Transcript of RuneScape's 20th Anniversary Cake Recipe ft. The Cook's Assistant | #20YearsOfRuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Hey guys, I'm the cook's assistant and today,
[00:02] for Jagex's celebration of 20 years of RuneScape, we're making a feast.
[00:06] No celebration is complete without a cake
[00:09] and what better cake to celebrate 20 years with than RuneScape's Anniversary Cake.
[00:14] So let's cream together some butter and brown sugar
[00:16] before adding quite a few whisked eggs and a little bit of our self-raising flour.
[00:22] We'll also want to add some vanilla extract,
[00:24] bicarbonate of soda and baking powder to the mixture before giving it all a good stir.
[00:31] Whenever the batter begins to resemble scrambled egg,
[00:33] we'll need to stir in a bit more of our flour,
[00:35] repeating this until all of the flour's been incorporated.
[00:38] Eventually, and hopefully before our arms have given up,
[00:41] we should have a nice smooth batter that's ready for our cake tins.
[00:48] I've put some greaseproof paper at the bottom of each of the tins
[00:50] to prevent the cakes from sticking, so all we have to do now is divide the batter evenly
[00:54] between them and then make sure that the surface of each cake is as even as we can get it,
[00:59] before they go off for a quick trip to the oven.
[01:03] The second addition to our feast is going to be a tuna potato.
[01:06] So once our cakes are out of the oven and set aside to cool,
[01:09] we need to lightly oil a large, washed potato,
[01:11] making sure that we give the skin a bit of a season with salt and pepper too.
[01:15] This is going to spend quite a while in the oven now
[01:18] and with our cakes still cooling, we've got plenty of time
[01:21] to prepare the buttercream that's going to fill them later.
[01:24] As you've probably guessed by the questionable amount of butter going into our mixing bowl now,
[01:28] we're going to be making quite a lot of buttercream.
[01:30] Thankfully, we've enlisted the help of our trusty mixer today.
[01:33] So once we've added not one, but two bowls of icing sugar to our butter,
[01:37] we can start creaming them together.
[01:41] After enough time has past to make you feel grateful for not attempting this by hand,
[01:45] we should have some nice, smooth buttercream,
[01:47] which we're going to carefully divide into two batches.
[01:50] This is because we're going to flavour the first batch with some vanilla,
[01:53] and the second batch with some coffee,
[01:54] before adding some red food colouring to the first batch as well.
[01:57] Now we can turn the mixer back on whilst we mix the other batch by hand.
[02:02] The third thing we will be feasting on today is pizza.
[02:06] And pizza needs good sauce, which starts with some thinly sliced garlic,
[02:09] lightly fried in oil, until it just starts to colour.
[02:13] Then, in goes some chopped tomatoes, followed by some pepper and salt.
[02:18] And once that's been cooked-out a little bit, some basil and oregano.
[02:22] Now, it's on with the lid and we'll put that to one side over a low heat until we need it later.
[02:28] Remember our potato? Well that's nearly cooked now,
[02:31] which means we need to make a start on our tuna and sweetcorn topping.
[02:34] I've got a tuna steak here, that I'm going to attempt to cut into a fish shape
[02:37] so that it resembles the RuneScape one. That was a weird sentence.
[02:41] And in the interest of not losing too much of the fish. That looks about right.
[02:46] Let's fry it up, making sure that we season both sides as we flip it
[02:50] and once it's a nice golden colour on both sides, it's just about done.
[02:55] For the sweetcorn, we're just going to heat this through in a pan with a knob of butter.
[02:59] We need to keep stirring this so that the butter doesn't burn,
[03:01] but essentially, we just want this to be heated through.
[03:05] Here's our potato, nice and hot, straight from the oven.
[03:08] Let's quickly cut this down the middle. Whoop, still oily.
[03:16] Now we're just going to carve it up a little bit
[03:17] with a fork so that the decent amount of butter we're adding to it can soak in nicely.
[03:22] Once all of the butter's been added, it's time for the sweetcorn.
[03:29] And here's our nicely cooked tuna.
[03:31] I nearly forgot. It needs a little sweetcorn eye to finish it off.
[03:35] That's better.
[03:37] And here's our first completed feast item. A nice, buttery, tuna potato.
[03:43] No time to admire it yet though, because we've got an absolute RuneScape classic to cook next.
[03:48] Into a pan over medium heat goes a little oil, followed by some butter.
[03:53] Once our butter's started to foam a little, we can add a lot of finely sliced garlic,
[03:57] which we want to sauté a little, just to cook it through.
[04:00] Now, it's time for our shrimps.
[04:03] If I can...
[04:05] I never have this problem in-game.
[04:07] We're going to let these gently cook on the first side,
[04:10] whilst we reminisce about our Tutorial Island days.
[04:13] And when they've had a minute or so, it's time to flip them over.
[04:21] Nice.
[04:23] Once these have had the same amount of time on the other side,
[04:25] we can carefully transfer them to our serving dish, complete with their garlic and butter.
[04:30] I'm getting hungry now.
