Transcript of RuneFest 2019 - RuneScape Lore Q&A (Panel)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] [Music]
[00:02] [Applause]
[00:03] [Music]
[00:10] hello and welcome to the law Q&A
[00:14] I'm Maude Raven and with me is Jack what
[00:18] Roly what's true I'm mark AOC hello okay
[00:22] so what we're gonna do is gonna take you
[00:24] through some interesting bits of law so
[00:26] starting with this is our lovely agenda
[00:28] screen we're going to take a look at the
[00:30] narrative approach to archaeology which
[00:32] is of course our new skill then what
[00:35] we're going to do is we can give you a
[00:36] primer on the Elder Gods to make sure
[00:38] that everyone is caught up apparently
[00:41] that's very popular then everyone is
[00:42] caught up knows what's going on and
[00:44] knows where everything is at the stage
[00:45] then what we're going to do is something
[00:46] a bit different we're gonna drill down
[00:49] with some lore that people have
[00:50] repeatedly asked about but we haven't
[00:52] explored much which is a study into the
[00:54] human kingdoms of Gillan or apparently
[00:59] that's also good and then what we're
[01:02] gonna do is we're gonna open the floor
[01:04] we've got a microphone going round and
[01:06] we'll open the floor to an open floor
[01:07] Q&A but first we're gonna play a little
[01:11] game we asked some of our more detailed
[01:15] focused players to give us something
[01:17] that they considered a law fail so I
[01:19] need you to say this with me we're going
[01:21] to play
[01:27] next time you all have to say okay right
[01:30] so here's how this works I'm going to
[01:33] show you a law fail if you think it is a
[01:35] law fail I need you to hold your phone
[01:37] up with the screen on okay then I'll
[01:40] tell you whether it is a law fail or not
[01:41] so our first law fail xaro's implies
[01:45] that conscious life can only arise on
[01:47] imperfect worlds but Ana chromia has
[01:52] dinosaurs on it that predate gothics is
[01:56] it a law fail hold your phone up with
[01:59] the screen on if you think it's a law
[02:00] file mmm
[02:04] nobody thinks it's right well the answer
[02:09] is maybe
[02:12] [Laughter]
[02:15] so when Zara said conscious life well he
[02:21] actually meant was a piant life and
[02:24] dinosaurs are not sappy and then I like
[02:25] intelligent tool-using self-aware
[02:27] creatures but we didn't think about that
[02:31] line of dialogue when we added in an
[02:33] acro dia so it's kind of a law fail so
[02:36] everyone gets a point oh thank you and
[02:42] thanks for putting me up first this is
[02:44] not daunting at all so it's good you it
[02:52] just in case anyone didn't see this
[02:54] morning we revealed that we're working
[02:55] on a new skill archaeology and as my
[02:59] raven said i'm here to talk about our
[03:01] narrative approach to the skill now we
[03:04] know there are lots of other reasons why
[03:06] people would be interested things like
[03:07] power wealth and fame and we'll be
[03:10] discussing those core mechanics rewards
[03:13] in more detail and in the keynote speech
[03:15] at 5 p.m. on this stage but for here for
[03:18] you we're just talking about the stories
[03:20] and narrative for the time being but
[03:22] quickly first up when you say
[03:25] archaeology a lot of people think this
[03:30] this is the time team the cast of UK
[03:33] time team very happy that they've just
[03:35] dug a big hole
[03:37] and while taking sure it's a part of the
[03:40] skill we have to remember that runescape
[03:43] is a fantasy game just an aside these
[03:53] characters are what we're calling some
[03:54] of our dig site managers as well as
[03:56] guild master Tony up the top there so
[04:01] knowing all of this we wanted to lean
[04:03] into the fantastical nature of runescape
[04:05] to make an exciting new skill but where
[04:09] do we focus there's so much history and
[04:11] mythology in the game we wanted
[04:13] something that felt complete when we
[04:15] released it that had some coherency had
[04:17] wide appeal was evocative and something
[04:21] that resonates with players and what
[04:22] better time than the God was the Third
[04:26] Age this is our Dark Age of runescape a
[04:29] four thousand year span of time in which
[04:32] stuff happened we don't really know what
[04:35] but we've explored it with archaeology
[04:37] it's a big blank canvas for us yeah that
[04:43] point okay
[04:45] but we didn't want to discount
[04:47] archeology real archeology because we
[04:50] want the skill to feel authentic as well
[04:51] and while digging yeah that's just the
[04:55] process it's the output that really
[04:58] really matters with archeology because
[05:00] it's mate it's amazing it's given us so
[05:02] many things in our own history the
[05:05] wonders of the world both known and lost
[05:08] a time a bunch of weird stuff too like
[05:10] this pictured Antikythera mechanism this
[05:13] was some really intricate clockwork
[05:15] thing that was found well ahead of its
[05:17] time there's also a bunch of historical
[05:20] strangeness we've got the Masons logo up
[05:23] there there's loads of things related
[05:24] and adjacent to archeology that are
[05:27] really weird
[05:28] and of course history over time becomes
[05:31] larger than life and we end up with
[05:33] mythology and we've got a lot of that in
[05:35] runescape Atlantis pictured here but
[05:38] moving beyond mythology we also explored
[05:43] the role of popular culture and its
