bird watching as well I'm not
[11:20] sure it's even weirder bird likes
[11:22] bird-watching yes like but he is he is
[11:24] so enthusiastic yeah I look he is really
[11:26] really happy um a little spoiler the one
[11:28] of those up on the screen is a great
[11:30] pecker so I'm sure you'll all enjoy
[11:32] looking for that yes yeah there's a
[11:34] there's y co Warbler and all of these
[11:37] birds you'd be able to find they'll be
[11:39] like different you know some of them
[11:40] will be hidden on yeah like different
[11:41] islands and things like that okay and
[11:43] all of this is collecting in one place
[11:44] yeah so with the art we feel like this
[11:48] is bringing it all we want to basically
[11:50] draw a line under the arc there's lots
[11:52] of now things things to do it is a
[11:54] massive sand box says the mini quest all
[11:57] of the skilling activities all of the
[11:58] contracts and all the things you can
[12:00] discover we kind of thought like keeping
[12:02] track of that and feeling like we want
[12:04] the player to feel like you know you're
[12:06] kind of completing the ark are going
[12:07] towards it in discovering everything so
[12:09] yeah we created this journal as a way of
[12:11] tracking everything that you can produce
[12:13] so yeah well if the employee will be
[12:16] filling line up oh yeah I'm a little
[12:18] your pockets or item pockets lot yeah
[12:20] you can get it back at any time from
[12:22] from operas Guardian in Waco so I'm it's
[12:26] worth also mentioning that if we talk
[12:27] about October the Guardians have also
[12:29] got our Halloween yes so go and give us
[12:31] a short synopsis for what that might be
[12:33] well one of the projects that we really
[12:35] really like working on the Guardians was
[12:37] the dimension of disaster and I've been
[12:38] itching for an opportunity or so for an
[12:42] excuse go back to the visit our
[12:44] dimension and we think the Halloween
[12:46] project is the perfect time to do that
[12:47] so what we with halloween update we want
[12:50] to darken the mood but lighten the tone
[12:52] so i think what we're going to do is
[12:55] experiment with what would invention be
[12:58] like in the Dark Dimension where you
[12:59] could actually disassemble living things
[13:01] so you're taking dead matter living
[13:03] matter breaking an art Frankenstein
[13:05] style yeah
[13:06] sorry dr. Frankenstein's expect to see
[13:07] think it's raining expect to see many
[13:09] mini zemer eagle and yeah it will be
[13:11] basically an extension of the yes the
[13:13] 200 quests the dimension of us so living
[13:15] armor is coming potential yeah and I
[13:17] think we'll the working title invention
[13:19] of disaster ah there we go yeah alright
[13:23] so that's your october so I'm gonna send
[13:27] you away okay a most terrible crash in
[13:29] my video oh go on show a video okay we
[13:31] do have a little video just showing the
[13:32] work in progress we've got with with
[13:33] York with the arc all right enjoy oh
[13:35] thank
[14:19] ah beautiful alright alligator cool ah
[14:32] say all right now we're moving into
[14:36] November yes way to the gods to you
[14:38] forgot about it right you know this is a
[14:40] big thing whoa oh you're up I was going
[14:43] to ensure you but ya know I I jumped the
[14:45] gun I kind of just worried I'm not gonna
[14:47] be able to beat bird watching now
[14:48] bird-watching yeah but I don't think the
[14:49] fact that God's to roar was his biggest
[14:51] but not sure might that's how it guys
[14:53] I'm so yeah hello Tim Oh dolly who is
[14:55] responsible with the what for well
[14:57] November yes all right so not everybody
[15:00] knows Wi-Fi to the gods to is the best
[15:02] thing since sliced bread so take a
[15:03] little bit surprising so I think I guess
[15:05] to start talking about Faye the gods to
[15:07] we first got talk about the precor so I
[15:09] want to get a massive cheer from
[15:10] everyone here who's played fate of the
[15:11] Gods one yes so I think everyone in the
[15:16] room understands how much of a big deal
[15:17] fate the gods to is because in fate the
[15:20] gods one of course what we did was
[15:21] something massive something you've all
[15:23] been waiting for we brought back zerros
[15:24] he's one of the most mysterious of our
[15:26] God's he's one of most beloved as well
[15:28] even though we hadn't met him yet but
[15:29] inflate the gods one obviously you got
[15:32] to go face-to-face with him talk to him
[15:34] about all your burning questions and
[15:35] stuff like that yeah so fate the gods
