Transcript of RuneScape's Dev Diaries: Future of Invention

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Hello and welcome to the Invention batch 2 Dev Diary with myself, Mod Ollie.
[00:04] I'm Mod Deg.
[00:05] And I'm Mod Erator.
[00:06] And we're from The Eternals. We're working on expansion 2.
[00:16] Deg, why don't you take us through what our goals for the Invention update are?
[00:20] For batch 2 we'd like to address the parts of the skill
[00:24] that people have been telling us feel unfinished.
[00:26] We want to tie up those loose ends
[00:28] and at the same time we want to address some of your frequent feedback
[00:32] about the friction points of the skill.
[00:34] We want to really bring in some quality-of-life updates.
[00:37] For example, there are lots of requests for things like the gizmo bag.
[00:41] So we're investigating ways that we can streamline gizmo storage, free up some of your bank spaces.
[00:47] That was from a Reddit post we read the other day and thought we'll add that in.
[00:52] We're looking at all the Reddit posts and things like that.
[00:53] Another example would be the idea of extracting gizmos from the items.
[00:59] At the moment you can sacrifice either the item or the gizmo.
[01:02] Obviously that's not perfectly ideal.
[01:05] So we were thinking about a way of separating those from each other.
[01:09] That would allow for hotfixing of gizmos.
[01:13] You can have some gizmos that you like for your Slayer stuff.
[01:16] Say, if you've got a really good gizmo for one weapon
[01:19] and you want to put it onto another weapon, you don't need to reinvest that money into creating that gizmo again.
[01:23] You can just use a separator on it, take it off,
[01:25] keep the weapon as well, and then just use it onto the new weapon.
[01:29] So it lets you keep a set of gizmos for "this is my Slayer set", "this is my set for boss slaying",
[01:35] without necessarily having to buy a second scythe, a second staff, things like that.
[01:40] And we're probably going to be doing it as a benefit for levelling up a weapon
[01:45] so you still have to have some investment in it
[01:49] to make these weapons a bit more yours.
[01:51] While we're on the subject of improvements, are there any other improvements we're looking to make?
[01:54] For new devices and blueprints planned forward, we're probably going to remove inspiration costs.
[02:01] There has been a lot of problems with them in the past.
[02:04] It's a good idea and it's part of the identity of the skill,
[02:07] but in practice it has not really held up to scrutiny.
[02:12] So we're probably going to not include those costs going forward.
[02:16] And if there are any more improvements or problems that people have,
[02:21] absolutely tweet, post.
[02:24] If you want to tweet us directly,
[02:26] I'm @JagexOllie, @JagexDeg and @JagexErator.
[02:31] Just our mod names.
[02:32] So, obviously we're looking to complete the skill.
[02:35] It's worth talking about what things we don't think we need more of,
[02:38] what we think Invention doesn't need to become complete.
[02:41] One of the big things at the moment is that there's a lot of components.
[02:45] There's components for seemingly every type of item in game,
[02:49] from noxious to base to everything.
[02:52] There's already enough in there that we don't need to add any more
[02:55] because otherwise it's going to become even more cluttered than it currently is.
[02:58] It's a comprehension problem.
[02:59] Where do these components come from?
[03:02] -The more there are, the harder it is to remember.
[03:05] And making them have an impactful use as well.
[03:08] There's some components that only have perhaps one use in game
[03:12] and it's not really that impactful.
[03:15] We want to keep the amount of components we've got at the moment.
[03:18] We won't be adding any more of those.
[03:20] We also don't feel like we need any more perks.
[03:23] We've already got quite a lot.
[03:25] We're still probably going to continue releasing them alongside other content
[03:30] but it's not what batch 2 needs to finish the skill off.
[03:34] It'll probably come later.
[03:36] That's more of a rewards space for future content.
[03:38] Exactly.
[03:39] And finally, we won't be looking at adding any new tech trees.