[05:46] depictions of archeology and we realized
[05:48] that there
[05:49] loads of commonalities across all films
[05:52] games books and TV and we wanted to crib
[05:55] on those as well
[05:57] obvious things like traps and curses
[05:59] good old Indiana Jones there the idea of
[06:02] secret organizations and conspiracy got
[06:06] some in Illuminati employment since in
[06:08] the idea that there's a usually a race
[06:10] against time where there are antagonists
[06:14] and there's danger and supernatural
[06:16] elements that come in towards the end of
[06:18] these things the picture here of the
[06:21] mummy and finally the idea of Revelation
[06:25] where the hero discovers that history is
[06:28] not quite what you thought it was but
[06:32] what does this all actually mean for the
[06:34] skill that was just our how how does
[06:37] this manifest as the skill itself well
[06:40] the first and most obvious point is we
[06:43] have lore drops just like dungeoneering
[06:45] but we've got more than engineering
[06:47] there's loads of new stories characters
[06:50] events and places that all of these
[06:53] things are explored in law each of our
[06:56] sites also it tells its own story that
[07:00] we've got environmental storytelling
[07:02] if anyone's play the play test over in
[07:05] the volcano they've seen maybe one of
[07:07] our sites and these aren't just your
[07:10] typical archaeal archaeology dig that
[07:14] you might expect just dirt and soil
[07:16] there's some really fantastical elements
[07:18] to these places and we have we one of
[07:25] the rules we set for ourselves is that
[07:26] no two sites are the same
[07:28] while they may share the same core
[07:30] mechanics at the heart just because
[07:32] there's something at one site doesn't
[07:34] mean it's at another site they have
[07:36] unique feel theme and mechanics and
[07:39] rewards which is important too next is
[07:42] the idea of the players journey through
[07:44] the skill it's not just about getting to
[07:48] the max level there's also things like
[07:50] qualifications as you kind of become a
[07:53] better archaeologist over time and the
[07:56] discoveries that you'll make because
[07:58] sites aren't just laid bare as soon as
[07:59] you arrive you'll have to
[08:01] discover and dig through and find some
[08:03] hidden areas and we also have mysteries
[08:07] you might come across some strange
[08:08] devices or possibly some puzzles but
[08:12] like I say no two sites are the same so
[08:14] if puzzles aren't your thing you're fine
[08:16] - these are mini quest light pieces of
[08:18] content and finally the the skin itself
[08:21] has a meta-narrative the story of how
[08:24] our key ology came to be and what it
[08:27] means for the world out of time that was
[08:33] early just a sign-off quickly the image
[08:37] here this is over one of our dig sites
[08:39] this is ever light we're over in the
[08:41] volcano I would encourage all of you to
[08:43] come over and have a little play test we
[08:46] definitely want your feedback so please
[08:48] come and talk to us and that was just a
[08:50] sign-off I believe this is the American
[08:52] cast of time team but I'm gonna hand
[08:55] over to mod check right in rehearsal no
[09:00] one did it first time either so this
[09:01] time say it with me no that was much
[09:06] better right play at home as well if
[09:09] it's a law file hold up your phone but
[09:10] you don't need to turn the light on
[09:11] because we can't see you anyway for our
[09:14] second law fail in stolen heart the
[09:17] skulls are a small gang set up by noon
[09:20] in the Ark the skulls are a much larger
[09:23] and more established organization with a
[09:25] long history and imports Ling is very
[09:28] clear that they are the same
[09:29] organization is it a law fail hold your
[09:33] phone up with the screen art if you
[09:35] think it's a law file
[09:38] few people few people hesitant some
[09:41] people can't turn the screen arm yeah
[09:43] okay the answer is it's a lure fail yeah
[09:48] yeah we got this one wrong if you want a
[09:50] can an answer to how to resolve this new
[09:53] he's boasting he's boasting they made up
[09:54] his own gang but he didn't actually make
[09:57] up his own gang he was a member of an
[09:58] existing game okay so now I'm going to
[10:03] take you through a bit of a primer on
[10:05] the Elder Gods can't everyone up to
[10:06] where we are so who are the elder gods
[10:10] well at the very simple zone they are
[10:13] the creators of the universe they made
[10:18] everything in the runescape universe
[10:20] what they do is they take planets and
[10:23] they mold them they craft them into
[10:25] these lovely generators of anima making
[10:28] these delicious delicious anima because
[10:30] they then lay their eggs in these
[10:32] perfect worlds they lay their eggs and
[10:34] they have a nice little now then what
[10:38] they do is they they sleep is the eggs
[10:40] feed on the anima and then they hatch
[10:42] and birth a new generation of Elder Gods
[10:45] we call each of these a revision okay so
[10:51] how many Elder Gods are there well there
[10:55] are five elder gods this is the accurate
[11:00] number those of you who are adamant law
[11:02] hounds and have research on things can
[11:04] spend some time thinking about that but
[11:05] there are five elder gods and they are
[11:08] jazz full when Vic and ma these are the
[11:13] only Elder Gods ma is probably the
[11:18] best-known
[11:18] of the Elder Gods because she is the