[15:37] too that's where we really want to find
[15:39] out what he's been up to since you
[15:40] brought him back so he's got all these
[15:43] goals and motivations but he kind of
[15:44] keeps them a little bit concealed so we
[15:46] want to explore that and we also want to
[15:48] go into detail with some of his
[15:49] relationships so obviously some of his
[15:52] most important relationships I with the
[15:53] marjoram some of his followers yep we've
[15:56] got some fans of my jaw are there so by
[15:57] tracking the audience status Lee what we
[15:59] want to do I think that's maybe an as an
[16:01] address on over there no I seal she's
[16:03] wearing too young yeah yeah obviously
[16:05] we've got these Marjorie and I feel like
[16:07] they've kind of been in the shadow of
[16:09] their gods a little bit so exam reckons
[16:11] hours they got their followers but the
[16:13] margin right really dedicated to them
[16:14] but we really want to explore the name
[16:16] right they felt like they didn't have a
[16:17] place like you know they were knocking
[16:19] on the door in kind of missing between
[16:20] death yeah in particular zamorak ians
[16:23] they seem in a little bit disarray so we
[16:26] really want to go into sort of more
[16:27] detail about the nature of the Marjorie
[16:29] we want to explore their past and also
[16:31] explore their future what's going to
[16:32] happen
[16:32] to them in coming events yeah so
[16:34] obviously we've got a visit for an sk to
[16:37] do that we have to go to the homeworld
[16:39] of the Margera and yep we should yeah a
[16:42] little image of for an sk there so we've
[16:45] been to fran sk before fate the gods one
[16:47] you've all played it obviously and you
[16:48] visited 4s cape but we want to go
[16:50] somewhere new so when we go to frisco
[16:52] there will be a brand-new area there'll
[16:54] be new visuals and there'll be a lot of
[16:55] new surprises along the way and one of
[16:57] the things that we did a survey and with
[17:00] all of you which I'm sure all of you
[17:01] answered and you told us that you wanted
[17:03] more character-driven quest you want to
[17:04] spend time with some of your favorite
[17:05] characters but necessarily just kind of
[17:07] blowing things up with gods and so
[17:10] you're gonna get spend some time with 0
[17:11] up some stuff with God's yeah yeah
[17:14] that's also going to spend a lot of time
[17:15] with the margeurite talk to them yeah
[17:17] find out one in particular more personal
[17:19] stories and yes SOCAR shy here's one
[17:22] that we've not we've not involved too
[17:23] much lately but he's going to be the one
[17:25] you interact with most during this
[17:26] question going to spend a lot of time
[17:27] with him so what we've done is we've
[17:29] given him a new lick of paint obviously
[17:31] on the Left day you can see his old dead
[17:34] i dead I car shine yet so we've given
[17:36] him some nice six-page visuals as we
[17:38] were called so yeah he's hopefully we'll
[17:40] get to do that with a few of the other
[17:42] modules as well want to pop those
[17:43] feathers a bit more we'll get yeah well
[17:45] get the brothers popping compassion
[17:47] escape okay yeah so obviously the Mars
[17:51] you're out there really important as
[17:51] well but but the big thing I don't think
[17:53] the thing that I I'm excited about is
[17:56] that notion of a confrontation and
[17:57] that's between zero synopses well yeah
[17:59] the other big see ya zamorak so Zaros
[18:02] and zamorak is probably one of the most
[18:04] explosive rivalries we've got in our
[18:06] game but the thing is they've not come
[18:07] head-to-head for thousands of years and
[18:09] the last time they did come head-to-head
[18:10] obviously zamorak assassinated Zaros so
[18:13] what is going to happen this time
[18:14] everyone's waiting to see what happens
[18:16] iris is back what's going to happen when
[18:18] they finally meet each other and that's
[18:20] going to be really it's going to be
[18:21] explosive but we really want to dedicate
[18:23] a lot of time to that during the quest
[18:24] because it's such a big moment yeah we
[18:26] know you guys are really anticipating it
[18:27] so we've got to do it justice that's it
[18:29] when we sit down to the request we knew
[18:31] where we wanted to Petra spending the
[18:32] most time most ramifications of the
[18:34] content at that point it's gonna have
[18:36] big ramifications on to the stuff you
[18:40] don't necessarily know yeah title you
[18:44] know it is exciting to some I mix
[18:46] I think it's I wasn't sure should we
