Transcript of RuneScape's Dragon Sleigher - A Christmas Tale

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] [Music]
[00:21] this is our new little Christmas song
[00:25] with very very pleased to pray
[00:29] for this year we chose a new topic of
[00:33] which I'd really love to sing with
[00:37] puppies Steelheart and copy cranes
[00:40] jumping all the new band records nothing
[00:44] bad or levels or hats to sing a pattern
[00:49] of lead wreck
[00:53] [Music]
[01:06] let's do bring our knees really me to
[01:11] room flash was really more
[01:20] [Music]
[01:24] let me touch you hard to say what you
[01:29] really need a little every way
[01:36] [Music]
[02:05] little vaga crane lives in a cave
[02:09] no history
[02:12] [Music]
[02:27] what's really neat again
[02:31] [Music]
[02:40] [Applause]
[02:47] [Applause]
[02:49] [Music]
[03:00] well I guess it's really all our fault
[03:04] 300 million Dragonslayer
[03:12] you
[03:13] [Music]