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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] so we're just going to go through some
[00:01] of the functionality of room metrics for
[00:04] you so when you first log in after the
[00:08] release we're going to be importing your
[00:10] data from the old XP tracker so you can
[00:15] see here in the top right I've got my
[00:17] old XP tracker with with my lots on
[00:18] there and it's imported and it's it's on
[00:22] there it's on it's on a metric for you
[00:24] which is pretty good so one of the cool
[00:29] things about Roo metrics is that when
[00:32] you start scaling it will auto-populate
[00:35] the skills on the track for you so as
[00:39] you can see I'm doing some crafting and
[00:41] it's popped in with crafting skill for
[00:45] me the XP that I've gained and so on we
[00:49] can switch and do some fetching and fire
[00:55] making so a few of the things that we've
[00:57] got on here we've got your XP tools
[01:00] which is the same as the normal XP
[01:03] tracker
[01:04] we've got your XP per hour and this is
[01:07] based on a 5-minute window of XP gain
[01:10] and we've also got your ETA so this is
[01:14] your estimated time to target and this
[01:17] can be based on your XP target that
[01:21] you've set your level target or if you
[01:23] haven't got anything set then it will
[01:25] just take your next level and this works
[01:27] with virtual virtual levels as well
[01:30] which is pretty cool we've also got some
[01:35] graph functionality so let me start
[01:41] chopping some IV sexy graphs coming
[01:50] so we've got wood cutting on here now
[01:52] and what we can do is we can right-click
[01:54] and we can say Center graph on come on
[02:08] graph let's go I'm not making enough
[02:10] games why is it not cutting orangey
[02:19] hates you Wow question well yeah
[02:24] girlfriend lover in Metrix be integrated
[02:26] into the runescape companion map no not
[02:30] currently no you're not which is worth
[02:32] mentioning yeah new design which
[02:38] integrates everything that was already
[02:39] on the adventure is logged into it cuz
[02:41] we saved her yeah we salvaged it it was
[02:44] on fire but we bought down we were gonna
[02:45] destroy it the tender touch out there
[02:47] just like no no let's do something else
[02:53] let's find these EU server yeah yeah
[02:57] that's crazy so you can see we do have
[02:59] we do have a bar now since I showing you
[03:01] your XP gains as you go along and what
[03:04] you can do is you can use your scroll
[03:07] wheel to zoom in and out you see here
[03:09] this it says the time window that we're
[03:11] looking at so we can see the width of
[03:13] the graph you've got straight down a
[03:16] bird's nest there as well good well with
[03:19] the biggest ring in the world that I've
[03:20] always loved that there's so we can zoom
[03:24] out and we've got a link here so you can
[03:27] go straight to website and video video
[03:28] historical data if you want to one of
[03:32] the other things that we've got is we've
[03:34] got this this wealth column here which
[03:35] shows your wealth change so you saw I
[03:39] picked up I've got some logs here so you
[03:42] can see that my my wealth value is going
[03:44] up we've also got gold per hour as well
[03:47] so this is based on again a five minute
[03:51] window of what you're doing so if you
[03:52] keep going at the current rate if we
[03:53] keep keep getting this you these you
[03:55] logs then we'll have 82 82 K XP an hour
[03:59] that five-minute window is probably
[04:01] worth talking about it's it's a it's a
[04:05] compromise designed to give a number
[04:07] that means something and is useful to
[04:08] you in the short term yeah it's not so
[04:11] that he's not your exact age before our
[04:12] because there's sort of no such thing as
[04:14] exactly XP per hour yeah but it is
[04:16] approximately our XP per hour and it
[04:19] will update based on what you're doing
[04:20] so if you just don't do anything for a
[04:22] while that number goes down yep and if
[04:23] you do something that's a high oh we
[04:25] could do several high XP things are out
[04:27] that number goes up I think we're gonna
[04:28] have to instead of having a rival world
[04:30] 66 I think we need to work on the bird's
[04:31] nest it's gonna be the smallest right
[04:35] ever great quick come on oh what's a
[04:39] fire a fire
[04:40] Oh mad bank that's it that's another
[04:48] example thank Matt bank I mean so
[04:53] possibly Passover too much ogre now and
[04:55] he can show you some some combat can I
[04:58] also ask Oh actually just what the
[05:00] difference between free and a member on
[05:01] what you just like yeah show it so so
[05:04] free yeah you know I mean yeah and
[05:06] subscribe to read metrics Pro