[18:47] reveal the title yeah let's do it so
[18:49] it's not necessarily gonna be called
[18:50] pray to the God 22 it's gonna be good
[18:51] I'm a bad run of MA so yeah children is
[18:56] exciting I'll be calling it from now on
[18:58] obviously that's because of some of the
[19:00] characters we spoken about the Maserati
[19:02] sorrows zamorak that all children of Mar
[19:04] and they might give a little indication
[19:06] of some other characters that could be
[19:07] involved as well if you are looking to
[19:09] start getting the requirements for this
[19:11] quest we go we don't have any skill
[19:14] requirements view yet but obviously
[19:15] these are the quest requirements so it
[19:17] is going to require of course you
[19:19] guessed it fate of the gods and it will
[19:21] require dis honor among thieves as well
[19:22] because of the involvement with zamorak
[19:24] and the major art and also the light
[19:26] within so another little clue there for
[19:29] some of you guys have you're paying
[19:30] attention and then recommended obviously
[19:32] ritual of the murderer and the world
[19:34] wakes yes yes we're doing our 68 thing
[19:36] there okay um now we have got a tip bet
[19:38] that we really like to reveal obviously
[19:40] with quests it's harder because you
[19:41] don't want to show off too much we don't
[19:43] have spoil it we want you to enjoy it
[19:44] immerse yourself but there is something
[19:47] that we aren't adding into the quest
[19:48] that we can reveal now I I've just been
[19:50] super excited to go up here and tell you
[19:51] guys about this because ever since I
[19:54] learned about this moment in runescape
[19:56] history I've wanted to bring it to life
[19:57] just reiterate it allow you guys to live
[20:00] it basically so what we're going to do
[20:02] is for the first time we're going to
[20:04] allow you guys to witness the betrayal
[20:06] and go back and see when zamorak
[20:08] assassinated zeros and it maybe even
[20:10] participate in it yeah it's going to be
[20:12] absolutely incredible so you're going to
[20:13] go back you're going to get to go to the
[20:16] throne room of sent astern you're gonna
[20:18] be able to interact with the environment
[20:19] with all those characters and distance
[20:21] denizens yeah and talk to them take your
[20:23] time but witness all those events that
[20:25] led up to and then the actual betrayal
[20:27] itself so it's going to be absolutely
[20:29] very much a work in progress but we've
[20:30] been slowly kind of designing that
[20:32] throne room I think I what player does
[20:33] the throne room is obviously something
[20:34] we really want to get right and this is
[20:36] yeah just a work in progress image of
[20:38] what I might look like and can you talk
[20:39] about rewards is there anything you can
[20:40] say yet we want to do some similar
[20:43] things to pay the gods one so hopefully
[20:45] we'll have a post quest combat encounter
[20:47] yep you can get things like that and
[20:49] then we've also got a few cosmetics may
[20:51] be things like bobbleheads coming along
[20:53] way so we'll build towards the little
[20:55] marjoram maybe the little crystals you
[20:57] know hunt around your friend escape that
[20:58] sort of thing
[20:59] and there's also another update with in
[21:02] November q tell us about that yeah so as
[21:04] if all this wasn't enough we're also
[21:06] going to give you an update earlier on
[21:08] in the month which is to help you get to
[21:09] the requirements to fake the gods one so
[21:11] obviously we've got a big cheer from all
[21:13] of you guys that did for the guys one
[21:14] but there might be some people out there
[21:15] who haven't got there yet so we want to
[21:18] we know there's some sticking points
[21:19] with things like mining agility
[21:20] divination divination in particular in
[21:22] those getting the appointments so we're
[21:24] going to give you early access to the
[21:26] throne room which is pretty awesome so
[21:27] you're going to go to the dig site
[21:28] there's an excavation there and they've
[21:30] unearthed the actual throne room
[21:31] obviously it will be really old covered
[21:33] in dust and rocks and you've got help
[21:35] with that excavation and you'll earn XP
[21:37] along the way and there's also going to
[21:38] be some juicy little bits of law in
[21:40] there so you master quest capers are
[21:42] going to want to go and get yourselves
[21:43] involved okay all right I think I've
[21:46] done with you go sadly I don't want to
[21:48] sit like that this is so much fun it's
[21:49] really warm I know you want to sit