[11:21] creator of some of the most iconic ring
[11:24] scape characters and indeed arguably
[11:26] RuneScape's Troy lines as she crated
[11:28] sarin and Zaros and of course the matter
[11:31] act who take her name ma was born
[11:35] malformed she was incomplete she was
[11:38] imperfect she wasn't able to grow up as
[11:41] part of this of a new version of super
[11:42] duper elder gods ultimately she was so
[11:45] malformed that she had to be euthanized
[11:47] by Saren in children of MA spoilers
[11:49] obviously
[11:51] she come to law talk you're probably
[11:52] waiting the spoilers so Mars birth is
[11:56] quite important my the failure of her
[11:58] birth rather is quite important because
[12:00] it created a loss of power for the elder
[12:02] gods they are were unable to continue
[12:05] their revision to continue their cycle
[12:06] because they didn't have the power that
[12:08] this elder God represented so what
[12:10] happened in said well they had to fill
[12:11] that vacuum and they filled this vacuum
[12:13] by jazz kind of giving up her future by
[12:16] taking her egg and turning it into the
[12:19] stone of Jones this powerful item that
[12:22] provided the power to allow the Elder
[12:24] Gods to continue their revision okay so
[12:30] Gillan or is the latest perfect world it
[12:34] was formed in the last revision with
[12:35] Fran SK being the one before so if you
[12:37] go and look at Fran SK you can see the
[12:40] future the Gillen or has available to it
[12:42] which isn't a terribly positive one what
[12:45] they've done is they have laid their
[12:47] eggs in the heart of Gillen or the heart
[12:49] being a conjunction of anima a place to
[12:52] all the animal flows and collects and
[12:53] gathers so something kind of happened to
[12:57] the Elder Gods latest revision they made
[13:00] this lovely beautiful world they create
[13:01] this lovely flow of anima to feed in and
[13:03] the eggs to collect and then a big green
[13:06] guy came along and he went oh hmm this
[13:11] is interesting I think I've jumped ahead
[13:13] on my slide and what gothics did is he
[13:16] tapped into that animal flow and in
[13:19] tapping into the ana flow
[13:21] he saw the elder quarters as a threat
[13:22] and he kept them asleep he kept them
[13:24] from from waking up and hatching and
[13:26] ripping the plant to pieces and in the
[13:28] process he got nicely more powerful
[13:30] which is always a lovely side effect and
[13:31] then sliska came along and sliska when
[13:35] oh you're quite interesting estab and
[13:39] gothics died this of course caused a
[13:43] disturbance in the anima it caused a
[13:44] massive change in what was going on as
[13:47] weird side effects happened and this
[13:49] caused jazz to wake up that's what jazz
[13:53] did is she looked at what was going on
[13:55] and she saw these ants fighting amongst
[13:57] themselves and she went hmm I'd like to
[14:00] know more about this and so she went you
[14:03] you knew aunt you will be my guide
[14:06] because to her all aunts look the same
[14:09] she's the thing with the magnifying
[14:10] glass and so she chose sliska as her
[14:12] agent which is everyone knows is a
[14:14] really smart move
[14:16] well done jazz it's this game didn't
[14:21] really do what he was expected to do
[14:23] he's supposed to gather the gods gather
[14:25] mortals so that jazz could study them
[14:27] and see if they were interesting or
[14:29] worthy etc instead what he did is went
[14:31] oh well if you if you need to do that
[14:33] I'll need a couple of things this stone
[14:36] this this staff and what I'll do is I'll
[14:38] gather them all together by getting
[14:40] together to murder one another more ha
[14:42] ha so this guy was a bit of a problem
[14:48] and ultimately he was killed by you the
[14:50] world guardian taken out of the picture
[14:55] and jazz of course then went oh that
[14:57] ants dead
[14:58] what about to this and this ant looks
[15:01] interesting and she thought she'd be a
[15:03] bit more direct with this ant so she got
[15:05] the player and she said look mortal life
[15:08] I'm vaguely interested in it
[15:09] but I need you to prove we should be
[15:11] allowed to exist or I'll obliterate you
[15:13] bit of an ultimatum so far that's going
[15:16] well right no this is not going well so
[15:20] what's happened now well jazz has woken
[15:24] each of the Elder Gods they are all
[15:27] awake now and they are all moving
[15:30] beneath the surface of gil nova up there
[15:33] are awake they've had their coffee
[15:34] they're good each of the Elder Gods is a
[15:38] massive phenomenally powerful creature
[15:42] we have only seen the tip of the iceberg
[15:44] of what these things are they possess
[15:47] tremendous power and they're also not in
[15:51] the best mood with mortals right now
[15:59] all right you know what today here we go
[16:01] failure right for the third one here we
[16:07] go
[16:08] dungeoneering establishes that bill rock
[16:11] excavated the dungeons below demon
[16:12] height but the architecture is Dragon
[16:15] King and lighter content seems to show
[16:17] the dragon having been there there are
[16:18] laboratories that seem to have been
[16:19] there since long before bill rack and
[16:21] that they're still using is it a law
[16:23] fail hold you thrown up with the screen
[16:26] art if you think it's a love l oh I like
[16:28] that skip hmm few people there's been no
[16:33] one over fifty percent so far okay
[16:36] sorta so here's what we think happened