[05:08] that's exactly when to ask so the free
[05:11] version will get this XP totals column
[05:15] so you'll you'll have as a basic you'll
[05:18] have some extended functionality over
[05:19] the old XP trackers that's limited to
[05:21] three skills this will allow you to have
[05:24] all 26 don't you know how many we got
[05:27] now 29 so yeah that allow you to have
[05:36] more we've also got there don't give in
[05:46] don't give in what heaven oh so yeah so
[05:51] they'll get they'll get the XP tools
[05:52] there's also the drop log which I think
[05:55] Morgan's going to show us a little bit
[05:57] as well and so that's that's the in-game
[05:59] side of it yeah that you'll get okay
[06:02] gone mad shaken this is your time you
[06:04] can plug your demons so yes you do
[06:09] damaged in total
[06:11] then it was per minute and your accuracy
[06:14] was being pretty good
[06:15] my name is and move to graphs as well
[06:25] so yeah it gets up and down it's a lot
[06:28] nice to see their ex being in combat
[06:31] then in skilling there's a lot more and
[06:33] even in combat but you can see how well
[06:36] you're doing in missus and how it he's
[06:39] praised the fix-it time on this
[06:43] interface before in there no but see you
[06:48] can see extra power and whenever I get a
[06:50] drop hablas here even drops there my
[06:53] charming because up or bone crush yeah
[06:56] get rid of stirred I can shoot this to
[06:59] loot only so when I pick stuff up it
[07:03] will be only racing then so you see it's
[07:09] bit of a combat coyote this all better
[07:12] option for seeing accuracy should miss
[07:14] him quite a lot so once you kill it like
[07:19] I show you can you changed a bit more
[07:20] face around when it dies if it dies yes
[07:27] dead
[07:35] oh yeah it whenever you kill an enemy
[07:37] and drop an item it pops something up
[07:39] there saying absolute valley of the drop
[07:42] which is quite handy when you want to
[07:43] spot something so if that's I did not
[07:49] know that we've had it for so long in
[07:52] the house we've had you know it's been
[07:56] showing us room earlier but no one
[07:57] notice it feels good so you can change
[07:59] your adopt setting to loot and earn
[08:02] every year you pick up will only be
[08:03] register then if we can't find where I
[08:06] went
[08:06] it is so soon to be coming up it get
[08:09] registered it's pretty much it for
[08:16] cutting more wise I guess it will have
[08:18] you mentioned legacy mode legacy mode
[08:21] should work with it as well so there
[08:22] will be an interface in normal I can
[08:25] show you when I get out the combat again
[08:27] it's common legacy mode its integrated
[08:30] as a sergeant yes photographs and the
[08:32] metrics screen are are interpretive
[08:34] matters and I there were a couple of
[08:35] questions that just said Ironman
[08:36] question mark so discussions whether it
[08:38] works with Ironman that I can't say
[08:40] anyways my lips yes can you smoke what
[08:43] you do and don't want to pop in the new
[08:44] interface no but we've seen that as a
[08:46] request we'd consider looking at also
[08:48] launch so the problem is that actually
[08:52] though that sounds like an easy thing to
[08:53] do but actually implementing the
[08:54] interface to allow you to keep track of
[08:56] where you are and on tracking for every
[08:58] single object in the game is actually
[08:59] quite intimidating
[09:01] take your pick you want metrics you can
[09:04] pick
[09:04] graphs and they cuvette good true drop
[09:08] blog in legacy and they start out with
[09:12] everything else like a normal and legacy
[09:14] I don't have an S because Decker Scouts
[09:18] and mashes the NASA is not there when
[09:24] you come
[09:24] I am good point um so yeah okay all
[09:29] right Sam mimic boss they were asking
[09:31] sorry can you Amanda mimic I hope you
[09:33] Iron Man the mimic boss why I don't I
[09:36] honestly don't know I do apologize we'll
[09:38] find out and post that out somewhere
[09:41] yeah so all information is in the new
[09:43] space we've tried to add iron man
[09:45] information to every new space that we
[09:46] put out well where it's relevant anyway
[09:49] your DPM does not reset each time you
[09:53] switch monsters why would you want to do
[09:55] that okay also there will never be a DPS
[09:58] there will always be DPM meters all
[10:02] right well I've got some lovely
[10:04] structured questions for you guys an
[10:06] awesome prompt some conversations so
[10:10] when we sorry this has been yeah it's a
[10:33] leap year so no idea what that gives us
[10:36] an extra day to delight yes yes that's
[10:40] what leap year is there for another
[10:43] bird's nest
[10:44] why is with you that's amazing so how do
[10:53] you bring matrix and look after a few
[10:54] hours of high-intensity skilling or