[04:33] So what's next? Ah, yes, pizza!
[04:35] To make our pizza dough, we're going to need to combine some yeast, oil, sugar and water,
[04:40] which, yes, doesn't look very pleasant, with some flour.
[04:44] Then, it's just a case of working it all together,
[04:46] which can take anything up to 25 minutes by hand,
[04:49] until we have something that resembles a soft, doughy pillow.
[04:53] Once this has been achieved, our dough will then need to spend an overnight trip in the fridge,
[04:57] until it's doubled in size.
[04:59] Thankfully, here's some I made earlier, so let's form our pizza base
[05:02] with the help of some semolina.
[05:04] There is a method to this, but as you can probably tell, I'm not a pro,
[05:08] so essentially, you're just looking for a thin, even pizza base,
[05:11] making sure that you leave a lip around the edge that will form our pizza's crust later.
[05:15] There we are.
[05:17] Now if like me, you don't have a pizza oven, you can use one of these pizza stones.
[05:21] This one's been preheated for around 45 minutes, so it's stupidly hot,
[05:25] which means we need to work quickly. Let's give it a quick coating of semolina,
[05:30] then on goes our dough, followed by the sauce that we made earlier,
[05:33] which as you can see, has now thickened up nicely.
[05:36] As this is RuneScape's plain pizza, we're just going to add a sprinkle of cheese,
[05:41] but if you like meat, anchovies or dare I say it, pineapple, then feel free to add those to yours.
[05:48] We're going to put the pizza in a blazing hot oven now and after 8 minutes or so,
[05:52] it should look something like this.
[05:55] I'm really pleased with this one, as you can probably tell from my little happy dance.
[06:00] The crust feels super thin and crisp and the sauce has bubbled up through th cheese perfectly.
[06:04] I really can't wait to dive into this.
[06:07] However, first, we need to finish the cake.
[06:10] Now, slight schoolboy error here on my part.
[06:13] In my infinite wisdom, I decided to put our nice fluffy buttercream in the fridge,
[06:17] which as you can see, change the texture of it slightly to something a bit more, well, yeah.
[06:23] It's still pipeable though! Just.
[06:26] So let's do our best to get it onto the bottom half of our now cooled cake
[06:30] and we can deal with how it looks later.
[06:32] Once we've got a fairly even layer of icing on the bottom half of our cake,
[06:36] we can use a palette knife or an off-set spatula to hide all evidence of our earlier fail.
[06:41] There we go. They'll never know.
[06:43] With the bottom half iced, it's time to carefully place the lid on the cake,
[06:47] trying to get it as central as possible.
[06:50] With that done, it's time to prepare even more icing. I mean, hey, this is a celebration after all.
[06:56] Using icing sugar in place of flour and ideally some gloves so we don't get all sticky,
[07:01] we're going to roll out some fondant until it's nice and even.
[07:04] In a handy turn of events, one of our plates is the diameter we need for the cake topper,
[07:09] so by gently pressing it into the icing, it leaves an indent that we can follow carefully
[07:13] with a knife to cut out a nice circle to top our cake with.
[07:16] Here's some apricot jam that we've loosened slightly with some warm water,
[07:20] so we're going to spread a thin layer of this on the top of our cake,
[07:22] without going all the way to the edge.
[07:25] Once we've done that, we can carefully place our circle of icing on top,
[07:28] giving it a light pat to ensure that it's stuck down properly.
[07:32] Thankfully, our pink buttercream has been out of the fridge long enough now to make it usable,
[07:36] so using a different piping tip, we can attempt to pipe a decorative pink ribbon
[07:40] around the edge of our cake.
[07:42] And finally, let's add some cake sprinkles to finish it all off.
[07:46] So we've got all of this food, but nothing to drink.
[07:49] Let's make a potion, shall we?
[07:51] More specifically, a sara brew.
[07:54] To our cocktail shaker, we're going to add some ice,
[07:56] followed by a shot of lemoncello,
[07:58] another one of coconut rum
[08:00] and finally some coconut milk.
[08:04] If your lemoncello isn't very yellow,
[08:06] you might want to add a little bit of yellow food colouring.
[08:09] Now we just need to give it a shake
[08:11] until condensation appears on the outside of our cocktail shaker.
[08:15] Then we can carefully pour it through a funnel into our potion vial.
[08:19] Here's our finished brew, in all of its luminous, yellow glory.
[08:23] Now let's add it to the rest of our feast.
[08:27] And here we have it, guys. Our feast celebrating 20 years of RuneScape,
[08:31] complete with anniversary cake, which yes, does have 20 candles,
[08:35] although we're not really risking training firemaking today between them and our wooden table.
[08:40] I'd like to thank Jagex for getting me involved in this.
[08:42] I loved putting this together for you all
[08:44] and I hope that you've enjoyed seeing some of RuneScape's food come to life too.
[08:48] If you'd like to have a go at making your own RuneScape food at home,
[08:51] you can find links to recipe cards for the cake
[08:53] and other iconic RuneScape food in the description below.
[08:57] Happy anniversary, RuneScape, and here's to many more!