[16:40] the original story and you can see this
[16:42] in the architecture of the demon hime
[16:44] ruins themselves he's supposed to be
[16:46] dragging him there's obviously a dragon
[16:47] can influence there and Bill rock was
[16:49] supposed to be excavating as in digging
[16:52] out the existing dragon kin tunnels but
[16:55] this was misinterpreted somewhat by the
[16:57] original dungeoneering developers who
[16:59] ended up writing a lot of the material
[17:00] as bill Rocky's literally creating the
[17:03] tunnels and his Diaries sort of imply
[17:05] that quite strongly but then as we began
[17:07] to build later content later on we went
[17:09] back to what was the original law so
[17:12] it's kind of a law fail but the law fell
[17:14] is kind of with the content in the
[17:15] middle rather than the content at the
[17:17] start in the concert at the end so you
[17:18] can have a point if you said yes and you
[17:19] can have a point if you said now
[17:23] [Laughter]
[17:25] so there'll be some of the big reveals
[17:28] in the runescape keno later this
[17:29] afternoon but since we're up here we
[17:31] want to give you some interesting
[17:32] material but we don't want to spoil any
[17:34] upcoming content so this year we're
[17:36] going to present something that we often
[17:38] get asked about but very rarely
[17:39] exploring content which is the
[17:41] relationships and politics of the human
[17:43] kingdoms so first of all we have the
[17:46] best Kingdom which is of course mr. them
[17:52] mr. Lyne is the home of Lumbridge
[17:54] varrock and Draenor it's bordered to the
[17:57] east by the slums and swamps of
[17:58] Mauritania and to the west by the
[18:00] castles of Asghar Nia the kingdom is
[18:02] Sara Dominus but their interpretation of
[18:04] the faith is gentler less judgmental and
[18:07] less fanatical than in other parts of
[18:08] the world mr. Lin's ruler is King rolled
[18:13] a wise inexperienced king who now faces
[18:16] a situation he never imagined saradomin
[18:19] the true God has returned in person
[18:21] now role does not know where the limits
[18:24] of his authority lie he worries daily
[18:26] that an army of I seen and white knights
[18:28] will suddenly arrive and drag missile
[18:31] into all manner of holy wars wife
[18:33] saradomin himself turns again to Empire
[18:35] building as he did in the Third Age can
[18:38] rolled stand against a god would he
[18:45] elem area is Roald's queen and she has
[18:48] struggled to adjust to her expectations
[18:50] placed on her
[18:51] perhaps another role would suit her
[18:52] better military leader is not a position
[18:54] that would see rolled well at all if the
[18:56] people ever do need an inspiring warrior
[18:58] to look - perhaps a Lemuria can finally
[19:00] find her true calling
[19:02] Duke Horatio is the ruler of Lumbridge
[19:05] and its surrounding lands Lumbridge was
[19:07] the site of the first devastating
[19:09] conflict of the 6th age between
[19:10] saradomin and zamorak
[19:11] although the damage from the battle was
[19:13] eventually repaired in the Lumbridge
[19:14] rebuild athon this is left Horatio
[19:16] deeply in debt since suing zamorak is
[19:19] hardly an option he spent his time and
[19:22] political capital since trying to
[19:24] reclaim money from falador and the
[19:25] Church of Asghar Nia but he's had little
[19:27] success so far now there will be
[19:30] spoilers for desperate times here it is
[19:32] disguised persona as rel doe carros has
[19:35] an enormous influence over miss Thurman
[19:37] and especially King Roald having been
[19:39] his personal tutor and advisor this goes
[19:42] some way to explaining the kingdom's
[19:43] irreligious attitude for now Kairos is
[19:46] continuing to maintain their disguise
[19:47] but if Sara diminished inquisitors ever
[19:50] uncovered the existence of a heretical
[19:51] enchanter hiding at the very heart of
[19:53] Eric's Court the consequences could be
[19:55] dire the Wizards of the Wizards Tower
[20:00] have a long and complicated history with
[20:02] religion but in the present they are a
[20:04] relatively United Norman Ally saradomin
[20:07] Astorga NIH's a ssin with more of a
[20:08] leaning towards research and rationalism
[20:10] than faith they don't involve themselves
[20:12] too much with politics but they're a
[20:14] counter influence to the church and
[20:16] counseling the king
[20:20] and count draenor of course is dead but
[20:24] can such a creature ever truly die
[20:26] vampiric influence isn't far away and
[20:29] even if the counting himself does not
[20:30] return perhaps another fell creature
[20:32] could seek to inherit his estate of
[20:36] course miss Leland is only one of the
[20:37] kingdom's although most of them are
[20:39] supposedly allies they are independent
[20:41] states and tensions have always existed
[20:42] between them although in some ways as
[20:46] garni or is mr. Lin's closest ally in
[20:48] other ways the two kingdoms stand apart
[20:49] it's no coincidence that saradomin chose
[20:52] falador are not veral to make his base
[20:53] of operations on his return as the
[20:55] fanatical white knights have a very
[20:57] different interpretation of saradomin
[20:58] ism it's only recently there's been
[21:01] peace with Mauritania but the people of
[21:03] miss Leland have no particular reason to
[21:05] trust a nation of bloodthirsty tyrants
[21:06] if there is to be a lasting truce
[21:08] Mauritania will have to do much to
[21:10] reassure the mr.lee nians of their good