[10:56] combat yeah pretty much pretty much the
[11:01] same because the XP hours of rolling
[11:03] window it's showing you what you did in
[11:04] the last five minutes the graph the
[11:06] graph window zoomed out your numbers
[11:09] will be bigger yeah yeah and your ETS
[11:14] will come down a little bit and will
[11:16] roommate Chuck's pro feature a permanent
[11:18] or extended grand exchange history
[11:21] they're complaining about something I'm
[11:23] one of us is really loud
[11:25] random okay all right and also it's okay
[11:28] that's fair enough so I mean yeah but
[11:30] grand exchange how is that featuring in
[11:32] or reading tracking great exchange
[11:35] history at the moment it's not the
[11:38] website wealthtrack
[11:41] what you have fallen so long change as
[11:44] part of its gender so fun about life
[11:45] yeah but it's not track specifically as
[11:48] your junior transaction and we'll the
[11:49] data in room metric speak for gotten
[11:51] after a certain time frame if you to let
[11:53] your room metric subscription lapse your
[11:55] images Pro subscription lapse then we
[11:57] can't necessarily keep the data yeah
[12:00] because I've always be storing yeah
[12:03] because this is what we discover somehow
[12:05] started yapping on this was that the
[12:06] amount of data was just last cuz we're
[12:09] on there kind of logging in virtually
[12:10] every interaction we may have for a very
[12:12] long period of time
[12:13] yeah that makes sense and will so we
[12:17] talked about virtual levels we've had a
[12:20] clue scroll reward logger geometrics
[12:22] dollars already covered clue scroll
[12:25] rewards I believe in the looped in loot
[12:33] option I believe mod ROI added added
[12:35] functionality for that in yeah but
[12:38] though there's no current plans for one
[12:41] specifically for that but if it does
[12:43] anything else yeah I mean if you know if
[12:47] there's enough call for a separate one
[12:49] then we can we can widows in future it's
[12:51] not fin it they're not necessarily
[12:52] finish finished we may have more
[12:54] features depending on yeah it's only
[12:56] talked about things like kind of farming
[12:57] track is ports yeah these are will
[13:00] obviously lovely nice-to-haves the
[13:02] problem is with what we've put in is the
[13:05] stuff that's the most useful to the most
[13:06] people
[13:07] yeah man each new specific feature is
[13:08] basically as much work as making it work
[13:10] for all skills right okay so so writing
[13:12] a whole widget for farming as a reason I
[13:15] mentioned farming is it does track
[13:17] farming it's just that because it tracks
[13:18] the eighteen you gained in the last five
[13:19] minutes yeah you don't really gain XP in
[13:22] farming per five minutes it's kind of a
[13:23] meaningless male yeah so he doesn't
[13:25] handle farming well it does it does
[13:27] track your farming XP it just doesn't
[13:28] give you information yeah
[13:29] I feel that you guys aren't really
[13:32] listening to us it's become a mess fast
[13:33] it's the one I dropped it's not a new
[13:36] one but I've picked it up few now just
[13:38] so you can focus oh we've got a few
[13:42] other things we can show you as well
[13:43] with the settings that we've got so
[13:46] quite a parent window for in matrix
[13:48] Georgie first nice balance so with it
[13:50] with the graph doing an M yeah so we've
[13:56] got our own we've got our own Einstein
[13:58] yeah
[14:00] indeterminate right i I think I don't
[14:04] know we can we can K so twitch now we
[14:10] need a band oz related pun for Einstein
[14:13] for this guy we need so help us out
[14:15] come on Rach isn't gonna cut it I'm
[14:17] afraid the hot streak you're not trying
[14:20] but anyway yes sir we've got a lot
[14:23] between there you've got the details of
[14:24] when you're when you're in matrix
[14:26] membership expires if you've got it if
[14:27] you don't have it then it will tell you
[14:29] that you don't have it this tab by tab
[14:31] by tab so we've got the metrics tab
[14:33] which so you can pull out the metric
[14:36] screen from it yeah that's where you get
[14:38] it from first place you've got a few
[14:40] settings here so currently we've got
[14:42] abbreviated values in here you can take
[14:45] show precise values and that will
[14:47] populate with the with the full value
[14:49] there if you want to be a bit more
[14:50] precise if you guys can see them very
[14:56] well but we've got that we've also got
[14:59] this option for updating the XP per hour
[15:04] value on XP gain so currently you can
[15:06] see that it's kind of stable if I
[15:08] uncheck this what's gonna happen is when
[15:13] I'm scaling the value will be changing a
[15:16] lot more frequently so it kind of has
[15:17] that sense of urgency to you when you
