Transcript of RuneFest 2019 - Vote now for the Golden Gnome Awards Winners!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Ladies and gentlemen,
[00:03] to announce the RuneScape nominees for the 2019 Golden Gnome Awards,
[00:10] please welcome Mod Mark!
[00:15] Thank you! Thank you!
[00:17] It's such an honour to be here!
[00:18] Thank you! Yes, please! Settle down and take your seats.
[00:22] Welcome one and all to the nomination ceremony for the 8th Annual Golden Gnome Awards,
[00:28] a celebration of the greatest community in video games and a chance for us
[00:33] to truly appreciate our wonderful and amazing RuneScape content creators and players.
[00:41] The nominees announced here tonight will be open to your vote
[00:45] from 26th July until the 1st August.
[00:48] And the ceremony for the Golden Gnome Awards themselves will take place at RuneFest
[00:53] on Friday 4th October at the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre.
[00:58] Let's hope that the technical problems we had during rehearsals are fully ironed out
[01:03] and we can get straight into the first awards category. The video awards!
[01:08] Can I please have the nominations for the first video category?
[01:12] Thank you.
[01:13] Excellent.
[01:14] So, the nominees...
[01:16] The... It's a...
[01:18] The...
[01:19] Yes! For the Best New RuneScape Video Maker, the nominees are...
[01:24] DarkWorldOrder,
[01:26] Elyem,
[01:27] Silenced,
[01:28] and RSGalaxyshark.
[01:34] That's because it's a bloody stupid question, isn't it?
[01:37] Of course RuneScape Classic is the best RuneScape.
[01:40] I mean, who thinks any other way?
[01:43] Oh, sh*t!
[01:44] Sorry!
[01:46] For Best RuneScape Video Maker, the nominees are...
[01:51] Maikeru,
[01:53] ProtoxxGaming,
[01:55] RsWillMissIt,
[01:57] and Tonix RS.
[01:59] And finally, for Best RuneScape Video Of the Year, the nominees are...
[02:05] "RuneScape Historical Timeline 1998-2018" by RSwillmissit,
[02:11] "A Lot Has Changed" by DarkWorldOrder,
[02:15] "RuneScape Telos Anime Opening" by Karil Chan,
[02:19] and "When RuneScape Players Go Farming IRL" by TheRealScaperz.
[02:28] Fantastic content there. All worthy winners, I imagine.
[02:32] Next up, we have the...
[02:35] The what?
[02:37] Oh, god. The autocue has gone all blurry again.
[02:40] The steaming awards?
[02:42] The strafing awards? The stoning awards?
[02:45] The streaming awards! Yes, of course!
[02:50] Can I have the nominees, please?
[02:54] Where's my glamourous assistant gone?
[02:57] What do you mean you can't find her?
[02:59] Oh, god. What am I paying you guys for?
[03:06] For Best New RuneScape Streamer, the nominees are...
[03:10] DylanTheGoon,
[03:12] FoxxTickles,
[03:14] LoadFix,
[03:16] and RSNate.
[03:20] FoxxTickles. I mean, really these days they just...
[03:23] They just make them up.
[03:24] I think it's just some random...
[03:26] For Best RuneScape Streamer, the nominees are...
[03:29] iTrolledU,
[03:31] TheRSGuy,
[03:32] Wazzy,
[03:34] and Maikeru.
[03:36] I think my microphone...
[03:39] Just bring it here.
[03:41] Congratulations to all the nominees.
[03:43] All wonderful content creators.
[03:45] Go and vote!
[03:46] It's wonderful. It's great videos. Great streams. Just check them out.
[03:51] And with that, we come to our final category of the night.
[03:55] The autocue is broken. These bloody notes are useless.
[03:58] Everything is gone properly tits up.
[04:01] So it's time for the art awards.
[04:04] For Best New RuneScape Artist, the nominees are...
[04:07] Brassica Prime,
[04:09] Willoway,
[04:10] Grommy Art,
[04:12] and Enkoro.
[04:15] I swear they just write names that I can't bloody read just to piss me off.
[04:22] For Best Artistic Creation, the nominees are...
[04:25] Zuhaar,
[04:27] Magenixy,
[04:29] ClubPeter,
[04:30] and Claycapes.
[04:33] And finally for Best Artist, the nominees are...
[04:37] Plushie Tum,
[04:38] Zuhaar,
[04:40] Dagna,
[04:41] and, the most onionest of all things, the God of Onion.
[04:45] Yes, the god of onion. Bow down to his eyewateriness.
[04:50] Ladies and gentlemen, it's now time for you to have your say
[04:54] and vote for your favourite nominees in this year's Golden Gnome awards.
[04:57] Voting closes on the 1st August 2019
[05:00] and the winners will be announced during our grand awards ceremony on Friday 4th October
[05:04] at bloody RuneFest.
[05:11] How was that?
[05:13] We're alright?
[05:14] Yes.
[05:15] Well, I think it went better than expected, to be fair.
[05:18] I mean. You know.
4th & 5th OCTOBER 2019