Transcript of RuneFest 2019 - Theme Reveal - 4th & 5th October!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] morning hello sailor how you don't
[00:03] that's not that I'm doing great
[00:05] how'd the er lands out with time release
[00:07] go rather team absolutely no dead to
[00:08] mayhem and something else how's that
[00:10] going dude some of the elves coming
[00:11] along great team's doing a great job
[00:13] nearly out gonna be the biggest update
[00:14] yet morning Shaunie morning I think
[00:19] somebody's been up playing runescape all
[00:20] night no I've been up all night planning
[00:23] for the room fest me in this morning
[00:28] I'll see you guys in that
[00:29] [Music]
[00:36] I'm on mohawk thank God sits you right
[00:39] got plans burning fast they're all good
[00:41] but kind of want to hear yours oh well
[00:43] I've actually prepared a little so I was
[00:47] thinking that maybe we could recreate
[00:49] the land out of time I'm assuming you
[00:51] complete with giant dinosaurs and plants
[00:53] that try to eat you when you get too
[00:54] close to them that can make it yeah I'm
[00:57] gonna have these dramatic areas of the
[00:59] island that players can explore in like
[01:01] bigger gaming areas that the players can
[01:03] get hands on all of our content I love
[01:05] it and then I'm not gonna lie I kind of
[01:07] missed the skill tip activities so if we
[01:09] can get those back in that would be
[01:10] amazing and then I was thinking maybe
[01:13] some more panels some more talks more J
[01:15] mod meetups and we should definitely
[01:17] definitely announce something really big
[01:19] on stage like well you know what I'm
[01:21] talking about
[01:23] and then what about bigger our areas so
[01:27] that players can meet the creative teams
[01:28] as well yeah okay okay oh oh and then I
[01:31] was thinking right it's the best idea we
[01:33] should have an area for players to get
[01:35] hands on with the latest build a bridge
[01:37] game robot mhm yeah and and an Oscars
[01:40] style award ceremony the evening before
[01:43] for golden notes oh yeah best idea ever
[01:45] we should have golf okay noble names
[01:49] wait wait wait don't
[01:54] maude Mohawk Papa day darling you're
[01:58] ready for this meeting absolutely any
[01:59] ideas of course I do invest the
[02:01] highlights of year wouldn't just make it
[02:02] up as I go along to a magic Oh
[02:08] Shawnee Shawnee which room is the room
[02:10] fest meeting in sorry guys it's tomorrow
[02:18] [Music]