Transcript of RuneFest 2019 - Highlights

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] The thing I love most about RuneFest is that everyone at Jagex is working together
[00:14] to put on the best celebration for the games we love.
[00:18] The sheer number of moving parts for a show like this means that it can't come together
[00:23] unless there's a lot of people committed to making it come together properly.
[00:27] It's a really cool moment when it all comes together and works
[00:30] because it's something that we did. We built it.
[00:32] It's our show. It's our content.
[00:34] Everything here is put together by the people who work on the game.
[00:37] And for me that's the proudest part of the thing.
[00:43] This year we wanted RuneFest to be the best one yet.
[00:46] FRIDAY 4TH
[00:53] RuneFest!
[00:55] For this year's RuneFest we wanted to begin by putting a spotlight on the community.
[00:59] They are our stars.
[01:00] We celebrated them and elevated the Golden Gnomes with a whole gala night
[01:04] where we celebrated together. It was a beautiful evening.
[01:07] It was social, it was fun, it was celebratory.
[01:10] This was the best way to open RuneFest.
[01:16] The events people have done a really good job on this.
[01:18] It looks incredible.
[01:20] The lighting is so cool.
[01:23] And it really feels like you are in RuneScape.
[01:26] I declare RuneFest opened!
[01:32] RuneFest is great because it celebrates the game as a whole.
[01:35] It doesn't matter if you play Old School or RS3.
[01:37] Rather than focusing on the differences, it celebrates what we have in common
[01:40] and everyone's here to have a good time.
[01:46] There's something really special about being at RuneFest.
[01:49] Not just the people here, but seeing those stage presentations in person.
[01:54] And then, when the presenters come off the stage, you chat with them,
[01:57] ask them about what they talked about.
[01:59] It's not a closed-off environment.
[02:01] For any of us who has done a stage presentation,
[02:02] you get down in the crowd, talking to people. You're just getting involved.
[02:06] That's what's important. Sharing what we love.
[02:09] As a community. Whether you work at Jagex or you play at home.
[02:40] Have you heard about the Archaeology skill?
[02:43] Today you'll get the chance to see some of the awesome sites
[02:46] and a taster of what you'll be able to get your hands on.
[02:49] Hello, my delicious sweet potatoes!
[02:55] I wanted to hijack the last part of this year's RuneScape reveals
[02:58] to share with you some developments in RuneScape's game technology.
[03:04] Finally, it's time for the Old School keynote. Come on!
[03:11] Hello, runescapers.
[03:12] A bit more down-to-earth now.
[03:15] I got a cup of tea. How much more down-to-earth you get?
[03:20] Nothing is compared to this.
[03:21] I've been skydiving and it's not been as exciting as coming here.
[03:26] We've come to RuneFest several years because it's our things to do now.
[03:30] We get to meet our clanmates and all the friends we made in game.
[03:34] Everyone here is so friendly, so kind.
[03:37] You feel like everyone you talk to is your friend.
[03:39] There's no animosity. All friendliness.
[03:43] We all play the same game at the end of the day so there's always something we all have in common.
[03:48] You get the chance to meet people that you probably wouldn't have met in person before.
[03:51] It's a great time to meet new people.
[03:53] Meet streamers, meet Jmods and actually get involved in the community.
[03:57] We're here for the same reason. Everyone's into the same thing.
[03:59] It's a really friendly atmosphere.
[04:01] Honestly I'm just excited to see everyone.
[04:03] All of my friends in game is coming into one place. It's a great opportunity to make it more personal.
[04:08] It doesn't matter if you play Old School or RS3.
[04:11] It's a great community. It's been an absolute blast.
[04:15] RuneFest!
[04:18] I will be back every year no matter what.
[04:20] I don't care what it takes. I will be back!