[21:12] intentions whether the vampires of
[21:14] Mauritania even want to do this is
[21:15] unclear as of yet and with the reopening
[21:18] of mana force our courage now stands as
[21:20] a gateway between mr. Lin and the
[21:22] lucrative trade routes with the eastern
[21:23] lands of course the greedy karidian have
[21:26] always acted in their own self-interest
[21:27] and gouging hard-working mr. lenient
[21:29] merchants with their unnecessary tariffs
[21:33] and of course very real threats also
[21:36] come from within the kingdoms borders
[21:37] goblins can still be found in the
[21:39] remoter regions and constant vigilance
[21:41] is necessary to stop them from preying
[21:43] on farmsteads some rocky and cultists
[21:45] ooh seemed to spring up everywhere and
[21:47] sometimes it's difficult to go anywhere
[21:48] without running into a black-hooded
[21:49] demonologist from within and without
[21:51] from east and west mr. lin must remain
[21:54] vigilant if it's to retain its
[21:56] independence
[22:06] and now to kandorian which is of course
[22:09] the greatest and largest of the human
[22:12] kingdoms so who has the power here in
[22:17] this frontier kingdom standing to keep
[22:21] back the threats of the west from the
[22:23] rest of the human kingdoms of course we
[22:26] have King Thoris recently installed
[22:28] after lapis was evicted after the events
[22:32] of plagues end his brother Terrace also
[22:35] murdered by a certain world Guardian
[22:37] whoops
[22:40] to the south in your kneel we have the
[22:44] Wizards guild far removed from our doing
[22:46] but still relevant nonetheless it sits
[22:50] far to the south and protects the
[22:53] northern regions from any threats to the
[22:55] south with its amazing watch tower
[22:58] general cos are the very son of zamorak
[23:02] seeks to control these lands and wages
[23:05] war directly with the gnomes and
[23:07] speaking of the gnomes they have two
[23:09] major settlements the tree gnome village
[23:11] south of our doing and the stronghold to
[23:13] the north with very strong holdings over
[23:17] these lands so what kind of tensions do
[23:21] we have in this kingdom of course the
[23:24] elves recently with the Isleworth clan
[23:29] infiltrating a West are doing and
[23:31] causing all sorts of problems with their
[23:34] crystal city restored the iOS are now
[23:38] somewhat of a pariah
[23:39] they're almost refugees in some regions
[23:44] and the originals very much despised to
[23:49] the clubs should be consumed trouble
[23:50] there the band housing tribes are
[23:52] ever-present goblins are ubiquitous
[23:54] across the world Naurang at every corner
[23:56] of society and of course to the south we
[23:59] have ogres trying to attack Appa Sandra
[24:03] is still unresolved that city of
[24:05] renegade gnomes ever looking at to cause
[24:08] some trouble we should watch out for
[24:10] those as a miraculous as I can mention
[24:12] before general zod is trying to take
[24:15] over these lands much like his mentor
[24:17] and
[24:18] kind of father figure before zemerik
[24:21] Raziel they both want to take these
[24:23] lands back for their God and of course
[24:27] mr. missed Harlan and as Guarnere
[24:29] unwilling to help with any of these
[24:31] problems so why should we go support
[24:34] them in return within the gnomes and the
[24:38] humans are largely allied but not enough
[24:41] to kind of support each other in a war
[24:44] the gnomes a directly at war with Buzard
[24:45] and the humans they might be willing to
[24:48] trade provide weapons but they're not
[24:49] going to get involved themselves they
[24:52] are religiously tolerant they are doing
[24:55] and you know a sourdough minused but not
[24:57] quite as fanatical as those crazy people
[24:59] over Neffs ganya and the gnomes are
[25:02] largely gothic seeing but willing to go
[25:05] along so there's not too much tension
[25:06] there but candor in politics are forever
[25:09] going to be in a shake-up they have a
[25:11] really weak inexperienced King now and
[25:13] they need to unify the two halves of the
[25:16] city the east is prosperous and wealthy
[25:20] while the west has fallen to ruin and
[25:24] needs all that kind of help
[25:32] majestic as ganya the seat of power the
[25:37] pulsing heart of civilization rulership
[25:42] of the kingdom of his gaya is shrouded
[25:46] in mystery the ailing King Valens has
[25:50] not been seen in public for nearly a
[25:52] decade
[25:52] his son Crown Prince and life governs
[25:56] the Principality of burthorpe from
[25:57] behind closed doors
[25:59] the prince is said to live in fear of
[26:02] assassination or capture by enemies of
[26:05] as ganya ceramic VARs Lord Regent an
[26:09] unofficial successor to convinced has
[26:12] continued to maintain order in as ganya
[26:14] and ensured the contra once held in
[26:17] equal esteem to the white knights remain
[26:20] in exile finally the God saradomin
[26:24] himself has recently returned to the
[26:27] shining city of talador thus far
[26:30] saradomin has not disturbed the current
[26:33] political structure keen to preserve the
[26:35] order he long fought to establish to the
[26:41] east Muslim has enjoyed an age of peace
[26:44] and prosperity
[26:45] thanks to their enduring alliance with
[26:48] mighty as gaya however religious
[26:52] differences threatened to drive a wedge
[26:54] between the twin kingdoms falador
[26:57] unquestionable in their faith welcomes
[27:01] the presence of their divine leash
[27:05] meanwhile the Church of muslin has