[03:41] Before we do anything with tech trees in the future, we want to revisit how they currently work in game.
[03:46] They're not quite what we were hoping that would be.
[03:49] And there are definitely improvements that could be made.
[03:51] Those improvements won't be coming with Invention batch 2.
[03:53] All of the new devices that we'll be getting with this update
[03:56] will be available as soon as you hit that level.
[04:00] There's some gaps in the skill. Where do we think those gaps are?
[04:03] The most obvious one is 99 to 120.
[04:08] The end of the skill mostly exists
[04:12] because we tell you it does.
[04:14] And there's not really any reason to go past 99.
[04:17] Some of the things we will be adding are high-level devices.
[04:20] We want these to feel impactful and powerful.
[04:24] And we're really looking at players suggestions for them.
[04:28] There was a Reddit post from Fowdraco
[04:33] with a lot of suggestions about what Invention could do for new devices.
[04:37] We did find three or four really good ideas that came out of these suggestions as well,
[04:42] which will hopefully be implemented.
[04:45] We won't say which ones, but we're definitely looking for any suggestions that you guys have.
[04:49] They do have to be high-level impactful devices.
[04:53] We don't want to make an item, say, 115 in Invention,
[04:57] just because there's a gap there. We want it to feel like it should be 115 in Invention.
[05:01] It's worth levelling up to get.
[05:02] It's probably worth mentioning that, while we want to be impactful, we don't want to break the game.
[05:07] Because a lot of the suggestions I have seen do that.
[05:13] They have to be in some way balanced as well. We can't just add things that will be ridiculously overpowered.
[05:17] As cool as it would be to turn into a giant dragon,
[05:23] that changes the game a little too much.
[05:25] Invent-shapeshifting.
[05:26] What about gaps for levelling items, for instance?
[05:29] Obviously there's not any reason at the moment
[05:33] to level your equipment or tools above level 12.
[05:37] In fact, you only go to level 12 if you're going to siphon them.
[05:40] I know loads of people who are like "oh, no, my rod is level 11".
[05:45] I did it yesterday. I went 20k over level 12
[05:49] and thought "I could have been a quarter of the way to the next siphon by now".
[05:53] Exactly.
[05:54] There's a bit of remorse in that by missing that notification.
[05:58] We're not necessarily going to solve that for everyone.
[06:00] We want to make it more desirable to level those items up.
[06:04] There's going to be reasons to do it. You're going to feel compensated if you do it.
[06:08] Obviously what we want to do is make it desirable to level items up.
[06:13] Yes.
[06:13] An important thing to say is that I've got a few goals that I want to hit
[06:18] with benefits when you level an item up.
[06:21] I don't necessarily want you to always feel like I want to level all my items till 20
[06:26] because that's a huge time investement.
[06:28] The three guidelines that I've got for post item level 10 benefits
[06:33] are that there should be no more siphon or disassembly bonuses.
[06:39] We don't want you to feel like you have to spend hours and hours
[06:43] to get your item to level 20 because that's the best place to disassemble it.
[06:47] Because that's such a slow cadence of getting actual Invention levels.
[06:51] And on that sort of point, we don't want it to feel like it's so powerful that you have to do the same thing.
[06:56] If you get your scythe to level 20 and it does double damage,
[07:00] then that's what high-level PvM turns into.
[07:03] It's waiting to level your item up so that you can get into any group
[07:07] so you can do the fastest kills.
[07:11] And the final one, which is a little bit more difficult to define for this Dev Diary,
[07:18] is that they need to be reasonable to implement
[07:21] and we can't spend months on making these benefits.
[07:28] A lot of the suggestions are things like
[07:31] "I want to unlock a grander version of my augmented item".
[07:35] That means making a new model
[07:40] for every single augmentable item in game.
[07:43] And that's if there's only one variant.
[07:46] Plus, there's all the dyed ones. It's a lot of work.
[07:50] And we're obviously doing Invention batch 2 to come with an entire expansion as well.