[21:51] alright alright so one of the joys of
[21:54] being lead designer on a project on a
[21:56] game I do recommend it is you get to
[22:00] make your own passion projects things
[22:02] that nobody well nobody else in the
[22:03] company particularly want to do but you
[22:05] don't care you tell them that they're
[22:06] making it so this next one this next one
[22:09] is mine so you've only got myself to
[22:12] apologize for okay a small update but
[22:16] I'm really excited about it I'd like to
[22:18] introduce you to bank bidders all right
[22:21] what is Bank bidders this is probably
[22:22] thoroughly confusing this is the ability
[22:25] for all of you to bid on the bank
[22:29] accounts of band previous characters
[22:37] yeah I wish the team was as excited as
[22:42] you this is awesome all right so don't
[22:46] worry if you've got kind of dormant
[22:47] accounts or a councilman left oh that's
[22:49] fine don't worry they're safe these are
[22:51] older bank accounts we're only going to
[22:53] tell you a little bit about these
[22:54] accounts and tell you may be the age the
[22:57] accounts what they like to do maybe
[22:59] they're tell you know their skill levels
[23:00] and then we start getting you we're
[23:03] still talking about it maybe there's a
[23:04] kind of a raffle system maybe it's a
[23:06] bidding system but ultimately one of you
[23:08] will win that account and whatever is in
[23:11] it we're also talking about a kind of
[23:13] high roller version but even riskier
[23:15] accounts up and we live stream that for
[23:17] example but this is for all of you so we
[23:20] know that this character you know is 12
[23:22] years old band format crowing
[23:23] woodcutting start bidding on that so it
[23:26] could be ah what could he be oh my you
[23:31] know I've done quite well there i'm
[23:32] quite happy with that you know I've got
[23:33] myself a mask got myself some lucrative
[23:36] drops or maybe maybe it could have been
[23:41] that all right so I'm sure you've got an
[23:45] idea of which one you prefer this is a
[23:46] little one of obviously a little bit
[23:48] inspired by storage wars and storage
[23:50] hunters i don't care i love it so it's a
[23:53] fun little game and it will be grateful
[23:54] live streams so now we're moving into
[23:56] december so december is christmas
[23:59] christmas we thought you really liked
[24:01] lot is Christmas so we're not diverting
[24:03] too much from that formula so you're
[24:05] gonna be getting advent calendar every
[24:07] day a little treat for you you're going
[24:08] to be getting some small story ask
[24:11] elements there will unlock some training
[24:13] methods and that is all going to be
[24:15] coming christmas with a lovely
[24:16] Christmasy theme and you can be sure
[24:17] that we 15-year oriented but for now i
[24:20] would like to bring on the marvelous the
[24:23] carb mod raven marvelous Makar Oh help
[24:29] me rumor is that you've dropped 13
[24:32] Ravens around runefest for people oh yes
[24:34] honestly yeah there are 13 hidden Raven
[24:36] anymore gay you get the more you get a
[24:38] title amazing alright so we're let's not
[24:41] talk about bank bidders so this guy's
[24:42] endgame yes this guy's endgame yes
[24:46] applaud it this is the Jeep's this is
[24:49] what you're working on what the juices
[24:50] were baby yep as it were um so why
[24:53] should we be interested in the end game
[24:55] well slickers end game is the final
[24:58] culmination of Swiss Kay's big game it's
[25:01] he's revealing what's gonna happen with
[25:03] the stone of jazz he's revealing
[25:04] everything he set in motion as you can
[25:06] see from the screen we have things that
[25:09] have led up to this we've had the death
[25:10] of guthix which has made some of you sad
[25:12] you always get so joyful when is I do
[25:14] we've heard the return of the Gods we've
[25:17] had world events we've had you know V
[25:19] who turned up and died nomad come back
[25:22] with spoilers there are some spoilers
[25:24] here sorry I'm spoiling everything if
[25:26] you've not paid all these quests then
[25:27] you're in trouble we had kindred spirits
[25:30] where this guy did stuff with the player
[25:33] and tried to manipulate them and maybe
[25:35] siphon some the players soul away and
[25:38] then of course we have faked the gods
[25:39] one and then two we have loads of things
[25:42] in place to set this up so this is our
[25:43] final story line coming to her clothes
[25:46] and it's not going to come to a close in
[25:47] the way you necessarily think so a lot
[25:49] of you might have thought there would be