[27:08] splintered into a variety of
[27:09] denominations and Orthodox and
[27:13] trustworthy mr. Lin's leadership lack
[27:17] conviction they doubt the wisdom of
[27:21] saradomin
[27:22] it is as Ghana's duty to enlighten them
[27:27] the military power an unquestionable
[27:30] faith of Asgard can ensure any outside
[27:34] influence can Darwin poses no threat the
[27:38] natural fortification of white wolf
[27:40] Mountain and the battle-hardened
[27:42] Imperial Guard can repel any opposition
[27:44] from the West however noble as ganya
[27:48] suffers several tensions within its
[27:50] borders to the north Sarandon's
[27:53] adversary zemerik has occupied the Black
[27:55] Knights fortress the Kindra headquarters
[27:58] and a host of other perils dwell in the
[28:01] dungeons beneath deadly despite the
[28:03] exile of the contrar the spark of chaos
[28:06] threatens to reignite the forces of
[28:09] darkness that lurk in the wilderness and
[28:11] said falador a flame also to the north
[28:15] Birth Thorpe's militia are forced to
[28:18] maintain a perpetual and costly defense
[28:20] against the Rev Ernest mountain trolls
[28:23] smuggling and piracy persist in Port
[28:25] Sarim and the goblin village can be a
[28:28] comical nuisance as gonorrhea has
[28:31] tolerated the dwarves that mine through
[28:34] falador foundations and reap the
[28:36] kingdom's Mineral Resources for now
[28:42] meanwhile the status of King valance and
[28:45] his son remains a mystery are they still
[28:48] alive
[28:48] how would saradomin react if the
[28:51] rightful ruler arose and sought to
[28:53] reclaim falador from the white knights
[28:56] what does it mean to the current
[28:58] political body of as ganya that the
[29:00] literal God has taken a seat there well
[29:04] saradomin choose to withdraw to preserve
[29:06] the current peace will zemerik allow
[29:09] order to prevail or will the kingdom of
[29:13] as ganya be consumed by chaos
[29:21] hmm of course I get the wealthiest and
[29:24] the best of the human kingdoms those of
[29:27] the karidian desert who has the power
[29:31] well we have a mere ally in our courage
[29:35] to the north taken over from his father
[29:38] who was assassinated at the hands of the
[29:41] so called ambassador Jabari but now
[29:43] isolated alone his trusted advisor Grand
[29:48] Vizier Hasan off down in the southern
[29:50] city of Memphis trying to broker those
[29:53] trade deals that keep our career alive
[29:57] and of course this is aided by the
[30:00] installation of the new Pharaoh Osman
[30:02] who had some strange methods with that
[30:06] approach and he is now dealing with the
[30:09] ramifications of that with various
[30:12] political intrigues and who exactly was
[30:15] it that helped him get to power and what
[30:18] was their goal one of the thorns in his
[30:21] side is Grand Vizier s on Hassan's
[30:25] counterparts down in benefice I'm not
[30:28] sure who named those two they're a bit
[30:29] too close and we can't forget Lila
[30:33] daughter of Osman while she has no real
[30:36] interest in the politics of the region
[30:38] her troubles are more divine in nature
[30:40] we mustn't forget that she is still now
[30:43] heiress to the Pharaoh ship of men of us
[30:53] so all of the kingdoms of the desert
[30:58] stand alone they have their own divine
[31:01] problems in the form of a mascot and the
[31:03] two seats of power of men of us and our
[31:05] kerydin until recently have been a
[31:08] standoff a cold war effectively and as a
[31:13] result they've isolated themselves
[31:14] effectively from the rest of the Western
[31:17] kingdoms but they're all too happy to
[31:19] take their money from the penny-pinching
[31:21] people over in missed it in there but we
[31:24] have the likes of various market vendors
[31:27] happy to take the gold of aurash
[31:29] tourists and aside from just a couple of
[31:36] small settlements thanks in part because
[31:39] of a mascot and the ruin and destruction
[31:41] that she has sown yeah so they've got
[31:50] bigger troubles and there's a lot of
[31:54] healing that needs to be done in the
[31:56] desert before they feel that they can
[31:58] rejoin the rest of the Western world
[32:01] Ponty so those are the boring weak human
[32:10] kingdoms I have the greatest Kingdom in
[32:13] gillen or which is the kingdom of
[32:15] Mauritania where the vampires live so
[32:19] much cooler than humans so what's going
[32:22] on here well we have Vaness killer who
[32:25] is the current ruler of Mauritania she
[32:29] rules with uneasy alliance between other
[32:31] powerful figures she is mostly benign at
[32:34] this point but she's not above using
[32:36] threats and blackmail to get away
[32:39] alongside her we have every time she
[32:42] doesn't really want power but the humans
[32:46] keep looking to this I seen looking at
[32:49] the wings and the the Royal figure and
[32:51] going you could be our Savior and this
[32:55] cause is a bit of a rift between her and
[32:57] Vaness Kula widens each day and then you
[33:01] have saffle on Cephalon is utter
[33:05] confused at who he is he's half human
[33:08] half I seen half vampire and completely
[33:12] lost he acts officially is a bit of a
[33:16] bridge between Vaness killer and ephah
[33:17] retai but his confusion is making this
[33:20] rather failed as it were so who else do
[33:24] we have in peril a moment well we have
[33:26] this figure we have Jared Jared is
[33:29] finally back in Mauritania and he's
[33:32] deliberately stirring the pot he's
