Transcript of RuneFest 2018 - The biggest RuneScape & Old School party EVER!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] It's RuneFest!
[00:03] There's nothing like coming to RuneFest.
[00:05] It is the biggest RuneScape and Old School party you could imagine.
[00:09] You walk in and you're suddenly entered into this whole new world.
[00:13] You can meet Jmods.
[00:15] You can get all the inside goss on what we are going to be doing in the following year.
[00:19] We've got reveals, activities, cosplay.
[00:22] You name it, we've got it.
[00:23] And this year's RuneFest is starting a day early,
[00:26] with a spectacular orchestral stage show.
[00:28] Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra
[00:30] and starring all your favourite RuneScape characters,
[00:33] this is going to be a night to remember.
[00:35] I can't say too much about the content,
[00:37] but it's just a wonderful development as far as I'm concerned.
[00:42] If I was to describe RuneFest in three words, it would be vibrant community spirit.
[00:47] Totally beautiful experience.
[00:49] The most magical time.
[00:50] Eclectic, fun and totally mental.
[00:54] Honestly, it's like a once in a lifetime experience.
[00:56] Buy your ticket.
[00:57] I just love the love of RuneFest.
[00:59] Keeps you entertained all day this place.
[01:02] RuneFest!