[25:50] as most things end a big old scrap that
[25:52] it's not the case here Oh Leslie has a
[25:55] different plan yes so I mean I don't
[25:57] think anyone really thoughts this is
[25:58] just and go oh well done here's the
[26:00] stone by instead cisco has more up his
[26:05] sleeve he's got more fun to have as you
[26:07] can see probably from the concept art
[26:09] that we have here so this guy's got a
[26:10] bit of a an additional level of the game
[26:13] to play a sort of maze like thing yeah
[26:17] i'm using term like thing because we're
[26:19] trying some weird yes you're being
[26:22] ripped yeah which one things out so
[26:24] those he has lots to play and of course
[26:26] you're not the only person playing this
[26:28] that's the key yes all of the invited
[26:31] god so we'll all well yeah invited
[26:32] Gordon characters will also be playing
[26:34] this so you can imagine order the
[26:36] confrontations all of those different
[26:38] gods some don't like each other somewhat
[26:39] cuddle we don't know yet and it's gonna
[26:43] reflect your choices yes so we at the
[26:45] moment we have this massive spreadsheet
[26:46] with all of these different toys yes
[26:48] trying to work out everything ties in we
[26:50] have what i call the choice matrix and
[26:53] we will be using that to reference what
[26:56] will events will happen in this class
[26:58] yeah choices well that makes an
[26:59] interesting
[27:00] one because we have very rarely given
[27:01] made one quest feel different to a nut
[27:03] from one prior to the other so where
[27:06] would I miss stuff well this is the
[27:08] thing that we're trying ripped it and
[27:10] that we've yes indeed not at all office
[27:14] we are planning on making this quest
[27:16] repeatable and we're writing it so that
[27:20] you will not get everything on the first
[27:23] play through yes and key important point
[27:25] your first playthrough is canon so your
[27:28] choices you've made you'll be locked in
[27:30] the choices you've already made on your
[27:31] first playthrough and how you play that
[27:33] through is canon it's locked in but once
[27:35] you've played it through we're hoping to
[27:37] be able to go back and be able to change
[27:39] your choice matrix you can say well
[27:41] actually maybe I didn't sacrifice Ellen
[27:44] EDD lethal maybe I didn't let Noma
[27:48] didn't kill nomad maybe I did something
[27:50] else and maybe i sided with a different
[27:53] God in a different quest line and you
[27:55] could be able to see how that will play
[27:57] out so if you're interested in more on
[28:00] fighter to go to tea or Tillis gaze and
[28:01] game please Lee come to the law yep
[28:03] corner which is in second stage intense
[28:05] like and far-right for those on
[28:08] livestream that will come out later on
[28:09] in the week that's it to listen to that
[28:12] is two o'clock but we can now reveal the
[28:15] title so obviously later the gods to
[28:17] reveal the title so whiskey tango was
[28:20] just the working title without drumroll
[28:22] please we're going with this gays
[28:25] endgame yeah it kind of color did
[28:30] everything we wanted it to Sweden
[28:31] changer it just it just fitted now the
[28:33] more demanding and more right Trixie
[28:35] slides next one so this is the
[28:37] requirement now remember this is ending
[28:39] everything to do with the gods so these
[28:42] are just the quest requirement not the
[28:44] skill but we have basically everything
[28:47] ever is recommended and everything ever
[28:52] is also required so everyone's got their
[28:58] deployment all right there we go thank
[29:01] you so much Raven for taking us through
[29:03] Cisco's endgame begun be gone in to be
[29:05] gone
[29:10] okay thank you all for coming to catch
[29:14] up on 2016 do remember that this year is
[29:16] just as cracking as 2017 for what we say
[29:19] and just to quickly recap October you
[29:22] have the arc chapter 2 it's completing
[29:24] the arc those things those foibles that
[29:26] you pointed out in the arc we have
[29:27] attacked them we want to make it feel
[29:29] complete in November you have fate of
[29:31] the gods two and a pre-release that
[29:33] takes you to that way to the gods to and
[29:35] maybe maybe a bit of Bank bidders a
[29:37] little storage wars esque element and in
[29:39] December hey we have solistes endgame
[29:42] and christmas two are the most
[29:43] contrasting updates I'm sure you'll find
[29:45] okay I hope you're as excited as we are
[29:48] to make it thank you very much for
[29:49] coming and have a wonderful day cheers
[29:52] guys