[33:34] riling up the werewolves with promises
[33:36] of a better life out from the vampires
[33:39] chains and then he's telling the
[33:41] vampires that they don't need to be held
[33:43] back by the weakened feeble humans so
[33:46] the religion of Mauritania is officially
[33:51] unaligned however jared is stepping in
[33:55] and he started to spread the dark flame
[33:57] of zamorak anism back to the region and
[34:00] every Tay could potentially stand
[34:02] against that she doesn't really want to
[34:04] she has no real love for the God that
[34:06] she felt abandoned her so outside of
[34:09] this what do we have
[34:11] well miss darlin has its cannons pointed
[34:14] squarely at the vampire kingdom in a
[34:16] constant state of cold war the kingdom
[34:18] is smart
[34:19] the kingdom of mists Allen is looking
[34:21] for any excuse to strike the vampire
[34:23] Kingdom and the vampires know it outside
[34:26] of that from the link back to vampyre
[34:28] 'i'm the more bloodthirsty kin look at
[34:30] the weakness of the Mauretania vampires
[34:32] and they scream for blood quite
[34:35] literally the white knights are just
[34:38] itching to attack their holy crusade
[34:41] constantly ready to strike dandy evil
[34:44] vampires and those who oppose their
[34:46] fanaticism
[34:47] all the while civil unrest builds within
[34:52] the kingdom the werewolves and vampires
[34:54] rout up by Jared and the humans reaching
[34:57] breaking point with their downtrodden
[34:59] way of life there is a rot in mauritania
[35:02] it started in the swamps and it's
[35:04] spreading infecting the whole region and
[35:07] threatening to tear it apart
[35:13] okay this time I want you to be so loud
[35:15] that it really confuses everyone in the
[35:17] hall okay
[35:19] fail Oh No okay that was really bad
[35:24] right
[35:24] the final fail oh no fellas can you be
[35:27] half human half I seen and half am yeah
[35:31] right
[35:33] Saren has an aura which causes everyone
[35:36] around her to fall in love with her in
[35:39] desperate times there's there's a
[35:41] council she's there at the council they
[35:42] don't really seem to be in love with her
[35:44] and in fact they end up not following
[35:46] her plan at all and doing the exact
[35:47] opposite of what she wants is it a law
[35:49] fail hold your phone up with the screen
[35:52] on if you think it's a law fail oh
[35:54] people think this one's a little fail
[35:56] not much faith in us okay the answer is
[35:59] it's not a law fail and if you want to
[36:03] find out why you're gonna have to play
[36:05] the upcoming content to find out right
[36:09] okay so we should somewhere have the
[36:13] lovely model Ryan I think with a
[36:15] microphone where's he hiding
[36:17] [Music]
[36:18] huh oh he's there welcome to the stage
[36:22] I'm gonna probably leave the stage yep
[36:24] so if you've got a question or question
[36:27] raise your hand and model and we'll find
[36:29] you there's one about ten minutes for
[36:32] questions
[36:32] oh we didn't take you to account the
[36:34] mayor I was really lazy yeah so uh I
[36:44] remember like in the myths killed in old
[36:46] school you wrote some of the books there
[36:48] is that correct yes yes for the weeping
[36:52] what exactly is it referring to because
[36:54] it's really hard to figure out
[36:56] it is a sinister story with a sinister
[37:00] monstery thing in it it's a horror story
[37:04] basically yeah I don't have a huge
[37:07] amount of loss things that I wrote a
[37:08] horror story for all school it's what it
[37:10] doesn't connect with in can dorias fault
[37:13] it wasn't in other time I wrote it it
[37:16] wasn't intentionally whether old school
[37:18] have made that happen is a question for
[37:20] them yes thank you
[37:22] hands up oh come all the way over there
[37:27] make him run I'm just gonna trust you
[37:31] and give you the microphone so with
[37:38] regards to the needle and how it
[37:42] predated gothics and how Tara pack
[37:45] actually stole it and took it to the Far
[37:47] East orphan is that Anna crony oh
[37:51] there's a lot of dragging his tattoos so
[37:55] I don't think that's bad to answer no
[37:58] specifically Anna crony isn't often but
[38:01] often is on Nana crony oh oh yeah yeah
[38:04] it's within an acro Nia then the
[38:07] dragonkin ruins
[38:08] yeah ugly ruins so with regards to that
[38:11] would there be something similar to
[38:13] Swiss gaze endgame happening with Kara
[38:16] pack can you you mean like a maze
[38:19] can you two mazes obviously get two
[38:31] fights this day right would there be
[38:33] some sort of similar encounter with Kara
[38:35] pack now they I think this is something
[38:36] not gonna have to ask definitely Euler
[38:38] for upcoming content yeah sounds like a
[38:41] good idea though going to fight him
[38:46] right now right Hansa I see one over
[38:50] there Ryan run like it most exercise
[38:55] I've done all day right it's a question
[39:00] of a friend of mine
[39:01] there are many spots all about the sound
[39:04] of Australia and the north of Columbia
[39:06] that I documented at an ergodic site
[39:08] juggling is a fracture these are
[39:11] separate right now but clearly hint they
[39:14] are supposedly connected into a Norton
[39:17] size underground settlement will we see
[39:20] more locations as well as shortcuts
[39:22] connections that fetuses dragonkin
[39:25] settlement I heard this are accurate
[39:29] environments the connection of an
[39:31] underground thing