[15:19] stop scaling your your XP XP per hour
[15:22] just drops and your ETA goes up and so
[15:25] it's it's kind of its kind of fun if you
[15:27] like that and I really shouldn't drop
[15:30] that IV cuz it's just not
[15:31] it just doesn't like me again now does
[15:33] it make Einstein I was kind of in grey
[15:38] in the hot streak a few people have said
[15:40] that one
[15:41] we've also got another little feature
[15:43] which is to show a health warning i
[15:45] won't activate that just now but it has
[15:48] basically adds a red tint to the corners
[15:50] of your screen when when you get below
[15:53] 20% health so it's kind of cool so now
[15:56] we're not skill strikes sorry that's
[15:58] good we've also got some data intervals
[16:04] as well so currently i've got what we
[16:06] call since reset so this works in the
[16:08] same way as the old XP tracker in that
[16:10] it will continue to count up and tell
[16:12] you until you reset it which you can do
[16:14] by right-clicking and resetting it and
[16:19] then it clears plays your data we've
[16:21] also got something that we call this
[16:23] session and what this does is it logs
[16:26] your data in your current session and it
[16:29] will reset if you've been logged out for
[16:32] more than two hours so you can you can
[16:34] go away you can come back and it will
[16:35] it'll keep track of things for you it's
[16:37] the reason it's designed that way is
[16:38] because it's sort of like seems Morgan
[16:40] so it's how we experience its login
[16:42] except that if you change worlds or
[16:46] reset until you leave it that way for
[16:48] two hours so so if you have it set to
[16:50] this session
[16:51] maybe it's giving you useful that's nice
[16:52] okay yeah dem updates you know aren't
[17:05] open the thing we should probably let it
[17:08] session by default so what you will not
[17:13] know it is right now just to show off
[17:15] what chokan who's just off shot if we
[17:17] could just come to a screen has decided
[17:19] to piece a rack saw and it isn't
[17:21] listening to us
[17:22] just fighting like I am listening later
[17:29] yes anyways that Cheers oh that's gonna
[17:32] hurt good work
[17:35] I'm we probably didn't cover the basics
[17:37] a few people are asking kind of just
[17:39] broadly what is Roo metrics and what
[17:41] does it do so if we just kind of
[17:43] summarize it it's a number of bunch of
[17:46] tools that give you numbers and numbers
[17:48] and stuff yeah numbers and stuff yes
[17:49] that's working well brilliant that was a
[17:52] quite well
[17:54] it's working title with something that
[17:55] only she could repeat okay but it's it's
[17:59] tracking what you are doing giving you
[18:02] it also has a theme tune which was the
[18:04] theme tune from America ah damn eh we
[18:08] also can see great on train how much
[18:10] does it cost
[18:11] sorry what are you know that's far you
[18:12] know I got this wrong last time okay
[18:15] it's three and it's one bond one bond
[18:19] per month I'm coming my love they get
[18:23] two months and two weeks free not like I
[18:28] said last time say there we go right we
[18:32] got that resolved I have got some
[18:33] questions
[18:34] a small things more things I guess the
[18:38] only the only other couple of things to
[18:39] mention Roman you've got your old XP
[18:42] tracker in here now we've got
[18:45] functionality so that you can have the
[18:48] tracker auto depopulate or auto remove
[18:51] your skills after a period of inactivity
[18:52] so currently they're set to never but
[18:56] you can we've got a drop down here so
[18:58] they'll they'll remove themselves after
[19:00] a couple of minutes so fine if I click
[19:02] that and I'll do some scaling and some
[19:04] of them will will drop off and you can
[19:06] also increase the number of rows that
[19:07] you see as well so we've got six by
[19:09] default but you can said earlier you can
[19:11] add or twenty-nine skills to your to
[19:14] your tracker need six point four because
[19:16] that's the standard height of one of
[19:17] those windows yeah it's better that's
[19:18] very thin first you want to stretch it
[19:20] to fit the entire width of the screen
[19:23] we've got the graphs as well
[19:26] you can configure what you see on the
[19:29] graph window and we've got drops as well
[19:32] so you can you can switch between them
[19:34] yeah go for the questions all right all
[19:37] right I'm gonna rattle through them I
[19:38] don't really have a name for this
[19:40] there's no Tim bowtie more help you can
[19:42] for your MacGregor
[19:43] will there be a rune metrics app for
[19:45] Android and Apple users no unlikely you
[19:51] can you can get the website up on your
[19:53] phone yeah yeah there we go so on get
[19:56] iPhone so we have mod Liam has just
