Transcript of RuneLabs - A Step by Step Guide

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This transcript is currently under construction.
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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Fancy yourself as a designer?
[00:02] Think you’ve got an awesome idea for RuneScape?
[00:05] This year we’re giving YOU the opportunity to see your ideas become a reality… using the power of RuneLabs!
[00:13] That’s right - share your idea, get community support
[00:17] and you could be making your 1st step into game development!
[00:20] Osborne, watch your back!
[00:23] Here’s how – it’s pretty darn simple!
[00:28] First, you’re going to need an idea!
[00:30] Each month we'll give you a set of criteria, explaining the type of project we're looking for.
[00:36] “I need a medium/large sized project - anything goes!”
[00:38] Then, visit the RuneLabs section of the website and post your idea.
[00:43] This is your chance to convince players to support your idea.
[00:47] Think about what's really cool and unique about your idea and focus on that.
[00:54] Now your idea's out there for everyone to read.
[00:57] If it gets enough support and meets the criteria, it will make it through to the next stage.
[01:02] While you wait, check out some other ideas and support the ones you'd like to see in-game.
[01:07] You can also add ideas to your wish list, keeping all your favourites in a nice, handy place.
[01:15] Now it's over to the JMods to look at the most popular ideas and decide which ones are the best fit for the game.
[01:21] After this review, their chosen ideas will make it to the final stage.
[01:29] The final decision will be in the hands of your fellow players, voting on your idea in a player power poll.
[01:36] "Yes"
[01:37] Your name will be well and truly in the spotlight.
[01:43] And this is where the magic happens… if successful, we'll take your winning idea from concept to reality.
[01:51] Later this year, everyone could be playing your content!
[01:55] So get excited, get creative and get involved!