[07:55] We have to think about how we can actually do that.
[07:58] Do we feel like adding that much cosmetics makes the skill more complete?
[08:06] I don't really think so.
[08:08] Another common suggestion is adding a bonus level to all the perks on the item,
[08:14] which is an okay idea but it is quite powerful again.
[08:18] And, for the perks that don't have multiple ranks,
[08:22] that means we need to go back and retrofit them to support it
[08:26] for the ones that were designed with the assumption that we'd never go past this point.
[08:30] We have to go back for all of those and retest all of those.
[08:35] That would violate a couple of those guidelines.
[08:39] So they've got our guidelines now.
[08:42] It shouldn't be too powerful,
[08:45] it shouldn't give a bonus for siphoning
[08:47] and it should be reasonable to implement.
[08:49] If you want to make suggestions, follow those guidelines and that would be really helpful to us.
[08:53] Please do.
[08:55] What way are we going to expand the skill? What new things will we be adding to Invention?
[09:00] This is something that has come up a lot.
[09:01] We don't want to fill it out. We want to add to it as well.
[09:05] The thing that has come out most commonly was this idea of machines.
[09:09] For the most part of what machines will be,
[09:11] they'll take some form of input and then over time they'll produce an output.
[09:14] A good example of this would be a junk disassembler.
[09:18] So you put in, say, 50,000 of an item and then over the course of the week it will disassemble all of that
[09:24] into its relevant components.
[09:26] So, you don't have to stand there or bank and just continue disassembling things.
[09:29] It's taking tedious tasks off of your hands.
[09:33] Yes, arduous and tedious tasks. It's helping to alleviate them slightly.
[09:36] Obviously we don't necessarily want to see huge bits of machinery
[09:40] like big metal boxes in RuneScape.
[09:44] That's a little bit out of the medieval fantasy period.
[09:49] They could be themed towards things like golems or anything that could fit.
[09:53] So that they fit nicely within the lore of RuneScape.
[09:56] I like the idea of having a golem man with a furnace in his belly
[09:59] and he pulls stuff out.
[10:02] Shooting them out of his mouth.
[10:05] Even things like that we could use suggestions for.
[10:08] Golems are the strongest ones we've got at the moment.
[10:11] How are players going to be discovering machines?
[10:14] Obviously we've got the blueprint system for devices.
[10:16] We're going to keep along that theme of blueprints.
[10:19] The machines themselves will be discovered by discovering a blueprint.
[10:22] But, with the removal of inspiration from all of the devices
[10:26] and with these new blueprints also having no inspiration required,
[10:29] we don't want to just give them to the players straight away.
[10:32] We want to have some form of interaction with game content.
[10:34] And, since this is coming with an expansion, there will be a lot of game content for them to interact with.
[10:38] You see something in the expansion like "oh, I've got an idea" and you're inspired.
[10:43] Yeah, you pick it up and then you can reverse engineer how it was made
[10:46] and then you get a blueprint from that which you can discover in your workbench.
[10:49] -Some of them will be available.
-Of course.
[10:52] Some of them will be regular blueprints.
[10:54] If you're already high-level Invention, you will log in on release
[10:58] and have a nice new list of things to work on in your workbench immediately.
[11:03] Perhaps the more powerful ones will be behind something else, an extra layer.
[11:09] The special ones, the ones that are a bit strange.
[11:11] Yes.
[11:12] Alright, I think we covered everything we wanted to.
[11:14] We've gone through what things we are going to improve in the skill,
[11:18] what things we're not going to be adding,
[11:20] ten plus benefits for items,
[11:22] level 99 to 120 content and we talked about machines a little bit.
[11:27] You guys know the kind of stuff we're planning.
[11:28] We've told you exactly where to put your suggestions forward
[11:31] and how to find us on Twitter and things like that.
[11:33] So please don't be shy, give us your ideas and we look forward to hearing them.