[19:57] turned up with it with a post-it note
[19:59] saying get good
[20:00] he's showing they watch each other funny
[20:01] right so he's not doing it right okay
[20:05] thanks
[20:07] hi or something um this is a really good
[20:12] question so what kind of advantage
[20:13] advantage with real metrics give me well
[20:15] plan no concrete in-game advantage right
[20:19] doesn't give you doesn't make you better
[20:20] doing anything by just having it what it
[20:23] does is it gives you information about
[20:24] what you're doing so it allows you to
[20:25] see your XP rates it allows you to see
[20:26] your DPM and then you can make decisions
[20:29] based on that information
[20:30] yeah I think that's pretty good answer
[20:32] let's get out tell me how much of my
[20:34] ream metric stats can others see it's
[20:37] none what is currently public in the
[20:40] adventure was obviously public but the
[20:42] default that the XP data graphs in us
[20:44] high so every are not public right okay
[20:47] so while adventurous vlog has been
[20:48] ported into their web version of
[20:50] learning metrics it's only The
[20:51] Adventures of our ghetto I said I'm on
[20:52] visibility ver script what if that is it
[20:56] any different than my brass Castle okay
[21:00] how much my room at what's that's am I
[21:03] able to share with others I think that's
[21:04] the same question though there's any way
[21:06] yes Auto Show
[21:07] alright that's it I think that's
[21:11] everything covered for mometrix and ice
[21:12] collecting questions they're coming in
[21:13] now um so yeah if we could reiterate the
[21:18] difference between regular and pro so
[21:20] regular regular has has the the improved
[21:23] XP counter it doesn't have graphs it
[21:26] doesn't grow it does have a job yeah
[21:28] it's it's it's XP total let's call it
[21:31] put up on your screen exactly what a
[21:32] free player would see you so that closes
[21:35] the graph window
[21:37] yeah not that and that that's what yet
[21:42] and so then we expand out into Pro and
[21:45] we have everything we just yes so
[21:46] beforehand gourmet extra column was on
[21:48] the drawers and we've got some other
[21:51] questions from each hats will there be
[21:54] an option to share DPM through quick
[21:55] chat eyes only plug into quick chat
[21:57] buyer new metrics
[22:00] there we go you see what Iliad ill kill
[22:04] over for the jack pad demo and kind of
[22:13] free player pay for what metric
[22:16] yes yes if they don't bonds yep that's a
[22:20] very good question thank you for it
[22:21] that's all right
[22:22] okay so thank you very much you talk
[22:24] about my matrix there's a good question
[22:26] can we pick and choose what graphs we
[22:27] want specifically closing XP and GP per
[22:29] hour and just leaving the damage meter
[22:31] open yes we can yeah you can customize
[22:33] anything you like you can drag it down
[22:34] into a tiny tiny box
[22:36] yeah that'd be good okay we know yeah I
[22:40] think so we've got any other questions
[22:42] about re metric spray and dr. Jagex Jack
[22:45] jacket is heaven oh yeah on Twitter yeah
[22:48] double over to answer your questions any
[22:50] more that you have been able to on we
[22:52] haven't been able to answer here a quick
[22:54] reminder that old Shaunie or Shaunie is
[22:57] going to try try to take on the mimic
[22:59] boss the elite version so there are four
[23:01] difficulty tears he's doing all four so
[23:05] it's gonna take you through them tear by
[23:06] tear but ultimately and importantly he
[23:08] is going to try the elite tear I cannot
[23:10] overemphasize this the elite tier is
[23:12] very difficult so it will be
[23:15] entertaining so please do watch him
[23:16] panic and sweat we do like to see
[23:18] shortening sweat that's on that's
[23:20] tonight at 9:00 p.m. game time
[23:22] all right and he'll be coming later on
[23:25] this week sorry next week we have
[23:28] invention chat as well so any of those
[23:31] and either those of you that were
[23:32] questioning or we're doing the invention
[23:34] will be more invention in next week's
[23:36] live stream so thank you very much for
[23:37] us for watching let's go through and see
[23:42] what we get also dropped from Iraq so
[23:49] we'll be counting it in your drop blog
[23:50] so if you have it under drop section so
[23:57] you can keep track of your Iraq salutes
[24:00] what someone else will will there be
[24:02] absent or not economy just know okay all
[24:07] right
[24:07] no that's why am i hitting finish him
[24:11] finish in Jinan it I said finish it I
[24:17] think there's some Harry go whoa we've
[24:20] been kicked from the trap okay that's it
[24:24] we get junk junk junk
[24:28] we roll get it get on the dog there we
[24:35] go yeah a beautiful ending for wonderful
[24:39] thank you very much everybody