[39:33] I'll try and like briefly summarize this
[39:36] absolute essay that's the best kind of
[39:40] question
[39:41] there are many spots around the south of
[39:43] Asgar Nia and the north of Carranza that
[39:46] are decorated with the necrosearch
[39:47] dragonkin infrastructure they're
[39:56] separate right now but they potentially
[39:59] hint to more orphan sized underground
[40:02] locations will we see anything like that
[40:04] any connections in Carranza and are just
[40:09] all around we I don't think we have
[40:10] anything we have nothing about and yes
[40:14] we have some maybe at some point but we
[40:16] always good we have nothing currently
[40:18] planned for that region we have some
[40:19] interesting stuff already for Carranza
[40:21] ruins so have a dig around if you
[40:22] haven't already found that kind of stuff
[40:25] few quests specifically with that kind
[40:28] of thing as well like here as welcome
[40:33] okay another one here how will the dig
[40:39] site be implemented in the lore for
[40:41] archaeology as in rock dig site yeah
[40:47] it's the it it's where the we set up a
[40:52] new kind of hub for the skill which
[40:55] we're calling the archeology campus and
[40:57] that's situated out for a rogue dig site
[40:59] this is kind of like the home the
[41:01] birthplace of archaeology especially
[41:04] because for rock is where a lot of the
[41:05] funding is coming from in terms of how
[41:09] it features in the skill it doesn't
[41:11] we've got brand new dig sites the dig
[41:14] site in varrock is for dig site quest
[41:16] we're kind of putting the mechanics in
[41:20] line with the skill as part of the
[41:23] development of the skill but yeah we're
[41:24] excited about lots of other dig sites
[41:26] around the world make sure you come to
[41:29] the keynote yeah come to keynote and the
[41:32] volcker talking a lot about that and
[41:33] yeah go play it Kate one more
[41:40] what kind of plans did Saros make before
[41:42] he returned I only asked this because
[41:45] what when you play the pie makers curse
[41:48] I assume that the person that spoke in
[41:51] the dream was serous but it was later
[41:53] revealed to be sliska was always the
[41:55] intention I think it was the intention
[42:00] I'm not sure there's there's an
[42:03] implication in one of the books on which
[42:05] one it is that xaro's or is it I think
[42:09] it might be a bit of in-game dialogue
[42:10] hmm that's litigate taunts char that
[42:18] he's eros knew you were there and didn't
[42:20] come to help yeah I'm not sure whether
[42:22] that's true but so this case certainly
[42:23] thinks it's true and eros doesn't deny
[42:24] it
[42:25] does that answer the question I can add
[42:31] a little bit to that certainly at the
[42:33] end of fate of the gods the implication
[42:34] was that sliska was doing a lot of the
[42:36] running around on zarzis behalf so while
[42:40] it may have been a scale that actually
[42:42] helped to get char released it would
[42:44] have been a the request or order of
[42:47] zeroes himself and services larger plans
[42:50] I think will reveal kind of at the end
[42:52] of endgame and very much shot down
[42:55] immediately
[42:56] yeah now he needs a new plan well or a
[42:59] new way of achieving his same goal
[43:00] exactly I think we probably only have
[43:04] time for like one more question we have
[43:06] time for one more
[43:08] anyone wants to get more law questions
[43:11] just come find us we'll be over there
[43:12] will happily answer anything but for now
[43:14] one more question
[43:15] this person looks very sure that they
[43:17] want to ask a question this is it we're
[43:19] skipping you okay over here maybe can
[43:23] you please pick one mr. Rowley I think
[43:26] this gentleman here in the cap make it a
[43:31] good one you frequently said that the
[43:35] knight of the knights of the round table
[43:38] are your least favorite bit of content
[43:39] that because is far too close to the
[43:43] world so why are dinosaurs any different
[43:46] on anok Ronia you'll notice they are
[43:48] very different dinosaurs to a real-world
[43:50] dinosaurs well we don't know
[43:52] I mean it was it was literally Jurassic
[43:54] Park yeah called Jurassic Park yeah with
[43:58] all the characters from Jurassic Park
[43:59] Samuel Jackson just right there then
[44:01] we'd probably feel the same way about it
[44:03] as we do about Camelot good idea in
[44:06] terms of the actual creature designs as
[44:07] well both in design and concept thing we
[44:11] wanted to make them look very distinct
[44:12] from existing dinosaurs yeah like a lot
[44:15] of them have like leafy appendages and
[44:17] all kinds of crazy looks about them and
[44:19] colors that you don't necessarily see on
[44:22] dinosaurs in quite a lot of modern media
[44:24] yeah I mean in the super general theory
[44:28] is like with the Anna chrony or
[44:29] dinosaurs we created dinosaurs for this
[44:31] region we played on supposed to fit in
[44:32] with the law like the same we've created
[44:34] Knights that fit in with existing thing
[44:36] the problem we that a lot of us have
[44:37] with Camelot is it's literally the
[44:40] Arthurian myth randomly plugged into it
[44:42] and it feels out of place okay I think
[44:47] that's all we have time for Thanks so if
[44:49] any of you like I said if any of you do
[44:50] still have more questions just come find
[44:52] us we'll be over there somewhere
[44:55] otherwise thank you hope you enjoyed you
[44:58] said I give it going
[44:58] [Applause]